How did they get an NVIDIA 3080??? - VRLA Tech Centaur Gaming PC

Vitenskap og teknologi

Thanks to VRLA Tech for sponsoring this video! Check out the Centaur as well as other PCs they offer at
VRLA has 4 years of experience in building workstations and servers, but in 2019 they decided to get into the PC Gaming market by making pre-built systems! So far, not too shabby VRLA!
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  • Vaughn Khouri
    Vaughn Khouri2 måneder siden

    Ill buy one just out of appreciation for NOT SHIPPING WITH MCAFEE INSTALLED

  • plane crazy noob

    plane crazy noob

    2 måneder siden

    My anti virus thought mcafee was a virus ☠️

  • Motoryzen


    2 måneder siden

    @Daniel Kaschel well kid, Lets' analyze the truth about Linux then. 1. Yes LInux has had its fair share of vulnerabilities. Now when it ACTUALLY become a problem is when those vulnerabilities go UNchecked..UN resolve for an extended period of ( cough winblows and mac cough...but especially winblows). HOWEVER, laughing moron, unlike in the microshit data mining/4th amendments rights disrespecting world, Linux egg heads across many distros' worth of communities and kernel qc-ers ( sorry I forgot the elegantly correct term...waaa get over it), are actually on top of those vulnerabilities like white on rice and black on chocolate and 100% of the time they patch/resolve those .. ...WAIT FOR IT... wait for it.. BEFORE they actually have time to do any REAL damage. the difference. I never said Linux NEVER could be infected with any digital infections, dumbass. I've always said when such an attempt is made, that the Linux communities most often fix them before they become full blown problems. Aka THE QC is there and it's rock solid. THE PEOPLE ( not some bullshit corporation/company claiming to care about you but data mining and making money off of you when your back is turned ). Critical thinking...learn it. Move on.

  • Evzen Hedvabny

    Evzen Hedvabny

    2 måneder siden

    @Alex gaeming LOL

  • Daniel Kaschel

    Daniel Kaschel

    2 måneder siden

    @Motoryzen lol @ linux never having security problems

  • fr0sty theSn0wman

    fr0sty theSn0wman

    2 måneder siden

    mcafee is in the jail now xd

  • SkinzyGaming
    SkinzyGamingTime siden

    I wish he would do a video about the Titan model because I am REALLY thinking about getting one.

  • Avesta
    Avesta2 dager siden

    obviously they got it by botting on launch so they could resell them in their prebuilts, don't support resell botters

  • Taylor Middleton
    Taylor Middleton12 dager siden

    Hey does anybody know any promo codes for vrla tech?

  • Etro
    Etro13 dager siden

    should i get one

  • Steven Huang
    Steven Huang15 dager siden

    I had high expectations when I saw Linus's review. Made a purchase back in 11/22, and I still have not gotten my PC... It's been well over 6 weeks and it's still not shipped out yet from their office. If anyone is interested in buying a PC from them, do expect a longer wait time.

  • Rcel 323

    Rcel 323

    10 dager siden

    @Steven Huang Thanks for the update! I don't even understand why they're selling the product at that point if they didn't have the stock already. Just seems like a bad business move from all points. Was also planning on getting it before my classes started, as my other pc is really old. Also I just settled with a build that includes the 3070 so thought that would take less time, but nope:(

  • Steven Huang

    Steven Huang

    10 dager siden

    @Rcel 323 Had a phone conversation with their support finally and the only thing they said missing was the 3080.. The sales basically told me they will try to ship the PC out this week if the GPU arrives, which is well passed the 7th week at this point. To add to that, she just told me that they couldn't get the GPUs in stock because Suppliers are putting higher tariffs on the GPUs, so they are not able to get the 3080s at the same lower price they were purchasing originally. I mean it make sense but how is that my problem as a customer's stand point? I bought it originally with the intention of giving it to my cousin as a Christmas gift and now it's gonna be like a late New Year's gift now lmao.

  • Rcel 323

    Rcel 323

    10 dager siden

    So it’s not only me that’s been waiting past the 6 weeks that they promised on the site. Still haven’t heard any update on even being shipped! And their phone line is unreachable at this point.

