Is this too XTREME??? - AORUS RTX 3080 XTREME 10G Video Card

Vitenskap og teknologi

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While manufacturers like NVIDIA or AMD have their own version of their latest video cards, it doesn't stop partners like AORUS to build their own to offer something different.
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  • Birhan ŞENGEL
    Birhan ŞENGEL22 minutter siden

    god-damn and there is no cards anywhere! this is a torture!

  • Adam Meyer
    Adam Meyer4 timer siden

    I got the 3070 a few months back now. Can confirm it's quiet as fuk, and have never seen it get over 64C

  • badanimator67
    badanimator6720 timer siden

    4:22, what did you just say

  • MassMoney
    MassMoney20 timer siden

    Getting mine next week and comes with free psu lol

  • Rudy MAn
    Rudy MAn22 timer siden

    Dam you Dam you :) I want :(

  • TechQuad
    TechQuadDag siden

    Nvidia. Give SLI back, now i wont buy 2 cards, hows that Nvidia for U? and almost wont buy one, cuz when selling after upgrade next years.. SLI was a great deal for preformance and for dollars =booth for us and for u Nvidia! Cuz we are holding our wallets tight now.. when Nvidia does this generation of cards with Sli demolish. Still I belive that SLI will comeback strong later.. Why.. Cuz thats what we love and thats what Nvidia will notice!

  • Student Graysen Kennedy
    Student Graysen KennedyDag siden

    that's $1000 more just for it to be waterproof

  • UnstoppableHeart
    UnstoppableHeart2 dager siden

    "3 1080p 360hz monitors" bro what the fuck who has a 360hz monitor.

  • Lan Astaslem
    Lan Astaslem3 dager siden

    Gigabyte is like the Mad Catz of PC parts

  • Samuel Stow
    Samuel Stow3 dager siden

    man stop saying Jif

  • maxx1991
    maxx19914 dager siden

    My problem is how much dust it collects I always have to clean my computer

  • FNAF and Aikibudo
    FNAF and Aikibudo4 dager siden

    I'd like to point out that linus is using at most a $16 mouse by redragon

  • RRhymes 09
    RRhymes 095 dager siden

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ linus Giff me rtx 3080

  • Ivano Hlebec
    Ivano Hlebec6 dager siden

    1:58 This happens when ypu are bored 🤣🤣

  • Arm Widsared
    Arm Widsared6 dager siden

    I wanna see that card but this dude only show his face.

  • igbuhumwenze osaigbovo
    igbuhumwenze osaigbovo8 dager siden

    that"s horus the Egyptian god

  • J Huber
    J Huber8 dager siden

    linus' inner Canadian really comes thru in this video ;)

  • Anthony Cole
    Anthony Cole8 dager siden

    Dam thing doesn't even display a signal. I mean nothing.

  • xIBR0KEN
    xIBR0KEN9 dager siden

    when are your 1200x700 desk pads going to be back in stock? I've been wanting to order one since launch.. At least let me order it idc if it takes 2 or 3 months to get here. Just want it ordered lol.

  • TheDaggz
    TheDaggz10 dager siden

    "She's a thick boy alright" - Make up your mind Linus! SHE can NEVER be a BOY!

  • Star Citizen 890J
    Star Citizen 890J12 dager siden

    If you got the budget of paying the scalpers 3X the RRP.

  • Ilham Kamarolzaman
    Ilham Kamarolzaman13 dager siden

    include toy?

  • Kian Saghafi
    Kian Saghafi14 dager siden

    How bad is the gpu sag gonna be

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B16 dager siden

    I was lucky enough to get one of these and watching this video the card is sitting at 30c only 8 degrees higher then room temp.

  • Guru Gamer
    Guru Gamer17 dager siden

    Hi , Is the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GDDRX AORUS EXTREME better than Asus GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6X ROG STRIX OC Ampere ?

  • Kavya
    Kavya17 dager siden

    When you buy it for the toy figure and the LCD display... yeah that's me :P I'll mine on the side... $160 a month in ether ain't too shabby

  • p3rcy94
    p3rcy9419 dager siden

    why'd he just say jiff when talking about gifs

  • The Villain
    The Villain19 dager siden

    I wonder how many people bought that

  • flashtu
    flashtu19 dager siden

    Can we Talk about the 3x 8pin Power connectors?! This Thing will Take more than 400watts normal and over 600watts peak! This is insane they should sell it with a 1000w powersupply 😆

  • Houyhnhnm
    Houyhnhnm19 dager siden

    thought i was the only one to say a-or-us lol, most say or-us or aur-us lol. i like a-or-us...

