I Tried Not to Like This - MAINGEAR Rush GAMING PC

Vitenskap og teknologi

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What can you get with $10,000 USD for a PC Building? A lot of performance, cooling, and best of all.... so much RGB! What would be the first game you play with this rig?
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  • Bethan Jenkins
    Bethan Jenkins6 timer siden

    Main reason I buy prebuilt is finance but it can't be crap

  • Apollo Kai
    Apollo Kai4 dager siden

    Not a good test, my laptop gets almost 300 fps in that game at 60c.

  • KC
    KC27 dager siden

    dude's ad transition was smooth af. i only figured out it was an ad when he was done. i went back so i could skip it anyway but still, nice

  • Tech Publica
    Tech Publica29 dager siden

    You guys should really make a video or a few videos comparing maingear, origin and alienware top of the line desktops both in terms of performance and of noise levels...

  • DuoX
    DuoXMåned siden

    I was enjoying the review till the peel. Those things are so dumb.

  • ossi saputra
    ossi saputraMåned siden

    and then couple month later rtx 3090 come out, so that system suddenly become obsolete

  • time less

    time less

    Måned siden

    3090 is already out but out of stock. Hmm he could wait a bit buy that graph and have 2080ti and 3090 as a duo :D

  • Uncle Anon
    Uncle AnonMåned siden

    Absolute ripoff

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor SmithMåned siden

    I like the shipping cone that they stuck to make sure the shipping service wouldn't crush the machine.

  • Kogi Kashakunin
    Kogi KashakuninMåned siden

    No back plate on GPU. For $10 000. That's a ripoff.

  • noodled
    noodledMåned siden

    10k but no power cable

  • Thapu Nair
    Thapu NairMåned siden

    So, who edited this ?

  • H460
    H4602 måneder siden

    I found this video from Maingear's website

  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefender2 måneder siden

    Imagine your bike-riding game being so poorly-optimized that they use it to benchmark $10,000 computers.

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L2 måneder siden

    The hat fix so well, every lmg member should have one. It’s the first time I see a whole “company” With fragile feelings

  • Deep Senpai
    Deep Senpai2 måneder siden

    They got 2 danm

  • Rob Young
    Rob Young2 måneder siden

    Over $10K and no GPU backplate?

  • itsjustcavan
    itsjustcavan2 måneder siden

    yo Hattie B's rules. excited to see that shirt

  • David West
    David West2 måneder siden

    why do you keep saying "ack" but pointing to the front of the case

  • Theo Strauss
    Theo Strauss2 måneder siden

    dont u mean a 2 tb firecuda for storage, a 4 tb ssd for storage, and a 6 tb hdd for nostolgia

  • Khalil All Day
    Khalil All Day2 måneder siden

    Average pre built system enjoyer

  • mohmed badr
    mohmed badr2 måneder siden

    10k and no 30 series that's s scam

  • rigbyme


    2 måneder siden

    It's 2x sli rtx 2080 ti. And there was no rtx 3000 at the time.

  • Za1d0
    Za1d02 måneder siden

    2:09 he sounds like Steve taking damage in minecraft

  • Viren Hooda
    Viren Hooda2 måneder siden

    Lian Li o11 xl case

  • rigbyme


    2 måneder siden

    Yes and?

  • Jake Kisiel
    Jake Kisiel2 måneder siden

    DO NOT ORDER FROM MAINGEAR! Build/Ship times take WAY to long. You will be disappointed.

  • rigbyme


    2 måneder siden

    It is custom looped... Plus great customer service. And of course they are based in new jersey, And this pandemic will take it longer to deliver.

  • nathan Collins
    nathan Collins2 måneder siden

    I wish he would have gone more in depth with the product. Match the rgb with the cooling and maybe try some popular games?

  • Jeremy Stenger
    Jeremy Stenger2 måneder siden

    Can you lay this puppy flat?

  • rigbyme


    2 måneder siden

    Yes, but why?

    SQUAD TEAM2 måneder siden

    You are paying so much we must get even more ssd

  • Bassknots
    Bassknots3 måneder siden

    I’m stuck at 2 tb boot drive . Is that so you can install multiple operating systems??