  • Lenea Nightz

    Lenea Nightz

    11 dager siden

    Yeah most of November orders are coming in late December of the months of January

  • Syuna Frost
    Syuna Frost15 dager siden

    Nothing wrong with buying a prebuilt pc only obnoxious elites will cry about it lol

  • Urdnot Panda cc
    Urdnot Panda cc25 dager siden

    My friend works in the customer support department of VRLA they're a fairly small company with I think at most 6 or 8 system builders at the moment, but the company treats them all very well. She's only been there a month and she was given a christmas and black friday bonus for her work

  • Carl the electrician
    Carl the electrician27 dager siden

    They didn't thats how

  • ludara
    ludaraMåned siden

    Need another PCIe 8-pin for 3080 ?

  • hiyadagon
    hiyadagonMåned siden

    Ordered mine after seeing this review. Even if I could get ahold of a 3080 without a prebuilt, the price for this isn't insane esp with one of the 5% coupons floating around the web.

  • Lipe
    LipeMåned siden

    does anyone know if it came with the drivers and windows installed?

  • Lenea Nightz

    Lenea Nightz

    Måned siden

    It's does come with Windows 10 pros and by drivers what do you mean?

  • Isaiah Nanan
    Isaiah NananMåned siden


  • Jackson Kirk
    Jackson KirkMåned siden

    So these guys are actually legit?

  • Jackson Kirk

    Jackson Kirk

    Måned siden

    @Rod Anderson yeah well I don’t have the money atm, so I’ll probably put the order in sometime around or after New Years or Christmas. Hopefully they won’t be as swamped then. 🤞 Also Helios looks like a beast, hope you enjoy it man

  • Rod Anderson

    Rod Anderson

    Måned siden

    @Jackson Kirk Yeah I usually build my own but can't get some of the parts I need so I think I'm going to buy a Helios from them. They are swamped so I wouldn't expect to see your system until January.

  • Jackson Kirk

    Jackson Kirk

    Måned siden

    @Rod Anderson thanks man, I’m planning on buying a Titan from them this Christmas

  • Rod Anderson

    Rod Anderson

    Måned siden

    Yes...out of southern California. They've been selling servers and such for years. Now they are also doing gaming rigs. I went online to their site, XoticPc and MaingerPC and did my best to build similar PC's using their configurations. VRLA was the best deal and quality parts.

  • Satyralyx
    SatyralyxMåned siden

    * sniffs x2* smells like a normal computer

  • crazitomali
    crazitomaliMåned siden

    I ordered a pc from them because I watched this video. It took 35 days to arrive after ordering because of covid. And it won't power on an its the weekend and they're closed now... fml.

  • bromec
    bromecMåned siden

    Ayy man, where the fuck is Mario Judah? I'm a big dog, big bear, nigga, I'm a lion I'm the predator of the prey that is hiding Oh my, oh my, I have found you, nigga Don't you run from me, lil' nigga You are not fast enough You are not brave enough You are out of luck Now it's time for you to die very rough You have been warned There is nowhere to run You will pay the price I will take your life There's no running back Now your loved ones are so sad You had a choice, but you failed I'm a big dog, big bear, nigga, I'm a lion I'm the predator of the prey that is hiding Oh my, oh my, I have found you, nigga Don't you run from me, lil' nigga You are not fast enough You are not brave enough You are out of luck Now it's time for you to die very rough

  • Daniel Megard
    Daniel MegardMåned siden

    IMPORTANT: Ordered one of these recently. Got it in. Be careful and understand that it does NOT come with G.Skill Ram or RGB fans. Also the watercooler is the same with different branding on the puck. Lastly, they do NOT ship with top-mounted fans. Edit: This is the fully upgraded version of the Centaur that WILL cost extra

  • Rod Anderson

    Rod Anderson

    Måned siden

    No...the one they sent Linus is NOT the "fully upgraded version". The only thing that seems to be different on the Linus machine from stock is the multiple LED fans and G.Skill RAM. If you were paying attention when you spec'd this out, you would have seen that the default configuration has "2x Standard Black Case Fans". The "fully upgraded version" has a 10700K vs the 10700, Trident Z RGB 64GB RAM, 1TB M.2 NVMe & 4TB HDD, RTX 3090, EVGA 1000w PSU, 6 High-Performance RGB Fans and Cable Upgrades, and more. Did you not even see the configurator when you ordered?

