Is the Razer hype REAL!? - Razer Book 13

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The Razer Book 13 is made for productivity, it's a good first attempt, but it doesn't quite hit the mark. What do you guys think?
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  • kardaani vägi
    kardaani vägi19 timer siden

    The handsomely link intracellularly enter because dress anecdotally gaze among a earsplitting statistic. half, orange peace

  • Abhishek Anand
    Abhishek Anand2 dager siden

    BTW where can I get that razer wallpaper

  • 森林ヴィンセント
    森林ヴィンセント3 dager siden

    Just to mention the hdmi port may be a 2.0 version, the intel Xe only permits 60hz all resolution . I tried with 3 different 48gbps hdmi cables on a dell 32 in 165hz 1440p DP and HDMI 144hz 1440p capable. HDMI wouldn't go above 60hz even at 1080p.

  • adnan The Great
    adnan The Great6 dager siden

    For a similar price ( Inc shipping ) one could buy a G14 with 2x more cores and a discrete GPU.

  • ghostshipinc
    ghostshipinc8 dager siden

    Just thought this wasn't this best review. Too much focus on very ittle things instead of who is the product is for and why you should buy it in my opinion. Love the channel, just think at time reviewers review so much stuff that you get their "reviewer" opinion instead of a more realistic one.

  • Chris Panton
    Chris Panton10 dager siden

    Pre-production model but complains about keys? I personally would hold off complaints till after receiving a retail unit. just imo

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young10 dager siden

    Say I skip it when you click this 2:12 2:35

  • BubbaJJ
    BubbaJJ11 dager siden

    Looking forward to the x1 nano review! Need a 3 way comparison between the x1 nano, razer book, and xps 13

  • Trenton
    Trenton13 dager siden

    The laptop is nice but it should be under a grand. You can get a high end gaming laptop for the same price.

  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka15 dager siden

    That's a fantastic IO! Thank you razer! Now just move over to AMD....

  • Smily Penguin
    Smily Penguin19 dager siden

    *Aluminium NOT Aluminum

  • Jaxson za tech
    Jaxson za tech21 dag siden

    I have a 700 dollar vivobook flip with the i58265u and that has better speakers then this thing

  • Alef Leulekal
    Alef Leulekal24 dager siden

    Bruh I wish someone can caress me the way Alex caressed that keyboard

  • Muhammad Rahadiansyah
    Muhammad Rahadiansyah28 dager siden

    Real question, why would anyone use these tiny 12-13 inch laptops though? Because since I've been using the 2019 ROG Zephyrus, weight and thickness is definitely not an argument against gaming laptops anymore. Aside from that, why would anyone wants a tiny screen, especially for productivity purpose? Like you've got to bend over zooming in on the screen to read and adjust anything. And their tiny size usually makes for terrible upgrade path and/or have terrible cooling systems.

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch29 dager siden

    So it's like a M1 MacBook Air, just with a worse keyboard, worse trackpad, dramatically worse battery life and speakers and worse performance (CPU and GPU) -- all at $400 more in price.

  • louiscrasher
    louiscrasher29 dager siden

    no, they lost the graphic card

  • Ice Phoenix
    Ice PhoenixMåned siden

    Why does it have a Whiteboard keyboard though u cant even See what u r typing....

  • Bayart
    BayartMåned siden

    Aside from the screen, it just looks like a worse Elitebook.

  • Gaming York
    Gaming YorkMåned siden

    This guy doesn’t realize that the Intel Xe graphics can handle Battlefield V at Ultra 1080P

  • Ömer Tiftik
    Ömer TiftikMåned siden

    I think razer is not going to be send their laptops to Alex because he always found some bad parts of the laptops 😂😂

  • Jinu Thomas
    Jinu ThomasMåned siden

    Yoo what's with the sparkling b-roll of the laptop at 3:00

  • binodon man
    binodon manMåned siden

    There should be a like counter in the corner.

