Google Changed EVERYTHING With The Pixel 5

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Is Google making a misstep with the Google Pixel 5 and 4a 5G? It looks like they're changing their strategy by making phones cheaper without the high-end specs. Does it make sense?
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit3 måneder siden

    Missing Note: The Pixel 5 is IP68 rated where the 4a 5G is not.

  • labros labrou

    labros labrou

    2 dager siden

    pixel 5 has gorilla glass 6 pixeal 4a 5g has gorilla glass 3

  • LiveSimply Daily

    LiveSimply Daily

    4 dager siden

    If only the pixel 5 had a higher resolution I would buy it immediately

  • Konstantinos Stavrou

    Konstantinos Stavrou

    14 dager siden

    @K R yeah I wouldn't leave my 4a on water to test it either, but I think it could survive a few seconds in shallow water

  • K R

    K R

    14 dager siden

    @Konstantinos Stavrou I don't need the IP rating but I saw that too and in the comments they said although the phone stayed on under water and never turned off... the charging port was messed up and one other thing... I think one of the buttons didn't work properly. Moral of story... don't try it at home with your new Pixel unless it is the Pixel 5. But then again that was 6 whole minutes under water with the 4a 5G. It's safe to say if a 4a 5G and 5 drop in water at the same time, the user will pull it out quickly (usually happens in shallow water e.g. toilet) If a 4a 5G stays on for 6 minutes with this damage it most likely will will not suffer button damage or USB port damage if you pull it quickly... that's enough water protection for me and my case also has port coverings.

  • K R

    K R

    14 dager siden

    @A Clever Name Exactly! I have big hands... I never drop phones in water. LOL!

  • Elmer A
    Elmer ADag siden

    Carpool critics is boring af

  • labros labrou
    labros labrou2 dager siden

    btw pixel 5 has gorilla glass 6 pixeal 4a 5g has gorilla glass 3 source: gsmarena

  • Orange Abundis
    Orange Abundis4 dager siden

    I came from a pixel 1 and when I bought my pixel 5 my god did changing phones feel so good

  • Mathew Kennedy
    Mathew Kennedy4 dager siden

    Just got a 4g 5g blocking beanie add before this video 😂

  • Joonas Enckell
    Joonas Enckell4 dager siden

    What is that smartwatch?

  • Aviv Gannon
    Aviv Gannon4 dager siden

    I still wonder why people upgrade their phone before the one they have is lost/dead.

  • Simon Evans
    Simon Evans5 dager siden

    You funny!

  • Keksbrot
    Keksbrot5 dager siden

    I needed the USB thing. I had a Iphone and to transfer my Data I had to use this USB.

  • Mick Psyphon
    Mick Psyphon6 dager siden

    _"A small phone company, now"_ ??? Chief! The Pixel 5 is not a small phone. Sure, in comparison with a Pixel 5 XL it would be, but it's still a decent sized phone. The dongle isn't a waste of anything, nor is it environmentally unfriendly. For the vast majority of people out there, it's a useful tool, because many people can't afford to just toss away and/or upgrade all of their devices that require the dongle. You could argue that getting rid of the dongle (not including it) would be MORE environmentally unfriendly, because it would encourage people to get rid of their peripheral devices that otherwise would require it.. The Whitelist Battery saving feature isn't unique to the Pixel 5. OnePlus had the stable version of Android 11 ready for the OnePlus 8 series months ago; and will soon release Android 11 updates with that feature for other OnePlus series phones. It's and Android 11 feature!!! Full disclosure: I have a OnePlus 7 Pro (personal phone); and have ditched my iPhone for a Pixel 5 as my corporate device. Born the OnePlus 7 Pro and Pixel 5 are great phones.

  • Texas Made
    Texas Made6 dager siden

    Lol.....he looks like Baker saying!!!!

  • Andrzej
    Andrzej6 dager siden


  • sir gabiru TV
    sir gabiru TV6 dager siden

    The pixel 5 is a complete waste of time. The 4a 5g is plainly a smarter buy along with the 4a. The pixel 5 is a overpriced budget phone

  • Lusty_85
    Lusty_856 dager siden

    Moving from my LG-v30 to a pixel 5 tomorrow so it best be good as.. I had the LG for 3 years now

  • Daniel Heckman
    Daniel Heckman6 dager siden

    Don't forget the 4A 5g has no water resistance rating!!

  • Seags 98
    Seags 9810 dager siden

    I watched this on my one plus 8 pro two days ago, today I ordered a pixel 5. Can't beat the king of Android.

  • JDGidd1970
    JDGidd197013 dager siden

    Google tweaked their lineup for the world we're living in today. Pandemic job loss etc etc. The focus is now on good phones and affordable phones and not top of the line flagships that most people can't afford anyway. Although the pixel 5 should have been priced at 549. Good on Google overall.

