Is $10,000 too expensive for a laptop? - ASUS ProArt StudioBook One

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Can a laptop be too powerful and how did they manage to fit it all in this tiny device? Alex decides to take a quick peek under the hood.
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  • TheDave2006
    TheDave200619 dager siden

    A laptop for ninja

  • Mark Li
    Mark LiMåned siden

    Yes, this is way too expensive, nobody can buy this laptop, it is only for the most heavy user in the world and richest person can buy this laptop, you need a lot of knowledge and always work a lot without wasting any time, in an exam, need to know more and more things to gain money for education, do not disassemble because that can ruin its economy and not beneficial, use it properly and don’t buy this laptop except you are a heavy graphic rich worker!

  • John Fysh Iridium Liao
    John Fysh Iridium LiaoMåned siden

    People in 2180 be like: These people didn't know how to fit an ancient 3090 on a laptop.

  • Foct
    Foct2 måneder siden

    or you can install a built pc half the price

  • Nanez ferrer
    Nanez ferrer2 måneder siden

    This thing will be forgotten once the rtx 3080 gpu gets on the laptop

  • Tyrone Cummins
    Tyrone Cummins3 måneder siden

    Is this laptop touch screen for drawing

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai3 måneder siden

    Do Girls also call their device she?

  • Samuel Abebe
    Samuel Abebe3 måneder siden

    I thought this was LTT... My phone was auto playing

  • Wild Tangent
    Wild Tangent3 måneder siden

    GaN transistors were once the domain of military technology, used for their high power efficiency and ability to operate at much higher frequency than traditional silicon or Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) transistors for airborne radars, as well as much higher resistance to ionizing radiation for space applications. The tech was pretty secret, and then very expensive for a long time. Pretty neat we use it to make tiny A/C adapters now 😂

  • Federico Perez
    Federico Perez3 måneder siden

    Why so excited? It's annoying. It feels it is so sponsored by Asus

  • Shabeeb Ahamed
    Shabeeb Ahamed3 måneder siden

    Why ASUS didn’t put a number keypad 🔢 . It’s very important for stuff like 3D modelling.

  • Chuzz Bot
    Chuzz Bot4 måneder siden

    Never say that again. Pro Art? Is it penabled?

  • J024
    J0244 måneder siden

    At $10k only getting 1TB is bad imho.

  • Reiner D'souza
    Reiner D'souza4 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does he say his R’s like a god damn pirate

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games4 måneder siden

    april's fools linux: YOU DESTROYED A TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR LAPTOP?? BEFORE WE COULD SHOOT THE LTT REVIEW VIDEO?? Alex: but we got 60 million views april's fools linux: oh. wait, are youtube views good? Alex: yes. lots youtube views = more money april's fools linux: i knew that. that's why i'm the boss and you're the tech news guy Alex: no that's Riley

  • Comrade Akaov
    Comrade Akaov4 måneder siden

    I am seriously thinking in a *go fund me*

  • ApexPie
    ApexPie4 måneder siden

    Can't convince me Alex doesn't have a half-chub in this video.

  • Kukumo
    Kukumo4 måneder siden

    Thanks again Alex, laptop's holding up great, incredible performance!

  • Salmanhtr
    Salmanhtr4 måneder siden

    I really hate it that asus' logo are all the same on every laptop,there is no difference between your average consumer laptop vs this laptop,zero differences on the logo.

  • Cliff Lee
    Cliff Lee4 måneder siden

    Is there really only 1 nvme drive slot? Was looking to get one and noticed that there is only 1 pcie nvme slot? Can anyone confirm?

  • Boombozling !!
    Boombozling !!4 måneder siden


  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer4 måneder siden

    1:27 Not if your brand name is Apple ...

  • George Pacific
    George Pacific4 måneder siden


  • Nazzu Arru
    Nazzu Arru4 måneder siden

    No one: Gamers: Can it run Minecraft?

  • Frosty.
    Frosty.5 måneder siden

    $10k and you dont get an ethernet jack >

  • Sean B
    Sean B5 måneder siden

    the display looks just as bad as my display on my display

  • Sandesh Bhandari
    Sandesh Bhandari5 måneder siden

    His segway is not as badass as linus

  • X3MA
    X3MA5 måneder siden

    For the cost, the packaging is below subpar imo.

  • Michael Chakurian
    Michael Chakurian5 måneder siden

    Screen size?

  • Austin Ares
    Austin Ares5 måneder siden

    It feels amazing when I know what a GaN FET is while people at LTT don't.

  • James McHale
    James McHale5 måneder siden

    Vaper chamber made of titanium? That doesn't make any sense because titanium is a terrible heat conductor. Educate me please.