  • Kyle Harden
    Kyle HardenMåned siden

    is that an aio you can just buy or is it vrla specific ?

  • Kris Herrera
    Kris HerreraMåned siden

    Because of Linus I've now spent 3K on the HELIOS CPU Upgrade: Intel Core i9-10900K Processor CPU Cooler Upgrade: Deepcool/VRLA Tech Castle 360EX Liquid Cooler AIO Graphics Card Upgrade: 3080 RAM Upgrade: Trident Z Royal Series 32GB RGB DDR4-3000 RAM Power Supply Cables: Braided ATX Black Cable Extensions Power Supply Upgrade: EVGA 850W 80+ Power Supply Case Fans:9 x High Performance RGB Case Fans Thanks Linus

  • Kris Herrera

    Kris Herrera

    12 dager siden

    @Rod Anderson its still in processing status

  • Kris Herrera

    Kris Herrera

    Måned siden

    @Rod Anderson 5-6 week delay due to high order volume

  • Kris Herrera

    Kris Herrera

    Måned siden

    @Rod Anderson at the moment its still in processing, on the site it tells you that there backed up on orders plus covid, about 4-6 weeks, but I'm willing to wait

  • Rod Anderson

    Rod Anderson

    Måned siden

    What kind of shipping time you looking at...30 days or so? I'm thinking of ordering one as well with almost the same specs as you. All PC suppliers are swamped right now with limited supplies on some parts so I wouldn't expect mine until January some time.

  • Kixu
    KixuMåned siden

    How are the temps?

  • gtostyle
    gtostyle2 måneder siden

    But their shipping time is terrible

  • Lenea Nightz

    Lenea Nightz

    Måned siden

    @gtostyle the reason why they are behind is because of the processes order, they get regular shipment with the 3000 series cards and all that. All I know is that they are still in their November orders and the reason why you friend haven't gotten an update yet is because its still in the process meaning they haven't build his/her pc yet. Cause of the covid-19 they were very behind but since they had a black Friday deals they had a lot of pc orders that now it's a 5-6 weeks depending on when you brought your PC.

  • gtostyle


    Måned siden

    @Rod Anderson VRLA is NOT stating their shipping times are due to supply issues with 3000 series cards. The issue with their shipping time is that it appears to be a moving goal post. Their website originally stated delays were "14-21 days". They later clarified it to be "14-21 business days". It has subsequently been changed to "4 weeks". My friend ordered a PC over 5 weeks ago with no shipping update.

  • Rod Anderson

    Rod Anderson

    Måned siden

    Every PC supplier's shipping time is horrible right now due to huge demand and limited supplies. I checked out XoticPC, Maingear, VRLC Tech, iBuyPower, and more...they are all experiencing the same shipping times for the 3080/3090 GPU machines as well as some of the AMD CPU's & GPU's.

  • Woah There
    Woah There2 måneder siden

    3:52 I feel like the front 3 fans are running at a higher RPM probably because of the tempered glass front. And since the sides contain pretty small slots for exhaust, they run at a higher RPM to even out intake and exhaust. Idk, just a thought.

  • Hahauravirgin
    Hahauravirgin2 måneder siden

    It smells like ur upper lip

  • Maj U
    Maj U2 måneder siden

    2000€ for a System with a 3080 is actually really nice, and it looks really good aswell

  • Michael McArthur
    Michael McArthur2 måneder siden

    I checked out their link and VRLA has a good selection for each price point. If I were to buy pre-built they would definitely be near the top of my list!

  • Huntorix
    Huntorix2 måneder siden

    both my principal and vice principal are teachers at my school one does the 30 lvl english and te other does some sort of science

  • Yousef Zahra
    Yousef Zahra2 måneder siden

    The shipping is 900 dollors usd

  • Rod Anderson

    Rod Anderson

    Måned siden

    To where? Free shipping for me.