  • American Fry
    American FryMåned siden

    Keep in mind “pre production”

  • GallopingWalrus
    GallopingWalrusMåned siden

    I can't believe Alex is praising the cowardice of the 16:10 display. Especially after using the Surface Laptop for so long. Huawei, Microsoft, Google, Acer and a few others have seen the light. 16:10 is heresy. A cowards compromise between the Gamer's/Media Consumer's 16:9 and the Productivity centered 3:2. All praise be unto 3:2, our lord and saviour.

  • Carlos Leamus
    Carlos LeamusMåned siden

    I think an M1 MacBook Pro, for 100$ less is a way better deal than this

  • Alex Desilets
    Alex DesiletsMåned siden

    Okay, first off. Stop playing with aspect ratios... 16:9 is a good standard and every one of us regular consumers are basically sick of having screens that have bands on the picture. Second off, 16:10 is not a screen ratio, 8:5 is. Ratios are always reduced the same way you reduce fractions.

  • Jonathan Wheeler
    Jonathan WheelerMåned siden

    J is a great key, you can just hit J all day long

  • david rab
    david rabMåned siden

    'we're getting similar performance to the blade stealth' bruh, an intel xe is around 60% worse than a 1650 ti

  • Lion De Pierre
    Lion De PierreMåned siden

    Finally someone who points out Razer's inconsistency when it comes to their laptop keyboards.

  • Akmal Hakim Sabri
    Akmal Hakim SabriMåned siden


  • Wildfire
    WildfireMåned siden

    The price of this laptop is just dumb Ridiculous pricing when you consider what's actually inside it.. Fucking clowns over at Razer have lost their minds

  • BluePawWolf
    BluePawWolfMåned siden

    5:44 "you can hit J all day long", and my only thought is of "jayztwocents" xD

  • beαgle
    beαgleMåned siden

    "you can hit Jay all day long" hmmmm

  • DTZ
    DTZMåned siden

    I have no clue why these undepowered and around 1700-2000 dollars even exist. If you want to just watch stuff and music you get a 300 dollar laptop. And if you want power, you get a gaming one. These things shouldn't exist.

  • Ditiro Motene
    Ditiro MoteneMåned siden

    5:45 you could hit j all day long 😉

  • Juanfra Ncisco
    Juanfra NciscoMåned siden

    Benchmarc vs m1 macbook

  • Highgrand
    HighgrandMåned siden

    5:43 (j is a great key) Jaiden Animations: (happiness noises)

  • Jack LaCava
    Jack LaCavaMåned siden

    the thing literally has one usb port lmao 'gaming!'

  • Siddhartha Adak
    Siddhartha AdakMåned siden

    Razer is shit

  • Alfred Wong
    Alfred WongMåned siden

    This is a really poorly made video. Its like you are not even interested in your job. It really shows

  • Adnan Shaikh
    Adnan ShaikhMåned siden

    I know its stupid and may sound nonsensical but let me tell the reason I can't buy this, snakes. I have that snake fobia and seeing three snakes sitting on my laptop lid (logo), na na can't happen.

  • Stefan Lind
    Stefan LindMåned siden

    I wish razer 13 would stop using tiger and ice lake quadcore crap. use the 10710u or like ryzen 4000u series. its the only thing keeping me from getting one of their 13inch shame about the keyboard and bad speakers in a 1500-2000usd laptop is unforgiveble

  • Riot ZC
    Riot ZCMåned siden

    When Alex opened it I thought it was Mac bruhh

  • pure love
    pure loveMåned siden

    will this razor book handle Dota well? or should i get the razor blade 15 base model?

  • Kipper Klank
    Kipper KlankMåned siden

    Im so glad razor ks focusing in 'normal' laptops. i mean for people that want professional thi gs for business and shit and cad, most non gamers HATE rgb or anything labeled or marketing as gaming. Its nice they are expanding their market.

  • Igor Palecek
    Igor PalecekMåned siden

    I must have missed the point. What exactly is the hype here?

  • Zayboy108
    Zayboy108Måned siden

    How are you more expensive than apple? 💀💀 apple’s MacBook Air notebook experience is cheaper than that come on lmao

  • Zayboy108


    Måned siden

    Even the MacBook Pro 13 is cheaper 😂

  • Rumpelstiltskin
    RumpelstiltskinMåned siden

    Yo Linus do a video on how shit Razer support is. Happy to give you my first hand experience...

