I took apart Apple's new M1 Mac Mini

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The latest Mac Mini is using Apple's M1 processor, but instead of turning it on, I decided to take it apart. I hope I didn't break it.
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  • kardaani vägi
    kardaani vägi9 timer siden

    The numberless step-brother hisologically walk because hair pathomorphologically suit as a vivacious fan. tense, sable area

  • memegod
    memegod15 timer siden

    And this is why I buy apple stock

  • Cyberheart
    CyberheartDag siden

    Dude is an ass. Doesn't even attempt to be objective in his review. Might be why I can't stand to watch videos posted on his other channel either.

  • Soul Walker
    Soul Walker3 dager siden


  • Slappy O'Neil.
    Slappy O'Neil.4 dager siden

    DIY apple computer: Mac mini, Pro XDR display,

  • Efw Ewfwef
    Efw Ewfwef6 dager siden

    the rounded cutout and is gotta be one of the worst apple designs ever right after the imacs components behind a fucking display!

  • Sam S
    Sam S11 dager siden

    I mean...1Gig port isn't bad considering most people dont even have a 1Gig connection lol But yeah, put it side by side with an Intel NUC and and compare the prices...yikes.

  • David Holmgren K9AT
    David Holmgren K9AT15 dager siden

    How 'bout that static strap for ESD?

  • Oscar Alca
    Oscar Alca17 dager siden

    Linus, it is not possible to connect dual displays to M1 Macs, can you try to connect ultra wide monitors to test if they can run at full refresh rate and resolution, let's say with the LG Odyssey G9 ?

  • Loreaver


    16 dager siden

    you can connect to 2 displays but 1 one of the displays has to use hdmi

  • Lady Galadriel
    Lady Galadriel19 dager siden

    Yasss Jesus christ realness look lol get your hair longer

  • Moses
    Moses21 dag siden

    looking forward to an M1 Pro tear down!

  • Judd Rizzo
    Judd Rizzo22 dager siden

    So... i’m really really thinking about buying one of these for audio production and using reaper and logic. Should I wait for the next generation or just pull the trigger?

  • Astronaut Ninja
    Astronaut Ninja23 dager siden

    This guy is such a hater. It's so annoying. Out of all of the established tech NOlocalrs, this guy is seriously the only one that has so much hate and disdain towards a company.

  • aIysdexia
    aIysdexia26 dager siden

    performance -> speed gaf ,syug ton llits

  • Oz Art
    Oz Art28 dager siden

    Can you put it into small pack

  • Daniel Engelthaler
    Daniel Engelthaler29 dager siden

    Okay, let me share my two cents on this as a fellow UNIX/Linux user. From what I have seen right now the OS is way worse than a KDE Plasma with Latte Dock - and I did the ultimate test here by asking my Mrs. which 'Mac' she would buy and she likes my Linux GUI more, saying that the actual Mac OS looks too complicated . Now let's talk hardware for a bit. 4 'performance cores' and 4 'efficiency cores' are either the same bollocks that I have in my $200 budget smartphone from the 'evil' Chinese company called Huawei or just this hyperthreading thing where I have 4 actually fully featured cores whilst there is 4 more cores without an FPU, so I won't really recommend to run anything on these... So what this really comes down to is a $65 Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB in a MacBook 'Pro' case with an ugly GUI for over twice the price of an Lenovo ThinkPad E595 with 32GB RAM and two SSDs, one of which being an NVMe one. I don't know about you guys but in Germany we call this full on FRAUD. Yes my friends, full on FRAUD, that's what it is! So my suggestion to solve this issue: Either keep your 'old' X86 Mac or get yourself the cheapest Lenovo Laptop there is, get some cool stickers to put on the back and install Linux. And if you want an actually very stylish beyond Apple look and feel I would suggest Hefftor Linux Plasma which just happened to have released a new version which you can download under www.hefftorlinux.net . Welcome to 2021! awqtre

  • Funny creative username Thats original
    Funny creative username Thats original29 dager siden


  • mick muller
    mick mullerMåned siden

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm...

  • samuel yeet
    samuel yeetMåned siden

    So where can i find a comprehensable real time benchmark of the M1 compared to other graphics cards? People are claiming it can be up to as good as a 1060, yet i cant find any proof of that

  • samuel yeet
    samuel yeetMåned siden

    But can it play Cyberpunk?