  • Jeforcion
    Jeforcion5 måneder siden

    -"wish that screen was 16:10" *making all videos in 18:9 in meantime*

  • fade2black001
    fade2black0015 måneder siden

    I am convinced that everyone over at LTT doesn't know how to pronounce Asus properly

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia5 måneder siden

    But can it run Minecraft with RTX??

  • Gigadenza
    Gigadenza5 måneder siden

    See Apple, you can cool Intel CPUs!

  • Techlappy
    Techlappy5 måneder siden

    can linus send me some laptop i am w8ing for that day

  • Nguyễn Trung Hiếu
    Nguyễn Trung Hiếu5 måneder siden

    this is combine of the Mothership and the ASUS Zephyrus 2017( which bottom open up when you open it)

  • Peaches ASMR
    Peaches ASMR5 måneder siden

    for 10 grand i better get a 10900k or 3950x

  • ThePowerExcess
    ThePowerExcess5 måneder siden

    Tsk, not even SLI..

  • Benii 0123
    Benii 01235 måneder siden

    Try play Minecraft

  • LizardVideoDude
    LizardVideoDude5 måneder siden

    Yes. $10,000 *IS* too expensive for a laptop. That's car money! Of course, the target market for that bad boy probably drives $1+M cars, so nevermind... 🤣

  • Arising-Tale
    Arising-Tale5 måneder siden

    only 1 TB? weak.

  • Marion Estelle
    Marion Estelle5 måneder siden

    i swear to god i thought this was vaporware im pretty sure this one was announced a year ago

  • Asher Spranza
    Asher Spranza5 måneder siden

    Manscaped it the sponsor. They clearly know who all of the viewers are.

  • crash6674
    crash66745 måneder siden

    10k and they cant ship it in a shipping box?

  • Jack
    Jack5 måneder siden


  • SoulReaver9510
    SoulReaver95105 måneder siden

    Did anyone else think the table he was using was slanted on one side?

  • Anthony Mendenhall
    Anthony Mendenhall5 måneder siden

    Those are $2000 specs, not $10000 specs.

  • BigFat
    BigFat5 måneder siden

    alex gets all the sponsor weird vids.

  • Giniel Villacote
    Giniel Villacote5 måneder siden

    This GPU on the Alienware Area 51m and a R9 4800H would be the right fit. The area 51m has enough space to cool an RTX 6000 gpu.

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James5 måneder siden

    That bottom looked stamped not machined but maybe you can see better in person.

  • Akash Chatterjee
    Akash Chatterjee5 måneder siden

    At last something to make the PREDATOR 21X jealous....

  • Iam_Dunn
    Iam_Dunn5 måneder siden

    Me watching this @ 144p .... “ooooouuuu, ahhhhhhhh.... Wow, Minecraft has never looked better!” ....LOL.... :)

  • chris ryan
    chris ryan5 måneder siden

    I hate you

    PSYCHO5 måneder siden

    *Laughs in 4GB of RAM in my $350 2013 Asus Windows 8.1 laptop with dual-core Intel Celeron processor* I want to upgrade to Ryzen 4000 but don't know if I should wait for USB4 to arrive.

  • ThreeMinuteHeat / 三分鐘熱度
    ThreeMinuteHeat / 三分鐘熱度5 måneder siden

    Still not on LTT (waiting....)

  • Elijah Ciali
    Elijah Ciali5 måneder siden

    Asus: Doesn’t include touch Alex: that’s fine Apple: Doesn’t include touch Alex: WHAT THE HECK?! HOW HAVE THEY NOT ADDED THIS!?

  • Cedric Villani
    Cedric Villani5 måneder siden

    Didn’t watch video just answering your title question. For professional laptops no 10k is cheap, however for “your” target audience yes. Ok bye

  • Candid Avocado
    Candid Avocado5 måneder siden

    Holy thermal throttle. A 10k toaster for the trust fund video editor lol. Fantastic.

  • NAWW
    NAWW5 måneder siden

    This is the ultimate MacBook killer

  • Vikrant Kumar
    Vikrant Kumar5 måneder siden

    Way too much laugh... Work on that

  • Riggzilla
    Riggzilla5 måneder siden

    My goodness. Just seeing Alex go off about a product lol

  • Abhijit Baruah
    Abhijit Baruah5 måneder siden

    Watching on my $400 "stone"pad ! #caveman_feels

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme5 måneder siden

    "It just feels really good! Like your Manhood can..." Whoa....Now that was a sponsor transition that I honestly did not expect! LOL! I think he was bit too excited and stoked about the laptop to be saying a line like that without sounding like he seriously means it. lol

  • Mister Jeffa
    Mister Jeffa5 måneder siden

    can you also use kg when talkign about weight (or just also metric in general)?

