Did the iPad Air kill the iPad Pro?

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Apple released the new iPad Air that utilizes their new A14 Bionic Chip, which technically makes it faster and I guess better than the iPad Pro... why are there so many different models?
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  • huzaifa imran
    huzaifa imran2 måneder siden

    I wanna have a relationship as stable as dbrand and LTT

  • ricky v

    ricky v

    2 måneder siden

    LOL (:

  • Blue


    2 måneder siden

    Hopefully you don't get dropped

  • Mister 2

    Mister 2

    2 måneder siden

    @Brad Bradson Same, so I started making my own. lol Such as one for this iPad :) www.etsy.com/listing/882223588/apple-ipad-air-4-2020-model-full?ref=shop_home_feat_2

  • chingus


    2 måneder siden


  • Connor


    2 måneder siden

    @Pepijn dM lol

  • Switch Boy
    Switch Boy14 dager siden

    The reason why apple gave the ipad air touch id was so they could make the ipad pro look better. Also it was actually more expensive to put touch id on the ipad air just for the sake of making the ipad pro look good.

  • Rational Ape
    Rational ApeMåned siden

    I didnt knew PewDiePie also does tech review

  • Marshal D 123 H
    Marshal D 123 HMåned siden

    oof just hearing that an ipad has more ram and more storage than my imac from 2011 is a little discouraging

  • Jamie Pan
    Jamie PanMåned siden

    always loved Touch ID c: if I didn’t have the air 3 I’d totally get this

  • Piotr Dudała
    Piotr DudałaMåned siden

    iPad Air with LTE, Keyboard and Pencil out-prices MacBook Air.

  • Garett Wedow
    Garett WedowMåned siden

    iPad Pro shits on the Air

  • Taylor Ferreira
    Taylor FerreiraMåned siden

    Okay but which one do I get for school... the air or big pro?

  • ————————————


    Måned siden

    I’d still recommend the pro.

  • Dusk Rider
    Dusk RiderMåned siden

    WTF, why does the air get Touch ID but not the iphone 12???

  • Mpotatoes16


    18 dager siden

    iPad Air 4 is a iPhone 12Pro SuperMax. Lol

  • Chocbrown
    ChocbrownMåned siden

    This guy sorta annoys me. It's like he doesn't really care. Idk?

  • Antphoneigh
    AntphoneighMåned siden

    Thanks LTT for Riley!

  • Damen RB
    Damen RBMåned siden


  • ————————————


    Måned siden

    Oh yeah he does.

  • Vishu Kumar
    Vishu KumarMåned siden

    "Finger print making is annoying in this" you should watch this video to know real annoying mean.

  • Turdburglar
    TurdburglarMåned siden

    Riley acts just like the parents in a TV show who always act super enthusiastic for mundane things like eating dinner.

  • kahlil glenn
    kahlil glenn2 måneder siden

    He talks a lot and says nothinh

  • Demure Abyss7
    Demure Abyss72 måneder siden

    Galaxy Tab s7 and s7 plus vs iPad?

  • Bb1
    Bb12 måneder siden

    A portable laptop like that, for 600 or even 900 (with keyboard) CAD is a steal compared to launch prices of what’s available on the market.

  • Logan Lunde

    Logan Lunde

    2 måneder siden

    Its cheaper than the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

    DUSTRICK2 måneder siden

    I wanted to see the iPad but there is so much filler to this video and I didn't click to learn about accessories, I wanted to see the iPad.

  • Martin Roedl
    Martin Roedl2 måneder siden

    Is this a friend of Sir Adolf?🤣

  • Bboyman1150
    Bboyman11502 måneder siden

    Me with my 1st gen iPad Air 😐

  • Pankaj Doharey
    Pankaj Doharey2 måneder siden

    Excellent machine for students thinking of buying Chromebook.

  • Kw1161
    Kw11612 måneder siden

    10 years and finally Apple is incorporate the old Newton handwriting recognition on the iPad. I have a Surface Pro 3 and it never could reconize my handwriting...