  • martigo
    martigoMåned siden

    Can you play world of tanks on it?

  • Rafaqat Hussain
    Rafaqat HussainMåned siden

    Ya know. Ya a bit rude dude. Respect the effort of ppl in development involved. Please

  • TerraVFX
    TerraVFXMåned siden

    Now mod it so it fits in a gpu slot lol

  • Rayan talks-tech
    Rayan talks-techMåned siden

    4:57 The fan: OUCH YOU JUST THREW ME!!

  • Tomasz Szyłkowski
    Tomasz SzyłkowskiMåned siden

    Isn’t x86 a thing of the past? I thought it is amd64 for like 10 years or so

  • Mike M
    Mike MMåned siden

    Hey Linus can you hack the mini to run on 12v DC. Old versions appear to have 12v out from the PSU so could be cool for mobile use.

  • Mike M

    Mike M

    Måned siden

    Might as well give it a whole new box too as its all air.

  • TheAbc45678
    TheAbc45678Måned siden

    So far I'm happy with my M1 Mini but I must say with all that empty space they should have put in a larger speaker. The one they have now sounds worse than the built-in speakers in my PCs from the late 1980s. Which is odd because Apple sells more speakers than any other company on earth.

  • Dan
    DanMåned siden

    Your tree needs nitrogen

  • Mr. StarOfTruth
    Mr. StarOfTruthMåned siden

    what if he heard a voice that said stop it coming from that device..

  • Tony Harrison
    Tony HarrisonMåned siden

    Linus can you please make a video comparing the new dell xps 13 vs razer book 13 (11th gen intel ultra books)

  • Aaron Allgrunn
    Aaron AllgrunnMåned siden

    "Don't turn it on, Take it apaaaaat!"

  • Cappuccino -
    Cappuccino -Måned siden

    It is kinda frustrating that he didn't pop the antenna board off -_-

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander MartinMåned siden

    If it’s so small inside they should have really scaled down the entire thing.

  • Perch Arnel
    Perch ArnelMåned siden

    Thumbnail: Apple New M1 Mac Mini Me: Roomba vacuum?

  • George4All
    George4AllMåned siden


  • St S
    St SMåned siden

    First thing first, Apple's design team has done an incredible job of replicating a tiffin box! Few months back, I added 8 GB RAM, replaced the HDD with SSD in my 8 years old Dell XPS 15 and with Windows 10, it works like a breeze! This is something you cannot do when you pack Apples inside a tiffin box 😁

  • Jedidiah Steele
    Jedidiah SteeleMåned siden

    As Much of an Apple Hater You are ...You Sure Love that APPLE WATCH.....LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel Good
    Angel GoodMåned siden

    Steve Jobs was alive he would say why is there so much space in the Mac mini

  • Sort of
    Sort ofMåned siden

    I broke my mac mini by opening it. Quietly returned it and got the new one. "Oh yeah, it didn't boot when I took home. I don't know why."

  • Jason Fete2Fete
    Jason Fete2FeteMåned siden

    Why so negative? For a person that is so smart, he is SO stagnant in his thinking...This is immensely disappointing!!,

  • J. B.

    J. B.

    Måned siden

    So many people said that he was wrong on his M1 chip "opinion" and they turned out to be correct. Instead of eating humble pie, he doubled down on his factually wrong stance.

  • Jab Gibson
    Jab GibsonMåned siden

    "a whole heck of a not a lot in here" @ 4:10 ... I gotta start using this line

  • appr oved
    appr ovedMåned siden

    Antony ! Where is the video about the Mac mini m1 test

  • appr oved
    appr ovedMåned siden

    Je pense que planté une armchitecture à la Radeon 7 mémoire sur un m1 est plus compliqué que Apple pensait ! Le taux de réussite doit être bas !

  • appr oved
    appr ovedMåned siden

    En passant la version 100% du chip m1 a probablement une mémoire de style Radeon 7 ! Tabarnak que j ai hâte de voir ce monstre la

  • appr oved
    appr ovedMåned siden

    De la part des milliards d humains qui parle français ! Merci Linus pour la traduction en bas

  • appr oved
    appr ovedMåned siden

    You ll need to put liquid tape on the motherboard where the two metal bar for cooler are ! aside from that ? Everything look fine and dandy ! you could put also liquid tape on the bar themselves (prevent electricity laziness)

  • Paeng Quiambao
    Paeng QuiambaoMåned siden

    M1 chips far surpass an i9-9900 and it has no fans. that's what you call disruptive innovation.

