Hey, Google - Pump it Louder

Vitenskap og teknologi

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The Nest Audio is Google's latest iteration in its smart speaker lineup. Does it really thump or does it limp?
Check out the Google Nest Audio at lmg.gg/PKUxI
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  • The real Oslab
    The real Oslab6 dager siden

    I’m staying with my HomePod lol

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards6 dager siden

    The LTT group have some brilliant presenters and Riley is a real gem. It would be good to have him lead some deep dive conversations (like Talk Linked, but more members around a table in the style of As Yet Untitled by Alan Davies) into tech related issues. WAN show expanded to that perhaps?

  • FJsvc
    FJsvc7 dager siden

    Is it just me or does he sound like Steve Carrell?

  • Blake Hamilton
    Blake Hamilton19 dager siden

    @4:58 that's the sound of power coming back on in my house after one of our frequent blackouts

  • pigatt1
    pigatt120 dager siden

    I bought two of these at Best Buy and they were $193.00 tax included! I think the sound is great!

  • Caden Churchill
    Caden Churchill25 dager siden

    I’m impressed, the green’s actually really pretty!

  • Timothy Blumberg
    Timothy BlumbergMåned siden

    Oh my god. How is Riley so charismatic.

  • dodge ram 1500 1996
    dodge ram 1500 1996Måned siden

    Riley is one of my favorites of LTT lol

  • After Dark
    After DarkMåned siden

    Watch this video in 1.25x playback speed.

  • Morticia Obscurum
    Morticia ObscurumMåned siden

    Lol this video was referenced in the All MSI build bid.

  • WarLead2792
    WarLead2792Måned siden

    Audio in?

  • Kaori
    KaoriMåned siden

    Bruh Riley is on point now

  • mac vashisht
    mac vashisht2 måneder siden

    Too much overacting Riley. Calm Down!

  • EL!XR
    EL!XR2 måneder siden

    every time i write an essay i keep imagining riley in a tuxedo reading it off of a peace of parchment and it has really helped improve my use of language

  • darkisss
    darkisss2 måneder siden

    You could have tested the ambient EQ by having a bunch of staff in the room talking and see what happened.

  • Lazar Timotic
    Lazar Timotic2 måneder siden

    9:34 the white speaker looks like it has evil eyes lol

  • Gizmuś
    Gizmuś2 måneder siden

    Home spy for 99$? Sounds great !

  • Brad Boyce
    Brad Boyce2 måneder siden

    Right, I'll take two of those for my home office and give my echo dot with clock to mum

  • Tacomatic
    Tacomatic2 måneder siden

    Is it compatible with Apple TV? Or a TV for that matter?

  • Victor Titov
    Victor Titov2 måneder siden

    don't turn it on, take it APART!

  • Freddy Gamer&technology
    Freddy Gamer&technology2 måneder siden

    i can feel the base lol 1:06 Edit: i want to see this compared to pod mini they are the same price which is perfect to compare the two

  • Hoodini TJ
    Hoodini TJ2 måneder siden

    He sounds like Linus tbh

  • Shepsss.
    Shepsss.2 måneder siden


  • Giovanni Rosa
    Giovanni Rosa2 måneder siden

    6:33 Cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bart Boonstra
    Bart Boonstra2 måneder siden

    this is the funniest style unboxing i’ve seen in a while. it’s so much more human like than all of these people giving you the same exact information over and over again. Thank you for that.

  • MarcusTheGuy
    MarcusTheGuy2 måneder siden

    bruh i just bought a pair saturday why didnt you post this last week

  • Mirko Greco
    Mirko Greco2 måneder siden

    E sticazzi?

  • Long Le
    Long Le2 måneder siden

    How are these sounds comparing to the sonos Play:1

  • --
    --2 måneder siden

    I have google homes, and nests. I'm still pissed that I cant pair them for surround sound. And interestingly; they actually listen worse in a group. I have no idea why but I)'m going back to my hard wired surround setup.

  • PacesetterOG
    PacesetterOG2 måneder siden

    Lools like something a woman would keep her diaphragm in. Enjoy your $p¥ B0X

  • Xoomer
    Xoomer2 måneder siden

    Got one of these and it sucks..... The best Buy Smart Speaker is louder.

  • daniel rodriguez
    daniel rodriguez2 måneder siden

    This guy is so funny. Great sense of humor and Great edition to the team. keep vids coming.

  • dittocopys
    dittocopys2 måneder siden

    riley must feel great coming out the minimalistic closet

  • Ronny D. B. Lopez
    Ronny D. B. Lopez2 måneder siden

    Riley is a good salesman on Google nest I want 2 now. Seriously.

