I recommend Razer's NEW $200 earbuds! - Hammerhead True Wireless Pro

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Razer is more well known for its gaming mice or mechanical keyboards, but they've been making audio products for some time, too, under the Hammerhead line. I think Razer's Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds are starting off on the right foot with these.
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  • Deezy
    Deezy10 timer siden

    I can't find em on Amazon. I'm in Canada if that matters.

  • Mar Mercer
    Mar Mercer11 timer siden

    Can these be used on pc?

  • The Unknown
    The UnknownDag siden

    Does anyone know how good the bass is on these? I’m looking to get some

  • Ulrik Aase
    Ulrik AaseDag siden

    Are they worth $59.99 on sale?

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide3 dager siden

    Keep posting interesting contents like this!

  • HmtvtvhM
    HmtvtvhM4 dager siden


  • jayd
    jayd4 dager siden

    I don't know dude, my $35 Mpow check a lot of the same boxes as these do.

  • Mostly Nintendo
    Mostly Nintendo5 dager siden

    That Linus scale...

  • Gravitrax master
    Gravitrax master6 dager siden

    We need these vs the airpods pro

  • Apok101
    Apok1018 dager siden

    I'm 19 seconds in, the hoody offends my eyeballs enough to comment. I would hope/worry it's for a reason, we will see.

  • Apok101


    8 dager siden

    nope I’m just judgemental AF, sorry

  • r0w
    r0w8 dager siden

    The app was downloaded so many times because the support at the first, super shitty version of the headphones, first thought app reinstall and do updates. Spoiler: doesn't work. The first version of the Razer true wireless was just garbage.

  • lpg gaming
    lpg gaming8 dager siden

    well with my expirince with razer is exelnt i hae an mouse from 2014 and it still works perfectly

  • Chris
    Chris8 dager siden

    Either wear a mic that picks up your voice close up, or tell the rest of the office that you're recording. It's distracting and unprofessional to hear background noise, however unintentional.

  • TheCrazyStupidGamer
    TheCrazyStupidGamer9 dager siden

    Jabra has quite the customisation in their app too. Now.

  • Felipe Alencar
    Felipe Alencar10 dager siden

    dude looks like snorted coke before this review

  • Brennan Rusher
    Brennan Rusher10 dager siden

    YES! I just discovered Khruangbin too, and literally love them... I can listen to them anywhere anytime, and they’re truly a great test of new speakers/headphones etc. And I can’t pronounce their name either:)

  • Asyraf Johari
    Asyraf Johari10 dager siden

    What watch is he wearing in this video?

  • Xb Pc_TTV
    Xb Pc_TTV11 dager siden

    Alright I have a suggestion Philips Audio SHP9500 and TaoTronics Soundliberty 79

  • Joel Halliwell
    Joel Halliwell12 dager siden

    Literally haven't even started the video yet but just want to give a massive shout out to all the peeps who work night and day to make these videos. Thank you so much for still releasing such wholesome useful and enjoyable content and being the only consistency for me

  • Shalashaska 994
    Shalashaska 99412 dager siden

    Razer definitely makes a phenomenal product but the galaxy buds in the same price range seem to be more fully featured

  • ruok
    ruok12 dager siden

    been trying to buy these in canada for like a month :/

  • Sean
    Sean13 dager siden

    I just liked the jeans reveal. Are those raw selvedge? What kind? And the headphones look worth it to me too 😂

  • Lliam Green
    Lliam Green14 dager siden

    These headphones are absolute trash .... I returned them within 24 hours because they were so bad. Bass is non existent and sound clarity is poor. The case is plastic cheap crap too won't last long at all. Very very very disappointed Razer

  • Josh Bowman
    Josh Bowman15 dager siden


  • PeterPhamous
    PeterPhamous15 dager siden

    That Milwaukee fastback tho

  • Invetor
    Invetor16 dager siden

    mic test?

  • Ghost Attack
    Ghost Attack17 dager siden

    hey Linus, that pocket you keep trying to utilize in your unboxing videos is for pocket watches, nothing else lol

  • Joe
    Joe17 dager siden

    good on razer for including comply eartips, they're the best, and not the cheapest out there

  • Joe
    Joe17 dager siden

    *THX is owned by Razer, they're using their own brand on their own products.

  • Steve Rand
    Steve Rand18 dager siden

    I think if you want your staff to say "unboxing" instead of "review" all the time, they have to stop trying the product and just stop after the product has been unboxed.

  • Daniel Perry
    Daniel Perry19 dager siden

    That pocket is actually for pocket watches, but yeah, in recent years it's for whatever you want since no one uses pocket watches.