  • sledman3000
    sledman300020 dager siden

    No benchmarks what kind of unboxing is this

  • Nick Username
    Nick Username21 dag siden

    @2:04 linus caught himself enjoying the lil toy more than the card lol

  • Coswolf
    Coswolf22 dager siden

    The next graphics card will be the size of a whole PC case

  • hima Shaban
    hima Shaban22 dager siden

    bro i'm waiting for to send this

  • Aurum Faber
    Aurum Faber22 dager siden

    Woken in a nutshell

  • MrBazsi888
    MrBazsi88824 dager siden

    "One of the largest 3080s out there" Yes, they are out of our solar system.

  • Twister286
    Twister28624 dager siden

    The HDMI ports are not all 2.1. The middle HDMI port is a 2.0b port.

  • Joel M
    Joel M28 dager siden

    Does anyone know if this card will fit in a Mid tower Vertically Mounted to show off those sweet Fans? I have not started my build yet, but would like to get this GPU or MSI Trio Vertical Mounted. Cases I am looking at are..... 1. MSI Sekira G500 2. Pantek Ecplise P360X 3. NTXZ

  • Bala
    BalaMåned siden

    She is a thick boy😂😂😂

  • Bastrd Btw
    Bastrd BtwMåned siden

    Aurus 3080 xtreme

  • ivictori
    ivictoriMåned siden

    Why didnt they give the same rgb it was epic

  • Suraj Raut
    Suraj RautMåned siden

    What's the difference between the master and extereme in terms of performance? I have ordered the master so wanted to know

  • Supervised Chaos
    Supervised ChaosMåned siden

    Love the weed plants

  • Shuja Rahman
    Shuja RahmanMåned siden

    Were u able to run rgb fusion?

  • Lénaïc AP
    Lénaïc APMåned siden

    Actually it's Batperson.

  • Salim Anhari
    Salim AnhariMåned siden

    After many trys to play Cyberpunk 2077 on Max Settings the Game crasht everytime...i re-installed driver and Update BIOS and the Problem is still there...No plan what i have to do so mad...

  • LoudQuack 04
    LoudQuack 04Måned siden

    Linus toy tips 1:45

  • Naptic
    NapticMåned siden

    The middle hdmi is different

  • risingfirez
    risingfirezMåned siden

    Oh we got the budget They just have none in stock

  • TheTillinger123
    TheTillinger123Måned siden

    how much more expensive is this compared to a regular one? could´nt find any "original" prices..

  • Archons
    ArchonsMåned siden

    I just got this beauty

  • Lord Johnny
    Lord JohnnyMåned siden

    I just ordered the card right after the video finished

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's
    PlatinumEagleStudio'sMåned siden

    Why are Linus's thumbnails way to overly cringy?? Just wondering.........

  • Mirko Greco
    Mirko GrecoMåned siden


  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. EtzorMåned siden

    I like how Linus is like "Look at this! 3 HDMIs and 3 DisplayPorts!" while 2080Ti Xtreme is like "Am i a joke to you?!"

  • Gvnady
    GvnadyMåned siden

    *She's a thick boi.... Jeebus*

  • Charles Thompson
    Charles ThompsonMåned siden

    Fookin happy meL GPU!

  • Ravakeen
    RavakeenMåned siden

    Hello, what type of capacitors are used for this gpu? Are there MLCC or POSCAPS like on MASTER edition? Thank you.

  • Дмитрий Д
    Дмитрий ДMåned siden

    Graphic brick it is.

  • cstuned
    cstunedMåned siden

    Looks like that time I put 2 120mm fans on my 1060 strix

  • Alex Mar
    Alex MarMåned siden


  • Meatball Man
    Meatball ManMåned siden

    Question for everyone: this or the 3080 strix?

  • Canberk Baydar
    Canberk BaydarMåned siden

    Dafuq Happened to Linus Tech tips who is Shortcircuit lol

  • Ilyas Salah Ahmed
    Ilyas Salah AhmedMåned siden

  • Kalthalas Judas
    Kalthalas JudasMåned siden

    Whats the difference between this one and the master one?

  • Lei Yoh
    Lei YohMåned siden

    that's a bbgpu. rip pcie slots

  • disptr
    disptrMåned siden

    A slight correction: The middle HDMI output is compatible only up to 2.0. The two outside connectors are both HDMI 2.1 though. "DisplayPort 1.4a *3 HDMI 2.1*2, HDMI 2.0*1 (The middle HDMI output supports up to HDMI 2.0)" See:

  • juan cuesta
    juan cuestaMåned siden

    I just instal my card. Anyone know if the fans should be of when i am on deskbord? They star waorking when i run a game. Is this correct, or shoukd the be working even when im in deskboar??

