FINALLY, a gaming mouse for tiny hands!!! - Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini

Vitenskap og teknologi

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I don't have the largest hands, but that's useful for building PCs but not too useful when it comes to gaming mice.
Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini
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Razer DeathAdder V2
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  • Zonkko
    Zonkko6 timer siden

    im still waiting razer to make mini basilisk since deathadder is uncomfortable af

  • Demir Acar
    Demir Acar5 dager siden

    Linus is a LEGEND

  • Ijie Tolentino
    Ijie Tolentino5 dager siden

    f$$$ this mouse, why did they have to cheap out on the sensors too like hello

  • ops Triggerr
    ops Triggerr6 dager siden

    THANKKK U RAZERRRRRR (I’ve been wanting this mouse but it’s to big so ya:)

  • #Gaby Loco
    #Gaby Loco9 dager siden

    what is your type of mouse grip?????

  • Larry Terrell
    Larry Terrell10 dager siden

    I love how Linus is such as spaz that he read it loud it comes with rubberized stickers for grip then says that it doesn’t have it because he haphazardly tore the box open haha love you bro love your content

  • Andy Xiong
    Andy Xiong12 dager siden

    I just got the mini and as a small middle schooler the mini is hitting my hands perfectly and if you have small hands definitely get this mouse.

  • fmailscammer
    fmailscammer13 dager siden


  • Alluvium_
    Alluvium_16 dager siden

    i had a razer deathadder v2 mini but i broke it :((((( i loved it

  • Jo Mack
    Jo Mack17 dager siden

    yeah socks and sandals

  • Wunderfull
    Wunderfull17 dager siden

    You know what they say about people with little hands........

  • Usada Time Check
    Usada Time Check18 dager siden

    razer viper mini?

  • Darkraihs
    Darkraihs19 dager siden

    4:50, or it could be attributed to you throwing it behind the couch... just saying.

  • Covers
    Covers25 dager siden

    who got that honey ad with him in it before the vid

  • Kayle De guzman
    Kayle De guzman25 dager siden

    How many channels does he fucking have?!?!!

  • Pittpens2005
    Pittpens2005Måned siden

    Model o- “ight imma head out”

  • Svit S
    Svit SMåned siden

    viper mini is still wayyyy better imo

  • Snea_ks
    Snea_ksMåned siden

    1:47 anyone else get triggered when the shoes touch the pillow?

  • MP Sins
    MP SinsMåned siden

    Opera GX

    SNORLAXMåned siden

    viper mini or this for fps gaming/everyday use???????????????????

  • Silas McAllister
    Silas McAllisterMåned siden

    It doesn’t have the grippy sides? My friends that’s why the grip tape is a thing!

  • Richard Kinzinger
    Richard KinzingerMåned siden

    3:24 smooth transition

  • Puckish Pie
    Puckish PieMåned siden

    the normal one and the mini one beside each other looks likes: don't talk to me, or my son ever again

  • Gifted
    GiftedMåned siden

    the thing i like about ltt is that his sponsors are rather short like around 10-15 seconds most of the time (i still skip sponsors)

  • DigitalRagdoll
    DigitalRagdollMåned siden

    Anyone else think, little bites?

  • Tostitos
    TostitosMåned siden

    as someone who is left handed, We just use the right handed mouse

  • abu zubair
    abu zubairMåned siden

    The g wolves skoll mini is better weighing at 45 to 50 grams, detachable paracord cable, mouse grips and more for only 50 to 60 bucks, shop more g wolves products at maxgaming maxgaming site: promise this isn't a virus

  • Gavin Massa
    Gavin MassaMåned siden

    The reason the mini has no rubber grip is because the grip tape has to stick to the mouse.

  • hahahaahahahahahah
    hahahaahahahahahahMåned siden

    Hey im 15 years old and my hands in 20 cm/7.87 inches long do you think this is good for me? Probably won' use it more often after the quarantine is over

  • E N M 4
    E N M 42 måneder siden

    My hands: 18 cm Linus: yes

  • Super_
    Super_2 måneder siden

    2:48 This moment kinda scared me cause my name may or may not be Brandon so...

  • Enigma Productions
    Enigma Productions2 måneder siden


  • lordfejixo
    lordfejixo2 måneder siden

    Nobody: Twitch streamers: 1:41

  • bermin
    bermin2 måneder siden

    Razer Viper Mini: am I a joke to you

  • fongus
    fongus2 måneder siden

    wow, a mouse for roblox players

  • Cory Zhang
    Cory Zhang2 måneder siden

    2:58 is Linus Gru from minions?

