Google Finally Gets It Right! - Pixel Earbuds

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Truly wireless finally makes its way to Google and their Pixel Earbuds, but how do they compare against Apple's Airpods?
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  • Fred Yang
    Fred YangDag siden

    Why has no one said this: it looks kinda looks like a egg

  • LaTech
    LaTechDag siden

    What I however most love about the Pixel Buds is, that they actually got good software updates. For example: We now actually have an EQ and a Bass Booster in the Settings-App for them. They also fixed some bugs and I don't know, if I am forgetting something here

  • Leonhard Masche
    Leonhard Masche11 dager siden

    4:20 You Just hold and immediately start talking to the assistant. Hold and then Release w/o talking is another shortcut to read your Messages.

  • Vinson Motas
    Vinson Motas26 dager siden

    I've been using my Almost Black buds for about a week and I'm more than happy with them. Discreet and stylish, they work amazingly well. Perfect? No, there's a major hiss when music is stopped or ended. It's a reason why I stop and charge them after a while.

  • nyanray
    nyanray29 dager siden


  • James Pellosma
    James PellosmaMåned siden

    Never buy anything from Google! My buds are defective, the left drains so quickly it is unusable, and Google says its just buyers remorse and won't do anything to rememdy the problem.

  • Marv Castillo
    Marv CastilloMåned siden

    I bought them. Right after I pulled them out the box, my Pixel detected them just fine. However, the left earbud wasn't working. After chatting with people from Google's Customer Service, I had to send them back and asked for a refund. The sound was good and the functions were nice, however this is just not worth the price. It's quite a gamble. Reviewers said great things about these but forums with costumers say the opposite. Quite dissapointing.

  • Nitin Deb
    Nitin DebMåned siden

    I got my Pixel Buds today and I'm a bit skeptical about this one. Everything is great so far except for the battery. I started with 100% on both sides and after exactly 1 hour of continuous music I see my left bud has 64% and my right bud has 56% left. Looks odd to me to be honest. And I heard this was supposed to last 5 hours on continuous music. Any Pixel Buds user can help me out here please?

  • TheJokingTeen
    TheJokingTeen2 måneder siden

    Available: Nowhere

  • Sonic extra life fan
    Sonic extra life fan2 måneder siden

    He is sometimes a real jerk

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson3 måneder siden

    I'm not going to buy them until they get noise cancellation and longer battery life and higher volume level!!

  • tedats
    tedats3 måneder siden

    I wish you did the mic quality for calls. Wondering if they are good for work.

  • Benjamin Psarris
    Benjamin Psarris3 måneder siden

    $180..? Now they're $239😑

  • Alexander
    Alexander4 måneder siden

    Hi, do you guys know if there is still this volume issue? I heard that these buds are lacking on volume

  • Tomas Roggero
    Tomas Roggero4 måneder siden

    I had to return my pixel buds gen 2. The audio was cutting off with my pixel 3 xl, and that is unacceptable with $200 earphones. Aesthetically they were awesome, and in house were awesome. Just couldnt run outside with them. Google Support tried for 1.5hr to help me debug with no success. :(((

  • Javier Ordaz
    Javier Ordaz4 måneder siden

    Are these better than Apples Airpods?

  • Zero Tech
    Zero Tech4 måneder siden

    I just recently got a pair and had to get a replacement and now I'm gonna get a refund because apparently they have a huge problem with them abruptly disconnecting and reconnecting which makes it sound like you lost sound for a brief second which has been my experience with both of the pairs I had which is sad cause I really enjoyed them

  • Cornelius Smith
    Cornelius Smith4 måneder siden

    My daily earbuds are the airpod pros for calls and the Sony mx4 for content/music. It’s just the call quality on the airpod pros is more clear even without canceling the background sound.

  • ZP TEC
    ZP TEC4 måneder siden

    Thank you man great video

  • J K
    J K4 måneder siden

    SHOULD HAVE Noise cancelling is important outdoor as some people dont want outside noise while listening to the good music ! 😭

  • Gerardo
    Gerardo4 måneder siden

    I need to find out more information about the case

  • Jordan
    Jordan4 måneder siden

    7:21 When he said they sounded distant, the background music sounded quite distant and faded out slightly, and when he said they were bassy, the bass kicked in Idk if that's coincidence or just really smart editing

  • David John Tough
    David John Tough4 måneder siden

    Got nothing " right"! Samsung Buds + and the new Samsung Buds live trounce Pixel Buds!