  • Protozoan7
    Protozoan7Måned siden

    I like everything abt this but I want ...... Windowa

  • Symmetry Tv
    Symmetry TvMåned siden

    Essentially super powered raspberry

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason GoodenMåned siden

    7:41 AMD Radeon CPU? lol

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason GoodenMåned siden

    space for an Apple Silicon dedicated GPU inside

  • juerhe1
    juerhe1Måned siden

    ...GREAT! ...one question beside: Is there a free software for the new M1 computers for my network cameras? Where i can have 8 cams and monitor if there is movement and record the scenes if there is! ...and is it also possible to instlall the windows software metatrader 4 or 5 on this machine?

  • Mindaugas
    MindaugasMåned siden

    Why the hell Apple is not changing the design. Almos all their products are like 10 year old designs!!!!

  • Mindaugas
    MindaugasMåned siden

    I like how he just pokes with that stick the processor itself.

  • MrMonotone


    Måned siden

    The processor is under the heatsink.

  • myusrn olk
    myusrn olkMåned siden

    Can you plug the mac mini m1 usb-4 port into a display with a usb-c dp1.4 alt mode input support and pd [ power delivery ] 90w output and have that power the device, i.e. like a thunderbolt/usb-c enabled laptop, versus having to also plug the mac mini m1 into a power source?

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris PlisskenMåned siden

    the specs said on the intro sounds like the bullshit todd howard would say about 14x the details xD

  • Aaron !
    Aaron !Måned siden

    Hey, is he LTT ?

  • michael andrews
    michael andrewsMåned siden

    Dont get much for you money, cant even put in a bigger ssd, Apple must laugh all the way to the bank every time someone buys one. Since Apple don't supply parts for repair, once your fan goes bad your screwed.

  • Алексей Иванов
    Алексей ИвановMåned siden

    this mac mini is pice of shit

  • Dave Boyer
    Dave BoyerMåned siden

    Thanks for the video! If it had a 1TByte SSD inside, I'm in. But App compatibility would still be a concern. I heard though it does deliver exceptional speed performance.

  • KR. Tirtho
    KR. TirthoMåned siden

    When did Linus renamed "Linus Tech Tips" to "ShortCircuit"?

  • genaro roman jr
    genaro roman jrMåned siden

    Apple does it again ,Big Mac attack , just take my money I'll make more.

  • John MacMillan
    John MacMillanMåned siden

    Did you test it for the Blue tooth problems that are being reported on now? Are these problems due to softwares or hardware (M1 chip) or poor circuit board design?

  • Venus Dee
    Venus DeeMåned siden

    I maybe the only one who would want them to bring back a SD card reader and optical DVD drive (Blu Ray if not too expensive).

  • Robstar
    RobstarMåned siden

    Why this M1 Mac Mini Phone has so big enclosure ???

  • TheAutobotPower
    TheAutobotPowerMåned siden

    If apple don't want people to fix their devices apple don't deserve to use Ifixit or any other repair tools.

  • Maverick
    MaverickMåned siden

    Next Apple should focus on graphics 👌🏻

  • Robert Ailman
    Robert AilmanMåned siden

    Zen comment: Apple should know, as in the example of both Intel and Microsoft, that if you are driving along your block and ALL the houses were designed by you, you may be on a dead end street....,remedy for that -step outside yourself and listen.....,

  • Daniel J
    Daniel JMåned siden

    I have learned over the last 25 years of my Mac PAIN that Apple zealots will always justify Apples lacking of anything and everything.

  • GP33
    GP33Måned siden

    But does it have RGB?

  • Dulcie Juana
    Dulcie JuanaMåned siden

    why did he keep poking the board like that 😬

  • henrique costa
    henrique costaMåned siden

    Linus is a sheep, cant create their own content needs to copy the hype of others... incredible!!!! still not impressed at all, for me this dude is a joke of the youtube, win for sticking around for long nothing more nothing less, sry linus... u r putting your money on the wrong things, ride your own wave that will be good for your channel...

