Is Nostalgia worth $450??

Vitenskap og teknologi

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NEO GEO was huge in the 90s as the brand you'd see often at arcades. They did have a console but it never took off compared to Sega and Nintendo. You can take home this retro-looking arcade, but we're not sure if the memories are worth $450.
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  • Dan -
    Dan -5 dager siden

    @ 2:49 you left a flake of shake, bro!

  • ThomasGrillo
    ThomasGrillo6 dager siden

    Thanks for the review. I just ordered one of these. Good think I happen to have a bag of Happ controls buttons laying about. LOL ;)

  • Captain Feathersword
    Captain Feathersword10 dager siden

    I want more Anthony but where's Brian the Electrician??

  • Intolerant Renny
    Intolerant Renny21 dag siden

    When I see like, I click Anthony...

  • Unforgettable
    UnforgettableMåned siden

    I'm very impressed with Anthony's knowledge. Knowing that the buttons were not Sanwa Denshi... put a smile on my face.

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin VoMåned siden

    $450 for an arcade machine. Even for a bartop, that's still really cheap

  • DjofDeVos
    DjofDeVosMåned siden

    Antony god

  • Charlie Abrams
    Charlie AbramsMåned siden

    This is less expensive tha the new airpods max nonsense wow.

  • jupreindeer
    jupreindeerMåned siden

    As I understand it, some actual NeoGeo carts can still go for a hefty price. This just sounds like a lower cost way of skipping all that.

  • Tracy R
    Tracy RMåned siden

    bring on the hacks :) I want to know if they will allow you to use own roms, because there is no need for those 2 extra buttons. maybe we can put street fighter games or something.

  • Tee Starbird
    Tee StarbirdMåned siden

    Agree on the exclusion of Turfmasters...that's a great game!!

  • revengestory
    revengestoryMåned siden

    I’ve spent 500 for just like 3 mvs carts, collecting aes is even more expensive

  • zhen86
    zhen86Måned siden


  • Hexdööd
    HexdöödMåned siden

    >non crt no its not

  • Dave S
    Dave SMåned siden


  • knyte6426
    knyte6426Måned siden

    Happs controls and USB board via Amazon, wood via Home Depot, and a Raspberry Pi 4, will get you something infinitely better for like half the price.

  • Josey Wales
    Josey WalesMåned siden

    One word TELLURITE.

  • Live1509
    Live1509Måned siden

    What are these better alternatives? 🤔

  • GaMbLe
    GaMbLeMåned siden

    Lol, in this shape this is not worth 45 bucks

  • antell markus
    antell markusMåned siden

    Not very appealing iiiiihihiihhiiihiihhhhiiiiiiiiiiii get it?

  • Chinarut R
    Chinarut RMåned siden

    omg - it’s finally out - a MVS mini!

  • ShrimpPaste 1
    ShrimpPaste 1Måned siden

    Now this is worth buying!

  • Zoey Bledsoe
    Zoey BledsoeMåned siden

    just shave your head

  • Yabya
    YabyaMåned siden

    after seeing the build up i'm probably just gonna build one

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez
    Bender Bending RodriguezMåned siden

    Build your own with a PC and use it as a media center connected to a TV. Problem solved. Get two birds stoned at once.

  • neoasura
    neoasuraMåned siden

    I paid that much refurbishing a REAL Street Fighter 2 6 button full size Cabinet with a MAME computer inside and Hyperspin. So no, it's not worth it.

  • Antone Penn
    Antone PennMåned siden

    Anthony is the man!!

  • jean francois du tremble
    jean francois du trembleMåned siden

    in my aera there is a gut he build standard arcade with all the print you want on the outside and light and sound ''like a real one''with all the games ever made for 1400..he have good review

  • Marc Duchesne
    Marc DuchesneMåned siden

    Hair. Just give up...