  • Joshua Prentice
    Joshua Prentice2 måneder siden

    That intro sounded like Aqua FPS lol

  • Green Toastr
    Green Toastr2 måneder siden

    u were great in princess bride

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney2 måneder siden

    went with a surface pro instead. i need a real hybrid, not a toy with a mobile os. i got tired of the closed ecosystem. its just not working out for me.

  • Erik Mm
    Erik Mm2 måneder siden

    so the "short"circut is twice the length of the LTT review?

  • Jitze van der Hoek
    Jitze van der Hoek2 måneder siden

    3:44 Riley you jut makes sparks with two ipads! that is the fisrt time Riley makes progress XD

  • No Name
    No Name2 måneder siden

    This video definitely not made at home with off-the shelf tech 🤫😉.

  • addy
    addy2 måneder siden

    I have the iPad Pro rn and once the iPad Air came out I kinda want one now, I like devices with no home button! but I’m kinda thinking to stay with the pro but I don’t know

  • GaLoS
    GaLoS2 måneder siden

    They always say there's going to be full review on LTT but it almost never happens.

  • serenerhapsody
    serenerhapsody2 måneder siden

    This guy is really cute

  • Terrobility
    Terrobility2 måneder siden

    The Project Soli line made me giggle

  • Toni Viinikainen
    Toni Viinikainen2 måneder siden

    So you call it a laptop, but it can't run any laptop aplications? Maybe just call it a laptop sized smartphone..

  • ————————————


    Måned siden

    🤦🏾‍♂️it can run some laptop applications, so stop the 🧢

  • Prince L
    Prince L2 måneder siden

    Don’t iPads use iOS? If it had Mac OS and pc apps I’d take an iPad. Especially since Mac OS will use the M1 which is like a stronger A14

  • cakeller98
    cakeller982 måneder siden

    omg linus with his iphone 4... from ages ago. was he 14? awwwww... so adorable.

  • Tyler P
    Tyler P2 måneder siden

    Random video idea: What if Linus "daily drove" an iPad for a month? On the WAN show, he didn't seem to have any idea as to why people would buy a tablet, but they are really useful for simple things like web surfing, video watching, and reading books.

  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff Studios2 måneder siden

    Even the basic iPad can edit and export 4k Videos without breaking a sweat.

  • Shinki
    Shinki2 måneder siden

    dude i like this guy hahha

  • Gustavo Rocks
    Gustavo Rocks2 måneder siden

    I am watching this on a iPad Pro 2020

  • Dad.0
    Dad.02 måneder siden

    Great video, I love my iPad Pro

  • Mladen Pantic
    Mladen Pantic2 måneder siden

    I like Riley so much, but here he looks and talks exactly like Ned Flanders !

  • Dazfast
    Dazfast2 måneder siden

    Comedy tash 😂😂😂 too funny. Tell me that's not a look now lol Dirk Diggler stylie 🤣🤣 Noooo

  • Mads
    Mads2 måneder siden

    4:00 If I can buy a flat in my country with these

  • R1pper_uk
    R1pper_uk2 måneder siden

    Hello Mcfly it's just an iPad pro minus.

  • Irtesam Murshid Ahmed
    Irtesam Murshid Ahmed2 måneder siden

    Review the samsung galaxy tab s7+

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX172 måneder siden

    It’s a computer, but I can’t use it for what I do

  • Elias Tussetschlaeger
    Elias Tussetschlaeger2 måneder siden

    We really need a 128gb storage option! 64 isn't enough but 256 for 749$ makes it a lot less appealing. Such a shame

  • Hynek Borůvka
    Hynek Borůvka2 måneder siden

    Lenovo still do very nice tablets. If you're into Android on tablet, Lenovo.

  • Steven Casteel
    Steven Casteel2 måneder siden

    You're a funny dude. I like ya.

  • Tom Richardson
    Tom Richardson2 måneder siden

    Riley, you can't do that fingers thing while sporting the mustache. It makes you look like you're not allowed within 200 yards of an elementary school.