  • Mark Brand Games
    Mark Brand Games2 måneder siden

    You have such a cool channel! let's be friends;)

  • GodlyWulf
    GodlyWulf2 måneder siden

    0:31 Me when I open literally ANY ROG product...

  • Scary Comment
    Scary Comment2 måneder siden

    I unfortunately went pre-built this gen. I need it for work (animation and rendering) and once the 5900x sold out, I saw Cyberpower had the lowest price for the build I was going for (r9 5900x, 3080, decent mobo, 32GB 3200mhz ram, and a 1tb m.2 NVME). They're price was hiked up $500 than what I could build it for... but that was the problem, I couldn't build one. At least the price hike was better than what a 3080 is being scalped for on ebay.

  • Derby City Stig
    Derby City Stig2 måneder siden

    I purchased my i9 2080ti build from them and couldnt speak more highly of them. reasonably priced and a friendly group of people

  • P1X3L
    P1X3L2 måneder siden


  • S Tim
    S Tim2 måneder siden

    Oh I just realized that I got the same case for my PC that I assembled myself, haha it is a deepcool case for like 50bucks usd or something. Pretty solid stuff. Luckily being a person who got a 3090fe, it actually fits inside the case fine with front 360AIO

  • Gilmer
    Gilmer2 måneder siden

    It actually took me 5-6 hours to build my first, mostly because I was not comfortable dealing with the components, making sure I didn't hit them with static electricity. I'm not sure I considered it fun, but it was definitely a learning process.

  • ousay main
    ousay main2 måneder siden

    So is VRLA tech legit?

  • icanmakeeverythingilovedie


    2 måneder siden

    I don't see any reason to doubt them, honestly. Their website is smooth, built securely (as far as I can tell). The production work on their videos are high-end, and all their prices seem very reasonable.

  • rigbyme


    2 måneder siden


  • Shortykin
    Shortykin2 måneder siden

    Hey! I would like to see a review on the Titan pc.

  • Kevin Galeas
    Kevin Galeas2 måneder siden

    I ordered one 😏

  • Ken C
    Ken C2 måneder siden

    I recently took delivery of their Helios, Core i9-10900, Castle 360EX, 64GB DDR4-3000. I waited almost a month as I requested the Asus RTX 3080. Nice build quality and a very good looking system. I'm not a big RGB fan (pun intended) so I chose the quiet black fans. The subtle IO, CPU Cooler and GPU RGB's are more my style. I kinda wished it had an unlocked CPU however, but plenty of FPS for what I do.

  • Sneakers Dave's
    Sneakers Dave's2 måneder siden

    Linus: "hotglue, thats a pro tip for ya" GN: NOT AGAIN

  • Aaron Schuster
    Aaron Schuster2 måneder siden

    I assume the rad is exhausted so why is there a filter?

  • EliteChan07
    EliteChan072 måneder siden

    review their legacy pc pleaseeeee

  • Eldor Nasriddinov
    Eldor Nasriddinov2 måneder siden

    Guys this company looks pretty legit, anyone else have ordered this “titan” one?

  • Woah There

    Woah There

    2 måneder siden

    I ordered their Apollo model with SSD, HDD, RAM, and RGB fan upgrades.

  • Derby City Stig

    Derby City Stig

    2 måneder siden

    i ordered a 2080ti build nearly 6 months ago from them. great company

  • Cyan101
    Cyan1012 måneder siden

    3000Mhz RAM, that's how you know its Intel

  • ShloppyGlocky
    ShloppyGlocky2 måneder siden

    Customer service sucks balls, my pc had case had some panels not lined up, just my personal experience

  • Woah There

    Woah There

    2 måneder siden

    Damn, that sucks. I hope everything works out for you man.

  • BBQ
    BBQ2 måneder siden

    Can’t stop seeing that stupid honey ad where he blows ‘all of his money’ on that gaming rig

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat2 måneder siden

    How much did this company pay you to advertise this product?

