Did Seasonic create perfection?? - Syncro Q7 Series

Vitenskap og teknologi

Thanks to Seasonic for sponsoring this video!! Learn more about the Syncro Q7 Series at lmg.gg/syncro
Power Supplies and pc cases selection are usually mismatched with two different companies, but what happens when it's made by the same company and designed to work together? Perfection 🤤
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*Note: Err Nicole Yuen was the camera operator and art director for today's video, not Nick Light
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  • NotMuchHere27709
    NotMuchHere27709Dag siden

    interesting. how durable is the secondary power block? When it dies and my wife takes it to best buy are they going to "get it", "fix it or trash it". How available are replacement parts. Will it be discountiued in 5 years when i need to replace it?

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud2 dager siden

    Whatd be better than pump mounts is a built in design pump res for d5, like a acryllic dual bay dual d5 pump res that takes that flat panels place

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud2 dager siden

    You would just fan mount the pump res

  • Lüc
    Lüc3 dager siden

    He's definitely high

  • Kuehnesm
    Kuehnesm3 dager siden

    You lost me as soon as I saw that giant additional brick that came with the power supply. How big are cases these days?

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B4 dager siden

    do those cables that you could located the info for connect the power supply to the motherboard fan outputs so that you can tell it how fast you want them to spin??

  • Dakktyrel
    Dakktyrel5 dager siden

    Seems like we're adding "convenience" at the cost of unnecessary points of failure.

  • Ravedge70
    Ravedge706 dager siden

    Bad week to quit my tobacco use...watching Linus use tools or disassemble anything causes me great amounts of anxiety. Why you may ask....because I have never seen anyone yes tools or take anything apart is completely cringeworthy. It's like watching my wife try to use a screwdriver to nail something to the wall.

  • J S
    J S6 dager siden

    Would you use an air cooled graphics card since the fans would face up or is this only a liquid cooled gpu setup? If you go air cooled, would you then use the top fans as intake?

  • Mr FordF350
    Mr FordF3506 dager siden

    A solution looking for a problem.

  • Jason Stockett
    Jason Stockett7 dager siden

    Love the idea, would prefer an option without all of the RGB for lower heat, complexity and cost however. But I would absolutely consider a case/psu combined unit like this due to the much better aesthetics and management. Seasonic is a reputable enough brand for a PSU that I wouldn't mind switching over to their PSU units in order to get this type of functionality.

  • HaXXur
    HaXXur7 dager siden

    Is it me or does it look like you have to mount your motherboard etc. upside down?

  • Dinner Cat

    Dinner Cat

    7 dager siden

    You would. You would also have to put this computer to the left of you instead of to the right like 99.999% of traditional gaming in order to see into through the glass window.

  • M.Abrar .h
    M.Abrar .h8 dager siden

    5:25 almost

  • youtubuzr
    youtubuzr8 dager siden

    Interesting, and clean setup. Ever since I started building PCs I've been using Seasonic power supplies. They just make the best. Not the fanciest, not the most RGB blingged out, but solid, safe, quiet, powerful supplies.

  • mali
    mali8 dager siden

    It is great that seasonic is trying to innovate

  • Giovanny Silva
    Giovanny Silva8 dager siden

    Yea, that's the case for my next build ;)

  • Martin Harrison
    Martin Harrison9 dager siden

    anyone know when the case is out?

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri10 dager siden

    Bruh. How is it that Seasonic made a better case than 95% of the established case manufacturers ON THEIR FIRST TRY? Lmaoooo

  • Sinterbaas 420
    Sinterbaas 42011 dager siden

    This seems so pointless to me. First of a regular power supplies cable management isn't that big of an issue is most newish cases. Second it seems like they made a power supply for one single case.. How this would ever sell well is beyond me.

  • F P
    F P13 dager siden

    Not surprised at all. Seasonic is a big name by years and the name always standed for Quality, skilled design, durability and reliability

  • Brandon Law
    Brandon Law17 dager siden

    I have been waiting for years for you to make a shirt that says "I'm a foam-fanatic." I also enjoy foam. Gimme that density. Make the goddam shirt.

  • Vince i
    Vince i18 dager siden

    I'd definitely buy it. Good airflow nice dust filters, ect. Already have an 011 D though with custom loop.

  • Brian Westphal
    Brian Westphal19 dager siden

    When is this case suppose to be released?