  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte3 måneder siden

    I've got one these coming, $7500 down, I cannot wait to see it. Maingear has been great with customer service, they actually allowed me to switch from the 2080 I had ordered to the 3080 when the release was announced, as it was still in the "awaiting parts" phase. The only issue right now is the incredibly sluggish pace. I know that it's partially because of the virus but I ordered mine back in June and it only just recently changed from the "awaiting parts" phase to the "in queue" phase, so it's still not even being built yet. The change from the 2080 to the 3080 may also have lengthened the parts phase but I can't help but think this is still taking fffoorreevvverrr.

  • Ray Harper
    Ray Harper3 måneder siden

    "hot chicken" >Canada Alright chief, go ahead and speak of your hot chicken, chicken breaded with no salt or pepper, no spices, peppers merely a legend, yeah go ahead, it's hot because it's merely lacking a pound of maple syrup per piece

  • *Triggered Doge*
    *Triggered Doge*3 måneder siden

    Every thumbnail their faces is always pogface.

  • trapical
    trapical3 måneder siden

    "We spent 10k on this" >2080Ti >Ryzen 3000 series Lol, I'm getting reminded of PC gaming in the 90s. Where you could blow half your annual salary on a PC... and then it becomes irrelevant and full of obsolete parts two weeks later.

  • glenn martonic
    glenn martonic3 måneder siden

    should have titled this video......celebrities who want a great cheap desktop

  • Kokainarienv0gel
    Kokainarienv0gel4 måneder siden

    I dont like the price, i like even my system much more, even if it looks like a sleeper

  • Nate Moorman
    Nate Moorman4 måneder siden

    I love the case paneling design. Big fan of how that comes apart.

  • Synth Lord
    Synth Lord4 måneder siden

    they should have called it Mangear instead of maingear

  • Stefan Filipov
    Stefan Filipov4 måneder siden

    Goddamnit ...i have to start making more money...

  • Mateusz M
    Mateusz M4 måneder siden

    And now RTX 3000 makes this overpriced AND obsolete, heh

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden

    They offer 3000 series

  • Olaipai
    Olaipai4 måneder siden

    That CPU and VRM-loop confuses me, how does that even work? Is it effective? I've thought about doing something like this with my build, but it does not seem to make sense in my head. Could someone explain this to me? Besides this, sick computer and love the video!

  • Lew H
    Lew H4 måneder siden

    "be good table" *table collapses and pc goes bang!!!*

  • IGotzPotatoAim
    IGotzPotatoAim4 måneder siden

    Anyone know what kinda coolent is in this? I Love that freaking color! I wanna get rid of my pastel pink!

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera4 måneder siden

    Alex: "Good, nobody noticed me NOT wearing a LTT shirt from LTTSTORE.COM." Me: LTTSTORE.COM

  • rigbyme


    3 måneder siden

    @Arturo Tabera yeah i know why are you not wearing llt merch?

  • Arturo Tabera

    Arturo Tabera

    3 måneder siden

    @rigbyme LTTSTORE.COM

  • rigbyme


    3 måneder siden

    @Arturo Tabera what?

  • Arturo Tabera

    Arturo Tabera

    3 måneder siden

    @rigbyme Watch the video!

  • rigbyme


    3 måneder siden


  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong5 måneder siden

    Just for the comparison: according to Maingear's website, this system's configuration will cost you $10,919, while a self-built system with the same parts (except the case and with an AiO instead of custom cooling) will cost under $6,000, which is an 82% premium. If you're spending this much on a PC and want these kind of aestetics, you might not care... But that seems kinda steep. If you're doing super heavy workloads you could with the same money upgrade to a Threadripper 3990X with 256+GB memory.

  • Andrew Snyder
    Andrew Snyder5 måneder siden

    props to the editor for combining screen cap, presenter cam, and edits over top the screen capture for the information he was talking about. good work that just makes the videos better to watch!

