Intel actually did something BETTER??? - Simply NUC Vortex

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Simply NUC wanted us to check out their Vortex so we put Alex on the case... how does it stack up?
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit5 måneder siden

    Note: Red USB Ports are called Sleep and Charge Ports that allow you to charge devices even when the machine itself is turned off, it's not just to make it gamery!

  • Shooter Q

    Shooter Q

    3 måneder siden

    @Just Being Socially Awkward To add to this, for machines a couple of generations ago, the standard they were pushing for "always on" USB ports was yellow, but that didn't catch on for too long.

  • Laeven D

    Laeven D

    4 måneder siden

    I though red usb was 10gb usb (like you see on the IO on the back of motherboards)

  • MrBrander


    4 måneder siden

    Ouch. Alex sure is shredding that whole case up with his words. :D No mercy given at all.

  • ShadowDugify


    5 måneder siden

    I did think it was a bit wierd for you to say it, though i thought it was USB 3.1 gen 2 stuff.

  • Piet


    5 måneder siden

    yeah and you find these basically on every NUC so... surprise, I guess:D

  • Kevin Hadap
    Kevin Hadap10 dager siden

    Y'all need to re-examine the Zotac Zbox E-series / Magnus offerings. There's an amazing lack of reviews around the "current" gen (rtx 20x0). Also wouldn't doubt that 30x0 is on the horizon, buuuuuut.

  • Eric Valverde Rosado
    Eric Valverde RosadoMåned siden

    Thats very OP

  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefenderMåned siden

    These things be like, "Oh, no! My $3,000 high-tech gaming computer be too big! Whatever will I do!"

  • Didnthurt
    Didnthurt2 måneder siden

    Thanks for the review! Straight to the point.. Just wanted to confirm building your own sff is better than this NUC, even tho it looks neat.

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera3 måneder siden

    Arent't you that [insert favorite delivery service] guy!?

  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus Grant3 måneder siden

    Ghost S1 is smaller and can fit even the largest RTX 3090 WITH AN ITX MOTHERBOARD

  • Sam
    Sam3 måneder siden

    That looks like a piece of medical equipment..... it’s Simply Nukgly

  • Rohit Panchal
    Rohit Panchal4 måneder siden

    Why you guys are always slamming things? I cant just stand that kind of behavior towards equipment's. p.s. i do love watching your videos

  • Lennfor
    Lennfor4 måneder siden

    Oi y u hatin the blower gpu's

  • Ragna Eyjadóttir
    Ragna Eyjadóttir4 måneder siden

    Something about NOlocalrs and their unboxing knifes ... ... the more serious ones that are more technical (and more factual) usually use simple cutters or common knifes. - But the more less reliable and more ... lets say ... enthusiastic/hyped they are .. the more fancy their knifes get.

  • Post-Left Luddite
    Post-Left Luddite4 måneder siden

    Only douche bags still think red and black looks cool

  • AutoGamesNation
    AutoGamesNation4 måneder siden

    Not really impressive. Tons of mini itx builds this size even slightly smaller. Mehh

  • Solve Everything
    Solve Everything4 måneder siden

    keyboards with clicky switches is evil and an invention from satan.

  • Rooks14
    Rooks144 måneder siden

    2080Ti? Eeeeew

    HOW ABOUT NO4 måneder siden

    Looks weird when you guys go to B camera because the presenter isn't looking at the camera anymore.

  • Sukrit Kumar
    Sukrit Kumar4 måneder siden

    why was linus shouting in the background

  • Rob Oo
    Rob Oo4 måneder siden

    Is Alex taken? Who is the lucky person?

  • FitzItSits
    FitzItSits4 måneder siden

    Im just imagining the yelling in the background is Linus ripping into someone for dropping something instead of letting him do it

  • Nicky boi
    Nicky boi5 måneder siden

    i might acually look at the sponser

  • ez45
    ez455 måneder siden

    Is the title about the bloody fan connectors? Getting a little heavy on the clickbait shite.

  • shadels_load
    shadels_load5 måneder siden

    Alex: the awkward gamer brother

  • revtoyota
    revtoyota5 måneder siden

    Every time I see this table it hurts my soul.