  • Xavier Ince Pierre
    Xavier Ince Pierre5 måneder siden

    ouu nice a product meant for 100 people only i hope they dont manufacture more then 100 of these

  • Xavier Ince Pierre
    Xavier Ince Pierre5 måneder siden

    more excited about what mac is doing with their all in one chips instead of all these different components i have a feeling it will surpass anything else

  • LegendThunder
    LegendThunder5 måneder siden

    Alex: Quattro with 24 gb vram... Nvidia: Don’t you dare to game on this laptop!1!?11

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman5 måneder siden

    Upside Down ... Where Asus headquarters are, Hawkins

  • Aagastya Mishra
    Aagastya Mishra5 måneder siden


  • Ty
    Ty5 måneder siden

    Now can they just use that powder adapter for their Zephyrus. The brick seems heavier than the laptop

  • theElemDragon
    theElemDragon5 måneder siden

    Alex: "This laptop is $10,000" Alex 2 minutes into video: *while tossing $10,000 laptop into the air* "This is one of the most dense machines i've ever held in my hands." Everyone at Linus Media Group: *Hardcore Cringe*

  • Joël Germain
    Joël Germain5 måneder siden

    Not sure, but i think he doesnt enjoy the laptop.... Like at all.

  • l0ki4321
    l0ki43215 måneder siden

    Get your hands on a XMP Ultra 17 ;)

  • Nick Fugitt
    Nick Fugitt5 måneder siden

    The 16" MBP has a bigger battery fwiw

  • Musashi Kojiro
    Musashi Kojiro5 måneder siden

    meeehhhh, still use intel for "art"

  • AlphaCuatro
    AlphaCuatro5 måneder siden


  • Martin McPherson
    Martin McPherson5 måneder siden

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Flaming Hedgehog
    Flaming Hedgehog5 måneder siden

    It's reasonably priced if you're an idiot. It's said a fool and his money are easily parted but the real question is how does a fool get money to waste in the first place? No full size keyboard either... You would have to be biblically stupid to spend $10K on this laptop... someone in Asus is laughing till they wet their pants every time some fool buys this epic penis extension.

  • Die Geburtsstunde der Komödie
    Die Geburtsstunde der Komödie5 måneder siden

    Well apple is cute at this moment

  • marcusnz chab
    marcusnz chab5 måneder siden

    500$ is to esp for a laptop

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B5 måneder siden

    Yeah, but will it run Crysis?

  • west elias
    west elias5 måneder siden

    Box looks like somebody punted it.

  • Valkota
    Valkota5 måneder siden

    16:9 is more then a good display ratio, complaining about it not being 16:10 I think is a bit unnecessary in my opinion

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX175 måneder siden

    I wanna know if Linus authorized the attempt to take it apart ahead of time, lol

  • Brandon J. Bare
    Brandon J. Bare5 måneder siden

    That’s what she said...

  • Rilox Reviews
    Rilox Reviews5 måneder siden

    This is a laptop where you should never close the lid while exporting a video.

  • TheCXTKRS1
    TheCXTKRS15 måneder siden

    Curious as to why did ASUS go with a 9th gen CPU?

  • Reza Hamedani
    Reza Hamedani5 måneder siden

    A $10,000 laptop that doesn't even have a backlit keyboard... Yikes!

  • iWajdi
    iWajdi5 måneder siden

    Alex is my Nerd Crush, wowee thats a thing now ❤

  • Alexander Kazarin Helboe
    Alexander Kazarin Helboe5 måneder siden

    I don't have any words what so ever for this

  • Masud Assadi
    Masud Assadi5 måneder siden

    Is running Microsoft Paint on it ?

  • AntiEnvironment
    AntiEnvironment5 måneder siden


    OJAS THENGADI5 måneder siden

    if you have guts put the 64core threadripper in this asus

  • Kuldeep Kashyap
    Kuldeep Kashyap5 måneder siden

    No it's not too expensive.... it's just good old stupid😑

  • Superbustr
    Superbustr5 måneder siden

    Will they offer a version that offers up to 8tb of internal ssd like Apple's Macbook Pro?

  • Lachlan Corben
    Lachlan Corben5 måneder siden

    Riley "this power adaptor produces 300watts at this size" Me "watt that is crazy talk".

  • Cosmoflips
    Cosmoflips5 måneder siden

    let's leave the destroying to Linus

  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick5 måneder siden

    can it run crysis?

  • JamesM
    JamesM5 måneder siden

    $10,000 laptop without a numpad hahaha

  • JamesM


    5 måneder siden

    AND no touchscreen hooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit