Google's Friendliest Smartphone - Pixel 4a

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We finally got our hands on Google's Pixel 4a and this device packs a full-blown punch especially at $349!
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  • Person
    Person8 dager siden

    "Only 6gb of ram" So twice as much as the oh so compelling iPhone SE?

  • Person
    Person8 dager siden

    Making your camera placement work for 16:9 content is absolutely the way to go. You're one of the only snowflakes that don't do 16:9 in content that one would watch on an entry level phone.

  • Techintel
    Techintel13 dager siden

    I just got this phone and am really starting to appreciate Google entering the budget phone market. I could press the order button knowing that there wouldn't be any weird querks or problems.

  • cloudzyt
    cloudzyt14 dager siden

    Only 128gb storage? Only 6 gb RAM? First world problems buddy

  • crowonthepowerlines
    crowonthepowerlines15 dager siden

    This video is making me realize Linus is a middle aged man...

  • Nasser LOUIZ
    Nasser LOUIZ17 dager siden

    The energetic transaction normally sound because motorcycle contextually present between a testy sound. abstracted, quiet uncle

  • Squirrel Squadron
    Squirrel Squadron29 dager siden

    Who wants glass that breaks on a phone. Glass backs are stupid.

  • AliX5
    AliX5Måned siden

    Only 6gb ram and only 128 GB storage, me watching this with my 8gb ram and 512 storage pc

  • AliX5
    AliX5Måned siden

    Which phone should I buy? Pixel 4a, oneplus nord or iPhone se??

  • Gnossienne Gymnopedie
    Gnossienne GymnopedieMåned siden

    Good thing this is one of the last reviews I watched 'cuz Linus is really being spoiled here

  • bighugejake
    bighugejakeMåned siden

    Canadian Dollar (CAD) Prices are $479 for Pixel 4a and $679 for Pixel 4a with 5G.

  • i u
    i uMåned siden

    I love the design but I wish I could install Linux on it

  • rgparadox
    rgparadoxMåned siden

    guys this phone is great, people like linus are used to extremely good phones and think anything less is terrible (no offense its just what hes used to)

  • Δriella
    ΔriellaMåned siden

    4a does have wireless charging. Mine does.

  • Richard Denson
    Richard DensonMåned siden

    Wait...OLED...6Gs of RAM...128Gs of memory and a 12mp camera...for 350!?? How is this bad!!? Lol dude these are iphone X specs!!

  • Richard Denson
    Richard DensonMåned siden

    Omg it's a powerhouse compared to an Iphone lol

  • GrockleTD
    GrockleTDMåned siden

    still holding out for that proper review

  • andré b
    andré bMåned siden

    "It's really plasticky feeling" -- yea like the wristband of your $700 Apple Watch

  • R3LAX
    R3LAXMåned siden

    it. is. not. supposed. to. be. a. flagship. phone. stop. acting. like. it. was. supposed. to. be. IT. IS. AMAZING. FOR. ITS. PRICE. CHILL

  • Derek Wise
    Derek WiseMåned siden

    RIP Google Photos....

  • Andy Roid
    Andy RoidMåned siden

    Trying to ignore that Pink watch

  • Ricky Young
    Ricky YoungMåned siden

    I'm jumping on this after a Galaxy S8. Don't think i'll care about the 'plasticy' feeling plastic. My S8 lives in a 5000mAh battery case anyways 😂😂 edit addendum: Really hope this takes off this phone and triggers a new 'Race to the Bottom' in the smartphone market

  • fonzo2525
    fonzo2525Måned siden

    I have a 40 dollar phone with no hole punch in my video viewing experience,why for 350 bucks they cant figure out how to hide a selfie camera hole??,I'm not paying that kinda money for such lazy tech,esp from Google that has a gazillion bucks at their disposal to spend on development for this junk.

  • Simon Williams
    Simon WilliamsMåned siden

    Linus sucks at most everything. Including what the majority of "real" smartphone reviews think of the Pixel.

  • Desmond Joyner
    Desmond JoynerMåned siden

    They talk about this phone like it's not the best thing out right now

  • Ayushman Sharma
    Ayushman Sharma2 måneder siden

    AI nonsense....😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Van Arnem
    Aaron Van Arnem2 måneder siden

    Think Imma Buy this. I don't get much money. But I'm soon getting enough to buy it. Rn I'm using LG K7 that was my mom's then older brothers and now mine.

