Is this the BEST camera for YouTube? - Sony FX6

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Sony releases another camera for 2020, the FX6 and we think it might be their best one yet, even though it's only 4K.
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  • The Bommel
    The BommelDag siden

    oh maaaaan i wish mine would arrive finally :(

  • Orange Records Studio & Media
    Orange Records Studio & Media17 dager siden

    its a god camera, yes, ok. but you just say things that is not right / true. U shoot a film in S cinetones ? NO. you dont !

  • zagorcuk1966
    zagorcuk196627 dager siden

    Why don't you mention the lack of "tap to track focus"? ...which the cheaper A7SIII does have!

  • Craig Roc
    Craig Roc28 dager siden

    Ummmm? This is a review? He tells us to buy it after opening the box and taking it outside for a minute? What a tool!

  • Jason Hendry
    Jason HendryMåned siden

    Hiding menu options actually causes more (new) user confusion, especially when there are mode differences that aren't apparent.

  • Kevin Booth
    Kevin BoothMåned siden

    Wearing lipstick

  • Alexey Dzyuba
    Alexey DzyubaMåned siden

    What's with the focus on camera elements... all blurry

  • Siegmund Eurades
    Siegmund EuradesMåned siden

    Could you guys please also include the weight in KG? I don't speak imperial

  • Mohammad Ehtesham
    Mohammad Ehtesham2 måneder siden

    When Brandon is in the scene who’s handling the behind-the-scenes? 🧐

  • Zack Darce
    Zack Darce2 måneder siden

    Probably a year ago I commented that Dennis is one of the smartest guys on the team.. and here he is chiming in when Brandon doesn't know something. I'll say it again, Dennis is the hidden gem at Linus Media Group

  • Zack Darce

    Zack Darce

    2 måneder siden

    He's smart, funny and humble.

  • ricky v
    ricky v2 måneder siden

    I like Brandon's camera reviews. I am not shocked that he said what he said about Sony cameras. I used to shoot only Sony only and I know the menus well. Thankfully it hasn't changed. (:

  • Curt Devine
    Curt Devine2 måneder siden

    Why Brandon makes camera decisions for LTT that convinces them they need cinematic videos but all they do are videos like this? Lmao. When you need a tax write-up.

  • Shem
    Shem2 måneder siden

    Question: is Squarespace the only advertiser in NOlocal?

  • MBX5baller
    MBX5baller2 måneder siden

    You guys should do some budget action camera reviews. Compare the Go Pro to Akaso and Campark or Xi .

  • Shaurya Pant
    Shaurya Pant2 måneder siden

    He is a more serious and slimmer version of Potato Jet.

  • Tim Otheus
    Tim Otheus2 måneder siden

    Best autofocus footage ever.

  • Artem Leshchev
    Artem Leshchev2 måneder siden

    I immediately recognized Taran by the end of this video, very good editing and music choice.

    OLDSKOOL9782 måneder siden

    thats a clean image..

  • litapd311
    litapd3112 måneder siden

    another video where I have almost no idea what's happening but I still watch because Brandon is hosting

  • abcd
    abcd2 måneder siden

    Can it record 444 12 bit color deep?

  • Brian Stephens
    Brian Stephens2 måneder siden

    I want one

  • Brian Stephens
    Brian Stephens2 måneder siden

    Colin Farrell that's name

  • Brian Stephens
    Brian Stephens2 måneder siden

    China Jade Total Recall and that's like my favorite movie that the guy in who stars in it he was my roommate at Olivet Nazarene University and he would help me out sometimes you know and I really appreciate him because of him I got two bunks so I had to top bunk in a bottom bunk because he work and he buys his own apartment so I got two bunks so that is pretty cool I can't remember his name but I know he's black Irish on a different note I would really like to have a camera like that that that has those little SD cards you know and I know there's like 20 years old but I still think they're the future not not the ones that are centimeter big the ones that are like 1 inch by 1 and 1/2 in by 1/16 of an inch

  • IanM2698
    IanM26982 måneder siden

    What specs are you wearing? Thanks 🙏

  • ideluxer
    ideluxer2 måneder siden

    #Coronavirus #BatEater

  • Sudhir Panier
    Sudhir Panier2 måneder siden


  • Retro loneliness
    Retro loneliness2 måneder siden

    Brandon: "WOW" -2020

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan2 måneder siden

    The FX6 is an exciting camera, but I think the a7S III is more exciting. I doubt Sony have improved the quality of their LCD screen, and I still think it's important to have a proper viewfinder.