  • K R
    K R14 dager siden

    Who cares about the IP68... bigger screen and $200 less makes it a better deal. Plastic back also does not feel cheap and I know it will not dent like an aluminum back. AND that HORRENDOUS under display "speaker"! That speaker alone was a deal breaker... my 4a 5G gets plenty loud and I enjoy watching content with it. Maybe the 90Hz refresh is what I would have liked on the 4a 5G.

  • King Qasmoke
    King Qasmoke17 dager siden

    As of right now Pixel 3 has extreme battery saver

  • Andrew
    Andrew19 dager siden

    I get having a bigger focus on mid range but I think having three mid rangers and no flag ship was silly. Won't be buying anymore pixels if they're only doing mid rangers. I had a 2 xl and was really disapointed.

  • D. O. O.
    D. O. O.25 dager siden

    TLDR; but the 4a

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris28 dager siden

    OMFG, the bad man said "white list" mummy.

  • Piylip543 Puy
    Piylip543 Puy29 dager siden

    We do love james

  • Sawyer Grimm
    Sawyer GrimmMåned siden

    My man my man, glide typing

  • Kevin
    KevinMåned siden

    Best phone of the year. Moved from iphone 11 to pixel 5 and can't be happier. Great 📱

  • Michael Marquez
    Michael MarquezMåned siden

    Does the pixel 4a 5G still have the ability to monitor the phone calls coming in and wait on hold for you like the five?

  • Zachary Blubaugh
    Zachary BlubaughMåned siden

    The transfer adapter is just a usb adapter so you can use it to plug usb devices into your phone. Usb drives, keyboards, mice, etc. Very cool to have and comes in handy now and then.

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas SmithMåned siden

    Loving the 5. The IP rating and aluminum, wireless, and more.

  • OnSaturnDays
    OnSaturnDaysMåned siden

    wish i can buy a damn pixel in my country

  • PinkNinja14
    PinkNinja14Måned siden

    Install graphene os on it.

  • Noah Arc Elavanan
    Noah Arc ElavananMåned siden

    Did you just open on Google Chrome DEVIL

  • Yeiayel
    YeiayelMåned siden

    whats the brand of the shirt? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • TheLastTenno
    TheLastTennoMåned siden

    i personally use the usb "thingy tool" a lot as a rooter and custom rom loader not even with the pixel itself. Thanks google ;)

  • Jagged637
    Jagged637Måned siden

    I’ll take a notch with face unlock than a back fingerprint reader. Under the glass reader or power button readers are different stories.

  • Roberts Brūveris
    Roberts BrūverisMåned siden

    I like printing on a T-shirt. :)

  • Watermelontastic
    WatermelontasticMåned siden

    I have the white pixel 4 and it has a lovely frosted glass back which I haven’t found slippery. You just picked the wrong colour!

  • Weronika M
    Weronika MMåned siden

    Anyone knows why they removed the headphone jack? A big stepback nonetheless.

  • mdogzino
    mdogzinoMåned siden

    2:54 What if your face is wet?

  • P Wade
    P WadeMåned siden

    Still rockin' the Pixel 1 (XL). Battery ain't what it used to be, but everything else is still good. Torn between the Pixel 5 and the OnePlus 8T.... still trying to decide.

  • Stuart Buffery
    Stuart BufferyMåned siden

    Excellent video 👍 I'm still rocking the non XL Pixel 2, I love it. So glad 4a has the headphone jack.

  • beachnerbum710
    beachnerbum710Måned siden

    I am hesitant to get the 5, only because last year I switched from a Samsung GS8 to the Pixel 4....and it had the worst battery I've ever experienced. Really hopeful, but I won't be afraid to send it back to Google within 14 days if there's bs.

  • Steven
    StevenMåned siden

    I bought a note 20 ultra rather then getting pixel. I had the pixel 3xl and loved it but the specs of the pixel 5 are underwhelming.

  • Josh F
    Josh FMåned siden

    I dont understand why a flagship android device dropped their specs by so much (crappy processor, old camera, no xl version) They just expect us to pay more for a crappier version of their old phones, with the all new "5g" that has been shown we'll never really use it.

  • Deepak Roundal
    Deepak RoundalMåned siden

    Pixel 5 should have been launched with the 855+ chipset.

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke NukemMåned siden

    I really could not justify the new Iphones with no 90hz screen, No charger in the box and I would be new to the eco system so had to buy a charger and the pixel is still £200 cheaper than the Iphone 12! I have now the pixel 5 and it was a worthy upgrade from the 2 XL, the screen with the refresh rate makes such a notable difference and updates have now ended on my pixel 2 xl, nice one google!