  • chris ryan
    chris ryan5 måneder siden

    I hate you

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden

    Why lol

  • Friendofspiders
    Friendofspiders5 måneder siden

    I would never spend 10$k on a computer that's going to be considered obsolete in 5 years

  • deedas
    deedas5 måneder siden

    Watching the start of the video with him pulling cables out, little pieces of things going everywhere. I just can’t do it. I seriously want to stop watching. Edit: A triple radiator? Double? You mean 360 or 420? 280 or 240? You are not telling us much by saying triple. Edit2: not too excited about where the fill port is located either. Edit3: the length and gage of that power cord. 🤨

  • William Grady
    William Grady5 måneder siden


  • Misterio Pelcasre
    Misterio Pelcasre5 måneder siden

    Best pre built for under 2k vid plz

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden


  • IIceTTea
    IIceTTea5 måneder siden

    What would really bother me, if I would have bought this PC is, that the GPU´s don´t have a backplate. IMO if you spend 10k on something like this, everything should be perfect.

  • Brennholzverleih
    Brennholzverleih5 måneder siden

    This machine is amazing. Thanks for covering that :D

  • VishChew
    VishChew5 måneder siden

    when i hear him say "for boot" i always think he using Canadian hood slang at first.

  • guilherme henrique
    guilherme henrique5 måneder siden

    150fps with 2 2080ti's WTF .

  • Gabriel Peeck
    Gabriel Peeck5 måneder siden

    That Segway though. It legit caught me off guard.

    BTG BEAST5 måneder siden

    Oof linus had built a 10k pc with a threadripper 3990x (it costs 3990$ yeah wat out of yours and mine budget we are broke)

  • Stacy Edenton
    Stacy Edenton5 måneder siden

    Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait...... a Hattie B’s shirt?!?!? I live right next to Hattie B’s here in Nashville.

  • Aleek91
    Aleek915 måneder siden

    parts in there must be 2k-3k, thats quite the premium for some tubing

  • Imperatriz Phoenix
    Imperatriz Phoenix5 måneder siden

    In Brazil you spend very easily over 10 thousand on a PC

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden

    This this 10k

  • Kyle Morton
    Kyle Morton5 måneder siden

    AL-YU-MINIUM !!!!

  • Technicstat
    Technicstat5 måneder siden

    LTT: We are professional tech NOlocalrs Alex from LTT: "So, we have a computer here."

  • Technicstat
    Technicstat5 måneder siden

    PC Expert Alex Here! ... Also PC Expert Alex: "So we have a computer here."

  • Rick c-855
    Rick c-8555 måneder siden

    “How do you even spend 10K on a pc?” Do you even know where you work? Lol

  • George Indestructible
    George Indestructible5 måneder siden

    8:07 Core VID showing it went upt to 1.5v WTF???

  • Strawberry Princess
    Strawberry Princess5 måneder siden

    How much does a PC case cost compared to a low-end prebuilt that comes with a case?

  • Aspire Goes Hard
    Aspire Goes Hard5 måneder siden

    Did it bother anyone else that the GPU’s don’t have backplates?

  • BlendPiNexus
    BlendPiNexus5 måneder siden

    yeah, i wanna see the temps when both gpus and the cpu are under a nice long blender render.

  • Skillzx5
    Skillzx55 måneder siden

    The worst review on an expensive pc.

  • Kenny random
    Kenny random5 måneder siden

    Would you recommend this PC for content creating like animation?

  • TheLastTenno
    TheLastTenno5 måneder siden

  • Steve Walton
    Steve Walton5 måneder siden

    What's with the awkward t-fittings they used to cool the vrms and the cpu? Is it even a loop at that point?

  • M3h3ndr3
    M3h3ndr35 måneder siden

    What fans are those?

  • GinsuChikara
    GinsuChikara5 måneder siden

    Did I blink and miss when he pointed out this is an O11 XL, one of the most popular cases on the market? He acted like he'd never seen the thing before, when the most casual of scrolls through completed builds on PCPartPicker or any number of PC building subreddits would show hardly anything but this case and the slightly smaller original O11. What, do Lian Li and der8auer not deserve props for this just because Maingear popped the plate out of the back of this thing? Is he clueless? Does he have beef with der8auer? This just seems like a really fucking weird omission for an LMG video. Also, he talks about temps as if what he's seeing matters while he's running the thing with the side panel off. LMG, I love y'all, but this one just ain't it.