  • Jordan Johnson-Verburg
    Jordan Johnson-Verburg2 måneder siden

    LTT videos need more Riley being overwhelmed and screaming

  • Matt Streetman
    Matt Streetman2 måneder siden

    oh look a piece of useless google junk

  • Tim Todaro
    Tim Todaro2 måneder siden

    Riley bro we all saw your apartment. You don’t have to qualify yourself as a sort-of minimalist. You are full blown minimalist.

  • KoreanAsian
    KoreanAsian2 måneder siden

    Who else came here to hear "Crab Rave" after Linus mentioned it in the all MSI build video?

  • Ali Tawfiq
    Ali Tawfiq2 måneder siden

    hey riley is it heavy?? i was wondering if it was and i feel you didnt really cover that aspect. thanks

  • Abdulkhaliq Mesfer J
    Abdulkhaliq Mesfer J2 måneder siden

    Pump up the volume!

  • Fonk Badonk
    Fonk Badonk2 måneder siden

    I'm no audiophile, but come on. At such prices, almost any dinky but properly sized dedicated subwoofer will blow any of the current "smart speakers" right out of the water. While I know quite well how impressive even somewhat small speakers can sound these days, palm-sized membranes just can't move enough air to make any meaningfull base whatsoever. This is just another product to wow people whose listening standards have been lowered for decades by crappy phone speakers. At this rate, I'm never going to replace my proper 5.1 setup with an actual audio reciever driving not new, not expensive, not high-class brand but actual proper speakers. This is all wrong to me.

  • samuel hartin pasco
    samuel hartin pasco2 måneder siden

    HomePod less rich edition

  • Darraxis
    Darraxis2 måneder siden

    Honestly, I only came here from Linus's MSI desktop video just to hear Riley play Crab Rave on the Google nest Audio which plays at 5:47 lmao

  • Adam !

    Adam !

    2 måneder siden


  • Bruno Lazaro
    Bruno Lazaro2 måneder siden

    you can buy some $10 speakers off craigslist that will blow these out of the water

  • Francesco Varrato
    Francesco Varrato2 måneder siden

    Can you use them in stereo config as audio out of the TV?

  • Horst Casper
    Horst Casper2 måneder siden

    Headphone user says thank you. Riley always has to yell like a retard. Why? Is he considering this as part of his personality?

  • Paul Luce
    Paul Luce2 måneder siden

    Is it company policy thst even though they have a fully equipped engineering workshop, presumably an admin office, a Warehouse that UNPACKs stuff... There is NEVER a suitable knife available to do an unboxing ON CAMERA???

  • SoltColt
    SoltColt2 måneder siden

    My uncle tried to breathe in one of those shoes, the funeral will be next week.

  • Woolf
    Woolf2 måneder siden

    no one likes the way it looks

  • Corne Schuurman
    Corne Schuurman2 måneder siden

    The table isn't stable and that bothers my wifu. Could you guys fix it please?

  • Rafuog
    Rafuog2 måneder siden

    The desk is a bit too wobbly dont you think

  • Andrés De La Vega
    Andrés De La Vega2 måneder siden

    Does 2 of them sound louder and better than a single google home max?

  • Editor XV
    Editor XV3 måneder siden

    I have the Google home and I love it but these new nest seems appealing

  • Kevin Hurley
    Kevin Hurley3 måneder siden

    I love Riley, but Mr. "laptop speakers are great for movies!" was not the right choice for a speaker unboxing.

  • Laycym Gaming
    Laycym Gaming3 måneder siden

    UBOOM is still better in my opinion

  • Lior Hendruker
    Lior Hendruker3 måneder siden

    Why isn't it coming to my country tho 😭

  • Lior Hendruker

    Lior Hendruker

    3 måneder siden


  • Diligenc3
    Diligenc33 måneder siden

    7:16 That's google's version of a noise complaint

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones3 måneder siden

    why wasnt it compared against the amaon echo a bit more seens like a carbon copy.

  • Daniel Nitschke
    Daniel Nitschke3 måneder siden

    I came for the bass from a nice woofer and all i got was a base from a wuffer q_q

  • Eirik
    Eirik3 måneder siden

    Did anyone else get a Nest Mini for free from Google last year? What was that about? Im not even a youtuber.

  • burntcustard
    burntcustard3 måneder siden

    I got a pair of these a few days ago. Sound quality is slightly better than one Sonos One, but they have more of an "annoying little Bluetooth speaker with the Bass turned up too loud" sound. If you're gonna spend $200 on speakers you can get way better sound with "proper" speakers, but the whole Googly-homely-ness of these is super convenient. I've started just using these for podcasts and phone calls, and (very conveniently, with voice) switching over to the Chromecast powered living room setup (with big KRKs) when listening to music.