  • Petter650
    Petter6502 måneder siden

    If the clima aspact is that important for Apple, then why do thy ship stickers with their products? I mean many people probaply already have those. I dont hate Apple. Just wanted to say that.

  • Luis Pires
    Luis Pires2 måneder siden

    Apple what are u doing?? iPad USB Type C iPhone lightning Why?

  • Mpotatoes16


    18 dager siden

    AirPods ProMax. Also lightning.

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres2 måneder siden

    Still not into the tablet market, si far a phone and a laptop is the way to go for me

  • Jason Last
    Jason Last2 måneder siden

    Riley is my favourite.

  • rmotek1
    rmotek12 måneder siden

    My biggest reason for wanting an iPad is being able to use Procreate for digital art and lettering, as well as other general usage. should I go with the Pro simply for the refresh rate for less lag with the apple pencil?

  • EmptyUnicorn
    EmptyUnicorn2 måneder siden

    60hz 🤮

  • Jomar Mansilungan
    Jomar Mansilungan2 måneder siden

    The A12Z is still faster in multicore performance over the A14 since it has 8 cores vs 4 on the A14.

  • Jovanie Unajan
    Jovanie Unajan2 måneder siden

    Care to share it to me... 😇😇😇

  • László Szerémi
    László Szerémi2 måneder siden

    The iPad is a computer, so is your smartphone.

  • DustyTheDog
    DustyTheDog2 måneder siden

    Well, since third-party controller makers are not required to have a license, I doubt the faceplates will come out of court with a pro-license ruling.

  • OsmosisGaming
    OsmosisGaming2 måneder siden

    The answer is no

  • jorita bedayo
    jorita bedayo2 måneder siden

    Ummm no!!

  • WhizGamer30
    WhizGamer302 måneder siden

    600 dollar aint cheap not including the 300 dollar magic keyboard. U can buy a gaming laptop for 900 dollars an does way more things than an ipad FACTS !!

  • AliGinBerlin2
    AliGinBerlin22 måneder siden

    Is it possible to put both stickers at the same place?

  • sahaj gajera
    sahaj gajera2 måneder siden

    6:39 Yo that’s us.

  • Starlesslemon
    Starlesslemon2 måneder siden

    Watching on my Fire HD 8+

    HYPERS2 måneder siden

    i don't get it why they didn't put in the touch id sensor on the power button to the iphone 12 and 12 Pro, cause in that pandemic Face ID is absolute shit

    HYPERS2 måneder siden

    these dbrand skins look make the back of the ipad look like shit ngl

  • Simon Paillé
    Simon Paillé2 måneder siden

    I wonder if the iPad air will bend like the pro did

  • xBytez
    xBytez2 måneder siden

    I really can't say the iPad is a computer. I own a 2019 regular iPad and I can't find any use case for it. I would never trade my desktop PC for it. Impossible.

  • xBytez


    2 måneder siden

    @MegaKirb28 Even an iPad Pro would never be able to replace my desktop or laptop computer.

  • MegaKirb28


    2 måneder siden

    it’s because you have the 10.2 7th gen, which has the A10 chip from 2016 in the iphone 7

  • Vishal Hinduja
    Vishal Hinduja2 måneder siden

    Why would u put a mustache on that beautiful face?

  • EmeraldEye9
    EmeraldEye92 måneder siden

    I was watching this with an IPad Pro..

  • KuroInside
    KuroInside2 måneder siden

    H in Hola: _silent_ Riley: *HHHHHHHHHHOLÁ*

  • P3rs0n4l1ty
    P3rs0n4l1ty2 måneder siden

    Lenovo announced couple new tablets with good hardware, pen support and reasonable price around 500-700 bucks

  • Romeo Mariano
    Romeo Mariano2 måneder siden

    The iPad Air is still slower than the coming iPad Pro. So the answer is no.

  • BRRT


    2 måneder siden

    The video is not saying the iPad Air is faster than the iPad Pro, the point is, it’s quite a lot cheaper, and it still has a lot of the features the iPad Pro has.

  • Jammas Chan
    Jammas Chan2 måneder siden

    Isnt the design already on the iphone 3G?