  • Adhil Mohammed

    Adhil Mohammed

    4 måneder siden

    @David John Tough I literally got my pair this morning, they released an update fixing the issues and added a bass boost option, it's great.

  • David John Tough

    David John Tough

    4 måneder siden

    @Adhil Mohammed Oh yes? Pixel Buds have not received very good reviews

  • Adhil Mohammed

    Adhil Mohammed

    4 måneder siden


  • Loren Burlew
    Loren Burlew4 måneder siden

    Love the indepth dive you do on most of the features but there is no mention of call quality, this is reallyimportantto me. I bought a pair of Bluetooth head phones, no one can understand me. I end up having to take them off and disconnect them to talk on the phone.

  • Adil Shaikh
    Adil Shaikh5 måneder siden

    James: 420🤣 69✌️

  • George
    George5 måneder siden

    Disable battery optimization

  • Abir
    Abir5 måneder siden

    *correction , there is an eq for pixel buds .. pixel automatically installs an pixel bud app which does the stuff

  • LilyWaters
    LilyWaters5 måneder siden

    Can you stop comparing any buds on the market to the airbuds?

  • james kassimis
    james kassimis5 måneder siden

    there Bluetooth is not good

  • Cristian Silva
    Cristian Silva5 måneder siden

    Thumbs up for frequency response

  • Mike Guadagno
    Mike Guadagno5 måneder siden

    Have had mine three months and I love them!

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith5 måneder siden

    Returned mine. And the second pair. Terrible high-pitched whine in both ears. Very disappointed.

  • evobusa
    evobusa5 måneder siden

    Penis's, 420 and 69.

  • TheSpiderGuy
    TheSpiderGuy5 måneder siden

    I really hope that Sennheiser, Anker, and other true wireless earbud companies use Google's Smart Pair. I would say that I hope Samsung does it, but we all know they won't

  • Rowland Mensah
    Rowland Mensah5 måneder siden

    This was a completely different vibe to the oneplus buds review....

  • Blaze
    Blaze5 måneder siden

    Does google update there phones like apple does theres??

  • Topper
    Topper5 måneder siden

    I'd be curious on how well they do during workouts. I had a pair of earbuds with the touch controls and as sweat would drip down, the controls would activate. It would keep turning the volume up to max.

  • FreakyGamerzz
    FreakyGamerzz5 måneder siden

    Dude i didn't wanna comment that... But you are hypocrite too... Doesn't mean any hate... But same scenario on two different brands and two different opinions you have got... OnePlus tws: James's earphones .... What the hell why are you naming the earphone... Blah blah... that's irritating... what if you sell it etc etc Google's tws : James's earphones ... Ahh that's so sweet

  • Denys Savchenko
    Denys Savchenko5 måneder siden

    can someone send a link to the earbuds pls??

  • K. Constantine
    K. Constantine5 måneder siden

    24 hours is pathetic. I don't know, maybe I'm spoiled by running Lypertek TEVIs for a year now, but I charge the case once a week with near constant use.

  • Liam
    Liam5 måneder siden

    Why is there no review on AirPods Pro?

  • Peter Ferret
    Peter Ferret5 måneder siden

    The Oppo buds are half the price, with noise cancelling and better battery life, not sure about the sound

  • Jamaul Salley
    Jamaul Salley5 måneder siden

    I've had these since the day they came out and I can honestly say it was an amazing purchase. Everything just works together as a package so well and you don't realize how nice it is to have access to the Google assistant hands free until you have it. Bravo Google

  • Zeus Almighty
    Zeus Almighty5 måneder siden

    How do i block channels from popping up ever again, this James fella is insufferable.

  • moonlighters
    moonlighters5 måneder siden

    Mentos buds. Just chew it James. Then swallow it together with how you always compare it to Airpods.

  • wozzinator
    wozzinator5 måneder siden

    No more earbud/headphone reviews!

  • Ronald Nocum
    Ronald Nocum5 måneder siden

    Phone was out of focus when James was talking about the bluetooth screen in the beginning

  • Gregory Veizades
    Gregory Veizades5 måneder siden

    Soundcore Liberty 2 review coming?

  • Tushar Masare
    Tushar Masare5 måneder siden

    Why make so many channels?

  • Sir Zechs
    Sir Zechs5 måneder siden

    I think I'll stick to my soundcore liberty 2 pro's

  • MaximusPrime24
    MaximusPrime246 måneder siden

    Listening on my Pixel Buds right now. Had them for over 2 months now and love them!