  • Sniper Pro nerf mods
    Sniper Pro nerf mods2 måneder siden

    I posted Eth hashrates of the 6800 and 6800xt on my website... All i know miners aren't gonna gobble these up!!

  • badreality2
    badreality22 måneder siden

    I took automatically recorded audio for granted, with the 120/240 Hz settings, in my Sony FDR x3000. This is literally a HUGE reason why I lean towards Sony. I want to record audio separately, and match it up, or do I just want the recorded audio already matched up?

  • Tin Can
    Tin Can2 måneder siden

    when it comes to enterprise pricing on these items, drastically more expensive than any comparable counterparts... its all about production value. how fast can you recouperate the cost, and how much more it will net you.... if it wasnt a tech channel id say stick with your reds for now. but thats the benefit i suppose of being a tech channel. its the entire point of it. you always want to make atleast 100x your investment on production materials/equipment in the long haul. on top of that 10x, is employee cost, upkeep and r&d for any projects you do. so 10x turns into about 5x. but over time that adds up exponentially. it still adds up to almost double restauranteer profits. and linus media group has its plans mapped out pretty well, so id assume they make up to 6x their expenses in profits... which is why we get such high quality content. connections, and careful planning will do that.

  • xxxenricop
    xxxenricop2 måneder siden

    It's not smaller than an SD card.... An SD card is only an enclosure for a micro SD!

  • deshutes deschutes
    deshutes deschutes2 måneder siden

    100% waste of money, so you have 6 12k cameras, multiple red 8k cameras and you decide to buy a Sony 4k camera? Yeah no, clearly sponsored by Sony and you won't even be using this camera. Rigged youtube channel.

  • Eric Ye
    Eric Ye2 måneder siden

    13:18 "Hey what should we use to show the quality of this camera?" "Garbage truck" "Garbage truck?" "Yeah just take a video of a garbage truck as it's driving by"

  • Herman
    Herman2 måneder siden

    If a camera was a football.... it'd be a football.

  • BITS2
    BITS22 måneder siden

    Great review, should be on main channel not shortcircuit, this definitely isn't short :)) But keeps us interested all the time, so great job! I'm not a photographer or cinematographer of any kind, but as a tech nerd I was very impressed with the review, as always when Brandon reviewed a camera or shooting/photo tool/accessory of any kind... Great job once again ! ;)

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos2 måneder siden

    Unfortunately it basically an A7siii on a bigger body costing more money...

  • Diego Yonamine
    Diego Yonamine2 måneder siden

    GUD TIER Copywriting on this vid, congrats

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody2 måneder siden

    I've been looking for an affordable digital video camera with genuine optical zoom and a swappable standardized lens that can record full 4K 2160p 10-bit HDR video at 120 FPS or 240 FPS. Does anyone know of a quality, reliable video camera with those or similar specs for less than $1000 USD?

  • Jonathan Bondu
    Jonathan Bondu2 måneder siden

    Actually the recess of the shutter ISO and WB buttons is a good thing. those historically are only use to switch auto (at least since the FS100). in that's been an annoyance.

  • Ron David
    Ron David2 måneder siden

    Why don't they just use Android and build their interface on that?

  • Plus12 Gaming
    Plus12 Gaming2 måneder siden

    How do you not know what sensor it has? Do you not have an iFixit kit nearby?

  • Nikhil Gajjar
    Nikhil Gajjar2 måneder siden

    It's not the same sensor Check Jared Polin's FNF for this week, he talks about it some.

  • Nikhil Gajjar

    Nikhil Gajjar

    2 måneder siden

    Also, can you put the 16-35 on the a7siii just for funsies?

  • MrGridStrom
    MrGridStrom2 måneder siden

    In body variable ND, /me just drooling, omg yes.

  • Anisah Khan
    Anisah Khan2 måneder siden

    You probably should have blurred out the license plates! but great video, thanks!!

