Just the right amount of RGB! - Roccat Vulcan Pro Keyboard

Vitenskap og teknologi

Big thanks to Roccat for sponsoring this video! Check out their Vulcan Pro Keyboard as well as their other new products at Best Buy: bit.ly/3oaL1Tn
Optical switches aren't new, but when you combine them with German engineering, you can get an overall solid keyboard experience that could help you win more games. Also, you can load a ton of RGB on it as well!
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  • Business Guide
    Business Guide3 dager siden

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • RaveCoaster69
    RaveCoaster693 dager siden

    Ewwww a pre-built keyboard

  • Nándi Hariton
    Nándi Hariton4 dager siden

    Big fat #ad

  • Tetsuo_G9
    Tetsuo_G95 dager siden

    These key caps are trash.

  • PoyRazQ8
    PoyRazQ86 dager siden

    My keyboard is hyperx alloy elite 2. I really love the click but it's so F**king noisy. Typing without a headset is so painful 😂 I'm looking for a quite keyboard and the click or the keys are similar to the alloy elite 2. Any suggestions?

  • AK90
    AK906 dager siden

    I used to have a Roccat Kone XTD mouse, it broke 3 times in a year so I got my money back. Also had one of their headsets and guess what? IT BROKE after like 3 months. Im never touching this company again. Also, if you accidentally hit the windows key while gaming are you even a real gamer? In my 15 years of gaming I dont recall that ever happening to me xD

  • Sergio Batista
    Sergio Batista14 dager siden

    James is so funny. The dude has gotten much much better as a host. Nicely done man!!.

  • Subhamoy Bhowmik
    Subhamoy Bhowmik21 dag siden


  • scoldingwhisper
    scoldingwhisper24 dager siden

    i have a 7 year old roccat keyboard that still works perfectly

  • scoldingwhisper


    12 dager siden

    @hylke45 its the isku model

  • hylke45


    12 dager siden

    Is that a Ryos? Got a Ryos Mk FX, think it'll last a whole lot more years. It sure seems durable.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser28 dager siden

    MadCatz Strike TE is still the best keyboard. They're finally making them again with RGB and Cherry MX switches, just cant wait for the STRIKE 7 to get remade, I want a removable, swappable, separately usable numpad that can act as a keypad so you dont waste desk space while gaming, or put it on the left as a streamer's macro pad

  • Shashumga Wakanda

    Shashumga Wakanda

    13 dager siden

    I mean, custom keyboard exist you know..

  • Ibn Jamaal
    Ibn Jamaal28 dager siden

    Kill | Death ratio

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver29 dager siden

    The right amount of RGB is no RGB.

  • IRMacGuyver


    4 dager siden

    @Tetsuo_G9 What good are more FPSs when you're blinded from all that RGB?

  • Tetsuo_G9


    5 dager siden

    But RGB increases your fps. Didn't you know? 🙄😥🤷

  • Leo Goldberg
    Leo Goldberg29 dager siden

    These videos are great but i have an apex pro tkl with 0.4mm actuation so uhhhhh

  • MXT Lync
    MXT Lync29 dager siden

    1000th comment LETS GO

  • MXT Lync
    MXT Lync29 dager siden


  • R White
    R WhiteMåned siden

    Way too much RGB.

  • R White
    R WhiteMåned siden

    From a 49 yr old gamer, - adapt, adopt, and or learn ergonomic mice an keyboards early as possible. Time flies by, and soon input devices cause so much pain after just a bit of gaming.

  • Dustin Soule
    Dustin SouleMåned siden

    I’ve got the Vulcan 100, the Kain 200, and the ELO 7.1 Air. Love them all. Amazing products.

  • Tsumitsuki
    TsumitsukiMåned siden

    Can's say anything good about Roccat from my experiences. Hat about 10 mice and Keybords from them and all had poor material and build quality. Most of them failed after just a few weeks. Key not responding and mouse jumping around without doing anything. Tryed roccat caus it is cheaper than the razer stuff i normaly get but had better reviews than the realycheap stuff. And RGB of cause. But after about 2 Month swaping and refunding all the roccat stuff failing one after another i payed the extra 50 bucks an got back to razer. 3 years without failure since then. Never again!