  • Elektrokinesis
    ElektrokinesisMåned siden

    why the fuck is this a 6 button cab

  • Lee Benson
    Lee BensonMåned siden

    Things are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

  • NuDraft
    NuDraftMåned siden

    okay, shortcircuit is, as Linus said, not the place for reviews but for unboxings. What Anthony did at the end sounded a lot like a review. Maybe the line between unboxing and reivew is really that blurry.

  • Empyreal
    EmpyrealMåned siden

    I am pretty sure they told Bob from RetroRGB that he could not take it apart for the video, but you guys can because, F you, we're LTT?

  • Tom Jordan
    Tom JordanMåned siden

    Awesome. Thanks for the video - well done. I had a full size emulator-style arcade machine and ran out of room so had to sell it. This would work well for me. Thanks!

  • Adam
    AdamMåned siden

    ShortCircuit should just be the Anthony channel.

  • CholoHD
    CholoHDMåned siden

    Well $450 is probably a bit much even with the screen, keyboard and everything. It is a big thing. At least there is a good selection of games, unlike the capcom board one who only has a dozen games for a wopping £200-ripoff. Alternatively the Neogeo mini is certainly a cheaper alternative. Also you can get plenty of neogeo collections discs for console or pc too.

  • damithasap
    damithasapMåned siden

    dude go see a hair doctor it's not too late

  • Andrea Lotito
    Andrea LotitoMåned siden

    450? ooofff! i paid 300€ for a real early '90s arcade cab featuring a 25" CRT in full working order past year, and i was conflicted about my nostalgia bias on the value of things. This product makes me feel WAY less guilt now

  • LinaaaOfficial
    LinaaaOfficialMåned siden

    4:42 you know they cut him reading up all of the languages in the list. (:" excellent review!

  • 00Noontide
    00NoontideMåned siden

    Such a smoothly spoken nerd. Exactly the content I subscribed for.

  • Snooks
    SnooksMåned siden

    for anyone actually wanting to play NeoGeo and not just buying something like this for interior decoration reasons I'd recommend Mister FPGA. few frames extra lag with software emulation might not sound like much but you will feel the difference when playing on hardware instead.

  • Billy James
    Billy JamesMåned siden

    What a Joke.....

  • Paul Freedman
    Paul FreedmanMåned siden

    I set up MAME with scanlines and self-made ultra hires slot mask on a 5K monitor. Hard to tell the difference with a CRT and makes the old games look fabulous.

  • Chris Mosley
    Chris MosleyMåned siden

    All these games are available for free on Amazon Prime games.

  • MMORPG87
    MMORPG87Måned siden

    450 for waaaay outdated games you might play 5 times for 499 for a new xbox or ps hmmmm id pay 100 for it as a novelty thing but no way im breaking 4-500 specially when i can play all those games on my phone and have played them on it

  • Slimword
    SlimwordMåned siden

    It's neat, but not $450 neat. Closer to $250 neat.

  • Eli Kennedy
    Eli KennedyMåned siden

    Anthony is the best

  • Brad DL
    Brad DLMåned siden

    If you dont like the buttons, these are the type you can swap out for higher standard ones.

  • ChipZilla69
    ChipZilla692 måneder siden

    Love this channel

  • Bill Snyder
    Bill Snyder2 måneder siden

    This guy needs to loose some weight and also shave his head.

  • Ernest Jay
    Ernest Jay2 måneder siden

    Nice piece of nostagia, but not worth $450 because most people could build an emulation machine based on Raspberry Pi 4 for less than $250 (including arcade cabinet, arcade joystick, and monitor)

  • W Johnson
    W Johnson2 måneder siden

    Really great video (mad props to Anthony, one of my faves) and NEOGEO hit the market right when arcade based gaming bottomed out and kept going... which is too bad they had a lot of great games for the time (esp the Baseball games). Even with a hefty nostalgia factor, for the price point vs games vs hardware... I'd have to pass.

