I LOVE engineering samples! - ASUS Gaming Laptops

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Engineering samples are great and ASUS ROG sent us something interesting. Four laptops that have the current generation hardware but new displays that we've been wanting for years!
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit9 dager siden

    Correction @ 1:11: The panel here is actually 1440p @ 120hz, it is 144hz if you get the 1080p version.

  • •

    11 timer siden

    @Weeaboo Karwan Damn it... I have an M4A1

  • Weeaboo Karwan

    Weeaboo Karwan

    18 timer siden

    Damn it... I have a G17.

  • Arun Pedia

    Arun Pedia

    Dag siden

    Does g14 1440p 120hz have ghosting like it's predecessor?

  • •

    8 dager siden

    @Zarko Dragojevic yes it does

  • •

    8 dager siden

    @ItsJustMe today

  • Hugo
    Hugo11 timer siden

    1440p is useless on anything smaller than 17 inches frankly... and 360hz is completely a marketing gimmick. 120hz is way way way enough for 99% of the population. It's a complete waste of energy.

  • 8sr
    8sr11 timer siden

    if im watching a video on a 144hz monitor of someone filming a 360hz monitor what am I seeing?

  • GT0NY
    GT0NY14 timer siden

    I like how the double screened laptop looks like. It would be useful to bind some personal buttons there, or even just as a second screen it's really useful. I usually use my phone as a second screen or using any free corner of the laptop screen with a picture in picture thing from Google Chrome to watch any TV or NOlocal stuff while playing games. And i usually bind any buttons i need on a numpad cause i never use them for its purpose. And also touchpad i usually keep turned off not to touch it accidently while typing. Used to use an external mouse instead and a touchpad when not placed the laptop properly.

  • Mahesh Kanthyia
    Mahesh Kanthyia17 timer siden

    please reply which is the best gaming laptop of asus not budget

  • Raistar
    RaistarDag siden

    *engineer gaming*

  • Seán
    SeánDag siden

    that flickering logo on the back of the first one looks so fucking cool and cyberpunk-esque

  • Sarita Mishra
    Sarita MishraDag siden

    I also want 1

  • Bassam
    Bassam2 dager siden

    Another filler episode with plenty of commercials. How wonderful...

    SEN LOTUS2 dager siden

    What do I have to do to buy one of these I just wanna play fn on 144fps I don’t ever get to play anthing

  • Kai Werner Lohe
    Kai Werner Lohe2 dager siden

    I prefer a UHD 60Hz screen than a WQHD with even 240Hz. Sharpness is more important than smoothness for me.

  • Yav Ne
    Yav Ne2 dager siden

    Ofc, you f have aliasing at 1080p. You have an AA option for this, dummy.

  • Yav Ne
    Yav Ne2 dager siden

    1440p is an overkill for a 15" laptop as well. 1080p is good enough even on a 23". The text isn't gonna be pixelated and aliased at all at 1080p nor will be sharper at 1440p. lol. Wtf are you even talking about?

  • Yav Ne
    Yav Ne2 dager siden

    Yeah, and look, we have even 4K panels on a 5" screen of a phone. :/

  • zighka
    zighka2 dager siden

    What's the first laptop size ? For someone like me that looks perfect , if they support egpu ofcourse.i mean if you're on the go the smaller the better for most people . Ofcourse pros and that need the screen size and power but for most people it's way more convenient at that size . And having an egpu setup is really the way to go these days . ... hopefully this comes into production

  • NSA Watchlist Bait
    NSA Watchlist Bait2 dager siden

    My eyes can't see more than 720p 60hz

  • Eric Bloxsom
    Eric Bloxsom2 dager siden

    That noise at 3:50 I've a G14 and I know that fan noise very well, lol. Those little ASUS laptops have some volume to their fans. You will want headphones for gaming.

  • Maher Ammar
    Maher Ammar2 dager siden

    What is the philosophy behind uploading a video about cutting edge refresh rate panels in 25 FPS?! I mean why? Why isn't this video in 60fps at least. If I owned NOlocal no video under 60fps would have been uploaded not a movie trailer not a review and definitely not any gaming content (strict "60fps at least "policy)

  • Neonkiller101
    Neonkiller1013 dager siden

    why don't you guys do 60 fps videos?