  • Ak1ra F
    Ak1ra FMåned siden

    Next year idc how much they make it better they better not make the phone any bigger

  • Samip Dalvi
    Samip DalviMåned siden

    is james gay? ( not judging just out of curiosity )

  • Adrian Tello
    Adrian TelloMåned siden


  • Tony Jones
    Tony JonesMåned siden

    Worst part about it is the rubbish speakers and the lack of 2 finger control. Coming from a pixel 3 these things were hugely noticeable to me. All that muscle memory needs retraining.. move for the worse getting rid of that.

  • DogCatCow Chicken
    DogCatCow ChickenMåned siden

    Wow my 2018 Samsung Galaxy S9 has Snapdragon 845 they're really trying to be like Apple 🍎 we don't even have to try. You'll just buy

  • Teige Sherwood
    Teige SherwoodMåned siden

    That little adapter is the best thing ever. I used to work at vodafone and nothing saved us more time than those adapters

  • Al Padilla
    Al PadillaMåned siden

    Love that they brought back the fingerprint reader. Not a fan of the face unlock and you're absolutely correct about the reach into the pocket and unlocking with your finger.

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano2 måneder siden

    Keeping my 4xl, the five ain't cutting it for me, shoe, shoe. Why downgrade? The 855 is still 🤴 king compared to the 765processer, 😬 yikes. Many will argue, nah, it's still a mid-ranger! Maybe good but not at 7oo.oo plus tax? Should have been 550.00 to 600.00 max!

  • john russo
    john russo2 måneder siden

    never once have i had a phone fall out of my pocket let alone fly across the room

  • Whole Reflections
    Whole Reflections2 måneder siden


  • Bowie Wang
    Bowie Wang2 måneder siden

    Thanks for your sharing and the Chinese subtitle. I have subscribed your channel.

  • Sai Yelave
    Sai Yelave2 måneder siden

    noobs....i use Pixel Experience custom rom 😹

  • Johnnie Simpson
    Johnnie Simpson2 måneder siden

    I got the Pixel 5 and I love it so far. Coming from iphone 8 plus. The 4a 5g looks solid but it's too big. I was looking to downsize after the massive 8 plus I was on.

  • Temmie gaming and memes
    Temmie gaming and memes2 måneder siden

    Don't think we didn't notice the galaxy watch active 2 on your wrist

  • thomas kimbler
    thomas kimbler2 måneder siden

    I chose the 5 because of waterproofing.

  • Abraham Tsfaye
    Abraham Tsfaye2 måneder siden

    Pixel 5 feels cheap and Android is far less polished and 'suave' than iOS. After 10 years with iPhone. I bought the Pixel cause the Google Store had a free Bose headphone offer but after a few days with the Pixel 5. I just couldn't use it and sent it back. Android is gimmicky, Alert sounds are muted. Speaker is awful. The recycled plastic at the back feels and looks horrible. The only good thing about the Pixel 5 is the notifications at the top where else the now useless face unlock notch is ugly and takes too much real estate space.

  • Alec Stage
    Alec Stage2 måneder siden

    this vid just made me more glad I got the 4a instead of the 4a 5g or 5

  • GamingWithPets101
    GamingWithPets1012 måneder siden

    Still rocking a pixel 3xl (after my note 9 fell apart well before its time) Works great! My next phone is going to either be a newer pixel or a oneplus, Has anyone had both and prefer one or the other? Only thing that kills me about the pixel is the battery isnt great

  • Rory Storm
    Rory Storm2 måneder siden

    Just because you don't use something doesn't make it "junk." That's why you get a thumbs down and I won't bother with the rest of your vid.

  • Ramon Gonzalo
    Ramon Gonzalo2 måneder siden

    I would say the success of the "a" series probably inspired them to stick with their strengths. My 3a I've had for nearly a year now and it has been the best overall android I have used since switching to Android in 2017.

  • crisismcnoodle
    crisismcnoodle2 måneder siden

    We getting a full review??

  • Shinji OnO
    Shinji OnO2 måneder siden

    If You are looking for small phone ,try Sony Xperia compacts ;)

  • Jason Steele
    Jason Steele2 måneder siden

    What I hated is that with the Pixel 5, they got rid of 2 step navigation. The 5 only has gestures, or 3 step navigation which looks dated. Why? My 3XL has Android 11 but keeps 2 step navigation.

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee2 måneder siden

    An adapter tool is actually needed. I just switched from apple and this made the transfer process seamless and totally worth the addition.

