I bought AirPods Max from a SCALPER!

Vitenskap og teknologi

So I had to buy the AirPods Max from a scalper to make this video. I sure hope it was worth it.
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  • Apollo1321
    Apollo13212 dager siden

    I hate headphones, great for ten minutes but after that not at all. I bought the klipsch 2.1 comp speakers for $130, and they are amazing!

  • K R
    K R2 dager siden

    For that price just get a real brand like Bose and Beoplay... Same idiots buying this sheep food that also buys plastic LV for the name without caring about craft

  • Colt
    Colt2 dager siden

    What headphones does Linus think sound better than the Airpods Max?

  • Malcolm Connah
    Malcolm Connah3 dager siden

    Wrong, I think there is a cable adapter... it’s not just bluetooth

  • Ankur Surothia
    Ankur Surothia4 dager siden

    Hardly people gonna buy this... i was thinking to buy this but i have settled with mx4.

  • Nasser LOUIZ
    Nasser LOUIZ8 dager siden

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  • Juice
    Juice8 dager siden

    He's such an apple fan boy jeez..

  • andre andrade
    andre andrade9 dager siden

    Disliked the product so much almost dislike the video. But them I remember that apple is not affected by that LOL

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank9 dager siden

    Enviromentally friendly products is just another marketing scheme to sell you kind of similar product but with hefty mark up

  • Bastian Espejo
    Bastian Espejo9 dager siden

    When I saw 600 dollars, I said, damn that's cheap, for audiophiles and apple, that could've really have been 1200 dollars.

  • Daiwik Khathuria
    Daiwik Khathuria10 dager siden

    oh man i hate you so much do you get paid to say bad things about their products you can get a lightning to headphone jack cable and now i am sure you do not do your research well on products

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide10 dager siden

    Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

  • Sponsi
    Sponsi10 dager siden

    6:20 yeah, modern technologies... they try to be inventive but then there's some crap idiocy within... same with cloud services...

    ADRENELINEDUDE11 dager siden

    I don't enjoy that his rant was skipped.

  • Bean Bag 2.0
    Bean Bag 2.011 dager siden

    Apple: "We got these cool new headphones" Me: "cool" Apple: *Doesn't include charger* Me: *nope*

  • davelink88
    davelink8811 dager siden

    You can buy a lightning to jack cable!

  • SKYE LOVER 2003
    SKYE LOVER 200312 dager siden

    Iv got am adapter for non bluetooth devices

  • minh oanh nguyễn
    minh oanh nguyễn12 dager siden


  • Ken88
    Ken8812 dager siden

    I love my new APM

  • Alric Samuel Godfrey
    Alric Samuel Godfrey12 dager siden

    He was wrong about 3:30 you can use the lightning port to 3.5mm jack to connect it any audio system via wire.

  • Shahdad Isfahaninejad
    Shahdad Isfahaninejad12 dager siden

    There were way too many cuts imo especially around the 4-5 minute mark it was getting a bit annoying

  • Isaac Herrera
    Isaac Herrera13 dager siden

    I need to suscribe to channel super fun ya!!!!! Ooo wait maybe not??

  • Ben Rosenberg
    Ben Rosenberg13 dager siden

    Color: basically black

  • Kano
    Kano13 dager siden

    paids 500usd for HD660s. all they do is make the noise, and do it good.

  • N.Rivers
    N.Rivers13 dager siden

    Does lightning to aux not work? (Genuinely unfamiliar)

  • just a ordinary loser
    just a ordinary loser14 dager siden

    apple trash im not falling for any of its traps it may have trapped my family with their good cameras BUT NOT ME

  • El Loco
    El Loco15 dager siden

    It's not an ecosystem with Apple. It's a Zoo where you don't have an option on anything and live on submission.

  • Mari B.
    Mari B.15 dager siden

    I have a studio headset from Pioneer and it cost me about $ 165, which is about Canadian $ 210. Made of aluminum and leather, really excellent headphones with Bluetooth, NFC, frequency range 9 Hz-40000 Hz, impedance 32 Ohm, converter 40 mm, but also the possibility of connecting a cable, they insulate so well that they do not need any active noise cancelation. So dear Apple why the **** should I pay 4 times more for a worse handset?

  • Knight xl
    Knight xl15 dager siden

    An rtx 3060ti cost less than this shit that tuff

  • junaidx
    junaidx16 dager siden

    It's not bang for your buck. These tech reviewers loose the plot at times

  • Zan Jayna
    Zan Jayna16 dager siden

    Someday they'll make headphones for people who wear hearing aids, but until then, these are 100% useless to me

  • Vegard Claussen
    Vegard Claussen16 dager siden

    I still feel like a douche having a conversation on my phone with my AirPods Pro. Now I’m going to have to look like a super douche.

  • Good Shepherd
    Good Shepherd17 dager siden

    Seriously for $65 I cannot speak highly enough for Mpow H17's.