  • De Meno NL
    De Meno NL2 måneder siden

    In colige

  • Lütfullah Karahanlı
    Lütfullah Karahanlı2 måneder siden

    why the hell is linus in all these other side channels... this is feeling weird

  • Federico Galli
    Federico Galli2 måneder siden

    4:23 linus' potato of love

  • DP C
    DP C2 måneder siden

    I don't get it... are 3080s rare there? They're in every no name pre-built here. I'm currently in the market and can't avoid them.

  • Wolfgang Christl
    Wolfgang Christl2 måneder siden

    I wish they had used a X570 Taichi, such good mobo..

  • Zpantos
    Zpantos2 måneder siden

    is there a discount/coupon code for this? Im thinking about buying this for 4k video editing.

  • A


    18 dager siden

    Try “crash” 5% coupon

  • battousaicrescent
    battousaicrescent2 måneder siden

    LOL, I love their design, but I'm not sure if I wanna use the cpu they choose, so I'm gonna take a page out of their design, and credit them xD

  • Noah Goldman
    Noah Goldman2 måneder siden

    I’m sitting here thinking: man I should buy a pre built with a 3080, put the 3080 in my system, and then selling the pre built with my old card in it... then I remembered this pre built is nicer than my build so that would make no sense anyway

  • Seigemann
    Seigemann2 måneder siden

    if they would have got the rtx 3080 from the mb manufacturer rgb would be perfect

  • AJ Sweeney
    AJ Sweeney2 måneder siden

    Honestly wish I had known about this before accruing the parts for my DIY build. I've been sitting on these components minus my CPU and GPU since early July and I didn't predict the NVIDIA availability issues. This seems like a quality build with some quality parts and at this point I'm so down from waiting I would have just bought this and taken the hit for customs and shipping to Canada. I'm 24 and I've been using the same mac mini since I was 15 so I could save for a high end gaming PC one day. Feels like I somehow chose the best and worst time to custom build a computer. These last 4 months have been 10 times harder than the past 10 years

  • Deoxist
    Deoxist2 måneder siden

    "Just smells like a normal computer" Huh I wonder what one of those smell like

  • Korbin Devaney
    Korbin Devaney2 måneder siden

    god i love his phone

  • Cock of the Rock
    Cock of the Rock2 måneder siden

    Valve Regulated Lead Acid

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor2 måneder siden

    Wow, a system on here I can actually afford!

  • SimonOpsi
    SimonOpsi2 måneder siden

    Please don't push that little globe lamp of the desk with the box smh Edit: OH FOR FORKS SAKE YOU DID IT 15 SECONDS LATER

  • brodiekfx 90
    brodiekfx 902 måneder siden

    My case has almost the exact same design as the one shown here

  • Carey West
    Carey West2 måneder siden

    So.. Buy $2000 prebuilt, swap out the GPU for my 2070 super, and resell for $2000, keeping the 3080. Got it.

  • Micko A
    Micko A2 måneder siden

    The $1999 value is not the exact one featured here. You need to add an additional $119.99 for the 6 RGB fans.

  • lordkosc
    lordkosc2 måneder siden

    I see that system has all 4 slots of RAM, I thought that using all 4 slots caused decreased RAM performance overall.

  • Benjamin Mathew
    Benjamin Mathew2 måneder siden

    this is cool and all,but ,bungee gum consists of both rubber and gum.

  • Chrontard
    Chrontard2 måneder siden

    5-6 hour process? unless you are a toddler thats absurd lol

  • Sir.Craze-
    Sir.Craze-2 måneder siden


  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh2 måneder siden

    just because it's a glass cabinet and led lights?

  • Jio Dreamur
    Jio Dreamur2 måneder siden

    Aio with tubes up Oof

  • Charlie Maybe
    Charlie Maybe2 måneder siden

    I just bought one because they have a decent price for a pre-built. I just cannot get the parts for my own so I bought the centaur. To finish the set up off I also bought the odyssey g7. I hope it is a good set up

  • Charlie Maybe

    Charlie Maybe

    2 måneder siden

    @Conner they said it could be a few weeks more than usual to arrive because of high demand. I suspect it could take about a month. That is not so bad

  • Conner


    2 måneder siden

    You bought one with a 3080? How long did it take to arrive?