  • philippe morouço
    philippe morouço2 måneder siden

    I'm stunned that no one talks about one of the biggest uppset of pixel phones! The alarm clock won't ring if the device is turned off. I've bought a pixel 4A and instantly regretted. All this fancy apps and stuff but not the basic option you can ask a smartphone... And no youtuber mentioning this :(

  • Eric Gerwatowski
    Eric Gerwatowski2 måneder siden

    i can't believe they made james do the soy face.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen
    Alf Lenni Erlandsen2 måneder siden

    Why would i value a pixel 4 owners opinion?

  • Sean Renzi
    Sean Renzi2 måneder siden

    That's not true. I have the pixel 4 and I don't have a case or a skin on it and it's never fell out of my pocket or slid off a table

  • Mandolphin #notadolphin
    Mandolphin #notadolphin2 måneder siden

    Who's watching this video on a pixel 2 XL on 1440p like a real OG ?

  • Lanidien
    Lanidien2 måneder siden

    James: Sings “My Little Pixel” to MLP theme It’s infected both Linus and James, the harbingers of the Apocalypse are here

  • Co Tech
    Co Tech2 måneder siden

    If its all software just do an update instead of me buying a new phone

  • Gabriel Sasieta
    Gabriel Sasieta2 måneder siden

    Fun fact, I've seen that @Dream video like 7times

  • Cesar Tapia
    Cesar Tapia2 måneder siden

    I would love to get the Pixel 4a 5G, but I need to downsize from my unwieldy S10+, and the Pixel 5 has a mighty fine shape.

  • SwissOnYT
    SwissOnYT2 måneder siden

    Just wanted to clear up that the Pixel Visual core never had any Neural AI capabilities. It was just a dedicated HDR and denoise accelerator.

  • Kurtis Scriba
    Kurtis Scriba2 måneder siden

    Breathing a sigh of relief after getting a 4a at launch. The 4a 5G and 5 don't offer anything I'd be willing to pay more money for

  • Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator
    Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator2 måneder siden

    1:40 no no no not junk. those adapters are for more than just transferring. It helps you attach usb stuff like mouse or headphones or game controllers. Super useful

  • Loko8
    Loko82 måneder siden

    What the hell is that thumbnail

  • Dan
    Dan2 måneder siden

    I'm coming from the original Pixel not XL and it's great. Everything is an upgrade for me the screen is bigger, bigger battery, better performance, more RAM, and a better camera. All of that and the phones are pretty close to the same physical size! I've never liked big phones and this sticks to that ease of use. I only have a few complaints the fingerprint scanner and yes the cameras. Fingerprint scanners only work for me like 40% of the time and that's not good when you need it to work. I know I'm in the minority here. A face scanner works 90% and that's is better. Problem number two while this is an upgrade coming from the original Pixel I'd wish Google would have upgraded the camera hardware. They are still using the same hardware from the Pixel 2 if I'm not mistaken only with newer software.

  • Joseph Riffe
    Joseph Riffe2 måneder siden

    I feel like im the only one who misses the squeeze for assistant

  • EggyRepublic
    EggyRepublic2 måneder siden

    Remember when $700 got you a high end phone.

  • Jackson Nutt
    Jackson Nutt2 måneder siden

    I'm on a Pixel2xl I think I need the Pixel 5

  • James Crowe
    James Crowe2 måneder siden

    Water resistant

  • Why tho?
    Why tho?2 måneder siden

    3:07 ugh look at that top bezel on the 4. Disgusting! How can you use this abomination

  • Nord Kitten
    Nord Kitten2 måneder siden

    noo I'm going to switch to the pixel from the iPhone and I need that transfer tool so shush your face its useful

  • Ronny D. B. Lopez
    Ronny D. B. Lopez2 måneder siden

    Seems like I chose a better choice for my phone. Samsung Galaxy A50

  • Outside The Box
    Outside The Box2 måneder siden

    Oh, letting that Google assistant to hold all of the marketing calls on my phone would be devious....

  • Pigs Wth Chickens
    Pigs Wth Chickens2 måneder siden

    I still have a Pixel one :' )

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez2 måneder siden


  • Chokolite
    Chokolite2 måneder siden

    i want more video with him

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 2212 måneder siden

    2:35 that’s bs now I can unlock my iPhone 11 faster than I can even swipe up so it doesn’t really matter. Before with touchID it really seemed like a gimmick that didn’t work half of the time

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 2212 måneder siden

    I really like how the display wraps around the camera on new phones

  • diddy1966abc
    diddy1966abc2 måneder siden

    He took a skin of his Pixel 4 phone when he got it out of his pocket, but then said he likes to go naked with his phone....???? Make yr mind up naked or quickly take yr phone skin of and then say u go naked....????

  • Vonboon11dy
    Vonboon11dy2 måneder siden

    I still have pixel 1

  • James W
    James W2 måneder siden

    I might upgrade to the Pixel 5 from my S10+.

  • fredd218
    fredd2182 måneder siden

    What if I have a pixel 1?