  • Shiloh Chavis
    Shiloh ChavisMåned siden

    That’s so over priced holy shit !

  • Kaori
    KaoriMåned siden

    Can we have more Alex reviews?

  • dan
    danMåned siden

    I’m planning on buying this, I’m looking at the i5 model, just worried about the matte display not being as nice as glossy when displaying stuff, what do you think?

  • Hyperionid
    HyperionidMåned siden

    Alex is great! Unassuming and comfortable in speech, with a certain sincerity of delivery which makes communication authentic. Very nice!

  • Testyhawk7
    Testyhawk7Måned siden

    Linus looks different

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason2 måneder siden

    Should have called Razer Knife instead of Razer Book

  • Nikola Petrovic
    Nikola Petrovic2 måneder siden

    Bro u know nothing, first u compare 15 inch laptop speakers with 13 inch, second why u didn't recommend i5 processor? It is the same as i7 just 500mhz lower frequency nothing more, same graphics, same number of cores and that i7 model cost about 50% more with more ram and that's it everything is the same. Also it is not the final product they will probably fix everything on the chassis, just stupid review.

  • BITS2
    BITS22 måneder siden

    You can hit Jay all day long :DD

  • 1st_Luis
    1st_Luis2 måneder siden

    6:49 Oh no, that crab on the left (Razer) is moving really choppy While on the Dell is smooth That´s just not right...

  • Connectron Builds
    Connectron Builds2 måneder siden

    Razer laptop... Funny joke

  • Isaac A
    Isaac A2 måneder siden

    I can get Intel xe graphics on a new 11th gen intel i7 for 900 dollars so uhhh... why would I pay 2k

  • Sage Bias
    Sage Bias2 måneder siden

    I'm never buying razor again. I bought a keyboard from them. It turned out to be mesh, pretending to be mechanical. And it required tons of bloatware always requesting me to log in. No thanks.

  • Zack Merci
    Zack Merci2 måneder siden

    Razor and Book, it's the cliche for both the sides

  • austin.
    austin.2 måneder siden

    productivity laptop with a 1080p screen for $2k?

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g12 måneder siden

    5:44 "J is a great key, you can hit J all day long" -Random toxic war thunder player

  • Neverdown Specnas
    Neverdown Specnas2 måneder siden

    6:39 Better jungler wins

  • Raf
    Raf2 måneder siden

    way to expensive, people are being scammed if they buy this. WHY ARE THEY STILL BOTHERING WITH 2000 Dollar SHIT LAPTOPS or Microwaves

  • Fun Fun
    Fun Fun2 måneder siden

    Did you, on purpose, compared the speaker to a 15-inch laptop? moreover, an XPS 15? you sadist..

  • Aaron Gallagher
    Aaron Gallagher2 måneder siden

    I didnt care to watch this until now and I'm glad I still don't care, razer must not get much traffic because these recent designs are quite horrid. I'm still impressed with my 6700hq+1060 razer blade that runs my home theatre system now who's been rocking a dbrand skin and replaced the battery about a year ago.

  • mubariz salim
    mubariz salim2 måneder siden

    HP Inc Extinction! inshallah!

  • Giuseppe Naylor
    Giuseppe Naylor2 måneder siden

    Um... The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 still exists... Why would you buy this one for way more with way less performance?

  • Perry
    Perry2 måneder siden

    I paid £899 for my LG Gram i7 1065G7 and dont regret it

    ROWDYGAMER52 måneder siden

    I still can't understand why Razer refuses to use AMD for anything when they have such better value.

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    Right Wing Safety Squad

    2 måneder siden

    Well, it’s Razer, so I think you answered your own question.

  • Mjam
    Mjam2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who actually thinks it looks like crap? Like it was mentioned in the video that razer don’t do boring but I honestly think this is aesthetically the most dismal design they’ve come out with in years.