  • sad & lonely
    sad & lonely3 dager siden

    Why tf are the fans at 8:02 going turbine mode

  • Serge E
    Serge E3 dager siden

    gaming laptops depreciate like cars if not worse. Bought an Asus scar II last year for $3000, was only able to sell it for $900 last week. I recommend building a gaming pc instead if you do not need the mobility aspect of the laptop.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR3 dager siden

    I hope this catches on and becomes ubiquitous... 1440p seems like the optimal resolution for laptops. I don't even care about the 300 refresh rate, 140 is good enough for me, but I'm tried of those think laptops with a 4k display running like shit because the integrated GPU just barely keeps up with it.

  • Kirill Sitin
    Kirill Sitin3 dager siden

    It`s all good but who the fuck playing games on laptop?

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide3 dager siden

    Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!

  • Cameron Allison
    Cameron Allison3 dager siden

    1:45 is there a Teckquickie on this topic of "Resolution in terms of Motion Clarity"?

  • Pango
    Pango3 dager siden

    Do you see a difference between 144, 165 and 360 Hz? I honestly don't see a difference between 90 and 120 Hz 😅

  • The Ridiculous Content - rein van harn
    The Ridiculous Content - rein van harn3 dager siden

    5:25 *sad tf2 engineer*

  • SnakeFace
    SnakeFace3 dager siden

    Hey, I saw you had the calculator open. What's the average fps, 1% lows, and 0.1% lows on calculator.

  • Ali Khalid
    Ali Khalid3 dager siden

    I literally play on 720p

  • Kirk Miller
    Kirk Miller4 dager siden

    Looks like Eve took this video a bit too seriously when they sent you that engineering sample monitor.

    BOMBPHONICS4 dager siden

    Trying to decide on a new blade 15 360hz 1080 or 240hz 1440 both with a 3080. Which one?

  • Lynn Trisinscius
    Lynn Trisinscius4 dager siden

    After using an 1800p Macbook Pro for a few years, I don't see how you can have anything LESS than 1440p on a premium laptop in 2021. The difference between my 15" 1080p ThinkPad and my 15" 2880x1800 Retina Macbook were night and day on text, thumbnails, videos, and basically anything which wasn't a still photo.

  • Soham Jadav
    Soham Jadav4 dager siden


  • Taha Almaidan
    Taha Almaidan4 dager siden

    what country usually gets all these laptops first? china?

  • Kollakaran
    Kollakaran4 dager siden

    Come on linus you can't even feel 360hz cuz u r human .

  • unmountable cyiber
    unmountable cyiber4 dager siden

    Bruh dat csgo sensitivity doe

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow4 dager siden

    But why isn't this video in 60fps? 🤪

  • Dück


    4 dager siden

    NOlocal clout denied

  • AJ Tabbal
    AJ Tabbal4 dager siden

    Hi steve rogers

  • Tsukishnra
    Tsukishnra4 dager siden

    3:50 "a gaming laptop from 6 yrs ago is garbage" Me: *enjoying playing minecraft in a 10 year old office laptop that my dad gave me

  • Vidith Drew
    Vidith Drew4 dager siden

    Hey linus can i have 1 of your laptop for coding since I'm broke and in school

  • Krakmakful
    Krakmakful4 dager siden

    There's a weird static sometimes in the video

  • Saleh Sharqi
    Saleh Sharqi4 dager siden

    They dont listen told them Im broke and I need a laptop they ignored

  • mr rizz
    mr rizz4 dager siden

    Pc name?

  • REZ
    REZ4 dager siden

    I Love Asus Laptops but dont have Money for it :(

  • carl
    carl4 dager siden

    I prefer Linus with a beard

  • Kamaran british
    Kamaran british4 dager siden

    I want to buy this laptop by 100$ ! Can I get one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shadow1fun
    Shadow1fun4 dager siden

    love the model o, easily my fav mouse :)

  • Srinu Cnu
    Srinu Cnu4 dager siden

    Bro Please suggest Best 4k editing laptop In 1lakh rupees price range

  • Paulo Arri
    Paulo Arri5 dager siden

    5:33 hahahahha i feel really sorr for those great guys. Amazing laptop!