  • Rey HL. D
    Rey HL. D2 måneder siden

    When u date a church girl 4:00

  • Sparky
    Sparky2 måneder siden

    I wonder just how much of these are actually getting shipped, people that are in queues have been reporting only moving 20 places in one month, 20 slots? Are the likes of Asus only getting 20 per batch or something, I know I've been in a queue for 3 weeks, and will be for at least another 3 weeks minimum, my est ship date is 20th nov and they made it clear that is not a solid date at all either. I'm just confused how they are manufacturing so little I get it is Covid and all but this has been the worst possible launch for Nvidia.

  • PCModdingGermany
    PCModdingGermany2 måneder siden

    9:37 “could be a 5/6 hour job.” My cousin needed 11 hours to put in a new PSU... and in the end i had to correct the mistakes he made xD

  • Kacper
    Kacper2 måneder siden

    I once pluged rgb to running pc, now mobo is burned -.- never gonna make that mistake again.

  • inte i media
    inte i media2 måneder siden

    Next video HOW TO GET A COLD RTX 3090

  • AdmiralPrice
    AdmiralPrice2 måneder siden

    A system integrator that knows what they're doing and offers value? What magic is this?

  • Akinwale segun
    Akinwale segun2 måneder siden

    Whats the diffrence befween this channel and linus tech tip?

  • Pandango
    Pandango2 måneder siden

    0:44 Linus actually dropped the globe .. so satisfying

  • xNoakes
    xNoakes2 måneder siden

    What case is this? I've been scratching my head for the past 2 days.

  • Gan mumu
    Gan mumu2 måneder siden

    I was the one who went through that 5-6 hours, even more.

  • Gan mumu
    Gan mumu2 måneder siden

    Linus Tech Tips: Just sniff your pc to tell if it's a normal computer.

  • David Rains
    David Rains2 måneder siden

    only 500GB really luckily you can still upgrade lol

  • Woah There

    Woah There

    2 måneder siden

    Gotta get that 1TB.

  • Universate
    Universate2 måneder siden

    whats that at 1;42? i see linus i showed u my peepee plez respond face meme, but whats the box

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's
    PlatinumEagleStudio's2 måneder siden

    I love how no one laughs at linus's shitty jokes besides Linus himself, because apparently he thinks he's "funny"

  • Naabii
    Naabii2 måneder siden

    Hey that's my cpu cooler, LOL

  • Lazy
    Lazy2 måneder siden

    sleeper casing pc with rtx 3090

  • Robert Lizak
    Robert Lizak2 måneder siden

    I'll buy one for the 3080. Cuz 3080.

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack2 måneder siden

    i should totally upgrade to something like this. did he give a total on the build price?

  • Arpan Shrivastava
    Arpan Shrivastava2 måneder siden

    How the editor missed it 0:40 howwwwww

  • Keenan Anderson
    Keenan Anderson2 måneder siden

    5 year warranty and they're an american company

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba2 måneder siden

    Without overspending? A 3090 costs 2000 dollars from them, y'all are just ignoring si scalping

  • Jan Dudiňák
    Jan Dudiňák2 måneder siden

    Anyone noticed the keyboard stands on its cable? LOL Linus obviously didn't. 😆 It's so annoying!

  • Jan Dudiňák
    Jan Dudiňák2 måneder siden

    VGA stuff? LOL Ancient.

  • Squinoogle
    Squinoogle2 måneder siden

    Everyone, ever: wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Linus: wink-nudge-wink-nudge-nudge-wink-nudge-wink-wink-nudge-wink-nudge-wink-nudge-wink-nudge-nudge-nudge-wink-nudge-wink-wink-nudge

  • Daniele Bitta
    Daniele Bitta2 måneder siden

    Actually dropped the globe, I was expecting that.

  • magnumstrike
    magnumstrike2 måneder siden

    looks like a small keyboard

  • World Channel
    World Channel2 måneder siden

    Quick question, how much more are they charging you to build this for you?

  • Nick The Toycollector
    Nick The Toycollector2 måneder siden

    Clean looking set up. I'll seriously consider VRLA in the future.