  • Count Pythagoras
    Count PythagorasMåned siden

    At this point, their video about putting cpu coolers and GPUs is getting all the more appealing

  • Mezzyy
    MezzyyMåned siden

    This guy should have a NOlocal channel.

  • Jasmo Sanew
    Jasmo SanewMåned siden

    I didn't know 4 slot existed....

  • Christos Kelaiditis
    Christos KelaiditisMåned siden

    That moment when you pronounce "gif" "jif"...

  • max factor
    max factorMåned siden

    so technically I cant run this on my RM650x corsair PSU

  • that green neko
    that green nekoMåned siden

    Is that actually how you pronounce AORUS? "A or us?"

  • Rickbearcat
    RickbearcatMåned siden

    I love how your Amazon links lead to absolutely nowhere.

  • Lee Bannister
    Lee BannisterMåned siden

    what is the motherboard being used in this video?

  • Adriel
    Adriel2 måneder siden

    It's cool but it's like the unicorns. It doesn't actually exist.

  • Browsignal
    Browsignal2 måneder siden

    if you got the budget? more like if there is any in stock *shrugs*

  • Nate Beck
    Nate Beck2 måneder siden

    This whole review is nullified by the fact that he pronounced it "jif". You're not reviewing a jar of peanut butter there bud.

  • Catalin Lacusta
    Catalin Lacusta2 måneder siden

    Nvidia: launches the 3000 series Some random people: *overclock the 2080ti to 2.90 Ghz* Nvidia: *wait* no

  • TheElderScrolls
    TheElderScrolls2 måneder siden

    Sell some GPU man

  • f2bacon
    f2bacon2 måneder siden

    2:12 you can't use all simultaneously because that's a limit of ampere, what's the limit? 5? my 2080 super lets me use 4. I see most gigabyte and asus cards have 5 outs, so can you use 5 on the aorus? can you not actually use 5 on the other ones? that was a big thing i was looking forward to since my hdmi duplicator has issues on the newer geforce drivers

  • Pryzim1
    Pryzim12 måneder siden

    Trying to figure out how to fit it in my case.

  • Tyler Hall
    Tyler Hall2 måneder siden

    All that and I still didnt see 2000+ mhz on that furmark test 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ranger codec
    ranger codec2 måneder siden

    please stop saying "jiff" for GIF

  • King Tropical topical
    King Tropical topical2 måneder siden

    She's a thick what............

  • Cameron Kollath
    Cameron Kollath2 måneder siden

    I have a the Aorus Master and can confirm it is thicboi.

  • Woodsy
    Woodsy2 måneder siden

    Anyone know if you can fit a PCIe riser in any of the slots that this thing obscures? Lanes don't matter - x1 is fine. I just need to breakout one of the covered pcie slots for a host peripheral. I know of a few 1x 90-degree cables but will they even fit?

  • deXyy
    deXyy2 måneder siden

    'bird person' bruh how does he know that term

  • suicideinggamers
    suicideinggamers2 måneder siden

    Mine arrived today, now all I need to wait for is my 5900x I am so pumped to build my new rig!

  • DT Morris
    DT Morris2 måneder siden

    I hope companies are pushing this GPU cooling ideas. I always wanted a cpu cooler size gpu.

  • Lagu
    Lagu2 måneder siden

    2 days until I get mine.. finally

  • Steven Chiu
    Steven Chiu2 måneder siden

    I can't believe I bought this, it's coming tomorrow :)

  • Twister286
    Twister2862 måneder siden

    It's hilarious they put an NVLink on a 4-slot card on the Aorus 3090... This card is the epitome of excess. 4 slots is ridiculous unless it had a built-in waterblock like some of the older Asus Poseidon cards...Same with 6 I/O ports. Unless 3xHDMI 2.1 is absolutely essential, the Gaming OC looks like a much better option. The MSI Suprim runs just as cool and takes 3 slots.

  • Tyree Wills
    Tyree Wills2 måneder siden

    I have this in the 3070 it’s a nice little card

  • fofal
    fofal2 måneder siden

    That PCIE slot got raped DRY! lol

  • Danny Big D
    Danny Big D2 måneder siden

    63 OPEN CASE..stick it inside.. lol not 63 any more

  • Kougeru / こうげる
    Kougeru / こうげる2 måneder siden

    What's the point of this video when no one can even buy the cards?

  • HotSauceFart
    HotSauceFart2 måneder siden

    You plugged the gpu in, then the video ended shortly. Didn't show us much, did the 3080 fly off or something?

  • Csabi P
    Csabi P2 måneder siden