Don't buy this laptop.... YET! - ASUS Zenbook UX425EA

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Why is everyone buying and using the ASUS Zenbook? It's not the most powerful, yet not exactly the cheapest... until it goes on sale. Alex decides to take a look!
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  • BlueFox
    BlueFoxDag siden

    Touch screens are for babies and people who like dirty screens.

  • Ms. ChubbyBlue
    Ms. ChubbyBlue2 dager siden

    How often do people even carry wired headphones with them these days I wonder.

  • Gno
    Gno3 dager siden

    Who does it matter if it has headphone jack, when an adapter is with it?

  • SaRdYnKa111
    SaRdYnKa11112 dager siden

    Still waiting for your opinion on Zenbook S

  • Pavel Shu
    Pavel Shu14 dager siden

    This laptop has 2 tunderbolt 4.0 and power delivery, also it has huge battery and this book is ultra slim. I use headphone with tipe C connector. The nice machine.

  • Mojr Hikigaya
    Mojr Hikigaya14 dager siden

    Wish you could do a review on some budget 11th gen intel like acer aspire 5

  • Deepak - For Every one
    Deepak - For Every one16 dager siden

    Hello.....I am from india Will you clarify me a doubt... When you flip the screen, Are you noticing any display fade.

  • Ronin R

    Ronin R

    15 dager siden

    Price at 77990? Where did you check it?

  • Michail L
    Michail L18 dager siden

    I thought TWS headphones are the norm nowadays. I also thought that a tech reviewer would know matte screens never have touch.

  • Spencer Gelinas
    Spencer Gelinas18 dager siden

    I just got this the battery life is amazing and it is really good if you have wireless headphones.

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior20 dager siden

    I don't use Headphone in laptop. Thanks.

  • Will Hutton
    Will Hutton20 dager siden

    The Zenbook 15 UX534FT is a great laptop for the price! I got it 200 off on Black Friday for $999.99 New! The screen at the bottom is great for a student like me! 4K screen with a Core i7 10510U with GTX 1650 MaxQ graphics

  • Will Hutton
    Will Hutton20 dager siden

    The texture is similar to a lathe finish on metal

  • Selling Project1
    Selling Project120 dager siden

    Sure your text make me uncomfortable!

  • ciupenhauer
    ciupenhauer23 dager siden

    but what about the nooooise? and cooling?

  • ciupenhauer
    ciupenhauer23 dager siden

    dude, this dude is even funnier than Linus HOW did I not see him before

  • milkey way
    milkey way23 dager siden

    Can you guys help me? For gaming (casual, maybe dota2), editing, 3d modelling do you recommend this ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425EA or should i buy MSI Modern 14 B11SB instead? I plan to buy the i7 version within that price range. Or are there any other type/brand that worth more than those two?

  • Demir Arkman
    Demir Arkman24 dager siden

    Can you review Asus Zenbook S also? the new one. it have 3:2 and 3300x220 resolution, and a touch panel :)

  • Cat Harrington
    Cat Harrington28 dager siden

    I won't give anything to your hands... Every time you throw and spin that thing my heart stops.... And I'm getting triggered...

  • vlade man
    vlade man29 dager siden

    This little beast looks awsome and moves accordingly! I don't know why are you doing tech reviews when you are just a prettier version of your sister. When you talk all I can hear is the slap on the forehead of your tech crew. Maybe if you put a little "punjabi"(no offence intended) in it, you will get it wright. But until then, lose the mirror, fire stylist and listen to your tech guy. There are smaller things to plug a 3.5 jack into. Don't dishonor an ultrabook just for that and by any means don't get subjective(as in corrupted)! Palm grease, useless to say useless...just grose!!! This ultrabook deserves only four words: awsome, performance, small and lifespan! Can you film that?! That's a review! I'm speaking as an owner of an ux425ea who saw your video(not the only one, good for me) before buying it

  • ImJustDead
    ImJustDeadMåned siden

    Well shit I'm here cuz its on sale!