  • Pedro Fernandes
    Pedro Fernandes19 dager siden

    Ok, now THAT is how you customize the controls. Put anything anywhere

  • Jumbo Relic
    Jumbo Relic19 dager siden

    8:28 Dec 8th... video released 12 days later... yikes.

  • MrFallen1ne
    MrFallen1ne20 dager siden

    If these had a full color palette along with they're matte finish on the display they'd be a serious eye catcher for illustrators.

  • vibonacci
    vibonacci20 dager siden

    Sony's XM400s destroy this though.

  • glassfullofmilk
    glassfullofmilk20 dager siden

    It kinda makes sense to put the case in the Pocketwatch pocket but only if your case is the same size as a pocket watch, plus everyone's pocket watch pockets are difference sizes.

  • TempestuousD
    TempestuousD21 dag siden

    You would!

  • GhostSniper Dk
    GhostSniper Dk21 dag siden

    Would you recommend 1more or Razer true wireless Pro?

  • Tionanima
    Tionanima21 dag siden

    1:45 ¬is that weighing scale available at LTT-Store/com? if not in seriously unimpressed

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap22 dager siden

    How does the sound compare to the Sennheisers?

  • Tarrabyte
    Tarrabyte22 dager siden

    Why do you guys never check out Skullcandy's options? I have a pair of headphones and earbuds(2) by them. These look like a pair they came out with.

    YOBLECK22 dager siden

    4:33 you made the mistake of mentioning a new band and it took me over an hour to get back to the video. My favorite song was "So We Won't Forget"

  • Bruh
    Bruh22 dager siden

    can these razer headphones connect with my iPad or does it just work with phones?

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne22 dager siden

    Not bad considering that the Airpods Pro cost $250 (though on sale they can be found for $200 as well) but the Sony WF SP-800 is going for $150 - 200 now and those have far better battery life and sound quality than the Airpods Pro so I can see the Sony set beating out these. Same goes for the Jabra Elite 75t (which I own) or 85t and their Active models. I'll probably give these a try.

  • Flewrider
    Flewrider22 dager siden

    If u want good sound on wireless earbuds and don't need ANC just get galaxy buds +. 12 hours of batterylife and AKG sound is just to good. Even my Sound Engeneer dad was impressed and ordered them.

  • francis chow
    francis chow23 dager siden

    4 hours is weak at this point, 200 bucks, lol no Galaxy buds live are more interesting, and only around airpods price range, half ears are more comfortable unless you are are always in noisy areas.

    ALEX XU23 dager siden

    The rough fox curiously remove because skin formally reply as a clear prosecution. jittery, cheerful office

  • Bigbo 1
    Bigbo 123 dager siden

    Razer is literally trying to be apple

  • Chi Chow
    Chi Chow23 dager siden

    Not friction, it's suction.

  • Natalie
    Natalie23 dager siden

    Is cheefed now the opposite of chuffed?

  • Chopstixx
    Chopstixx23 dager siden

    wonder if it has a microphone and how does it sound, ppl have issues hearing me with my samsung buds

  • Skibbie the GameCat
    Skibbie the GameCat23 dager siden

    Absolutely love these reviews! His opinion seems so real and has very real-life useful information without seeming like he is shilling for a company that gave him free stuff. Kudos indeed

  • al.kaloid
    al.kaloid23 dager siden

    2:57 LOL

  • anthony james scott
    anthony james scott23 dager siden

    You didnt try gaming mode for latency test tho

  • Ruben Evens
    Ruben Evens23 dager siden

    Question is can you make a decent phone-call?

  • Atypical Male
    Atypical Male23 dager siden

    Get more soundproofing. I could hear whatever was next door.

  • Atypical Male
    Atypical Male23 dager siden

    I use Airpods because they're comfortable and I can sleep using them. I forget they're in my ears half the time.

  • Andries
    Andries23 dager siden

    How well does it work as a gaming headset, can you talk to your buddy and hear games without lag?

  • James Potter
    James Potter23 dager siden

    I think James forgot to do the ad, so they recorded it after and just threw it in. Classic

  • Jesse Procher
    Jesse Procher23 dager siden

    But razer owns thx. So it's like saying they are razer certified...

  • FordPower5288
    FordPower528823 dager siden

    I hate this review. James actually made me laugh for the first time ever. Fucking 2020... Im sure they are good, but I quite dislike that form factor... The little tail dangly bits annoy me.

  • StaticHelix
    StaticHelix23 dager siden

    They finally introduced the black AirPod pros, too bad it doesn’t have quick connect or that surround sound feature

  • charles newborn
    charles newborn24 dager siden

    Wow the song lyrics are "California, knows how to party..." So dumb.