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris5 måneder siden

    Is his jaw wired shut? He always talks with his teeth closed and not moving.

  • vanhetgoor
    vanhetgoor5 måneder siden

    Why would somebody want a computer that is still using hundreds of Watts? My room is hot enough!

  • snowBlind
    snowBlind5 måneder siden

    Would be cool to see this offered in a few fun colors. And black. :)

  • snowBlind
    snowBlind5 måneder siden

    Personally, I'd ditch the very cheap looking Simply NUC sticker, and the ginormous diamond logo on there and call it good. The front panel just looks like a giant billboard for multiple companies on an otherwise clean looking case.

  • Paradox Shift
    Paradox Shift5 måneder siden

    5:53 you can hear plastic bits rattling around in there.

  • James Bower
    James Bower5 måneder siden

    Are you TRYING to sound like an idiot who can't open a box and quesses about everything?

  • Lis Nikoliqi
    Lis Nikoliqi5 måneder siden

    Coolermaster needs to release this sandwich style case as its own thing. I'm tired of all these non afordable sandwich style mini itx cases.

  • Stanton Duff
    Stanton Duff5 måneder siden

    Really intel? WHY not a 10th gen processor?

  • Vojtěch Novotný
    Vojtěch Novotný5 måneder siden

    i think that this may be the future

  • Rawsawn
    Rawsawn5 måneder siden

    96°c on the CPU 83°c on the GPU Sir step away from the plasma device !

  • Ryan Malin
    Ryan Malin5 måneder siden

    That psu extension cable is just a cooler master part, its not specific to this NUC. Thats why its not the right length and it folds over itself.

  • HL HL
    HL HL5 måneder siden

    This could also be a durability test video. You really like slapping that thing. Lol

  • F B
    F B5 måneder siden

    I wish you guys would test it with a reference 2080 ti. I would like to know what the difference in gpu temps would be.

  • Kirby
    Kirby5 måneder siden

    Terrible, expensive as hell, loud, not that well built. I hope their second version, if they make on in the future is better made.

  • BojoX
    BojoX5 måneder siden

    Is that a calculator watch?!?!?!

  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack5 måneder siden

    Who's shouting in the background

  • Michael Carson
    Michael Carson5 måneder siden

    8:04 When your reviewer has a look on his face "I don't want to game." LOL

  • lightchild
    lightchild5 måneder siden

    What B cam was that ? The skin colors looked so different than the A cam, (not saying that it looked bad, I actually liked the bcam better than the a cam)

  • Briggs & Stratton Power
    Briggs & Stratton Power5 måneder siden

    The nuc is great except for not having a big enough cooler. If i have an i9 hk i want to overclock or at least get all core full turbo

  • George Li
    George Li5 måneder siden

    I’m always wondering if Alex is the Engineer that helps the team make school stuff, the background writer, or the desktop/laptop reviewer

  • Lucas Colonna
    Lucas Colonna5 måneder siden

    $1000 for a case :/

  • CrazyBandito
    CrazyBandito5 måneder siden

    Haha they invited Louis from L4D2 to review small pc

  • Lukas H
    Lukas H5 måneder siden

    nice video idea!

  • Avieshek
    Avieshek5 måneder siden

    Would rather watch *Optimum Tech*

  • CoCoTheGamer
    CoCoTheGamer5 måneder siden

    Honestly, the background noise was super distracting. It felt like it was part of the show because it was the only thing I payed attention too. And when he talks about temps, did they change the filtering of the video? Cause it goes from no filter to a red hue, or am I just crazy?

  • Gap Recordings Namibia
    Gap Recordings Namibia5 måneder siden

    Holy smokes he's loud..... We all like him but who got his panties in a bunch?? I do hope he apologized afterward

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba5 måneder siden

    It’s crap. Just say it

  • The Lonely Headshooter
    The Lonely Headshooter5 måneder siden

    The perfect PC for playing Minecraft

  • Gergely Pászti
    Gergely Pászti5 måneder siden

    Okay, after a while... ... that background noise just gets me. It IS super-annoying. Besides that, yes, I also agree that for something that costs that much, they should have given it more thought.