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl2 måneder siden

    The speakers aren't _bad,_ but their equaliser tune is trying to get more bass of them than they can give and it's annoying.

  • Adhithya Dev
    Adhithya Dev2 måneder siden

    7:15 "It's Goblin" #turnoncaptions

  • perking
    perking2 måneder siden

    How will this be compared to an iPhone 7?

  • Dinothethird
    Dinothethird2 måneder siden

    I love my pixel 4a! Don't miss wireless charging(imo it's a gimmick), ip rating? I never get my phones wet. It's definitely worth the $350.

  • Димитър Низамов
    Димитър Низамов2 måneder siden

    What the hell does ONLY 128gigs of storage mean dude haha? Let's be real who actually ever used that much not to mention that you can always transfer

  • Matt
    Matt2 måneder siden

    "Just 6 gigs of RAM and only 128 gig storage" Galaxy Note 9 specs: 6gb RAM 128gb storage Started at $1000 in 2018. Linus must have the 512gb version because that one comes with 8gb RAM.

  • Deathbatman 6615
    Deathbatman 66152 måneder siden

    I think the software really is the magic in this phone.

  • chaitanya rocks
    chaitanya rocks2 måneder siden

    Hey guys, keep few things in mind 1 Price - Its 350$ 2 Camera - I promise, you cant find a better camera phone in this price range. Even its using same 12MP old sensor but guys the Google software will take your photos to the next level and it also comes with astrophotography and it can even compete with premium range phones flawlessly. Its camera beast. 3 Stock Android - Well its the best andorid software and Google will give updates for atleast 3 years. 4 Battery - Honestly its not that great but its more than average and its enough for a day. Even though it comes with 3100 mah battery it can almost give 6-7 hour screen on time. And it comes with 18w charger so its not a big problem. 5 Build quality - Come on man, no matter whether its glassy finish or plastic body, we will always use pouch for it. So its not a big deal. 6 Performance - Its nice and enough for the daily usage ( this phn is not for a gamer ) but it can handle games quite nicely but not greatly ok 7 Display - Oled 1080p ( Reminder : iphone 11 is still using LCD panel ) 8 Single variant - 6GB RAM 128GB Internal well its more than enough guys and matte black is sexy Overall this phone is the best in that price range. In simple words it is the budget king. Ps : I watched around 50 videos of google pixel 4a reviews.

  • Harish Bharath
    Harish Bharath2 måneder siden

    Hate it when he says puppy!

  • jon siewert
    jon siewert2 måneder siden

    The whole "hate hole punch" is so stupid. Talk about 1st world problems.

  • T. R.
    T. R.2 måneder siden

    That one replaced m 2xl. 5g is not important to me. Will go 6g next time. Transition was easy as hell. Headphone jack back fuck yeah. Bottom firing speaker not prefered choice. But I miss the squeeze.

  • John Moedt
    John Moedt2 måneder siden

    0:42 I'd prefer having a Nexus 5 to a pixel 4a.... Absolutely loved that phone

  • Dakin Real
    Dakin Real2 måneder siden

    I like Linus, but this isn't a review. Feels more like "we are getting paid to talk about it, so talk about it passive aggressive" he didn't care at all

  • The Clueless Gardener
    The Clueless Gardener2 måneder siden

    This was really not one of Linus' best review videos. Most of the criticisms were either irrelevant or ill-thought through. 6GM RAM is more than sufficient for the software platform, 128GB is a massive amount of storage for the price and the hole-punch is a matter of personal preference. I've "down-graded" from my Huawei P20 Pro (a phone which has awful compatibility issues with Android Auto & DJI Drones, a poor USB-C port prone to failures and no headphone jack) to the Pixel 4A. This trend of a single USB-C port for charging, audio output and data transfer is awful and needs to go away, bring back the 3.5mm jack! This obsession with packing mobile phones with high-end glass is completely pointless. The last-gen processor allows the Pixel 4A phone to operate quickly whilst managing battery life brilliantly. Google have focused on bringing together the correct hardware and software spec, not some arbitrary "let's put in as much RAM as possible" approach. In reality, my "downgrade" has felt more like an upgrade. I've owned and used phones ranging from £150 to £900. This phone is by far the best overall experience.

  • David
    David2 måneder siden

    Hater lol

  • István Révai
    István Révai2 måneder siden

    Knowing the style of Linus' videos and how this is different from them, and watching some Unbox therapy's videos, the resemblance is uncanny (the cap, the cuts. the camera angles, etc).