  • George Fikri
    George FikriMåned siden

    this is the first time i came across this channel and i will make sure it's the last 1. not funny 2. owned by linus which is not stated 3. promoting linus

  • supabowler
    supabowlerMåned siden

    this dude has no idea what he's talking about

  • dabeev
    dabeevMåned siden

    Putting touch screens on laptops is blasphemous. If you touch my screen, GTFO.

  • kevin salley
    kevin salleyMåned siden

    Wireless headphones are the future... now

  • Ramon Adianto
    Ramon AdiantoMåned siden

    theres adaptor converter dude, just chill

  • Doyin Awosanya
    Doyin AwosanyaMåned siden

    Do AMD variants come with 67Whr battery

  • 홍로
    홍로Måned siden

    This review is bullshit .. people don't need or expect touch screen on laptop. This model is the cheapest one that has thunderbolt4 and LPDDR4 option. Without LPDDR4 tigerlake processor won't give you fully functional.. Is there any alternative that has thunderbolt4, LPDDR4 and less than 1.2Kg weight. I'm linstening , plz notice me.

  • Jagannath Vadivelu
    Jagannath VadiveluMåned siden

    Review sucks. Too much nit picking. You got to tone down buddy.

  • Muhitul Alam
    Muhitul AlamMåned siden

    Is anyone going to say anything about how Alex typed Boobies in numbers, backwards on the Num Pad.

  • ms p
    ms pMåned siden

    For the record, "" rates ASUS as the best laptop maker and Microsoft as the This is why people buy Zenbooks and don't listen to tech

  • AlexNJ0
    AlexNJ0Måned siden

    How's the build quality on this thing? And which one is better, the hp envy 13 or this thing?

  • vortex05
    vortex05Måned siden

    disagree the touch screen in a laptop is pretty niche these days I don't use it.

  • Jo Re
    Jo ReMåned siden

    Hello, do you know how many WiFi antennas it has?

  • sirfer6969
    sirfer6969Måned siden

    The best part of Alex's videos is his 1980's calculator watch. I had a couple of these, one original and one 2nd gen, oh the memories.

  • Lp Xiv
    Lp XivMåned siden

    No headphone jack = No thanks

  • Sourove Kummar Saha
    Sourove Kummar SahaMåned siden

    Can we have a full LTT video on this laptop please !!??

  • Amol
    AmolMåned siden

    I was debating between this and the MacBook air, went for the MacBook air. Hope it's a good choice?

  • Aniket K
    Aniket KMåned siden

    10:02 ... Nope, no touchscreen, necessary for the feature they rarely use

  • Alec Collins
    Alec CollinsMåned siden

    Just did as title said and copped for $900 on Amazon this morning :))))

  • Hoi
    HoiMåned siden

    Why people care so much about the audio jack? You most likely to get wireless headphones anyway or you probably have it already! Plus there’s an adapter, it’s not that big of a deal. Also, I wouldn’t expect a touchscreen for a 900€ laptop anyway lol It seems to be a pretty good computer when looking to the actual characteristics and the price they offer.

  • Safir Aksel
    Safir AkselMåned siden

    Oh wow... even apple doesn't have the courage to remove the headphone jack on macs

  • Reukra
    Reukra2 måneder siden

    Annnnnddd they are sold out? Idiots really be buyig mediocre Laptops without Audiojacks.....

  • Delvin Chua
    Delvin Chua2 måneder siden

    ASUS ZenBook 14 UX435EG is coming out and it brings back the headphone jack 🥳 wonder if that’ll be a good buy!

  • AbhiPrem
    AbhiPrem2 måneder siden

    You are so confused. Thumbs down

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz2 måneder siden

    He was annoying. I kept fast forwarding here and there, hoping for some good information. Then I came to the end of the video. I learned to buy it on sale and basically it sucks for not having a touchscreen or headphone jack.