  • A Murder of Crows
    A Murder of Crows2 måneder siden

    The 14 inch HP Elitebook 845 G7 w/ AMD Ryzen destroys this machine, from core count, integrated graphics (can still do DOOM Eternal at 60 FPS/720p), upgradability, durability (Elitebooks are built like tanks), keyboard and trackpad, B&O speakers....need I go on? Continuing to be very disappointed with Razer products. Even the System 76 14'' Lemur is $800 cheaper than this Razer and has the same specs, plus nerdy plusses like open source firmware.

  • VideoInked
    VideoInked2 måneder siden

    these systems are junk. they run super hot, super loud. GOD AWFUL TERRIBLE BATTERY LIFE. I regret the 100k i spent on a bunch of them for my company. and the bottom cover? flimsy AF. you can stop the fans by pushing on the fan grid with your pinky.

  • Daniel
    Daniel2 måneder siden

    1:18 Fan intakes on the bottom - I’m out.

  • is blind legal?
    is blind legal?2 måneder siden

    Aspire 3 babyyy

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri2 måneder siden

    You guys complain about the dumbest things lol. At least in my experience - Everything SC complains about idc, and then totally skips stuff that I would focus on. Still fun unboxings tho.

  • Th3_dud3
    Th3_dud32 måneder siden

    Razer Mag 13?

  • Kokainarienv0gel
    Kokainarienv0gel2 måneder siden

    At least new machines easily hit the 7hrs+ mark. But the price for this "low end" power....idk Im still on my Unibody MacBook Pro from 2010, best notebook i ever had :)

  • Ami
    Ami2 måneder siden

    looks like a ps1

  • ahmed moussa
    ahmed moussa2 måneder siden

    if they come up with a lower tier version of this, they should call it "paper cut"

  • homeless gang
    homeless gang2 måneder siden

    everyone gangster until they hear the price

  • Fernando Rui
    Fernando Rui2 måneder siden

    Alex commenting on the Razer Book "I don't think I've ever seen a vapor chamber on a thin-and-light yet". Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1: "Uh, I had that since 2019, and I'm sure Linus uses me for his daily workflow".

  • paulo augustino
    paulo augustino2 måneder siden

    So you can't upgrade the ram on this one?

  • Jürgen Kühner
    Jürgen Kühner2 måneder siden

    Don't get the Razer Hype. Totally overpriced machines.

    JOHNY2 måneder siden

    What happened with the grading in this video? The brightness/contrast looks really weird.

  • Jürgen Kühner
    Jürgen Kühner2 måneder siden

    no flex and when you're touching the keyboard it cuts away? Suspicious.

  • Shashank
    Shashank2 måneder siden

    Jayz2cents offended at 5:41

  • Davee Dee
    Davee Dee2 måneder siden

    How are you praising the IO when it doesn't have an ethernet port?

  • Friano Marelli
    Friano Marelli2 måneder siden


  • Tony Xu
    Tony Xu2 måneder siden

    IF it's a RYZEN... BTW that trackpad looks gorgeous

  • Average Ro
    Average Ro2 måneder siden

    love watching/listening to Alex talk. and nice little notes at the end are always just...wholesome (: more pls.

  • Babeetlebum
    Babeetlebum2 måneder siden

    This host is awesome

  • EssenceofPureFlavor
    EssenceofPureFlavor2 måneder siden

    There's no such thing as good sounding laptop speakers.

  • Spencer Linkous
    Spencer Linkous2 måneder siden

    And then the 8 core macbooks come out, at $300 less.

  • TokyotimTech
    TokyotimTech2 måneder siden

    All we want is a stealth 13 with the new 4900HS

  • Declan Bachner
    Declan Bachner2 måneder siden

    It my bday YEAHYEAHlol

  • Ben Sheegog
    Ben Sheegog2 måneder siden

    That’s sad that a grown man pigeon types

  • TheGhostik
    TheGhostik2 måneder siden

    Why dont they do notebooks without speakers? Its just taking up space and everyone in enterprise is using headphones anyway. I have not used speakers on my HP Elitebook once in 2 years

  • Powyr.
    Powyr.2 måneder siden

    Razer Peripherals : Cool animal and mythical beasts names Razer Laptops : numbers