  • The Derpy Husky
    The Derpy Husky2 måneder siden

    In my country for some reason the SE 2020 is cheaper than the 4a both 128g

  • Tracen Fitzpatrick
    Tracen Fitzpatrick2 måneder siden

    I love that you can add background blur to old photos as well as new! Great feature! I've had the phone for a couple months now as well, and thought i'd throw together my own video on it :)

  • deSuperNoodle
    deSuperNoodle2 måneder siden

    Linus is whining about the specs and I’ve been on a iPhone SE for the past four years and I’m not complaining

  • Haris Onford
    Haris Onford2 måneder siden

    Iphone SE compelling? With bezels from previous century? 100$ more for the 128GB storage options. Sadly you' re biased.

  • Haris Onford

    Haris Onford

    2 måneder siden

    @Matt A13 is a beast, wireless charging is just marketing, very few people use it cause the charger is slow and expensive, as for the glass it seems nice. Anyway i got my pixel 4a and it's the most favourite phone i have ever had, simple clean, elegant, smooth in every aspect. The camera is amazing especially considering the price this thing costs.

  • Matt


    2 måneder siden

    They just look at the spec sheet. They see A13, glass back, wireless charging, $400, and call it good based on that. What is the point of having the A13 if the screen and battery are garbage? And $400 for 64gb?

  • Jacobgame2
    Jacobgame22 måneder siden

    I don't get why there is so much hate in the comments. I thought the review was good. Relaxed environment without lots of flashing graphics with an honest review assessing the phone based on experience rather than a spreadsheet which I can do myself

  • Handheld Havoc
    Handheld Havoc2 måneder siden

    Definitely debating on getting this phone next year when the price drops a little more. Sadly, when buying smartphones, people want the best of the best and spend too much for something that will be halved in price within the next few years. I for one, am disappointed I spent $600+ on my Samsung S9 when I got it. Yeah, it's lasted me almost 3 years now, but I wish I had went with the Note 9 if I was spending that much anyway. This Google Pixel 4a (or even the 3a) are a great alternative.

  • ZDY
    ZDY2 måneder siden

    People are crapping on Linus for saying "only this spec only that spec" And then making fun of him saying he's in a premium bubble lifestyle... This is so false. Let me bust the common arguments. 1. Using Pixel 4 that has truly only 64gb, 6gb ram, same camera, etc etc. Is not a good argument. That phone Is a failure of its time. 2. 4a despite being better than 4 in many spec regards, does NOT mean it's better than other budget phones within spec regards in the current landscape (yes, even at $350 dollars. I know. Shocking). Other budget phones DO have better processors, MicroSD, etc etc. 3. Linus has repeatedly talked about how the experience is nice and will be key for the sale of this phone and had repeatedly claimed this phone will be popular. 4. Just because the specs aren't attractive doesn't mean the phone isn't. Why can't you fanboys accept that? It's not a Wanger measuring contest... Who cares if your PP is smaller if it's better usage?.

  • Chris S
    Chris S2 måneder siden

    Google was smart to get back to the Nexus model of making phones.

  • Dalton Broderson
    Dalton Broderson2 måneder siden

    So the Pixel 4a is Google's foray into 2020 budget phones I'll be here all week

  • eddie pearson
    eddie pearson2 måneder siden

    Is he wearing an Apple watch?

  • Isjs Sjjy
    Isjs Sjjy3 måneder siden

    I have this Phone and stock Android is smooth af and so Well optimized

  • Iron Crab
    Iron Crab3 måneder siden

    I like how you say only 128 GB, I'm coming from e5 play which has 16GB of storage.

  • dhruvit navadiya
    dhruvit navadiya3 måneder siden

    What google says about ram is that smartphones don't need more than 4gb. 4Gb is more than enough for smartphones. Software quality matters! Google is focusing more on camera technology! Pixel's camera is natural. No any kind of photo editing while capturing photos (unlike iPhone's colour grading and background lacks a lot of details sometimes)!

  • Brain MIA
    Brain MIA3 måneder siden

    Can you please talk about privacy more, especially involving Google. But also Apple. More Snowden/Rob Braxman related stuff. What are we supposed to do.