  • Jerry No30
    Jerry No302 måneder siden

    Was it hard to remove the rubber feet to take out the screws?

  • Tony CDZ
    Tony CDZ2 måneder siden

    Honestly it’s an amazing laptop tho

  • Kirito
    Kirito2 måneder siden

    NO! GOD NO! Pls don‘t use auto translated video titles! They are garbage!

  • ZiK
    ZiK2 måneder siden

    My favorite laptop. Had a previous one.

    ABDULLAH AWAD2 måneder siden

    Probably the shittiest tech reviewer yet.

  • Elijah Jarrell
    Elijah Jarrell2 måneder siden

    I got the ryzen version of this a week ago

  • Keiz
    Keiz2 måneder siden

    No headphone jack no way I’m ever going to buy it now.

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x2 måneder siden

    i was very tempted by a zen book but ended up going for a blade stealth on sale, my flatmate has a zenbook though

  • omar elwaily
    omar elwaily2 måneder siden

    No headphone jack 🤢

  • Tharun V
    Tharun V2 måneder siden

    buy hp pavilion gaming

  • Rishistav Ray
    Rishistav Ray2 måneder siden

    Zenbook pro when?

  • olpizl
    olpizl2 måneder siden

    The german title is so wrong. Please do not enter titles in foreign languages.. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Thomas Gires
    Thomas Gires2 måneder siden

    I had an older Zenbook, then later got an HP. Big regret :D Quite likely to go back to Asus next time...

  • Ivo Petrov
    Ivo Petrov2 måneder siden

    This guy is a joke. Waste of time.

  • Non KSF Lover Singapore
    Non KSF Lover Singapore2 måneder siden

    I bought this im using it now

  • Jaxson The tech
    Jaxson The tech2 måneder siden

    I have a vivobook flip 14 with the i5 and 8gb ram and 512 gb ssd and I LOVE IT it’s perfect for me

  • Jaxson The tech

    Jaxson The tech

    2 måneder siden

    And the io is excellent it has 2 usb 3 1 usb 2 1 usb c headohohe jack hdmi full sd card

  • Jaxson The tech

    Jaxson The tech

    2 måneder siden

    But I did get it on sale for 600 lol

  • ancoballif
    ancoballif2 måneder siden

    I want that wallpaper

  • B
    B2 måneder siden

    This guy just pisses me off man

  • EoRdE6
    EoRdE62 måneder siden

    Wow I'm kinda jealous, this competes really well with my Surface Laptop 3... Damn... I used to have the Zenbook UX305 and it was a battery life beast

  • Frosty.
    Frosty.2 måneder siden

    i *really* like that little mechanical popup from opening the box

  • SMB8003A Productions
    SMB8003A Productions2 måneder siden

    Dell Xps is freekin expensive in Singapore

  • MeatyLad
    MeatyLad2 måneder siden

    The german Title is "Kaufe nicht diese Laptop....NOCH!". It should be "Kaufe NOCH nicht diesen Laptop!", Oder "Kaufe diesen Laptop NOCH nicht!"

  • SMB8003A Productions
    SMB8003A Productions2 måneder siden

    In Singapore they sold this at $1398

  • SMB8003A Productions
    SMB8003A Productions2 måneder siden

    I'm now using this Zenbook

  • R.a. Wheeler
    R.a. Wheeler2 måneder siden

    Yeah... na. That deckflex and missing headphone jack does it for me. The XPS is only a hundred more , sometimes even less (Gotta love Dell's code system) and it's far superior in every way possible Even at $800 or $900 I can see someone doing better easily. That said if Asus tweaked this a bit and added a 4k option I could see this being more compelling, as it sits it doesn't look like very competitive to me. Had they at least made upgrading the ram possible, geeks on a budget is a great niche.