  • Scopolamin
    Scopolamin2 måneder siden

    The peel isn't worth $450

  • Markus F
    Markus F2 måneder siden

    I love to see Anthony. He has such a smooth voice. He could read books and i would watch it. The thumbnail selection is brilliant. Review of a home game arcade system is done by the no nonsense guy.

  • Anneke de Bruyn
    Anneke de Bruyn2 måneder siden

    My controller alone costs around 450. So having a two player system with games on it is pretty cool for the price.

  • Thong Nguyen
    Thong Nguyen2 måneder siden

    1990s Kids thinking about buying a NEO GEO: "Too expensive." 2020s Adults thinking about buying a NEO GEO: "Too expensive."

  • Sayid Ibrihen
    Sayid Ibrihen2 måneder siden

    Those button sounds are so satisfying

  • TheSunExpress
    TheSunExpress2 måneder siden


  • dsraa
    dsraa2 måneder siden

    good lord that is just ugly as hell....but the arcade box isnt too bad.

  • **
    **2 måneder siden

    Noe Geo was a Console for rich kids. Most of them the same as arcade games.

  • samtheking25
    samtheking252 måneder siden

    Ashens did it better

  • Jim Finch
    Jim Finch2 måneder siden


  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin2 måneder siden

    SNK these days is nothing more than another cheap, crappy Chinese company selling more cheap, crappy Emulation machines, only this one acquired the rights to SNK & can thus slap the SNK name on stuff and charge more for it. Considering how obviously cheaply made this thing is, I can only imagine the profit margins they are making off this thing. I mean they're charging nearly $500 for it, for what is essentially nothing more than a cheap Android based Emulation box, LCD display and some plywood, and still couldn't be bothered to put decent buttons in the thing. This is the typical Chinese business model these days. They are getting STUPID rich off of us over in China, they really are.

  • andy c
    andy c2 måneder siden

    This guy has a great voice...easy to listen to compared to most

  • Jetpack Rorschach
    Jetpack Rorschach2 måneder siden

    If it actually had a real CRT in it then it would definitely be worth the price.

  • Abe
    Abe2 måneder siden

    Just give Anthony his own channel pls

  • smush
    smush2 måneder siden

    If I'm paying $450 I expect Anthony to come included in the box so I can play Metal Slug with him.

  • packerpf
    packerpf2 måneder siden

    Bro..cut your hair...a few hairs in front then a giant bald spot looks odd..

  • RomiWadaKatsu
    RomiWadaKatsu2 måneder siden

    Let's be honest, it should've costed no more than 300

    RYZE_BEYOND_FATE2 måneder siden

    It is since I can’t get a new GeForce card this holiday 🤣

  • 9unkB0i
    9unkB0i2 måneder siden

    I dont like this guy.

  • Letheon
    Letheon2 måneder siden

    I’m a simple man; I see Anthony, I click.

  • Xblackdemonx
    Xblackdemonx2 måneder siden

    Anthony makes the best videos

  • Aaron DeRossett
    Aaron DeRossett2 måneder siden

    You need a step stool to unbox that bad boy lol

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox2 måneder siden

    no turf masters! no sale.

  • 1980’VINZ
    1980’VINZ2 måneder siden

    Anthony is the BEST GUY of the whole team so far. But this time I don’t understand him, no arguments but saying it’s not worth it.🤷‍♂️ And since when an arcade cabinet has clicking buttons?...🤦‍♂️ Anyway, one more guy who doesn’t know its subject and trash talks it because another guy did the same before him and so well, doing same is the easiest way to review... Disappointing Anthony. Or maybe is he too young for knowing the arcade area in past? A guy from 1980.

  • Peter Ferguson
    Peter Ferguson2 måneder siden

    Mm I wouldn't buy 450 300 maybe I've have seen cheaper then 400 for more in Aus just saying. I'm working on blinding my own.