  • Jakob K.
    Jakob K.5 måneder siden

    That Pc us a useless piece of shit. Way too expensive, no size benefit compared to other itx builds, terrible cooling, and some cheap ugly stickers on the front. There is no reason to buy that thing.

  • drifter4training
    drifter4training5 måneder siden

    Wish it the itx chassis of Dr zaber sentry 2.0 or something like the Grid compass laptop chassis..

  • dfalconerio
    dfalconerio5 måneder siden

    I hate when white components like boards and in this case, the case, but why ruin it with stupid coloured parts. Black, grey maybe but not red for fuck sake

  • Øystein
    Øystein5 måneder siden

    I have seen much cheaper PC's do alot better job with design, cooling, cable management etc than that :P Reminds me of a 3-400 USD computer with just a better CPU and GPU...

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams5 måneder siden

    This is why Intel doesn't care about the consumer CPU market any more. They still have their corporate CPU market, their Storage division, and now the All-in-One side of things. No more retail pain-in-the-ass distribution, marketing, compensation, or worst of all - customers. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. Consumer-level retail sucks.

  • sym
    sym5 måneder siden

    so overpriced... i'd rather build in a ghost S1 or a DAN A4.

  • Afto Kinito
    Afto Kinito5 måneder siden

    Red USB ports used to mean they were mSATA capable back in the USB 2.0 days.

  • Afroz Majkori
    Afroz Majkori5 måneder siden

    Bro please don't forget me in your give away mobiles❗ like and share done👏

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu5 måneder siden

    it'd be great if displate would take down straight up art pirates its disgusting that they dont even check designs for piracy

  • Robert
    Robert5 måneder siden

    So like a ps5 or new xbox for 5 times the price...

  • Ryan Pruske
    Ryan Pruske5 måneder siden

    Wow. I did not recognize your face in the thumbnail. Have you never made the duck face before?

  • L S
    L S5 måneder siden

    Nice job on the video , And the segment Segways in the video

  • ZesPak
    ZesPak5 måneder siden

    My parents have had a NUC for about 7 years now. It's been faultless and was about 600 EUR. It's also about the size of a VESA mount so you can have it on the back of your screen. It was too pricey for the spec, but not breaking any banks there. To me it's the ideal use case for a NUC. Someone at a reception, people who can't make do with a Chromebox for various reasons and stuff like that. A replacement for a laptop that doesn't need to move basically. But a gaming NUC just doesn't work apparently. You've still got components that are nearly as stifled as in a laptop, with a form factor almost as bad as a desktop but way more expensive. The use case for this is a bit lost on me. Maybe people that like to go to LAN parties? But again, how much easier is this to carry than a decent ATX case? And at this price point...

  • tristan b
    tristan b5 måneder siden

    I personally think you guys should take a look at the hp omen (base or premium) there a third of the price of the nuc but it's pretty good for what they put in it

  • patrick wang
    patrick wang5 måneder siden

    are you going to review the pixel 4a? on ltt channel or the short circuit channel?

  • Russel Schnugh
    Russel Schnugh5 måneder siden

    it is usb3.1

  • James Shafiei
    James Shafiei5 måneder siden

    The compute unit on the Intel version draws air from the middle too, they don’t have the fan reversed on the Ghost Canyon NUC like you think in this video

  • Serhan Uygur
    Serhan Uygur5 måneder siden

    Why he is saying OUT in a weird way?

  • Ed the Nerd
    Ed the Nerd5 måneder siden

    Why would anyone want this

  • Quietus Plus
    Quietus Plus5 måneder siden

    Some nice behind the scenes footage about how loud Linus gets XD

  • Peterius Prowler
    Peterius Prowler5 måneder siden

    Overpriced shit...

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago5 måneder siden

    Couldn't you run the audio thru RTX audio or something of the sort to remove the background noise?

  • Joseph T
    Joseph T5 måneder siden

    When the engineer/machinist reviews a product, yall should let him go all out on build quality and manufacturing. I feel like he had more to say.