  • Tony Zhu
    Tony Zhu6 måneder siden

    Maybe 2 years later we can see Google Pixel Buds PRO with active noise canceling.

  • Justin Kwan
    Justin Kwan6 måneder siden

    Would love to see the Jabra Elite 75t in the mix with the comparisons.

  • Gabe Ross
    Gabe Ross6 måneder siden

    Honestly my favorite thing about these is how small they are

  • Richiegigas


    Måned siden

    Same. The super profile is such a deal breaker for me with wireless ear buds. Can’t stand gaudy wireless ear buds.

  • Clashingkings 22
    Clashingkings 226 måneder siden

    Anyone else think they look like mentos

  • Adam Kija
    Adam Kija6 måneder siden

    he acts too much like lius :/

  • Stephan Asdf
    Stephan Asdf6 måneder siden

    These earbuds emit a hissing sound, but if you are partially deaf you won't hear it.

  • Stephan Asdf
    Stephan Asdf6 måneder siden

    But why were they released if they have a hissing problem? Does everyone at Google have poor hearing?

  • Nico1977
    Nico19776 måneder siden

    if you loose the case are you basically fucked

  • Kun Feng
    Kun Feng6 måneder siden

    Basically a more expensive Samsung buds

  • Ronald Chaplin
    Ronald Chaplin6 måneder siden

    I like James, but the way he talks with his hands is very distracting.

  • Noah
    Noah6 måneder siden

    Buy Anker's Soundcore Liberty 2 or Liberty 2 Pro instead. The google pixel buds are too expensive for their limited feature set, and battery life is short imo.

  • SR
    SR6 måneder siden

    Lost me with the non noise cancelling

  • Carewolf
    Carewolf6 måneder siden

    Would still prefer that they were connected by a string, so you don't lose them that easily and can hang them around the neck when you need to take them out to communicate with someone.

  • Rita Green
    Rita Green6 måneder siden

    Best review I've seen. Thanks for the details

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S6 måneder siden

    galaxy buds > pixel buds

  • the TruthStand
    the TruthStand6 måneder siden

    The pixel buds are hot garbage! Mine were a technological disaster! Apparently some people have received a set of good well functioning buds while others like me received a pile of dog food. Google just cannot get their act together. And I've been going through a nightmare of a process with them to get a replacement set of buds or a refund of my money.

  • Szilveszter Biro
    Szilveszter Biro6 måneder siden

    No anc, no aptx, no audio transparency at this pricetag, announced six months before launch, that's like 5 years of outdated in tech time. No thx.

  • Технокоржик
    Технокоржик6 måneder siden

    Guys wait for galaxy buds live, they come out august 5th

  • Twan Jaarsveld
    Twan Jaarsveld6 måneder siden

    Great review, about to buy the airpods right away

  • K Then
    K Then6 måneder siden

    Is Google actually capable of implementing active noise cancellation by feature drops? Cuz ANC only needs mics to recognize the environment or nah?

  • Brad Boyce
    Brad Boyce6 måneder siden

    Good timing I'm in the market for good headphone pods, for use with my android and also pairing with a surface laptop for a work from home job I'm starting next week 😊

  • NeoArch
    NeoArch6 måneder siden

    I wish you tried instant translation... That kind of what I been waiting for decade...

  • Noah


    6 måneder siden

    The thing is that it still relies on Google Translate technology which hasn't improved radically since it's integration into the initial Google buds (LTT did a review with English to Mandarin with Dennis)

  • andrew mcmichael
    andrew mcmichael6 måneder siden

    why not compare with galaxy buds+? android to android?

  • Mr. Avi
    Mr. Avi6 måneder siden

    "Google finally paid me enough to say this"

  • Tomer abitbul eizen
    Tomer abitbul eizen6 måneder siden

    I really don't care if its similar or not to the airpods no one cares about the airpods Is it better then the galaxy buds or not Galaxy buds/+ are the best options for Android so far so is it better ?

  • Noah


    6 måneder siden

    I agree Galaxy Buds+ seem to offer some of the best bang for the buck, but I must confess I'm not a huge fan of their design or the low IPX2 rating. Personally, I ended up buying Anker's Souncore Liberty 2 because I like their design more, the case extends battery life further and reviews seem to indicate they might have better sound quality (though that might be a matter of taste). Still, I really dislike the AirPods because they are so uncomfortable with their all-plastic design, they fall out of my ears and they don't sound like $200 earbuds.

