Get your boss to BUY you this laptop! - Dell Latitude 9410

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You have to take extreme battery life claims by laptop manufactures with a grain of salt as they test it differently than everyday use, but what happens when it's pretty dang close?
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  • Михаил Скорбеж
    Михаил Скорбеж11 timer siden

    5:18 16GB RAM only? o_O

  • hexium
    hexium3 dager siden

    Woud a 2242 NVME SSD fit in the 2nd slot?

    ALTHDS19 dager siden

    I really want a Latitude or a Thinkpad with Ryzen, but with reasonable amount of ports, and upgradibility. So far HP Probook 445 is very good with ports and upgradibility.

  • Dayton Carter
    Dayton Carter21 dag siden

    I had the Latitude 7400 and some of the keyboards had the issue with the inconsistent key backlighting. Looks like Dell doesn't care.

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez26 dager siden

    I thought that was a $800~ budget laptop before you said the price

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera28 dager siden

    Sooo ... greatly exaggerating is not lying? Interesting!

  • Jonathan Leong
    Jonathan LeongMåned siden

    Great review, but you can definitely see that the gamer's perspective isn't quite relevant for these types of laptops. At least the review admits it. Here's a couple things I would consider as a corporate user - -16:10 an upside, I happen to think the 16:9 is superior and I'm glad Dell stuck with it. -Speakers are not important to me, as I have a NC headphones for media, and a wireless headset with boom mic for conference/video calls -Port selection is awesome compared to the XPS lineup. I wish there were at least two USB-A ports, as I have a couple of accesories with USB-A adapaters -Price is MSRP, and as a corporation we would get hefty discounts. That's always the case with Dell Otherwise, really enjoyed the video, but comparing to an XPS15 and Surface 2 kinda misses the point of the Latitude series!

  • TheIndulgers
    TheIndulgersMåned siden

    M1 MacBook Air - 1/3 the price, 3x the performance, 3x the quality. How has Apple become the value king?

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester OgilvieMåned siden

    Ol sport... that’s not a puter. That’s a box

  • Pal Kaposi
    Pal KaposiMåned siden

    i so much in need of a boss like that...

  • Silly Farmer Billy
    Silly Farmer BillyMåned siden


  • Michael Bradley
    Michael BradleyMåned siden

    The M1 or MX1 will destroy PCs.

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamerMåned siden

    1watt display are u sure???..bcz when i use my laptop display is like 3most power consuming thing..i think my laptop has upto at max 5watt display..but it feels like display consuming like 10watts or something

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamerMåned siden

    Intel; ok i am out we dont pay $3000 for a quad core cpu and quality is shit somehow at this price. Just realised its bussiness laptop only feature it has for the price is battery backup

  • Javokhirbek Erkinov
    Javokhirbek ErkinovMåned siden

    Expecting consumer features from business laptop is not good idea. like testing speakers seriosuly? business person is gonna watch movie on it? or do it not with expensive business headphones

  • Omid Navid
    Omid NavidMåned siden

    Ok so what if i am the boss :/

  • Jonathan Plugaru
    Jonathan PlugaruMåned siden

    Overpriced. Some things (will) never change

  • Дмитрий Калмыков
    Дмитрий Калмыков2 måneder siden

    One more slot for ssd but no room for it? WTF?

  • Joseph Godzwa
    Joseph Godzwa2 måneder siden

    it’s a trash laptop for the price. buy an m1 mac

  • Ken Taylor
    Ken Taylor2 måneder siden

    Put pop Os on that thing and you good to go

  • Elpadre Viejo
    Elpadre Viejo2 måneder siden

    Did he just say... Magnesium? That's how you know someone doesn't know chemistry

  • harlz cad
    harlz cad2 måneder siden

    I actually just got an ad for the Dell Latitude range...

  • Yusuf Domun
    Yusuf Domun2 måneder siden

    I thought that my earbuds were failing

  • Pizza Gamer
    Pizza Gamer2 måneder siden

    This man lagging in real life

  • Nick McKenzie
    Nick McKenzie2 måneder siden

    We are now in the age where a tech review videos use crab rave as their audio test.

  • Andras Ikladi
    Andras Ikladi2 måneder siden

    Give this man some balls to juggle!

  • fernando fernando
    fernando fernando2 måneder siden

    Is better than Macbook Air?

  • nanimuwu
    nanimuwu2 måneder siden


  • Aggy
    Aggy2 måneder siden

    dell is trash

  • RockyRoad000
    RockyRoad0002 måneder siden

    my i7 4790 is a bit better than the 10610u, but the power consumption lol, 85w vs 15w

  • Nolan Hays
    Nolan Hays3 måneder siden

    9 hrs of battery life? My XPS 15 gets 3

  • Core Dream Studios
    Core Dream Studios3 måneder siden

    Welcome to products most people can't afford!

  • Sveshnikov Nikita
    Sveshnikov Nikita3 måneder siden

    lol you guys should update thunderbolt icon

  • Miguel Ángel Durán González
    Miguel Ángel Durán González3 måneder siden

    If it weren't by the price it would be the perfect beater laptop

  • socks
    socks3 måneder siden


  • Little B
    Little B3 måneder siden

    Latitude 7410 $1900 and lower. also 14" exterior, close or very similiar, didnt compare. interior, of coz lower spec, and for dell you can always make your own config.