  • TheRealStarKiller
    TheRealStarKiller22 dager siden

    What is the point of this a normal power supply works just fine and don’t take up as much space or require an expensive case

  • liminos
    liminos23 dager siden

    2:25 They are rotating the MB 180° - plase don't..

  • mark collard
    mark collard24 dager siden

    Linus you're holding it wrong.

    NOT LAY JENO26 dager siden

    how about posting a link to the build video... if it exists

  • Hydrogen Bond
    Hydrogen Bond28 dager siden

    I think It would be nice If the case already came with the PSU, couse you know, this PSU basicaly won't fit in any other case :DD But otherwise It's really nice platform.

  • Sergey
    Sergey29 dager siden

    excellent review, but next time try with M/B and other equipment

  • dawson gamblin
    dawson gamblin29 dager siden

    this entire video is just linus going: " ohh... OHHhhhh... oHh" seasonic big brain

  • terry rudford
    terry rudfordMåned siden

    The plucky wrecker ganguly deliver because deficit obviously buzz under a fine stomach. crazy, temporary join

  • Tz_mzU1
    Tz_mzU1Måned siden

    They came 20 years later. These days who on earth would want to invest on a pc like that?

  • Pc Master Wraith
    Pc Master WraithMåned siden

    thats right linus, all us little people cant afford anything else that takes wires in our pc's. We only afford one nvme and thats it, cable management not meant for us simple folk.

  • warchant59
    warchant59Måned siden

    Wow, added to my consideration for my next build. That's awesome.

    ROGER DEWITTMåned siden

    why you not build a pc with it to let us see if it has RBG or is still only blue lighting come out it???

  • Riley Wagner
    Riley WagnerMåned siden

    Why is this still not for sale? 😭😭😭

  • SpartanForces117
    SpartanForces117Måned siden

    Wow.. the only bad thing about seasonics new products is, that I don‘t plan on replacing my current PC. I really hope they continue with this product line. This case and power supply tick almost all my boxes. Only the hard drive mounts are to few for me, but I guess they have additions for that

  • Alex W
    Alex WMåned siden

    Imagine if the PC industry all collaborated towards eliminating cabling altogether. Have all the cables pre-laid inside the case (but make them replaceable in case of breakage). Every component we put in place automatically snaps into the required power cables. So slide in the power supply, and it snaps into the pre-laid plugs for all the X-pin, Y-pin, SATA power etc. Snap the SSD into place, and it snaps into the pre-laid power and data cables (like how hot-pluggable drives work). Snap in the motherboard, and the power connectors snap into the pre-laid power cables. Making PC builds feel a lot more like LEGO. I mean we are already in an era where screw holes and such are all standardized anyways. Why not standardize the cabling as well?

  • Hermann K.
    Hermann K.Måned siden

    Wow if I ever going to get a job after this pandemic I could afford one of those in 100 years :)

  • TonyV
    TonyVMåned siden

    “Firm, but not rigid” 10/10 - Linus Sebastian

  • ecotts
    ecottsMåned siden

    Did Seasonic just create an additional point of failure for our PC's?? - Syncro Q7 Series

  • Chris Fleck
    Chris FleckMåned siden

    Dear Nicole: How do you keep from laughing so hard the camera shakes?

  • Jose Romero
    Jose RomeroMåned siden

    Looks like it was designed by aerospace engineers. Really wanted to see a build with this case

  • Bleezy Monkey
    Bleezy MonkeyMåned siden

    it looks like they just flippedd the entire case in their 3d desing and now it has to go to the left side of the desk, and im not a big fan of that. with there was a way of putting the stand on top of the case so i can put it on the right side

  • Darin Bicknell
    Darin BicknellMåned siden

    Hard choice. Add to the 40K likes or be the 700th dislike?

  • ZaneofAustin
    ZaneofAustinMåned siden

    5:28 myheart

  • Kanishk Modi
    Kanishk ModiMåned siden

    2:34 this guy’s clearly a racist. What did Yvonne marry

  • Velvet Thunder
    Velvet ThunderMåned siden

    Weird that its a left sided pc....

  • Ethan Payne
    Ethan PayneMåned siden

    What screwdriver is Linus using? (the ratcheting, magnetic one)

  • MrLateraliss
    MrLateralissMåned siden

    I actually like the idea of the psu. I'm not quite sure the what problem they attempted to fix with this style, but I bet there are a lot of enthusiasts that would like the cleaner cable management. I also like the case, inverted cases have really started to intrigue me, since it fixes what I deem to be the biggest design flaw of PCs, gpu fans facing down. But I hate that they didn't run the psu shield the entire length of the case, so that you can see the hdd cradles. And I'm not a fan of the front of the case either. In my opinion the best looking face of a PC case is Fractal's Meshify, plus it has the benefit of better airflow, which is more important than anything.