  • Vineet
    Vineet5 dager siden

    2nd laptop is best for stream snipers

  • M8 N8
    M8 N85 dager siden

    Ah.. this vicious cycle of making more problems before solving old ones.. If they really listen to their customers they would firstly : make 1920x1080@90hz with good thermals(15 inch, 1440p 17.3 inch),actual fan control , laptops with dGPU not looking like they fell thru Tattoo parlor or Christmas tree , running that 1080@90 on Ultra under under 1000$ and under 70c(also upgrade path for GPU and CPu would be progress), this is just marketing.. We have 144hz from 2018.. Just another way of getting some HUGE numbers stickers on hot pieces of plastic while keeping actual problems gen after gen. Tongfang showed that it is possible to make good, powerful, cheap and actually good looking laptop .. 2020 changed a lot, folks will want their money's worth out of products.

  • prison mike
    prison mike5 dager siden

    Just has laptops with better specs than my own desktop laying around

  • Kirill Kasyanov
    Kirill Kasyanov5 dager siden

    сидит в шапке в помещении

  • My1
    My15 dager siden

    1080 is low on 15 inches, you clearly haven't seen 900p On 17 which imo is still not too bad for a laptop

  • Cristian Singe
    Cristian Singe5 dager siden

    me watching on my 1366x768 60 hz 18.5 inch monitor : oh yeah

  • Chris Michaels
    Chris Michaels5 dager siden

    5:30 ish there's also the " whre the \| should be, and the printScreen next to rCTRL, and swapping 2's @ with "

  • Erick Freitas
    Erick Freitas5 dager siden

    The helpless zephyr annually challenge because catsup phytogeographically wrestle midst a fallacious panties. deserted, measly liquid

  • 香港人
    香港人5 dager siden


  • Abhay Phanse
    Abhay Phanse5 dager siden

    2:19 Pixel Math

  • BerryVR
    BerryVR5 dager siden

    why is he using a wireless mouse for latency testing >

  • Captain Sensible
    Captain Sensible5 dager siden

    The problem with these laptops is they aren’t “ 2080” but 2080 maxq which is basically a desktop 1070 with RTX..

  • Lincoln Bourne
    Lincoln Bourne5 dager siden

    Nice example of fan noise. I wish I would know exact model.

  • Kraizen
    Kraizen5 dager siden

    Well all know the nirvana of laptop is 1440p 200+hz 17" screen

  • Stacey Ayodele
    Stacey Ayodele5 dager siden

    Neat gaming laptops.

  • jake jackobson
    jake jackobson5 dager siden

    I dont even have a laptop and this guy just casually pulls out 29 laptops.

  • Javo
    Javo5 dager siden

    Does anyone know which mouse he's using?

  • Tamertamer Tamer
    Tamertamer Tamer6 dager siden

    Watching 360hz on my 60hz phone at 30fps hmmmm yes it looks so smooth

  • Corriganization
    Corriganization6 dager siden

    1440p is plenty for 15 inch, yet phones need 4k or they are considered garbage.

  • Marek Cimbolak
    Marek Cimbolak6 dager siden

    Looking this on my 240hz Lenovo Legion 5 :))))

  • Marcin Berman
    Marcin Berman6 dager siden

    I disagree 4K in 15" makes sense for typing text. It is much clearer and subscript are readable without zooming.

  • negabach
    negabach6 dager siden

    years of monitor knowledge and linus still needs to calculate 1440p and 4k approximate total pixel count XD

  • lightless
    lightless6 dager siden

    Yes bad engineer fix shift keys then i may like the laptop.

  • Petr Szturc
    Petr Szturc6 dager siden

    I actually like the short shift - it gives you one extra key for assignment in games!

  • tom


    5 dager siden

    As a heavy excel user that uses a keyboard more than a mouse, it really screws with your flow when you’re not used to it. Also the for several days all my capitalized words would look like \this

  • • K a i •
    • K a i •6 dager siden

    our eyes: can only see literally 60 fps and no more higher us: haha yes 360hz

  • F
    F6 dager siden

    9:50 Let's hope so! If they put Intel in it then what are they even doing..