  • LyvanUp
    LyvanUp17 dager siden

    Nice try Linus! Your scalper was Tim Cook

  • Erebos
    Erebos17 dager siden

    And now they get wet from using and die 😂👌

  • Sid Perez
    Sid Perez17 dager siden

    Apples’ no charger environmentally friendly products are complete bullshit because you can only use apple charges to charge it and you gotta pay extra for those compared to 3rd party

  • Sedokun
    Sedokun17 dager siden

    Hm. They cost $855.40 from Apple here. You got them cheap.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User17 dager siden

    Yep, he is

  • Matthew Bono
    Matthew Bono17 dager siden

    The obese chance neurochemically belong because fifth biophysically collect save a level guatemalan. boorish, nasty windshield

  • Marc Michael
    Marc Michael18 dager siden

    Best pods i have bought are ones from iplaypods.co because they are same as apple ones. I love them because of sound quality. My recommendation.

  • Stefan
    Stefan18 dager siden

    Meh you are supporting scalpers by buying from them...

  • Liam O'Neill
    Liam O'Neill18 dager siden

    Wait are reviewers the reason scalpers start up?

  • spishco
    spishco19 dager siden

    EQ settings can be found in Settings->accessibility->audio/visual->headphone accommodations :)

  • Jonas Larsson
    Jonas Larsson19 dager siden

    Steve Jobs wouldn’t be impressed.

  • Tim Soethe
    Tim Soethe19 dager siden

    what about lightning to 3.5mm adapter will that work

  • israel ramirez
    israel ramirez20 dager siden

    You should’ve Used Tidal.

  • TheGameFlinger
    TheGameFlinger20 dager siden

    3:19 Actually Apple is selling a lightning to 3.5 audio Jack cord as an accessory so you can plug it into devices that don’t use Bluetooth. Wish it came included tho..

  • Jlawgaming
    Jlawgaming22 dager siden

    2 weeks later people who have them definitely aren't having QC issues at ALLLL.

  • Ken88
    Ken8822 dager siden


  • Adrian Kwiatkowski
    Adrian Kwiatkowski23 dager siden

    These are the closest thing to wireless audiophile you can buy. It’s a niche market, but it exists.... just look at Apple’s sales on the product, thus far. Just because you have to charge them, doesn’t take away from the fact that they can still be wired and driven by an external DAC - there are plenty of options. I’m not buying them any time soon, because I don’t believe in first gens; however, it’s pretty clear that Apple has made a good start with this product line. Ditch that case though... damn!!

  • Isak Jones
    Isak Jones23 dager siden

    6:30 why did you speed it up? I love a good apple rant

  • Ghost Hippies Elite
    Ghost Hippies Elite23 dager siden

    not a smart move buy from a scalper for 1200 bucks so you say you will make more than 1200 bucks from this video? I wouldn't pay more than 50 bucks for that crap! its Apple :(

  • Bit Stream
    Bit Stream24 dager siden

    Apple do OK products, then ruin it with their money-grabbing.

  • TheN3crons
    TheN3crons24 dager siden

    After watching you countlessly for years. It only occurred to me now, just how much you sound exactly like Steve Carell. Particularly his portrayal of Michael Scott from the Office.

  • KhanTechnical Belali KTB
    KhanTechnical Belali KTB24 dager siden

    I will be unmarried for the rest of my life if, Xiaomi MI11 series is not released in Bangladesh.

  • Jacob Thomson
    Jacob Thomson25 dager siden

    I could get a half decent gaming pc for less than the price of those...nice

  • Johnny Wong
    Johnny Wong25 dager siden

    Only reason why I love Linus... cause he's the biggest Apple Hater on the internet. As I hate Apple

  • The Techie Scientist
    The Techie Scientist25 dager siden

    You're not the world's biggest apple hater....it's just that you're famous enough to get your voice hear 😀, I am the world's one of the biggest apple haters 😎

    KYSMO25 dager siden

    Disliked for buying from scalpers. You should know better.

  • Drew Poo
    Drew Poo25 dager siden

    🚨Can you like this comment🚨 me and my friend are doing a challenge

  • l0nemonk100
    l0nemonk10025 dager siden

    2020 and Apple has made Linus very cranky. Good honest review

  • Owen Carey
    Owen Carey25 dager siden

    I think they clarified that you can get a lightning to 3.5mm to use them with wires... not being able to plug it in to my mixer to monitor was gonna be a dealbreaker

  • Jeremy Kalamian
    Jeremy Kalamian26 dager siden

    CAN you please compare them to the thx panda in the full review please! Thanks man!

  • Special-K
    Special-K26 dager siden

    7:52 Tesla model Y, new car Linus?!!?!???

  • User name
    User name26 dager siden

    He should compare them to the THX pandas

  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham26 dager siden

    The airpod pro Max's only look good on a stand

  • The Earth Is Bread
    The Earth Is Bread26 dager siden

    Apple didn’t do a power button cause they knew the case was total shit so they had to do something to get anyone to use it anyhow. Apple always wants to stand out wether it looks stupid or not. Same as the design of airpods and airpods pro, the stem looks stupid but apple doesn’t care.