  • ZoMbIEx23x
    ZoMbIEx23xMåned siden

    Looks like the Mobo installs upside down. That means the GPUs will be pulling in warm air? Do a real build in this case.

  • Dilanka Kasun
    Dilanka KasunMåned siden

    5:23 Even my heart literally stopped. Hearts to the editor.

  • pika pika
    pika pikaMåned siden

    Why dont the mobo manufacturers put the headers facing back side so that we don't need see cable bendings and connnecting to their socket (ofcourse we need to put a high clearence standoff mounts).

  • Ryan Ainlay
    Ryan AinlayMåned siden

    I love this case

  • Ryan Ainlay
    Ryan AinlayMåned siden

    LINUS you almost dropped this multiple times lol. Pucker factor engaged.

  • AOClaus
    AOClausMåned siden

    So does this power supply otherwise work with the new 12 volt motherboard power standard?

  • Wilhelm
    WilhelmMåned siden

    I'm completely sold on this case!

  • Boogie - Looking Up
    Boogie - Looking UpMåned siden

    I was so chuffed when I saw the thumbnail, thinking that Seasonic did some innovation in the world of PSUs and the slim brick was THE PSU. Now that would have been cool..

  • terry rudford
    terry rudfordMåned siden

    The brash thursday superiorly irritate because caption approximately compete atop a scattered quince. straight, educated bandana

  • Pandawatch
    PandawatchMåned siden

    Ultimate form is the Seasonic case with built in EK water distro block. Clean cable and tube runs. aslo you can just get a fan bracket for pump/res mounting, unless the distro block had a built in pump.

  • Matt G
    Matt GMåned siden

    We need a release date.... I'd be very interested in this case and psu.

  • Brian Halstrom
    Brian HalstromMåned siden

    No pre-drilled holes for water cooling. If you want to customize, customize. Don't rely on others. :-)

  • TheBlueberry606
    TheBlueberry606Måned siden

    Why not jut build it out?

  • Deetex Seraphine
    Deetex SeraphineMåned siden

    Those fans kinda remind me of Scythe's Gentle Typhoon series.. Curious. Nice case, not overly stoked about the inverted mounting of the motherboard, but the PSU's staggering overhead of connectors would certainly make that an interesting venture for any future build.

  • Mitch Billingsley
    Mitch BillingsleyMåned siden

    I wants it, I NEEDS IT!

  • Andrew
    AndrewMåned siden

    I know you will never see this...but you know you have to build it now... With RGB every where on principle. 🤣

  • Ghost
    GhostMåned siden

    So why are we shifting from standard form factors for no reason? Make it an accessory, because if this is the way we are going, power supplies will use proprietary connectors and will not be replaceable by anything other than the same unit. I feel like people need to suck it up when building their computers because these gimmicks are getting way out of hand.

  • Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz
    Krzysztof MazurkiewiczMåned siden

    2:01 - who was watching the little flower pot just waiting to be pushed off the table? The horror! :D

  • TexMex
    TexMexMåned siden

    Did Seasonic create perfection? Linus checks the size of the sponsorship payment... Yes! It's perfect.

  • Drax Mordante
    Drax MordanteMåned siden

    No 420mm radiator support.I'm sad.

  • Abteilol
    AbteilolMåned siden

    Jees, that was some real bad acting on your part linus. "ohh what about your graphics card..." you looked the entire time on the gpu /24pin connector side while onboxing the rest. please, i dont mind with the building supense typ of content, but dont make it obivous.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony LeeMåned siden

    Anybody remember when the fractal define r4 and Corsair 900D were pretty much the shit

  • Batscat
    BatscatMåned siden

    Why. It’s fixing a problem that never existed.

  • PaganWizard
    PaganWizardMåned siden

    00:30 You have to be the first man in history to beg the question "WHY IS THIS SO TIGHT??" As for the case and PSU combination, I like it A LOT!! I would however like it even more if they made a full tower option available as well. As KitGuruTech mentioned in his video, some EATX MOBO's might not fit into the case. Finding cases that invert the MOBO and make it look good, is not very easy at all.