  • Matthew
    Matthew3 måneder siden

    I don't know if you guys agree, but I don't need wireless charging. It's slow and just warms up my phone. I don't need 5G. I don't live in the heart of a city, the only places in America it exists right now. I don't care about 120hz screens that suck battery life, or 4k or WQHD I can't even see. I don't need under-screen biometrics that takes longer to unlock. This phone is perfect. Stock Android, support for three years... it's a bargain.

  • rıdvan tahtakın
    rıdvan tahtakın3 måneder siden

    Good video!!

  • Kuldeep Chilwal
    Kuldeep Chilwal3 måneder siden

    730G works pretty great for average usage and average gaming, 6+128 is more than enough. No use of 12 gb ram when device performs aggressive ram. management

  • kleines Filmröllchen
    kleines Filmröllchen3 måneder siden

    Stop complaining about specs that 95% of people are barely maxing out in their daily use. For me coming from a 4 year old Samsung A5 (2016) of the same price, this thing is fantastic and the 5G is even more.

  • Revival
    Revival3 måneder siden

    i usually refrain from using this word but... why does linus look like a daddy in 2020?

  • NotAPenguin
    NotAPenguin3 måneder siden

    Just upgraded from a Galaxy S8 to this (it legit arrived yesterday afternoon) and my god is it an upgrade. it has a bigger screen but is physically smaller in every dimension. Still has an aux port so I can use my IEMs and no stupid bixby button for me to accidentally press. I legitimately like this phone, and considering the Galaxy S8 is near it's end of life, is a massive upgrade even price comparable new vs used. Side note: screw glass backs. They're slippery, get covered anyway, and don't actually look that bad to me. They also break pretty easily. Plastic IMO is much better as someone who constantly drops their phone.

  • jake stone
    jake stone3 måneder siden

    99 % comments about Only 6 GB ram Only 128 GB storage

  • Yash Soman
    Yash Soman3 måneder siden

    can anyone be more pessimistic ?

  • ritesh rao
    ritesh rao3 måneder siden

    The review is what happens when a certain company (Oneplus) ensures regular payments for the reviewer

  • Zrenin
    Zrenin3 måneder siden

    Good haptic, nice ui, 730g Is the stuff that i dont have at the moment. My snapdragon 410 phone be like. Hey

  • Luxxxu
    Luxxxu3 måneder siden

    just 128gb i barely use all of my 64gb on my op6 so imean

  • Alex Slater
    Alex Slater3 måneder siden

    Anyone upgraded from the Honor Play to the Pixel 4a? Any obvious pros/cons?

    FG BEAST3 måneder siden

    “Only 128gb”. ONLY???? why will you have 50 apps and 12000 pictures on your phone? If you are gonna do that then buy a laptop. This is not even a review. This is literally just sarcastically talking about pixel 4a

    FG BEAST3 måneder siden

    Linus is too critical for someone that barely touched the phone. Complaining about the hole punch. Bruh....

  • Garry Gershon Schwartz
    Garry Gershon Schwartz3 måneder siden

    Nexus 5 ,I wish !.. Give me back the $300 Nexus .That was value for the money

  • Oscar
    Oscar3 måneder siden

    7:04 "only 128gb storage" bro ITS 350 DOLLARS

  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan3 måneder siden

    I bought it from the iPhone 6s. Was a good purchase.

  • laederlappen310
    laederlappen3103 måneder siden

    "Only 6 Gb ram" , "Only 128 Gb storage". My current phone got 1Gb of ram and 4 Gb usable storage. Calm down Linus.

  • Bukler
    Bukler3 måneder siden

    Hey linus I really appreciate your work and the commentary you give on high end flagship phones is really intresting, but you really seemed to just find every bit of negative thing on the pixel 4a treating it as a 800+ phone, while in reality many of his drawbacks (no 90hz, no widelens, no face unlock) are all justifiable for the price range, and while it has few special features the ones it has are superb thanks to google software. You shouldn't compare this to a pixel 4 or an iphone 11 it just feels like you're giving an unfair look at the phone, wich while undoubtedly doesn't hold a candle (besides maybe in the camera department) to them it's really amazing at what it does at the price

  • Jack Harwood
    Jack Harwood3 måneder siden

    Don't worry Linus, the 4a released in the UK yesterday. I just picked mine up. I've spent 2 whole months watching videos on this phone.

  • Robert Cunningham
    Robert Cunningham3 måneder siden

    Hardware doesn't matter as much as the software integration with said hardware. Pixels photos for instance are like 85 percent software. The lens is nice, but nothing special.