  • Tsumitsuki


    12 dager siden

    @hylke45 i can remember the Isku FX and the Kone XTD. Both broke like days after receiving them. got several replacements from amazon for them. all with the same problems after a few days. if it's the cheaper stuff of roccats lineup it still shouldn't break immediately. overall build quality aside. maybe it was just very very bad luck. i just hope other people don't have the same experience with roccat like me :)

  • hylke45


    12 dager siden

    I've had multiple Roccat products. Did have one product break fairly quickly, ended up getting it refunded luckily. Though I've heard a few bad things about the cheaper stuff of Roccat ~5-10 years ago. Have had a couple of their products for years. Have a few minor complaints, but overal positive and price/quality seems fine to me. Don't know which products you tried and when, could be really bad luck, could be the really cheap Roccat products I have no experience with... Probably will be using the same Roccat mouse as long as they make a mouse with this size/shape and it'll last. Other than that I don't care too much lol.

  • Ryan Macfarlane-Adams
    Ryan Macfarlane-AdamsMåned siden

    James I would love to see a video on a varmilo keyboard with their EC V2 switches, the sakura and rose switches sound interesting.

  • Alex B
    Alex BMåned siden


  • Sven
    SvenMåned siden

    Those god awful open design where you can see the switches... Keyboard designers, please stop making these foul things!

  • Marc Wilson
    Marc WilsonMåned siden

    siiiiiiiiiick hoodie

  • Alert Saucer
    Alert SaucerMåned siden

    A keyboard is a keyboard

  • thenutKat
    thenutKatMåned siden

    my cat was legitimately confused by the intro

    ARCHERMåned siden

    As a disappointed owner of this keyboard with it's titan switches I can recommend to stay away from this garbage. Unless your room is sealed and dust-free. After 1 year of use keys will start registering randomly, registering twice or more per press or not registering at all unless you press it hard. Look it up online annd do not be tempted by the low price or the rgb.

  • FTW Tech
    FTW TechMåned siden

    You can’t review a product that is made by the sponsor.

  • FTW Tech
    FTW TechMåned siden

    It’s pronounced, “Rocket”

  • Rejoice Celadiña
    Rejoice CeladiñaMåned siden

    i subscribed on this channel just to see more james content

  • Sanel Sistek
    Sanel SistekMåned siden

    Remember rgb boost you pc by 20% 🤣🤣

  • Stephen G
    Stephen GMåned siden

    Can you dish wash it?

  • lotechgreg
    lotechgregMåned siden

    D*MN, I'm glad I got my Azio KB @~ $70 when I did...... Just wish I'd bought two!!!! ........

  • KenshinBattousai374
    KenshinBattousai374Måned siden

    Just more proof that southpaw 96% is the future.

  • Dayne Hidalgo
    Dayne HidalgoMåned siden

    I have the non pro tactile version and I love it. It’s also cheaper than 80% of the “good” keyboards out there. Highly recommend

  • MrImmortalityPrince
    MrImmortalityPrinceMåned siden

    I will always make the mistake that Roccat and Rakk are totally different.

  • LiftedStarfish
    LiftedStarfishMåned siden

    I hate 10-Keyless. That is all. Actually no, can we get an Odysee mirror?

  • Haider Jawad
    Haider JawadMåned siden

    Ecosystem from rocket??

  • Vlad cs
    Vlad csMåned siden

    I have the normal roccat vulcan and i really cant complain about it.

  • John Geannaris
    John GeannarisMåned siden

    Nope. Nope. dont do it. their keys have very poor shielding aganist dust ingress and you'll be suffering from key stroke issues that will just never go away. had a vulcan 120 for about a year and a half before i got sick of its shit and replaced it with a razer huntsman thats been solid as a rock.

  • MayBeBone
    MayBeBoneMåned siden

    what mouse pad is that thats in this vid??

  • NotCwaf
    NotCwafMåned siden

    German colors its almost likr :O ROCCAT DRAGCLICKING KEYBORD 60 CPS 50 CPS 300 CPS GODBRIDGE

  • Capt Dag
    Capt DagMåned siden

    Where can I get one of those hoodies?