  • Cecil Baloi
    Cecil Baloi3 måneder siden

    3:13 Riley: "let's get it started" will.i.am: AH Me: "let's get it started" will.i.am: IN HERE

  • TheVinceVoice
    TheVinceVoice3 måneder siden

    Boxes within boxes... within boxes...

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown3 måneder siden


  • brian whittle
    brian whittle3 måneder siden

    so that's why I was able to buy a google home last month for £39

  • William Su
    William Su3 måneder siden

    Im hoping max gets an upgrade as well, I'm curious if the physical hardware processing has improved to pickup voice commands better as well

  • Tijmster9
    Tijmster93 måneder siden

    I want them to release just speakers so u can connect to the smart one and make an avordeble seround sound setup

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver3 måneder siden

    @2:40 that's such bullshit. If you have to adjust the EQ based on what you're listening to it means the audio engineer did a shit job mastering it. There are industry standards for a reason.

  • Am7 Revokes
    Am7 Revokes3 måneder siden

    I own a Google home mini in charcoal color

  • Eli Yot
    Eli Yot3 måneder siden

    Can you guys make a Beat Saber song/map?

  • Adhd Andy
    Adhd Andy3 måneder siden

    Riley would be a great voice actor for a Pixar movie

  • Ruen
    Ruen3 måneder siden

    Riley: certified minimalist

  • Equilan1
    Equilan13 måneder siden


  • Casual User
    Casual User3 måneder siden

    I don't like how the top isn't flat, it isn't immediately obvious where the touch controls are. 7:00 You can see Linus try to pause the music/turn the volume down, but not knowing where to touch

  • Usam
    Usam3 måneder siden

    Okay Google.

  • Corrado Scire
    Corrado Scire3 måneder siden

    Why arent the cables the same color as the speaker

  • Joan
    Joan3 måneder siden

    *stabs box with a pen instead of using a knife* "why is this so hard to open"

  • Juest Zungo
    Juest Zungo3 måneder siden

    oh hello! the non-apple homepod!

  • Armando Del Angel
    Armando Del Angel3 måneder siden

    Riley is the funniest guy in Linus Media Group hands down

  • Fletinder
    Fletinder3 måneder siden

    Can you guys review the new belkin/devialet speaker?

  • Paul Njeru
    Paul Njeru3 måneder siden

    Me realizing I can play this video in 4k on my iPhone

  • Alex O'Dell
    Alex O'Dell3 måneder siden

    When you use Stereo mode and turn into Gru

  • Tech Time News
    Tech Time News3 måneder siden

    He sounds so similar to Linus, especially at 0:38

  • Corey Holland
    Corey Holland3 måneder siden

    Riley: uses a pen to try and cut into shipping tape Also Riley: GOOGLE! Why is your stuff so hard to open!?!

  • Yoann_M
    Yoann_M3 måneder siden

    Is the Google home max superior in every way? You can get one for 150 nowadays, pretty good deal.

  • socks
    socks3 måneder siden

    He Sounds like linus

  • Filip O
    Filip O3 måneder siden

    You Pumpkin!

  • Mark Porterfield
    Mark Porterfield3 måneder siden

    The red LEDs in stereo mode freaking anyone else out?

  • ghazy noor
    ghazy noor3 måneder siden

    Riley reminds me of Steve Carell

  • wonfeather
    wonfeather3 måneder siden

    AI is going to be the downfall of humanity.

  • Jack
    Jack3 måneder siden

    "Google, I want to unbox your product!" _is using a fucking pen to open the box_

  • Ankur K
    Ankur K3 måneder siden

    I am watching for Riley’s quirky and witty humour I don’t give two shits about the nest speaker 🤣

  • moroporotoro
    moroporotoro3 måneder siden


  • Jhoan Belliard
    Jhoan Belliard3 måneder siden

    mmm that tablet looks suspicious to me!

  • Ron Gabriel R. Paloma
    Ron Gabriel R. Paloma3 måneder siden

    6:35 me after buying new earphones

  • datgamerpancake 30
    datgamerpancake 303 måneder siden

    oculus quest 2 reviw plz

  • Kryo
    Kryo3 måneder siden

    Do they support surround sound?

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello3 måneder siden

    It's literally called "stereo pair" why would it be dual mono? I have 2 minis paired...works great.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello3 måneder siden

    If you get 2 of these it's discounted. $175 for 2

  • just doin whatever
    just doin whatever3 måneder siden

    Would these work well in a gaming setup like on the side of the monitors and do you guys have any suggestion I have a 2000 dollar budget for a speaker for my setup pls help