  • Bryan Santos
    Bryan Santos2 måneder siden

    Camera Unboxing Porn

  • Mel
    Mel2 måneder siden

    Does the battery come with the camera?

  • TechnicolourMyles
    TechnicolourMyles2 måneder siden

    You guys should really start doing QC over your subtitles. "HTMI, STI, 10 ADP"...

  • Luv patel
    Luv patel2 måneder siden

    add kgs bruh

  • i u
    i u2 måneder siden

    okay now i understood where does LMG profits go, they go on camera maintenance and replacement because he leaves the sensor open while shooting thew videos :P #pun in case someone just is a fanboy :D

  • Malachi Merriam
    Malachi Merriam2 måneder siden

    Are you guys going to buy twelve of these too?

  • chris4you
    chris4you2 måneder siden

    Brandon: ''It weights 4 pounds'' Me, who lives in Mexico: WFT is a pound?

  • Fabian
    Fabian2 måneder siden

    I cringed when I saw you didnt have a body cap on and just let the sensors exposed

  • Maxamillian Studio
    Maxamillian Studio2 måneder siden

    Thank you Brandon. I have the FS5 and I've spent 4 years editing out the horrible yellow green tinge out of everything. It is just awful in mixed lighting situations. How does the FX6 compare.

  • Petros Ioannou
    Petros Ioannou2 måneder siden

    Calling it proprietary media is very misleading. Ignoring for a minute the fact that it uses SD cards that can do all the functions except 4K 120p in S&Q in XAVC-I It’s not proprietary, it’s just this and the A7Siii are two brand new cameras that are the first to use it. It’s no more proprietary than the first SD cards or CF cards. Plus as I said earlier, bringing it back into conversation. It can use SD cards for 99% of functions with dual slots AND the CF Express A. Complaining that the A7SIII and FX6 use CF express type A cards (but also SD cards) is like complaining that the PS2 could play PS2 games (but also PS1)

  • Fachri Rachmanda
    Fachri Rachmanda2 måneder siden

    Those slo-mo clips make Brandon's narration sounds like motivational words

  • Toolkit
    Toolkit2 måneder siden

    Brandon’s a good host! Let him do some camera stuff on tech quickie!

  • kapryiath
    kapryiath2 måneder siden

    not gonna lie, i've got Zip interest in these camera's , but i do love watching these video's when they come out :D he should make more video's :D

    WORLD IN ONE GO2 måneder siden

    Next time ...please go with a camera that has auto focus.....will help your content a lot 🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜

  • Manila Martin
    Manila Martin2 måneder siden

    That lens needs a pl mount! Damn

  • Gyro
    Gyro2 måneder siden

    I really wanna see the LMG camera and studio setup

  • GrenjaGaming
    GrenjaGaming2 måneder siden

    Just when **Linus** Thought **Brandon** wouldnt ask anything more

  • AT3D
    AT3D2 måneder siden

    Gotta be honest, Brandon's camera reviews are what I watch short circuit for lol.

  • Mohammad Saadman
    Mohammad Saadman2 måneder siden

    Today on things you won't be able to afford ever

  • jeroen
    jeroen2 måneder siden

    cute lipstick

  • Tee KH97
    Tee KH972 måneder siden

    4 LB = 1.814 KG 1.46 LB = 0.66KG for the rest of the world

  • The Krowak
    The Krowak2 måneder siden

    13:09 - 13.40 its like watching motivational videos

  • Milos Kaurin
    Milos Kaurin2 måneder siden

    Footage looks super sweet on my LG C9

  • Rewind Imaging
    Rewind Imaging2 måneder siden

    are the test shots with the cine lens?

  • WizardofTruth
    WizardofTruth2 måneder siden

    '' If a Camera was a Football.... this Camera'' Brandon 2020

  • Sahan Weerakoon
    Sahan Weerakoon2 måneder siden

    4:53 I'm cringing at that sensor just being left exposed

  • Here comes Alex
    Here comes Alex2 måneder siden

    I see Brandon, I see camera. I watch.

  • Nelson Mandela
    Nelson Mandela2 måneder siden


  • Sander Furevik
    Sander Furevik2 måneder siden

    Still waiting painfully for the 12k video!