  • xDraga
    xDraga6 dager siden

    my laptop i bought back in 2014 with gtx 860m and i7 4700hq looks like a product from stone age compared to this

  • Babish Shrestha
    Babish Shrestha6 dager siden

    Linus: gaming laptops like 6 years ago are garbage compared to this. Me: *checks when I bought* 2017. Oh. It's fine then. Me again: the date is 2021. My laptop: The end is near my friend.

  • John Carter
    John Carter6 dager siden

    if this gets a nvidia 3000 rtx. time to ditch my desktop and go for this

    IMAYA VFX6 dager siden

    Dear Sir Tell me about Best Laptop For Houdini... (Laptops Convenience Guys)

  • Эдгар Гасанов
    Эдгар Гасанов6 dager siden

    G14 with amd 5000 and 144gh 1440p is nuts

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz6 dager siden

    how many channels does linus have?

  • Clash Of Clans Daily Raids
    Clash Of Clans Daily Raids6 dager siden

    Watching this In 1080p and not in 60fps sucks

    HOT GIRLS TV6 dager siden

    Amazing 👍😝

  • EspHack
    EspHack6 dager siden

    Phones are glossy and look fine under sunlight, pc screens are just garbage

  • Electrixz - COD Mobile
    Electrixz - COD Mobile6 dager siden

    Linus’ driving skills are immaculate

  • lala lala
    lala lala6 dager siden

    Jr napod

  • LustLucifer
    LustLucifer6 dager siden

    8:11 , thass craaazy

  • Myaccount FYI
    Myaccount FYI6 dager siden

    Tech is like we could but we make more money slowly bring it to you little by little making you think we finally figured it out. Yeesh skip the bs and give up the goodies!!! Scammers

  • Zachariah Cloutier
    Zachariah Cloutier7 dager siden

    my rtx 2060 ryzen 7 zephrus 1080p is getting jealous of this video

  • MrHamncheez
    MrHamncheez7 dager siden

    My 17" razer has a 17" 4k 120hz screen. Best of both worlds. Programming/CAD at 4k. Ultra high DPI for eye fatigue when programming. Then bump down to 1080p for gaming to make sure you get the full 120hz. You can't bump a 1440p to 1080p without that interpolation

  • Obinator
    Obinator7 dager siden

    Time to start saving money for that Zephyrus Duo xD

  • I'm the captain now
    I'm the captain now7 dager siden

    360hz... mouth watering butter smooth fluid experience :D Its the only way really. If only cpus kept up.

  • Tim S
    Tim S7 dager siden

    I have never used anything greater than 1080p 75hz And that's on a 21-inch display.

  • Iceziey
    Iceziey7 dager siden

    Linus should review the aw2721d

  • C3B0
    C3B07 dager siden

    Fun Fact: Running a game at 1080p @ 360 Hz is just as hard (give or take) to run a game at 4K @ 90Hz and 8K @ 22.5 Hz

  • Vincent Vermette
    Vincent Vermette7 dager siden

    @ 6:02 btw im assuming that is the newer generation of rog duo 15's for mine it has panel overdrive and i believe it boost up to 75hz at 4k but it does take a toll on the cpu since it's single core so i dont usually bother, a feauture i really really love tho is that you can kill the bottom panel with a single key (for on-battery work) and you can change the display's lighting sepparate from the main panel

  • Vincent Vermette
    Vincent Vermette7 dager siden

    I can definitively tell you, the 300hz on the rog duo 15 is crisp as fork compared to any 75-144hz display you may connect to it even if the screen is smaller i love it

  • justinl458
    justinl4587 dager siden

    Watching 300hz on a 120hz screen: *ahhh yes, double the pride, twice the fall*

  • Shoumik Jena
    Shoumik Jena7 dager siden

    3:50 I have a garbage laptop from 6 yrs ago :/

  • a guy who doesent hate memes
    a guy who doesent hate memes7 dager siden

    i still can’t make the difference coz i’m watching on 60hz