  • GammΩ
    GammΩMåned siden

    RO Cat, really? how about Rocket? that's how u supposed to pronounce it

  • Der_Zocker21
    Der_Zocker21Måned siden

    Its even thiccer braided at the non pro

  • Foct
    FoctMåned siden

    "German science is the worlds greatest"

  • Chris Rumsey
    Chris RumseyMåned siden

    I just got rid of the Vulcan 100 Aimo. Absolutely awful to type on

  • Thành Vinh Lê
    Thành Vinh LêMåned siden

    0:50 hey that's Mickey mouse

  • Lunchbox13
    Lunchbox13Måned siden

    Ill be very blunt here, the keycaps look terrible. If they used a closed in design maybe they would look fine but they look so garbage in this case.

  • Hwyeb Nick.c
    Hwyeb Nick.cMåned siden

    Love your PJ's where did you get them from?

  • Doc Ferringer
    Doc FerringerMåned siden

    Semi-related: I like keebs that include a numpad like this one does, but once you get a taste for mechanical keebs and want to make your own, you won't find many options out there for kits that include a numpad. Even trying to put something together from parts is iffy, and trying to buy a separate numpad and a tenkeyless kit that matches is pretty much mythical. Maybe the mechanical keyboard scene will pick back up as COVID winds down.

  • BluFox_A
    BluFox_AMåned siden

    0:49 Mickey mouse?

  • COOKIEspace
    COOKIEspaceMåned siden

    You know... When you get shoulder pain from having the mouse and the keyboard a bit further apart, the problem is not the numpad it's you. That's a telltale sign you game to much. Move your shoulder a bit (you know rotation and abduction and the whole range of motion and stuff) during the day this won't happen in the first place.

  • Ryan Johnston
    Ryan JohnstonMåned siden

    Where is the Dygma Raise review follow up!!!????

  • Enzo G
    Enzo GMåned siden

    Wonder when lmg will stop showing off shit “gaming” keyboards and promote something actually decent keyboard wise

  • Theodor Stark
    Theodor StarkMåned siden

    "I do excel" way to boast

  • starlightsilvernight
    starlightsilvernightMåned siden

    I have the Roccat Vulcan 120 aimo and though I love it there’s complaints. Space bar likes to pop off to one side, my letters started to fade within the first year (have it for two years now). Honestly that’s about it though. I’ve spilled Diet Coke on it and it’s still fine.

  • Austin Blevins
    Austin BlevinsMåned siden

    I honestly like no rgb or all the rgb

  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey MöthMåned siden

    The only keyboard with enough RGB is the Gamakay/Womier K87 with pudding keycaps.

  • J Kling
    J KlingMåned siden

    Link goes to the TKL version @shortcircuit

  • Ben Ramsey
    Ben RamseyMåned siden

    I almost bought this but I hate the sound of it. If they could make the sound more premium that would be awesome. Ended up getting GMMK with red switches and I love it. Thinking about lubing the switches now just to add a better feel to it.

  • Josh Tan
    Josh TanMåned siden

    gateron optical yellows actuates faster and need lighter force lol

  • paragorn
    paragornMåned siden

    I chew through a roccat mouse playing dota in 2 months. Don't trust anything this company sells you I liked the grip a lot though but damn the quality.... is just non existent

  • Letuserhack
    LetuserhackMåned siden

    Where can I cop that sweater

  • Uff
    UffMåned siden

    I had 2 Vulcan Aimo 121s wich had faulty keys(some just stopped to work). They either didnt triggered at all, or multiple time at once. There is a thread on reddit on that. Switched to Steelseries Apex Pro after.

  • Dan Burns
    Dan BurnsMåned siden

    Wait can I buy that sweatshirt though?!

  • Crimson Blade
    Crimson BladeMåned siden

    Damn, Even i start typing, " is the best" LMFAOO

  • sloshappy2
    sloshappy2Måned siden

    Damn i was seriously going to buy one of these. Literally everything else I have ever bought that ends up in the ltt world seems to turn to garbage.

  • Naveronasis
    NaveronasisMåned siden

    They are not just faster, they are more accurate and less prone to double activation than mechanical and they don't age as quickly since only the spring matters for "feel". I have had a Tesoro Excalibur SE since they came out years ago and it still feels day 1 brand new.