  • 元
    2 måneder siden

    Thank you. I can finally reach buttons properly

  • Ultrathemeus
    Ultrathemeus2 måneder siden

    For some reason my hands length is small but the width is medium so im confusion

  • Haiperr
    Haiperr2 måneder siden

    Now we need a wireless version.

  • Zeemas
    Zeemas2 måneder siden

    1:41 Eww, what are those??

  • Cummer Semen
    Cummer Semen2 måneder siden

    And there’s me with a 24 cm long 12.8 cm wide hands with my deathadder v2 looking like a mini mini mouse

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables
    A bunny that will chew on your cables2 måneder siden

    Are those like coffee grounds or something or is that mould? Inside the LTT bottle 😂

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables
    A bunny that will chew on your cables2 måneder siden

    My hands are tiny, they're 16 cm from top of middle finger to wrist, and 9cm across. So it's always hard to find a good gaming mouse. I still wouldn't buy that razer tho :P

  • Majed Lutfi
    Majed Lutfi2 måneder siden

    Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini vs Viper mini

  • Revenix
    Revenix3 måneder siden

    I’m 13 and haven’t hit puberty and 4”8 so I’m tiny. This is going to be awesome! I’m currently saving up for it! I’ll start with the mini but as I get bigger I will most likely switch to the DeathAdder V2.

  • XPhoax
    XPhoax3 måneder siden

    I feel u man

  • Marcelino195
    Marcelino1953 måneder siden

    When you have small hands and still uses a g502

  • Reigal
    Reigal3 måneder siden

    Gotta get that mousepad

  • Joakim svensson
    Joakim svensson3 måneder siden

    where is my Razer deathadder v2 Big

  • Ericonic
    Ericonic3 måneder siden

    Aren't you the guy from the honey ads

  • M. Nichols

    M. Nichols

    3 måneder siden

    Nah, that's Jake from Hotel Trivago.

  • Tri-Edge
    Tri-Edge3 måneder siden

    Big mouse is tiring and heavy unlike a small mouse, it's lighter and easy to use and cannot cause fatigue that much as big mice

  • Gerb
    Gerb3 måneder siden

    Mans got the Jesus 3000's on bruh

  • rottweilers
    rottweilers3 måneder siden

    linus broke one of his rules : never leave your water bottle open at your workspace

  • MasterTheBasics
    MasterTheBasics3 måneder siden

    Hope I can afford a mouse too :

  • vodn.
    vodn.3 måneder siden

    ngl my hands are bigger than his and i am 13

  • bill sew
    bill sew3 måneder siden

    linus THICCC

  • Seviav GamingGR
    Seviav GamingGR3 måneder siden

    me with giant hands: wait what, even the razer mamba is small for me

  • Jordan Wong
    Jordan Wong3 måneder siden

    Jesus. Those are some pretty small hands.

  • Quakewr
    Quakewr3 måneder siden

    Wait where is the 8th button

  • Bryan James Mendoza
    Bryan James Mendoza4 måneder siden

    Did it include with rubber side grips?

  • DJ Miscreola
    DJ Miscreola4 måneder siden

    When russians speak english: 3:00

  • Ak47
    Ak474 måneder siden

    man stop with these ads all the time

  • real blixer
    real blixer4 måneder siden

    2:59 Wait hold up so linus is Russian???

  • J024
    J0244 måneder siden

    Much like Jackie Chan, Linus does his own stunts.

  • Gabriele Gardinali
    Gabriele Gardinali4 måneder siden

    I'm still waiting for a good mouse for really big hands

  • Wes
    Wes4 måneder siden

    The regular deathadder is too small for my hands bahaha. My hands are the size of 10" dinner plate

  • Honestly,
    Honestly,4 måneder siden

    Ayyy! Finally a teeny tiny gaming mouse for the ladies. Shame it doesn't come at a teeny tiny price. Bottle's looking good too!

  • Kevin Rodriguez Jr
    Kevin Rodriguez Jr4 måneder siden

    >tfw smaller hand than linus

  • Reyze
    Reyze4 måneder siden

    Someone has to get linus into mice ppl

  • Tyl3r3xx
    Tyl3r3xx4 måneder siden

    Why can’t you just get a bigger hand?

  • Not roch
    Not roch4 måneder siden

    2:59 Russian has taken over the channel

  • 사랑해
    사랑해4 måneder siden

    나만 한국인 인건가...?....?