  • NasheDete
    NasheDete2 måneder siden

    Its an amazing laptop. You are just a crappy reviewer and you cant see it and u try to hard to be funny (not getting there) Thats why 14yo gaming streamers have more followers than you :)

  • vikas komaragiri
    vikas komaragiri2 måneder siden

    No matter what i loved this laptop and im gonna buy it any way

  • AnAn7s29
    AnAn7s292 måneder siden

    Is he the same guy from the movie "Holidate"??

  • Arnold K
    Arnold K2 måneder siden

    Just like everyone else, I don't find the lack of Aux excusable. I also really wish reviewers wouldn't only call the 3.5mm jack a "headphone" jack. Completely forgetting about speakers and AV equipment.

  • sakib ahmed
    sakib ahmed2 måneder siden

    that's a shitty review of decent laptop

  • bflw9
    bflw92 måneder siden

    Is there anybody who bought this laptop? And what do you think ?

  • Sneakers Dave's
    Sneakers Dave's2 måneder siden

    They probably thought the Zenbooks had Zen processors

  • abe kline
    abe kline2 måneder siden

    5138008? Nice.

  • N eo
    N eo2 måneder siden

    After complaining theta there ain’t a headphone jack Message from our sponsor, about headphones

  • HardNotHard7
    HardNotHard72 måneder siden

    Well im not used to using touchscreen on laptops, i never had one with a touchscreen

    MIHAEL ALEXANDRU BIȘAG2 måneder siden

    If we have to make decisions based on your thoughts and reviews, we will all end buying nothing

  • Viky Singhal
    Viky Singhal2 måneder siden

    I say let's not support any products that don't have a headphone jack.

  • David K.
    David K.2 måneder siden

    Review the AMD version!

  • Cat R
    Cat R2 måneder siden

  • Mohamed Saabiq
    Mohamed Saabiq2 måneder siden

    When people open their new laptop's box....... Normal people: let's use the laptop! Alexander: Let's see what's in the box (keeps the laptop in the box and takes stuff under it out)

  • Chris D2D
    Chris D2D2 måneder siden

    That video was a waste of my time. Just a guy mumbling stuff - no benchmarks, no indicators, no numbers. "That screen is good", "this battery is huge", "this keyboard ok". Thanks, very informative. Whatever...

  • Richard James Rueles
    Richard James Rueles2 måneder siden

    UX435EA (model with headphone jack and screenpad)

    ADRENELINEDUDE2 måneder siden

    Overpriced, Laptops have been getting way too expensive.

  • Zardif
    Zardif2 måneder siden

    Really wish they would show the webcam, it's 2020 and I want something better than the 1.3 megapixel 720p format that we have been using since 2010.

  • GomiHiko
    GomiHiko2 måneder siden

    grease up the ol pc

  • Jeff Chadrick
    Jeff Chadrick2 måneder siden

    Touchscreen is not a compelling feature to me. I have never used it on my laptop

  • Luca Santarella
    Luca Santarella2 måneder siden

    Literally hate the touchscreens on laptops. I'd take a good matte over a touch any day.

  • pr0w0q4t0r
    pr0w0q4t0r2 måneder siden

    like after converting pounds to kg

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres2 måneder siden

    Good video but not so good laptop I think, probably it's just that I am not the market for it

  • Zach S.
    Zach S.2 måneder siden

    complaining about no headphone jack in 2020 is cringe. literally who cares, everyone has usb-c buds if they own an android and AirPods / bluetooth if not...

  • Дмитро Піддячий
    Дмитро Піддячий2 måneder siden


  • Robert Weatherall
    Robert Weatherall2 måneder siden

    ive happily used my zenbook UX303LN for 6 years now, a pretty impressive effort i think, no issues with it

  • Arsene Ic
    Arsene Ic2 måneder siden

    Can u do the vivobook s14

  • ChillyellowCat
    ChillyellowCat2 måneder siden

    I do you one better don't buy Asus products...yet

  • Aqil Zuraidi
    Aqil Zuraidi2 måneder siden

    not expensive huh ? okay...