  • Raunak Raj
    Raunak Raj3 måneder siden

    My dad has a work Dell latitude and its battery lasts for almost forever

  • Amateur Wizard
    Amateur Wizard3 måneder siden

    2:10 Be careful oh, before you give your money to 419

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen3 måneder siden

    Audio desync is perfect with my Bluetooth earbuds

  • Tamás Szombathy
    Tamás Szombathy3 måneder siden

    LPDDR3 2100MHZ Ram? I miss something.

  • everyday learning
    everyday learning3 måneder siden

    $1500-$1700 for 1080p display Laptop. Dont be Silly..that's not value, it's a joke, right ???

  • ItsTheKris
    ItsTheKris3 måneder siden

    3k for that ew

  • Nik
    Nik3 måneder siden

    I must having hearing issues because I couldn't tell there's an audio desync

  • Nik
    Nik3 måneder siden

    DDR3 RAM on a $3,000 laptop!? 🤣 What a fucking joke

  • gimiked
    gimiked3 måneder siden

    But can it play crisis.......I mean MSFS2020

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy3 måneder siden

    Title: “Get your boss to buy you this laptop!” Why in the world would I want an intel laptop when AMD Ryzen 3 exists?

  • ArduinoBen


    3 måneder siden

    It's a business laptop, CPU doesn't really matter, plus Intel is more power efficient on mobile.

  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama3 måneder siden

    3000 dollars and youre treating it like it's a 500 dollar. and looking at the bright side of every con on it lmfao it's 3000 dollars cons shouldn't exist. what the hell is the point of 3000 if it's got all those cons

  • Ultimate XLR-8
    Ultimate XLR-83 måneder siden

    Is it just me or is there a slight audio sync issue.

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega3 måneder siden

    whoever you work for in human society for current 10 years left time, make sure they dont make you choose the wrong path. stay working while stay good in the inside and in your personal decisions. and you will be save for 2031.

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega3 måneder siden

    humans money only have less than 10 years left of validity on the planet. my boss dont pay me with human money. they will be giving me my own flying mobile home to support my time post 2031, which no human money can afford. and i dont need human tools that again, only VALID for only LESS THAN 10 YEARS LEFT.

  • Science Alliance
    Science Alliance3 måneder siden

    not everyone’s boss is Linus :/

  • Shobha Rani
    Shobha Rani3 måneder siden

    3000$ still DDR3 what the actual F***

  • Pajeet Singh
    Pajeet Singh3 måneder siden

    lol. I would take 1 hour battery life laptop and work from home calling no electricity in local area.

  • Andre Pogi
    Andre Pogi3 måneder siden

    Did the laptop just turn itself on while alex testing the quality of the chasis?

  • Badzylla
    Badzylla3 måneder siden

    Dude my dad bops the keys on the keyboard and he had an old one, the keys were jammed and typing normally so when i have to do something on his pc i get traumatized

  • Gold 999
    Gold 9993 måneder siden

    Yep, dell's the best in service, especially for the latitude line. The reason why I stopped using thinkpad is because the service sucks. It requires my laptop to be on hold for 1 week.

  • Ashish Pant
    Ashish Pant3 måneder siden

    How do you get 9Hr on the Surface? mine dies in 4.5Hrs!!

  • Marco Kaul
    Marco Kaul3 måneder siden

    USB A? Thunderbolt? Had to have a look when this video was produced

  • advil000
    advil0003 måneder siden

    He gets to the part where they show the price and I'm just instant close video and leave. That was 3x what I was expecting for that.

  • Sameer h Bellad
    Sameer h Bellad3 måneder siden

    Hy....can you do a review on Triton 500 2020 with rtx 2070 and CPU 10th gen a slim bt powerful piece of hardware...

  • Nijiro
    Nijiro3 måneder siden

    ok hear me out it has a audio desync issue his expressions are weird mouth not really moving well did they sent a clone ??

  • Jason Bagshaw
    Jason Bagshaw3 måneder siden

    "you're not going to get the most amazing visuals" good job it's only 3 grand then

  • serggie3
    serggie33 måneder siden

    Finally. This is what people want. Not shitty gaming laptops that don't fit in your bag, sound like a jet engine, and have 90 minutes of battery life.

  • Beyond Reasonable Clout
    Beyond Reasonable Clout3 måneder siden


  • Beyond Reasonable Clout
    Beyond Reasonable Clout3 måneder siden

    dudes got a canker sore

  • username
    username3 måneder siden

    no gpu for 3K laptop :D

  • LeDaniii
    LeDaniii3 måneder siden


  • Rex Gomes
    Rex Gomes3 måneder siden


  • Bikolbie Mio
    Bikolbie Mio3 måneder siden

    did you noticed that the thumbnail isn’t right

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk663 måneder siden

    Over two grand? For a mid-range laptop? Every time Dell says 'business' it means double the price it should be so they can rape schools and government. I could get a bending phone for that price.