  • lunalicrichard
    lunalicrichard5 måneder siden

    Why dont you show us the framerate ,temps and stuff on the screen of the monitor?? This make's me question your integrity a bit... Or are you not allowed to show us? maybe an Embargo on the thing? If so why don't you mention this in the video so we know why we are not shown the screen. Now i'm not a conspiracy nut or something , it just stood out this time, at least to me. Aparently i'm alone on this , but so be it!

  • Poet Productions
    Poet Productions5 måneder siden

    I want Alex to review ALL THE THINGS!!!! Especially laptop reviews. He does the best Laptop reviews!

  • arikelvara
    arikelvara5 måneder siden

    DAS RITE! Intel has good engineering!

  • x111
    x1115 måneder siden

    Simply NUC Vortex is cheap built trash !! just build yourself !! :)

  • Alex McDermott
    Alex McDermott5 måneder siden

    PLEASE review the Louqe Ghost S1!!

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan5 måneder siden

    It looks like a Razer eGPU enclosure.

  • Bjørn Øyvind Halvorsen
    Bjørn Øyvind Halvorsen5 måneder siden

    Didn't you guys test out the Nvidia AI "Remove-all-the-sound-we-don't-want" thing? Should have run that on the audio track and i'd imagine Linus's voice would be gone? badabing badabom?

  • Very Brash
    Very Brash5 måneder siden

    Simply put. Any/all GPU should not have a blower style cooler.

  • Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster
    Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster5 måneder siden

    Did you break your jaw or something? You're talking through your teeth way more than usual.

  • Sergey Kolokolov
    Sergey Kolokolov5 måneder siden

    Alex is professional and entertaining 👍 But those background noises and voices throughout the whole clip just keep distracting from the content.

  • 胡潇鸿
    胡潇鸿5 måneder siden

    Shipped from China? I saw "白色" on the box 😂

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man5 måneder siden

    Founder’s edition isn’t a blower style card you simpleton.

  • 1337 4llison
    1337 4llison5 måneder siden

    those side grates suck. almost no negitive space

  • Jay P
    Jay P5 måneder siden

    Is it me or does it look like a toaster?

  • Gerry Adams
    Gerry Adams5 måneder siden

    If you were that disrespectful and loud during a Linus video what would he do to you?

  • Scot E.
    Scot E.5 måneder siden

    Simply nuc? you mean the guys who throw some RAM and an M.2 SSD in a nuc and charge hundreds more than it would cost to do it yourself? This video was very predictable knowing their business model

  • Matthew Czyz
    Matthew Czyz5 måneder siden

    Simply just nuc good.

  • Curtis Tackie
    Curtis Tackie5 måneder siden

    Basically it’s a pre-built SFX ITX pc.

  • Matt Streetman
    Matt Streetman5 måneder siden

    He's so use to simping for companies that, hes cringing talking bad about a product.

  • PapaQ
    PapaQ5 måneder siden

    The logo and sticker on the front are both absolutely terrible.

  • sinni800
    sinni8005 måneder siden

    2:49 can you even use those thunderbolt ports on the left properly? Damn that's shifted.

  • Kachongui Kach
    Kachongui Kach5 måneder siden

    This thing is not cool.

  • Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio
    Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio5 måneder siden

    Well Intel can say that they did something better than others now, it has been a while. Let's hope it doesn't get to their heads for once. Also why the heck is that CPU overclocked it just causes higher temps and louder fans.. People won't complain about slightly less performance if it's not as loud i believe. PS: Sound in this video is pretty boomy. Had to turn my subwoofer down (and i am NOT someone that enjoys heavy bass so it was already moderate) for it to sound okay. Might wanna check that

  • Dimensional Breads
    Dimensional Breads5 måneder siden

    In small form factor, exhaust works better and space for the hot air to sit and be directed out helps with cooling. Without a pocket for the air, it will just sit on the components. As for the spacing, that's there for a reason. Please go look at builds from well known sff builders who show you the reason.

  • TxCigarGabe
    TxCigarGabe5 måneder siden

    You can just buy the cooler master case for $199 on amazon (ships mid august, same as this system). So this is an $800 build service, with massively overpriced upgrade options. F