  • Umer Abdullah
    Umer Abdullah4 måneder siden

    Linus: Where's my left handed mouse! Me:*getting excited* linus:*takes out both regular and v2 mini me: Where the F

  • Cardmaster12
    Cardmaster124 måneder siden

    Honestly, the mouse isn't really small, Razer's mice are just massive

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg4 måneder siden

    The "Gamer Mouse" industry is still totally drawing a blank on what competitive players actually want. MINIMUM WEIGHT. YES I want ALL my mice to weigh 60g, but forget 60g, I want 40g! Construct everything out of honeycomb exoskeleton for all I care. The Mouse Does Not Cradle My Palm. The only part of my hand that ever touches any mouse is my fingers, 99.9% of the time it is only suspended by my thumb and ring finger, the other 0.1% of the time I'm actively clicking so there will be three points of contact instead of just two. I want some relatively grippy pads on the side and then the primary buttons may as well be flat with the mousepad. I don't "want" to raise my fingers so they look like fangs, all these giant "Gamer" mice FORCE people to do the "CLAW grip" because people have no idea what a mouse is supposed to actually look like. The position of your hand when you naturally rest your arm on the desk and start tapping on it with your fingertips is EXACTLY the position your hand should take when you hold a mouse.

  • A4DCS
    A4DCS4 måneder siden

    I'm 5'3" and have a bigger mouse than the V2 Mini, why is your hand that tiny compared to the mouse lol

  • NateDogester
    NateDogester4 måneder siden

    Linus got another sponsor other than glasswire

  • NLD Gregorinio
    NLD Gregorinio4 måneder siden

    I have like 10 to 12cm hands so its good for me i have it

  • iiyayiicool
    iiyayiicool4 måneder siden

    Waiting for huge version...

  • Devan Cima
    Devan Cima4 måneder siden

    "Fans GO BRrrrrrrrrrr!!!!"

  • Quirkey
    Quirkey4 måneder siden

    My eyes have never been more open to the size of Linus’s hands

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver4 måneder siden

    @2:59 I looked away for a second and thought Ivan came back for a cameo.

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver4 måneder siden

    Who else remembers the early days of laptops in the 90s when everyone was making tiny mice cause cat pads and pointer nubs sucked.

  • INGC.35
    INGC.354 måneder siden

    He looks like linus from linus tech tips

  • Alex Paulsen
    Alex Paulsen5 måneder siden

    Trump's mouse, for his tiny hands.

  • 101lolboy101
    101lolboy1015 måneder siden

    Mini viper:💀

  • G1zzG4zz
    G1zzG4zz5 måneder siden

    Razer Deathadder mini: comes with grip tape: Minecraft Drag clickers: Guten Tag

  • Doctor Howdy
    Doctor Howdy5 måneder siden

    we need more bigger mice, not smaller??

  • cho4d
    cho4d5 måneder siden

    The "rubberised" parts of a my old deathadder got absolutely truly disgusting in like... less than a year... i would argue that the mini is the upgrade and the daddy is the downgrade in that regard.,

  • Branan Andreu
    Branan Andreu5 måneder siden

    2:48 it sounds like he says my name “Branan” instead of “Brandon”

  • Kaho Chan
    Kaho Chan5 måneder siden

    I am begging for a Wireless DA v2 mini

  • AhsanMC
    AhsanMC5 måneder siden

    Now if only they could make a tiny keyboard for my baby hands...

  • Vaman Patel
    Vaman Patel5 måneder siden

    you will never get my subscribe after watching you climb over a sofa and back. though I will continue watching your dumbs videos to help me sleep with your mouse voice. no pun intended

  • Vaman Patel

    Vaman Patel

    5 måneder siden

    great job understanding the algorithm xD

  • LegitBacKd00rNiNJa69
    LegitBacKd00rNiNJa695 måneder siden

    where is the deathadder maxi

  • XFlame
    XFlame5 måneder siden

    The viper ultimate, practically a perfect mouse, u use a gpro wireless, even though the viper has a better shape, better buttons and is lighter. Linus, it's been a long time since I was excited for a razer mouse Razer: Insert sad cat, with thumbs up meme here

  • oFiddled
    oFiddled5 måneder siden

    Linus wear the trend of socks in saddles which I 100% support

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever5 måneder siden

    Red Dragon Emperor (M909) is a solid budget choice. Pixart 3327 sensor.

  • Yellow Apple
    Yellow Apple5 måneder siden

    is this left-handed?

  • Spectr3x
    Spectr3x5 måneder siden

    This mouse and the Viper Mini would actually be good for average adults that claw or fingertip grip. Palm grippers would like a bigger mouse, but claw and fingertip grip would be perfect for these mice.

  • Elloli
    Elloli5 måneder siden

    "perfect for a pre-adolescent" me: **can't even use mice with all fingers, because my hands are to big to comfortable fit my thumb on it**