  • Heed
    Heed3 måneder siden


  • Jake Lang
    Jake Lang3 måneder siden

    are they making a series with similar function, like a consumer version or budget one?

  • thefront
    thefront3 måneder siden

    IT'S TOO SMALL!!! Please message me when they make a 17" 2 in 1 laptop with 4k res and edge to edge touch screen!

  • Michael C
    Michael C3 måneder siden

    Does anyone else just stop watching videos when you realize it's an Intel processor? 🤷

  • Jamie Gilbert
    Jamie Gilbert3 måneder siden

    What are you cringing at

  • Don Bruno de la Mancha
    Don Bruno de la Mancha3 måneder siden

    My man, as always, great showing from you‼️‼️‼️ Quick question for little ole you. Aside from Alienware, what is the best/highest end Dell line⁉️⁉️ Gracias‼️

  • Trevor Parcels

    Trevor Parcels

    3 måneder siden

    Dell is terrible

  • Aqil Zuraidi
    Aqil Zuraidi3 måneder siden

    all latitude series is fcking expensive and worth for someone with bloodmoney...

  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson3 måneder siden

    Oh great in 2020 another super expensive laptop that is far from perfect. Give it some time as laptops are a new invention right?

  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen3 måneder siden

    We piloted this at work. It’s Garbo.. way too expensive and uses a slower cpu than XPS 13. Lots of driver issues too.

  • All Alpha Zero Beta
    All Alpha Zero Beta3 måneder siden

    Easy mode be your own boss and buy it for yourself or is that hard mode?

  • David H'ee
    David H'ee3 måneder siden

    Please review the new Dell G7 15 with the i5H and 1660 Ti. It has an 86WHr battery and has the potential to be a great long-battery gaming laptop for under $1,000. I want to know - how comfortable is the keyboard? How is the screen - is it calibrated enough to be okay for photo editing? What is the battery life? Please and thank you!

  • Piotr Masłowski
    Piotr Masłowski3 måneder siden

    I read the thumbnail as 24Hz… Would still make sense, but why xD?

  • kenmagg
    kenmagg3 måneder siden

    For that much money, I'd take an XPS17 any day 😕

  • Kundalini Kova
    Kundalini Kova3 måneder siden

    Comes with THUNDERSPY and THUNDERCLAP, 100% FREE

  • Mr Among us man
    Mr Among us man3 måneder siden

    Yo can anyone help me I might be getting a pc and monitor and I don’t want to spend over 2600 dollars. I need a good pc recommendation and a good monitor. Please help I’m new to pc gaming.

  • pavy415
    pavy4153 måneder siden

    y no game tests?

  • SuperKetchup99
    SuperKetchup993 måneder siden

    That battery will swell up/explode in a year anyway. That's all we doing at work now, replacing batteries. Piece of shit modern junk.

  • Austin Cole
    Austin Cole3 måneder siden

    Did I hear Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) cos I'm Nigerian

  • Timi Timi
    Timi Timi3 måneder siden

    Imagine if it had a ryzen cpu

  • * 彡 RED RANGER 彡 * FBGR
    * 彡 RED RANGER 彡 * FBGR3 måneder siden

    bro do a vid on avita v 14 laptop ,its only 300 $ with good specs,but need a specialist review,can u do it pls,i recently listened about it,need to buy a lappy for programing job,i m just about to complete studies.

  • dwindeyer
    dwindeyer3 måneder siden

    Does this thing really have DDR3 memory?

  • Mike Medeiros
    Mike Medeiros3 måneder siden

    My company has been using Dell laptops and god i fucking hate it. Every single one of them has an issue. Most of them have had their batteries blown up to the point where the bottom cover won't close anymore and we're constantly calling in to have the motherboards replaced. The only time i would recommend a Dell is if its dirt cheap and you don't care about how long it lasts you.

  • Shirley
    Shirley3 måneder siden

    After 12-15 hours, I don't understand why you'd need more battery life. But nice that it exists

  • Epicular
    Epicular3 måneder siden

    this is a joke lol

  • Afiq Faiz Shaharudin
    Afiq Faiz Shaharudin3 måneder siden

    4K and HD only? My Laptop Died!

  • Age of Reason
    Age of Reason3 måneder siden

    Painful to watch review. You draaaag it out. Get to the point.

  • The Rambling Ranter
    The Rambling Ranter3 måneder siden

    No you wont get 25 hours of battery life unless you’re just gonna turn it on and walk away dude. If you were using it as an actual work device I think it would get maybe 10 hours. False advertising brought to you by the fidget kid.

  • The Rambling Ranter
    The Rambling Ranter3 måneder siden

    This guy seems really fidgety. Take your meds bud.

  • The Rambling Ranter
    The Rambling Ranter3 måneder siden

    Me: boss I need this laptop Boss: how much is it? Me: 3000 dollars Boss: fuck outta here and learn to like your hp with 4 hour battery life you peasant.

  • Jasper Waale
    Jasper Waale3 måneder siden

    Dell XPS has a rubber coating that after 2-3 years get sticky has to be cut away with some sharp tool