  • Brad DL
    Brad DL2 måneder siden

    I found these segments by Brandon on Cameras so helpful in understanding why cameras like REDs and Sonys and such are big deals and why people spend money on them. They way he explains things help laymen understand how important some things are.

  • Glenn B
    Glenn B2 måneder siden

    You guys do some of the best videos on NOlocal on all your channels. I like Brandon's camera reviews, some more affordable cameras would be good also. Maybe some more videos on LTT showing us how to get the most out of these cameras also?

  • Benjamin Ericksen
    Benjamin Ericksen2 måneder siden

    Not into photographer much, but Brandon makes it so interesting though.

  • mako kimoto
    mako kimoto2 måneder siden

    Sony - Why did this camera come back to us water-cooled? LMG - We water-cooled it a little bit.

  • Ashley Henderson
    Ashley Henderson2 måneder siden

    I love Brandon! Also I have an 8k tv, gief 8k video content ;)

  • Gabriel Yee
    Gabriel Yee2 måneder siden

    11:05 record indicator starts flashing in beat with background music ;)

  • ShiroiKage009
    ShiroiKage0092 måneder siden

    The reason Sony uses Type A is because it's the same size as an SD card so you can have a slot with compatibility for both CFE type A and SD cards.

  • Tõnu Rääk
    Tõnu Rääk2 måneder siden

    Brandon can we hear your thoughts on Sony Xperia 1 II (mark 2)?

  • CHL41993
    CHL419932 måneder siden

    Maybe LMG does need this camera. Some part time camera(wo)man can't relly rock the focus, esp LGM often only assign one dude to operate each camera

  • XsomX
    XsomX2 måneder siden

    USE KILOGRAMS PLEASE. ANTONY COULD DO YOU, YOU CAN TOO. IT'S A ONE BUTTON PRESSED ON THAT WEIGHT YOU ARE USING. 4 pounds what? British pounds, sterlings? It weights 4,5 Euro? 5,31 USD?

  • Mensch 000
    Mensch 0002 måneder siden

    Please use kilogramm not just pounds, thanks.. -most of the World

  • Kiruphasankaran Nataraj
    Kiruphasankaran Nataraj2 måneder siden

    Entire wholesomeness of LTT is Brandon and Anthony in ShortCircuit.

  • Reginald Neale Lasala
    Reginald Neale Lasala2 måneder siden

    You really have good staff linus. I don't know all of them, but all the guys i see in your content always do a great job. Kudos to your human resource department, i guess, for having a keen eye for the right persons. Great job guys, can't wait for the next one.

  • Nathan Bergstrom
    Nathan Bergstrom2 måneder siden

    Why is it impressive that an 80 GB card is slightly smaller than an sd card when 1TB micro sd cards exist?

  • Adam Ogden
    Adam Ogden2 måneder siden

    You guys should test out these to see if they’re garbage or not US

  • Junglo Hoo
    Junglo Hoo2 måneder siden

    Test the Arri Professional system please. @brandon

  • IG๛V I S H W A A
    IG๛V I S H W A A2 måneder siden

    What happened to your finger?

  • Sankalp
    Sankalp2 måneder siden

    I want to see Denis do one ShortCircuit video

  • Trogdor Burninator
    Trogdor Burninator2 måneder siden

    Why, oh why, didn't they use Minidisc storage? My whole system is based around Minidiscs.

  • Lakshay Verma
    Lakshay Verma2 måneder siden

    Cameras are dead period

  • dcloud
    dcloud2 måneder siden

    cfexpress is not proprietary. thats next gen cfast and xqd merged with plenty of manufacturers signed in

  • gameflux
    gameflux2 måneder siden

    Cool !

  • poliwhar aslah
    poliwhar aslah2 måneder siden

    I dont know why im stay till the end of the video.. i dont even know a single thing about camera..

  • Saad
    Saad2 måneder siden

    Man I wish Brandon reviewed the Xperia 1ii or 5ii. I'd love to see him talk about the pro camera tools in those phones.

  • Heather McKean
    Heather McKean2 måneder siden

    just cut straight to Andy skipping through the parking lot with no context

  • jaco con7os
    jaco con7os2 måneder siden

    Brandon asserting his dominance as the most expensive LMG employee LMAO