  • Kappie
    Kappie2 måneder siden

    The question is then: Why tha hell are they still forcing the lightning connector for iPhones? -.- Why not just go USB C across the board?

  • Victor Gil

    Victor Gil

    2 måneder siden


  • Dr_Expresso
    Dr_Expresso2 måneder siden

    Before iPad Pro, iPad Airs were the top line.

  • Julian
    Julian2 måneder siden

    6:37 my dude

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh2 måneder siden

    it will kill bank balances

  • Generously buttered ALCO
    Generously buttered ALCO2 måneder siden

    I know you have to say this, and you may like it, to be fair to you, but by god are these "modern" design stickers with a million things on them ugly. It's like people who get tattoos to look interesting, when it just looks bad. Whatever happened to classical aesthetics? Design sensibilities peaked in the 17th century.

  • mahi zen
    mahi zen2 måneder siden

    Relatively cheap lmao 600 plus 300 plus 130. And tax on that lmao over a thousand. And its still not a full on laptop u still have to make some sacrifices. Its even worse if u are thinking if the 11inch pro. Around 1200 that macbook pro territory.

  • N1KL8S KR
    N1KL8S KR2 måneder siden

    ipadair is imposter saw him killing ipad pro

  • Joseph Rosw-provey
    Joseph Rosw-provey2 måneder siden

    I really like these reviews but I wish they didn’t always have these dbrand skins on them

  • Asadujjaman Nur
    Asadujjaman Nur2 måneder siden

    Why don't they do this touch id with iphones?! You have a chunky bezel in the ipad and no face id! Then you don't need a forhead (don't call it a notch! it's dame big!) and you are forced to have it and the face id!

  • Cekrom
    Cekrom2 måneder siden

    6:53 Thanks for the description =D

  • Katrina Bryce
    Katrina Bryce2 måneder siden

    On single thread workloads, it doesn't just beat the iPad Pro, it beats Intel's 10900K, and it will likely be about the same as AMD's 5950X when it launches. For multicore, it is slower than the iPad Pro, and about the same as the base model 13" MacBook Pro.

  • Prakash
    Prakash2 måneder siden

    Short answer yes

  • Nishant Soni
    Nishant Soni2 måneder siden

    Apple is a joke. Their users are sick in the head.

  • Ahmmed Almubarak
    Ahmmed Almubarak2 måneder siden

    Will you review the galaxy tab s7

  • Comrade Trump
    Comrade Trump2 måneder siden

    god man i just want a 6.1 inch ipad pro bruh

  • Øystein
    Øystein2 måneder siden

    Everything that "computes" something is a sort of computer :P Just like a MacBook is a "Personal Computer" (PC) since the "PC" name has nothing to to with the OS and only has to do with the hardware ;)

  • Re Plex
    Re Plex2 måneder siden

    What is a safe protected IP supposed to be?

  • Bobby
    Bobby2 måneder siden

    It felt like watching Lew videos.

  • IcedReaver
    IcedReaver2 måneder siden

    If you close your eyes, sometimes he sounds like Linus.

  • Em Kay
    Em Kay2 måneder siden

    I stick to the 12.9 inch. Need the big boi screen for school

  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC2 måneder siden

    I feel like this video has a script but the script is just more memos of shit to talk about to prevent going on tangents. Its actually a lot better this way imo feels more relaxed and less robotic well done

  • Kendrick Austin Clyne
    Kendrick Austin Clyne2 måneder siden

    worst Ipad Air unboxing, but very funny :D

  • chillz261
    chillz2612 måneder siden

    I think in order for apple to be successful in marketing the iPad Air and pro as laptops, they should offer a deal where students can get the keyboard free or at a significantly reduced price with the purchase of an iPad Air or Pro, like how they do with their MacBooks and beats headphones or AirPods. I think students would go crazy if this were an option, and they’d sell way more iPads in comparison to MacBooks to students

  • Abu Bakr
    Abu Bakr2 måneder siden

    Apple: Yo we cutting costs and are gonna sell the same shit at different prices Everyone: OMG NEW FEATURES AND INNOVATION