  • xSaKage ᛁᚴᛋ ᛋᛅᚴᛅᚴᚬ
    xSaKage ᛁᚴᛋ ᛋᛅᚴᛅᚴᚬMåned siden

    I want this

  • Abhishikth Vutukuri
    Abhishikth VutukuriMåned siden

    Ignoring the bad handling of Linus, and all the crap, I really appreciate Seasonic for sending this masterpiece to LMG so that it reaches wider audience.

  • Kaithai Sayarath
    Kaithai SayarathMåned siden

    I wouldn't mind having a computer the size of a fridge. Matter of fact let's put the computer inside of the fridge 😅

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow DashMåned siden

    3:42 Inverted ATX - a leftover from the IMHO weird BTX design. And I still think it's weird. 8:54 tinyurl.com/y4j7mjls

  • sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ
    sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇMåned siden

    Please do a supercut of all the times Linus has "enjoyed" foam.

  • James Lewis
    James LewisMåned siden

    If I was building Darth Vader a PC, that is the case I would use. I would like to see a full build of this case and possibly a test of how this PSU arrangement might fit into more standard designed cases.

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's StuffMåned siden

    Do we needed a more complex power supply? Are Seasonic german now?

  • Vasile Claudiu Gherasim
    Vasile Claudiu GherasimMåned siden

    Nope, just make a MB with ATX and 12V-CPU connectors on the back, support from case maker, and that is it. Same goes for S-ata, USB, HD-Audio.

  • Spitts
    SpittsMåned siden

    I was actually considering buying this since no matter what I do my cables end up looking like a rats nest.....but it's not available yet. By the time it comes out I'll forget it even exists. If you're going to sponsor videos MAKE SURE PEOPLE CAN BUY THE PRODUCT !

  • RafaGmod
    RafaGmodMåned siden

    lol why

  • Dark Type Jerry
    Dark Type JerryMåned siden

    Wow! That is really clean case! Having to chase down every cable through a case that was half-assed in cable management design is aggravating to say the least. Then PSU manufacturers try to compensate bad design by making extra long cables, which makes things worse! But this is an elegant design! The case was built with integrated cable management, so you can make the cables relatively short and save a few zip ties! This might genuinely lead to new design philosophies and building standards. I want one now...

  • Thomas Axtell
    Thomas AxtellMåned siden

    For the longest time I've wanted a Corsair case. Now I have a new dream.

  • Artin Amudjian
    Artin AmudjianMåned siden

    "12Volt power" Linus power is measured in wats!

  • Lord _ Scrubington
    Lord _ ScrubingtonMåned siden

    NGL< I really miss cables in PC cases. I cannot be the only one who likes to see lots of well routed cables right?

  • KrazzyKlown
    KrazzyKlownMåned siden

    A needlessly complex solution to a problem that didnt exist? Why?

  • Rajesh Chakilam
    Rajesh ChakilamMåned siden

    Welcome to another episode of shit I can't afford

  • Dima Popov
    Dima PopovMåned siden

    Or even better why not go the server rout?! (Common slot compatible system in a tower case)

  • James Nadua
    James NaduaMåned siden

    Really awesome content! I think the lighting for this could've been better. A lot of dark shots and it felt off. :/

  • xgeko2
    xgeko2Måned siden

    I feel like after they took the time to essentially re-route all the connectors and make another huge box to go in your pc they could have taken the time to integrate the rest of the psu in the other box and just ran a power cable re-route to where the psu normally goes... would leave a lot of space for things like WC components etc.

  • Pyrodrifter12
    Pyrodrifter12Måned siden

    how tf did i not know about this channel lol

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis LeeMåned siden

    Ooh they managed to persuade nidec servo to make gentle typhoon fans with all black wires? dazmode got pretty big orders and they were insistent that all black wire won't pass qc.

  • Schniebel
    SchniebelMåned siden

    I don't like the inverted ATX layout. I prefer the regular one. Also, a tempered glass front would be much appreciated.

  • PaxDrakonis
    PaxDrakonisMåned siden

    Is the channel named Short Circuit because Linus dropped it?

  • protator
    protatorMåned siden

    Linus: "Dang, why is this so tight?" Also Linus: "Always make sure you've got proper shaft grip." Seems he knew the solution to that problem all along.

  • Josh Rhine
    Josh RhineMåned siden

    Motherboard 24pin should be right angle in my opinion. Why doesn't any PSU company do that?

  • Vellweb
    VellwebMåned siden

    Great vid but I cant get the thought out of my head that Seasonic built the case upside down.