  • Greg
    Greg3 måneder siden

    it's got Only 128gb of storage , me watching this on my one plus 5 with 64gb wandering what is happening ...

  • Brainiac
    Brainiac3 måneder siden

    700 dollars in India for this slab of plastic You can get better specs for 100 dollar phone in india

  • Antonio Santana
    Antonio Santana3 måneder siden

    Hey Linus, can I have one of those black matte everything hats?

  • NeoKurow
    NeoKurow3 måneder siden

    So they finally made a xiaomi pocophone f1... Finally

  • Joak Gamer
    Joak Gamer3 måneder siden

    Does anyone knows why the A? I do know that it's been used by Xiaomi, sony and now pixel, why?

  • Witwillsy
    Witwillsy3 måneder siden

    I went from high spec phones costing more than I should be paying were I right in the noggin, to buying sub £200 phones. I've not missed the extra cost. Currently 64gb Moto g8 and I've not even used half of its storage yet. This pixel is ideal for those of us who want a phone that doesn't need all the bells and whistles, can take decent photos and video etc and doesn't cost the earth. Ordered mine.

  • Piyush Singh
    Piyush Singh3 måneder siden

    Who is watching this on a phone 📱 with a headphone 🎧 jack ...

  • samarchepas
    samarchepas4 måneder siden

    He recommended the Iphone SE just 4 months ago and it ONLY has 3 GB of ram and now he's complaining about the pixel "only" having 6GB...which obviously is twice that...lack of consistency much? it "only" has 128GB of storage, again with the SE review starts at 64GB (and even then, at half the storage, 50$ more) want more than 128GB? its 150$ more. its a BUDGET 350$ phone, treat it as such and then you realize how great value it has. Yes, the Iphone has a better processor and has software updates for up to 5 years (2 more than the pixel, on paper) and no water resistance certification, but as far pretty much everything else, the pixel does better, bigger battery, bigger screen, more ram, more storage and a headphone jack. (had to include that one lol ) oh, almost forgot about the camera, the best thing about this phone, easily one of the best phone for taking photos (Wish it had a wide angle lens but again, for 350$, can't ask for much more) Not as good when it comes to videos but still can get the job done (up to 4k 30 fps)

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence4 måneder siden

    LOL what a joke

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez4 måneder siden

    You are no longer a consumer. You have been spoiled by years of top of the line tech for free. This phone is perfect for 95% of people.

  • Bird Turd Memes
    Bird Turd Memes4 måneder siden

    phone nearly has as much RAM as my phone does storage...

  • Favio Becker
    Favio Becker4 måneder siden

    The software updates are what keeps me at Apple for now. Still using an iPhone 7, and the longer I use it the lower the cost per year on the hardware. If Pixel would support 4-5 maybe even 6 years, it would be a whole different matter, as I love the idea of having root access. But for what I need a phone to do day by day, Apple's fine for now.

  • William Smith
    William Smith4 måneder siden

    I use an iphone 6. Been using it for 6 years. Pixel 4a sounds like a dream come true.

  • Corey
    Corey4 måneder siden

    I was wondering if Linus Tech Tips would have a Pixel video. Answer: sorta

  • Linksbro
    Linksbro4 måneder siden

    "It reminds me of the Nexus 5" Well that might be a good sign, because I'm still using my Nexus 5 and it's survived just fine.

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood4 måneder siden

    My mate 20 pro has 6 gigs of ram and has 128gb storage, quite impressive for the 4a imo

  • mateus costa
    mateus costa4 måneder siden

    Aint no body watch this!

  • Matthew Kefford
    Matthew Kefford4 måneder siden

    I like how you mentioned specs vs experience because on my iPhone 7 with the cool haptic engine it creates all these feedback clicks and taps to be added to the OS and I think it’s so great, but most Android fanboys wouldn’t get that because they just care about having 8 gigs of RAM

  • abey
    abey4 måneder siden

    this is the only video I've seen so far that doesn't appreciate the phone lmao. everyone's hyped about it but he's like "oh it's only like this, only like that" well some people just want simple things. and some people can't afford to buy "glass phones" and "not plasticky feeling".

  • Darren Prest
    Darren Prest4 måneder siden

    All these comments are the same and so dumb.

  • Jonathan Denni
    Jonathan Denni4 måneder siden

    Damn thing is slippery as a fish. Should have gotten a case.

  • Meher Anand
    Meher Anand4 måneder siden

    can you compare it to one plus nord? i'm super confused between those two