  • henrique costa
    henrique costaMåned siden

    This guy post his video one day after mkhd and still not even near the views of mkhd, all of this to say whats the point in review something that other channel do 100x better huh?!!!... this channel is a joke on their content... totally dumb...

  • fiddlestickz muzik
    fiddlestickz muzikMåned siden

    That's not extra space inside the mini, it's dark matter..

  • Alan
    AlanMåned siden

    people are 1st gen haters lol

  • Lolers TME
    Lolers TMEMåned siden

    "15x Faster GPU" The only thing that it's 15x faster than is Intel UHD Graphics from 2009

  • Prince Westerburg
    Prince WesterburgMåned siden

    So do you reckon you could Hackintosh it? XD

  • WildApple / OP Plays
    WildApple / OP PlaysMåned siden

    Why didn't you remove the wifi antenna cable, so that you could show the whole board? Or is the cable soldered?

  • Jay Koerner
    Jay KoernerMåned siden

    I am near certain the lack of gpu support is entirely driver based, pcie is pcie wo i cant assume thats the issue

  • Johnny C.
    Johnny C.Måned siden

    How do you run 6 channels, that's my question...?

  • Yasmin Torvalds
    Yasmin TorvaldsMåned siden

    _Up to..._ includes no improvement, including the possibility of "worse" But people hear what they want to hear.

  • Kevs
    KevsMåned siden

    This looks like a good plex server

  • matt kim
    matt kimMåned siden

    I'm fairly confident that Linus reassembled the whole product without the actual cooler in it before he noticed.

  • Silver Spoon
    Silver SpoonMåned siden

    >8 or 16 gigs, all proprietary stuff, obsolete on the shelves. back in my days we used to call this kind of thing a terminal. not a computer. hell even the HP/Wyse/Dell terminals actually have hardware inside you can upgrade, and closer to a SNES-sized PC. this mac can be adequately called a terminal.

  • Jonathan Brawn
    Jonathan BrawnMåned siden

    I imagine there's no SODIMM option because there isn't a "normal" memory controller on the M1 SoC, so to add SODIMM support they'd have to also add a suitable memory controller, and bring all those needed signals off-chip.

  • Emmanuel Campos
    Emmanuel CamposMåned siden

    All paper means greater deforestation, plastic at least is trully recyclable

  • Garret Zenanko
    Garret ZenankoMåned siden

    Apple is trying to destroy the planet by making an unupgradable Mac mini.

  • Hare deLune
    Hare deLuneMåned siden

    "And this is, of course, where the disappointment starts." Excellent assessment and summation! 👍

  • Adham Abousalem
    Adham AbousalemMåned siden

    This was so helpful, thank you very much! I just now realized that one of my major mistakes is that I only always see and think about territory right away from the beginning.

  • Adil Gaad
    Adil GaadMåned siden

    Linus with beard is greater 8x times than the shaved one .

  • sitendu goswami
    sitendu goswamiMåned siden

    Could you please for heaven's sake stop tapping the electronic components while speaking?

  • 但丁DANTE
    但丁DANTEMåned siden

    can it gaming🤣

  • Everything of world
    Everything of worldMåned siden

    It looks like that...Linus.... Is deprived from sleeping now a days. 🕴️🕴️🕴️

  • Chris Shelswell
    Chris ShelswellMåned siden

    How can people watch this? It’s like the worst commercial I’ve seen. Fair play to LTS but hell, this was utterly boring

  • Chris Shelswell
    Chris ShelswellMåned siden

    You know why I don’t pay for NOlocal premium? It doesn’t get rid of the really annoying adverts

  • Diloman64
    Diloman64Måned siden

    change that ugly t-shirt

  • Juno W.
    Juno W.Måned siden

    Why he talk like shouting?

  • YouTube Commenter

    YouTube Commenter

    Måned siden

    LTT arrogance.....

  • Ant Rosa
    Ant RosaMåned siden

    Is that a ltt store shirt ?

  • Glory Hold
    Glory HoldMåned siden

    Bold yet true huh no other ultra book can touch the new Mac m1

  • Swanny Dabs
    Swanny DabsMåned siden