  • Robin
    Robin5 måneder siden

    daddy of watercooling

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti5 måneder siden

    I love the "no stack" dummy hat xD

  • Dion Russel S. Cellona
    Dion Russel S. Cellona6 måneder siden

    This is so Canadian!

  • Gap Recordings Namibia
    Gap Recordings Namibia6 måneder siden

    Wow, Alex actually said ALU-MIN-IUM........ Sorry Alex, probably 'cause your'e Canadian and not American...... I was shocked to hear that compared to the American slang aluminum....... Great review.

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver6 måneder siden

    @5:08 "there's a fill port here that you stick a funnel into" huh and here this whole time I thought LTT staff didn't know what funnels were let alone how to use them.

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver6 måneder siden

    Nice Hattie B's shirt. Have you actually come here to Nashville?

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver6 måneder siden

    $10,000 on a PC? I bet it out performs the Mac Pro.

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden


  • Austin Ramsdale
    Austin Ramsdale6 måneder siden

    Respect for the Hattie B’s Hot Chicken T-shirt... LTT store.com

  • Jick Fincter
    Jick Fincter6 måneder siden

    Do they basically just run adds on short circuit they seem to be at more critical of products on the other channels in general.

  • Box Guardian
    Box Guardian6 måneder siden

    ‘Less faster’ storage

  • Johannes Binder
    Johannes Binder6 måneder siden

    is this a NOlocalr thing that you get the weakest, most unstable desk so you can make jokes about your shitty table all the time?

  • Khaao Cha cha
    Khaao Cha cha6 måneder siden

    You're Canadian.

  • Daniel Pipe
    Daniel Pipe6 måneder siden

    These ShortCurcuit videos aren't as short as I was hoping for. 5mins is plenty for most of these videos IMO

  • Paulo Pires
    Paulo Pires6 måneder siden

    That case is beautiful. I bought my self one last month and i love it. Even bought a dam piece of furniture for it to be on top like a showcase.

  • Jackson Wofford
    Jackson Wofford6 måneder siden

    Hattie B's is so good.

  • Mint Paste
    Mint Paste6 måneder siden

    **screams in 6 hard drives**

  • Gerard Kean
    Gerard Kean6 måneder siden

    That video should have been blocked at work because that was porn

  • Tim Streeter
    Tim Streeter6 måneder siden

    I love the shirt. Hattie B's chicken and waffles is great!

  • Sharwin Manikpurkar
    Sharwin Manikpurkar6 måneder siden

    10G and no gpu backplate? 🤣, My asus 1050ti has a backplate 😂 TF maingear?

  • rigbyme


    3 måneder siden

    Probably because they don't have custom backplates

  • Bhanu Verma
    Bhanu Verma6 måneder siden

    Why is there a SLI instead of nv link bridge in this pc ????

  • rigbyme


    3 måneder siden

    That's a nvlink lmao

  • Blafard666
    Blafard6666 måneder siden

    When you test a PC by playing a game for people to judge the machine's performances, try to use a mainstream high specs game instead of your little niche game that nobody heard about...

  • Alexandr Cifer
    Alexandr Cifer6 måneder siden

    overpriced peace of garbage

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden


  • Adnan UN
    Adnan UN6 måneder siden

    Does anyone know what gpu terminal waterblock is that?

  • Avieshek
    Avieshek6 måneder siden

    Such a great device - wasted video. Should've gone to *Hardware Canucks* & *Optimum Tech* This channel is shit.

  • rigbyme


    4 måneder siden


  • Nicholas Thoennes
    Nicholas Thoennes6 måneder siden

    When I read “Rush GAMING PC”, I practically leaped for my phone because I thought it might have been a Rush (as in the Canadian prog rock ban) themed PC. Oh well, maybe some day...

  • Niko Leven
    Niko Leven6 måneder siden

    Only Canadians say sorry to a table.

  • Viniter
    Viniter6 måneder siden

    8:30 *cold damn

  • Robert Kohari
    Robert Kohari6 måneder siden

    How can people play next to that crap ? it's distracting as hell ...