  • Joe D
    Joe D2 måneder siden

    I had a Neo Geo AES system when I was a kid. Didn’t get very many games for it as they retailed for $300/each. I remember trading it with 5 games to a friend for a Sega Genesis + Sega CD and about 100 games for them.

  • Excuse me Wth
    Excuse me Wth2 måneder siden

    I built my own Arcade cabinet

  • Bart
    Bart2 måneder siden

    for £450 I got PS5 + retro games from PS Shop - P.S. I have bigger LCD than this.

  • Braxtyn Billey
    Braxtyn Billey2 måneder siden

    Everyone loves Anthony

  • tjdgml chl
    tjdgml chl2 måneder siden

    Anthony is the best!

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell2 måneder siden

    I don't know if you've done a video on them yet, but... My RetroPie is the coolest electronics gadget I've bought since my first smart phone. With a 128GB image on AcradePunks dot com and $140 spent at Microcenter, I've got over 7,000 game titles from 30'ish consoles or arcade systems. It's the coolest.

  • XxPermaGrinxX
    XxPermaGrinxX2 måneder siden

    I don't think you can have nostalgia for something that didn't exist or isn't true to the original. Further I'd say it's something you can't have if you didn't own the item at the time. This is just an unboxing. I clicked, liked, and stayed for Anthony though.

  • David Deming
    David Deming2 måneder siden

    No, its not worth it.

  • niklas betwinner
    niklas betwinner2 måneder siden

    cut your hair...

  • Ludolove_genki
    Ludolove_genki2 måneder siden

    You cannot put a price tag on nostalgia. :)

  • Ben Klassen
    Ben Klassen2 måneder siden

    Very nice review.

  • Simon Akos
    Simon Akos2 måneder siden

    that peel was a dealbreaker

  • Plus12 Gaming
    Plus12 Gaming2 måneder siden

    As someone who went to film school & who has worked in the TV industry for over a decade, I really hate things like fake film grain in digital footage. Adding film grain, record scratchiness or CRT scan lines is taking the worst part of those technologies, not the best.

  • pigtailsboy
    pigtailsboy2 måneder siden

    Is there something preventing a full Metal Slug series release, including the ill advised 3D evolution? I've only noted a few and the remix version... and that odd mobile ready tactics hallway defense, dlc platform release.

  • Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz
    Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz2 måneder siden

    The price seems reasonable considering they done all the work. I'm sure that I can get a cheap computer or laptop with an arcade controller for the same price and that would give a better experience with game options and customization. That still a nice piece to have at home.

  • TheGangster1023
    TheGangster10232 måneder siden

    This is a pretty neat product. I wonder how it compares to the full size machines you can buy at Walmart, besides the fact that they only come with a hand full of games.

  • Daniel Sacilotto
    Daniel Sacilotto2 måneder siden

    That's an atrocious deal with no adaptability for new ROMs etc, not to mention it is small and the two player sets are cramped up as hell.

  • Reubens Lair
    Reubens Lair2 måneder siden

    Great video...very fair and concise. Worth the money? Depends on who of course im getting one because of the mods ill be able to do and just because i love the big red. I see Viewpoint....neo turf masters and many more on this eventually 😀😄

  • Mesusa 00
    Mesusa 002 måneder siden

    yes! Anthony talking calmly about random tech. just what I wanted!

  • Darrin Bradley
    Darrin Bradley2 måneder siden

    Man short circuit is always so fun, I have no interest in most of the stuff here but having people passionate about different things and experiencing it is fantastic, and always a joy to watch

  • Spaced Invader
    Spaced Invader2 måneder siden

    Makes me want to build my own cabinet and throw an old PC in there. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.

  • ty8rown
    ty8rown2 måneder siden

    Oh, this is actually real. lmao When I first heard about this I was like "There's no way this is real" lmao

  • the zeddman
    the zeddman2 måneder siden

    450 is a steal over in AU , that's closer to 800, no thanks !!