  • Muhamad Hafizuddin Ruslan
    Muhamad Hafizuddin Ruslan24 dager siden

    i still hate the razer app .. so hard to pairing

  • KS4M
    KS4M24 dager siden

    Is it possible to buy the hoodie hes wearing ?

  • Bangdashot
    Bangdashot24 dager siden

    does it work with razer synapese

  • Levi Zapanta
    Levi Zapanta24 dager siden

    Did I miss it in the video but was there no microphone test?

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha24 dager siden

    And I’m watching it on a 40$ earbud lmao

  • ZpG Killua
    ZpG Killua24 dager siden

    how is this compare to jabra active

    MEATPANTS99924 dager siden

    Anyone know what watch he's using in this video?

  • AfroZenPizza
    AfroZenPizza24 dager siden

    THX Branding is a new way to charge more for branding. Computer speaker manufacturers from the late 90s until now: He's on to us.

  • Murat Karabeyaz
    Murat Karabeyaz24 dager siden

    Razer branded, it's very short, maybe 60 inches ??? Lol

  • Fachri Rachmanda
    Fachri Rachmanda24 dager siden

    If you love khruangbin you might also love sunset rollercoaster

  • MutantWins
    MutantWins24 dager siden

    Why does he sound like a 13 year old kid

  • MutantWins
    MutantWins24 dager siden


  • David Sharp
    David Sharp24 dager siden

    Wow they are allowed Knifes????

  • Nicoara Stoenescu
    Nicoara Stoenescu24 dager siden

    In my opinion you guys should do a mic test too. The only reason i went for the apple air pods was because the mic is so good and due to my profesion i talk allot on the phone and the mic must sound good. Good job nevertheless guys, love the content.

  • Surjeri
    Surjeri24 dager siden

    "It's very short maybe 16 inches"

  • sasan heidari
    sasan heidari24 dager siden

    Just buy airpods pro never regret

  • zyion volkia
    zyion volkia24 dager siden

    Wasn’t that little pocket originally made for condoms?

  • Breno Tanure
    Breno Tanure24 dager siden

    11:40 - "I'm not gonna hate on anyone who wants to buy this" Nice phrasing for a recommendation hahaha Love it

  • max qiu
    max qiu24 dager siden

    Why do these remind me of Liberty Air 2 earbuds? Or like the skull candy earbuds that look similar?

  • carloskay3
    carloskay324 dager siden

    Which SmartWatch is he using

  • Met Kowalski
    Met Kowalski25 dager siden

    Meh, anything that got airpods sticks shape is no go for me.

  • Darrin Knorr
    Darrin Knorr25 dager siden

    Did nobody catch that at like 2:13 he says the cable is like “60 inches” 😂

  • Pedro Fernandes

    Pedro Fernandes

    19 dager siden

    No, he said "16 inches"

  • AllNightGamer
    AllNightGamer25 dager siden

    I was at target helping my aunt and uncle pick out some headphones for my little cousin since hes getting a laptop for christmas, I saw these and told them that they probably weren't good

  • JNcustom35
    JNcustom3525 dager siden

    its not bare minimum... the old ones

  • Seweryn Pas
    Seweryn Pas25 dager siden

    I’m going to get these for my razor phone

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas25 dager siden

    That Linus face on the scale, LMAO

  • STNB One
    STNB One25 dager siden

    They seem awesome

  • RuBi0
    RuBi025 dager siden

    does anybody know what smartwatch james is wearing?

  • Lamar’s Bazaar
    Lamar’s Bazaar25 dager siden

    I know some herb has been weighted on that scale or is it just me 🤨🤣🧐

  • Brian Gregory
    Brian Gregory25 dager siden

    I wish reviews of wireless earbuds would include a test outside in the open air. I have two cheap sets that work perfectly indoors but outside they cannot reliably communicate with each other and they get out of sync or one ear goes silent.

  • Deyxl
    Deyxl25 dager siden

    No im not spending $200 on some earbuds i’d rather use a headseat

  • Couch Playtatoes
    Couch Playtatoes25 dager siden

    I'm just amazed at his ability to not change the volume of his voice when speaking while listening on max volume

  • Carnage6194
    Carnage619425 dager siden

    60 inches?? that charger was 2ft at most lmao

  • Sylfix
    Sylfix25 dager siden

    I like this video just cause he mentioned Sony's wireless earbuds. I personally use the 1000xm3 earbuds and love them

  • Drench
    Drench25 dager siden

    I swear man sometimes it feels like it's like its inside the left ear but not in the right.

  • Alexander R
    Alexander R25 dager siden

    hey what about the mic?

  • Shahaf Hazan
    Shahaf Hazan25 dager siden

    3:40 Tadow? :)