  • Ryan Whiteside
    Ryan WhitesideMåned siden

    Any time i hear roccat i hear brrrrrrr.. Some people will understand, and I love those people

  • Calvin C. Gaming
    Calvin C. GamingMåned siden

    I really enjoy this keyboard. Roccing it for 9 Months now!

  • aidil fiqri
    aidil fiqriMåned siden

    shamall one..im done with this channel

  • Dantali0n
    Dantali0nMåned siden

    Literally lost hearing ability because of the intro

  • TheAVJ2
    TheAVJ2Måned siden

    i hate tkl keyboards id rather have arthritis from moving my arm a half foot than constantly moving back and forth from 1 to 0

  • WannaDJ - Fortnite Gameplays
    WannaDJ - Fortnite GameplaysMåned siden

    3:12 - Missed the perfect chance to mention LTTStore.com!

  • gameflux
    gamefluxMåned siden

    Cool !

  • Peter
    PeterMåned siden

    2:38 Nice.

  • Rgee
    RgeeMåned siden

    'Just the right amount of RGB' - Every key is lit, just like every other RGB KB ever made.

  • Kiyan Harchegani
    Kiyan HarcheganiMåned siden

    I love my roccat 121.

  • ManfredTheCrab
    ManfredTheCrabMåned siden

    hey. hodie. store. soon . please.

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGamingMåned siden

    Why would you have a detachable full size keyboard doe

  • Gumxan
    GumxanMåned siden

    Can we have a Christmas tree holder review???

  • JustANormie
    JustANormieMåned siden

    The only right amount of rgb is too much rgb

  • No Channel here.
    No Channel here.Måned siden

    6:30 You can even hear linus XD

  • Sparked
    SparkedMåned siden

    The title says just the right amount of RGB so I’m just wondering why isn’t it just a lightbulb that types

  • TheKingeric11
    TheKingeric11Måned siden

    I thought I was decent with tech, this just made me realize there is so much more to learn.

  • Programming Guy
    Programming GuyMåned siden

    I don't like it. The control key is in the wrong place.

  • Chris Torres
    Chris TorresMåned siden

    Can I, ah just get the key caps please.

  • guilty spark111
    guilty spark111Måned siden

    Doesn’t this guy work for Linus?

  • Fadi
    FadiMåned siden

    or just get hotswap and pop linears instead of buying a new keeb which is garbage anyway

  • Buson94
    Buson94Måned siden

    James says "Roh cat", it's "Rock cat" :3 Just so you know

  • Naturally Moronic
    Naturally MoronicMåned siden

    Omg i thought this guy was a keyboard enthusiast from the switch video

  • Kendros Stragopulos
    Kendros StragopulosMåned siden

    NO RGB is best RGB change my mind.

  • TheKingOfFailure
    TheKingOfFailureMåned siden


  • gecpapad
    gecpapadMåned siden

    Nice video. Are you considering to make a top 10 or top 20 of the high end keyboards at the market?(gaming and non strictly gaming)

  • gecpapad


    Måned siden

    It will be really helpful tbh such a video :)

  • Daniel Zuluaga Morales
    Daniel Zuluaga MoralesMåned siden


  • Mikel minderhoud
    Mikel minderhoudMåned siden

    Is it just me or is 1.4mm the spec for cherry reds? The '10 key' naming James is using here is hilarious but it took me a good minute to notice he was just messing around 😂

  • Redman147
    Redman147Måned siden

    I love Roccat products. I've got 2 Roccat Vulcan 100 Aimo keyboards, 2 Roccat Khan Aimo headsets in white, 1 Roccat Kone Aimo mouse and 1 Roccat Kain 100 mouse. If they made bigger desk mats I'd have some of those too LUL

  • Steven Geurten
    Steven GeurtenMåned siden

    Don't care for the keyboard. Get me that hoody plz

  • ryan berry
    ryan berryMåned siden

    numb pads are nice, looks so easy to clean due to the caps and the cap change does really help with the rgb

  • ragtop63
    ragtop63Måned siden

    Finally! Someone who understands how full size keyboards are superior to TKLs. Thank you for making this video about the full size version.

  • DavinatorXD


    Måned siden

    there should be an option of a tkl size but with a numpad instead of the arrow key space