  • Koko4Kosh
    Koko4Kosh6 måneder siden

    Go for a walk and see if it starts cutting out like everyone else. :/

  • nathan thebe
    nathan thebe6 måneder siden

    Do they come with head sets in the box

  • Mitchell Wood
    Mitchell Wood6 måneder siden

    I've just got my new Pixel buds and I'd like to correct one small thing from this video The Google assistant tap on the headphones doesn't always give you the time and notification report. If you tap and hold for a sec, then let go without saying anything, you get the report. If you tap and hold, wait a sec for the beep, say what you want and THEN let go, she doesn't give you your notifications. Otherwise great review and I love the Pixel Buds. I also love controlling my lights like an FBI agent.

  • Dinosaurs of 2016
    Dinosaurs of 20166 måneder siden

    I like the AirPod Pro because they are not so big in the ear, and the stem is nostalgic. Most of the stemless Android buds look to me like people are putting large marbles in their ears.

  • John Mooring
    John Mooring6 måneder siden

    I barely got 1 hour battery life. I loved everything about them besides battery life. I had to return them.

  • Motör18
    Motör186 måneder siden

    Ordered a pair of the Pixel Buds 2 and they are just pure garbage just like all the comments say, WTF James are you giving good reviews to shit products for cash now? I only ordered these because of your video and the trust you had garnered from your previous videos you and Linus both. Your going to hurt your credibility such a shame.

  • hailgod
    hailgod6 måneder siden

    that table sure looks 4k. not sure about the phone's focus though

  • Evan Yoohoo
    Evan Yoohoo6 måneder siden

    Truly wireless is a mistake

  • Sam Jacks
    Sam Jacks6 måneder siden

    These buds are pure crap. They constantly randomly disconnect. I literally just had them do it and completely become inoperable refusing to connect back to my phone

  • AFI Gamming
    AFI Gamming6 måneder siden


  • Blanksy 123
    Blanksy 1236 måneder siden

    Would definitely like to see another set of the cheap earbuds with some Kz and haylou price range stuff just a thought

  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill6 måneder siden

    Idk man.. everybody still trying to "get it right" Samsung buds literally didn't change the pod shape or case form factor in the second version. They know what works they just gave it hardware to match airports pro, for cheaper, and sooner

  • JD Arts
    JD Arts6 måneder siden

    Lol technical marvel in his hands but a 3 second delay to turn off the music automatically is an issue

  • Raptor Swire
    Raptor Swire6 måneder siden

    well, they are in-ear, which is total deal-braker for me

  • Nick Maslov
    Nick Maslov6 måneder siden

    Brilliantly engineered paperweight. Still waiting for my refund. These things disconnect when you move your head. Screw that.

  • David H
    David H6 måneder siden

    you didnt test the translator... one of the biggest selling points of this.

  • Noah


    6 måneder siden

    They tested it with the original buds, and honestly, the technology hasn't changed much since. Live translation just isn't here yet (as cool and useful as it would be to have), and its accuracy depends on your phrasing, word choice, and which languages you are using. It's all the same tech as google translate's live conversation feature.

  • Simon Paillé
    Simon Paillé6 måneder siden

    Apple now has 10th gen chipsets for the MacBook Air Google may buy DELL, i found an Easter egg

  • Alex C
    Alex C6 måneder siden

    The fact that it comes with a “how to pair” instructions tells me how far ahead Apple is.

  • Noah


    6 måneder siden

    If you are using them with other Apple devices... Apple's AirPods are equally as finicky over a standard Bluetooth connection when connecting to Android or Windows devices. It's a lot easier to establish wireless connections and integration when you control the entire ecosystem. That said, I'm sure the experience as an iPhone user is great, which is why people pay extra for something that "just works".

  • turkey turkey
    turkey turkey6 måneder siden

    Would love to see best headphones under $100 similar to your best budget earbuds video.

  • Angel
    Angel6 måneder siden

    this review feels like a google employee took james as a hostage and is making him review these for his own sake

  • aldosv73
    aldosv736 måneder siden

    $239.00 lol yea right.

  • Clara Snyder
    Clara Snyder6 måneder siden

    Only problem with pixel buds are the constant sound drops. I returned mine because of it. The issues have been ongoing since launch wanf Google still hasn't fixed it

    VANDIESEL6 måneder siden

    GTFO, no active noise canceling for $240, hard pass.

  • Noah


    6 måneder siden

    They are $180 (usd), but I agree it's still too much.

  • Robert ,
    Robert ,6 måneder siden

    🍆🍆🍆420 69