  • Big Dubyuh
    Big Dubyuh27 dager siden

    why would you want to limit your market by making certain features only available in the apple ecosystem

  • Billy
    Billy27 dager siden

    $550 bluetooth headphones.... lol

  • Corvax
    Corvax27 dager siden

    I hope you will compare them to the Pandas

  • Max O
    Max O27 dager siden

    Some tiny clarifications, when you take it off, it does go into a low power mode. It goes into further low power after 2 hours, and there is a way to do a wired connection. They sell an overpriced lightening to aux cable.

    ALEX XU27 dager siden

    The unaccountable caption topically smoke because butcher osmotically retire off a towering house. honorable, damaged sail

  • Adrian Fuentes
    Adrian Fuentes27 dager siden

    So your telling me i have to buy a seperate headphone case to fully protect everything well shiiiiiiii-

  • Hisui Ryu
    Hisui Ryu27 dager siden

    MKBHD also want a turn on and off button like many other else. For that price, it just really sound stupid

  • eduardo mendes
    eduardo mendes27 dager siden

    WAIT but isn't there a lightning to 3.5mm cable on the Apple store?? So maybe it works with 3rd party alike cables?

  • Adrian Lemic
    Adrian Lemic28 dager siden

    So, can they beat the Sennheiser Orpheus?

  • smush
    smush28 dager siden

    Airpods are basically this generations bluetooth handsfree earpiece that you saw everyone wear to take calls

  • Trey Montana
    Trey Montana28 dager siden

    4:29 I heard that sensation is normal with almost every ANC headphones.

  • Andrew Gan
    Andrew Gan28 dager siden

    How could it have been done so badly! From the point of view of elaboration, detail, timbre of sound, it's just a shame! Sound quality at the level of headphones for $ 70. It is very sad that the company does not respect its community by releasing such a bad product! AirPods maximum caution

  • Aaron Lynn
    Aaron Lynn28 dager siden

    What a tool.

  • Custom Computing
    Custom Computing29 dager siden

    LOL oh we bought them... tool LOL

  • Tino B. Rusamhu
    Tino B. Rusamhu29 dager siden

    There's a lightning to 3.5mm jack

  • V4Now
    V4Now29 dager siden

    Just bought the Nuraphones. Like being punched in the ear by a baby. Soft but has impact, you're surprised at first but you can't help but smile.

  • Rasper Nor
    Rasper Nor29 dager siden

    What will be nice is if a brand that is designing for ACTUAL audiophile specs adopt some of the smart and convenient features here. I'm excited.

  • Zach Dixon
    Zach Dixon29 dager siden

    Don't buy from scalpers guys. I know you need content but come on.

  • Landon Wielki
    Landon Wielki29 dager siden

    how many channels does linus have... seriously

  • Amara McKinney
    Amara McKinney29 dager siden

    The sound is amazing

  • Lee Tran
    Lee Tran29 dager siden

    only bluetooth :( 16bits of output ... over priced

  • Bart Stikkers
    Bart Stikkers29 dager siden

    I've mellowed considerably in my hatred for Apple, but they keep making things just sufficiently annoying that I wouldn't consider buying them. These things are almost twice the price of the XM4, but don't have an off switch, USB C or headphone output. The only annoying thing about my XM3 is that it doesn't play audio over USB (so you can only use them while charging if you also plug the 3.5 mm in), which the XM4 does have.

  • Ramli Zulhilmi
    Ramli Zulhilmi29 dager siden

    2:16 When APPLE said we save environment but it's opposite..😐

  • Nike Alba
    Nike Alba29 dager siden

    Huawei freebuds studio

  • Daniel Skinner
    Daniel SkinnerMåned siden

    And Apple's actual wording is:AirPods Max combine high-fidelity audio with industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Each part of their custom-built driver works to produce sound with ultra-low distortion across the audible range. From deep, rich bass to accurate mids and crisp, clean highs, you’ll hear every note with a new sense of clarity.

  • Daniel Skinner
    Daniel SkinnerMåned siden

    If he knows how to fix EVERYTHING why is he only a NOlocal reviewer... I swear no one can please this guy...

  • Mike Capps
    Mike CappsMåned siden

    Upload in HDR!

  • John Lee
    John LeeMåned siden

    The materialistic underpants temporally pause because string indirectly peel against a simplistic thumb. macabre, spiritual polo

  • tanhouzer
    tanhouzerMåned siden

    Next year Power button will be included.. For $650. so buy now while it's less expensive.🤣😂

  • Night Cloak
    Night CloakMåned siden

    Linus: F*ck you scalpers Also Linus: Relies on scalpers to get products

  • Tyler
    TylerMåned siden

    What A FUCKING rip off.

  • JJ Smith
    JJ SmithMåned siden

    The bouncy antarctica successfully squeak because skill demographically arrive atop a hilarious drink. modern, aberrant copy