Did I find my new GAMING mouse? - Glorious Model D-

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The Glorious PC Gaming Race peripherals have been making waves for over a year now as they are affordable and high-performing compared to the established brands like Logitech, Corsair, and Razer. They made the D- model, and is it good enough to make David switch to a wired mouse?
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  • Cisco_Puff69
    Cisco_Puff69Dag siden


  • Aqua2D
    Aqua2D7 dager siden

    i use 1600 dpi on the model o

  • Xavier_ ACG
    Xavier_ ACG10 dager siden

    F for shrek

  • Worst Champ
    Worst Champ23 dager siden

    Hey man, whats the difference between model D and model D-?

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera24 dager siden

    The awkward moment when you don't allow your workers to use sharp tools.

  • Alex Shvartz
    Alex Shvartz29 dager siden

    bro that move to the sponsor was on point, Linus take notes.

  • Mason Vojtech
    Mason VojtechMåned siden

    Model 0?? I’m confused is it the d or o????

  • k0valski
    k0valskiMåned siden

    i run 4000 dpi on my logitech g502 and have it fully weighted. i like heavier mice than light mice. plus i like the grippiness of it too :) heavier mice tend to be easier to aim imo. easier for flick shots cuz you can stop it faster.

  • Gungrave123
    Gungrave123Måned siden

    3:53 would help to remove the protection layer from the mouse feet 1st, lmao.

  • Quinn Gardner
    Quinn GardnerMåned siden

    Hang on, that Segway way way too good

  • Lupo
    LupoMåned siden

    is that keyboard the huntsman mini?

  • Reece Elkins
    Reece ElkinsMåned siden

    razer basalisk my fav mouse.

  • Audrey Powers
    Audrey PowersMåned siden

    i like your intro

  • Jake Pf
    Jake PfMåned siden

    Me playing on a Logitech g105 and g203 😔

  • Matt Evans
    Matt EvansMåned siden

    I use like 2400dpi.

  • Bullgamer 720
    Bullgamer 720Måned siden

    Glorious is releasing a new wireless model!

  • SeakaTV
    SeakaTVMåned siden

    Bro are you nervous

  • Federico Radici
    Federico RadiciMåned siden

    Nice mouse, but I would buy that keyboard.

  • Junayed Ridwan
    Junayed RidwanMåned siden

    I use 16 thousand DPI, I have the smallest mouse space imaginable.

  • Zubair Khalil
    Zubair KhalilMåned siden

    Do a review on Delux M700.

  • radiant
    radiant2 måneder siden

    They literally made a mouse named after my grades

  • MrSuperbailey
    MrSuperbailey2 måneder siden

    No mouse will ever best my g303

  • Olof Ljunggren
    Olof Ljunggren2 måneder siden

    David's such a great guy :D

  • kaleid1990
    kaleid19902 måneder siden

    Getting ready to try this mouse out, can't wait :D BTW love the deskmat!! Where can I find it?

  • James Haines
    James Haines2 måneder siden

    I use 4k dpi, not quite 12 but still wayy too much

  • DuoX
    DuoX2 måneder siden

    I never could get used to full size palm mice like that even though I palm smaller mice lol

  • Purple Clouds
    Purple Clouds2 måneder siden

    I love the g502. I Have a model O and it's not as good to me in my experience yet. I felt the model D and I think it fits better and it's more ergonomic but I don't own one but can't say for sure. I'm not of the mindset that lighter is better.

  • Riccardo Zorzetto
    Riccardo Zorzetto2 måneder siden

    Glossy d is 69 grams eih

  • Puru Trehan
    Puru Trehan2 måneder siden

    His hands shake so goddamn much dude

  • RGNRO- Gaming
    RGNRO- Gaming2 måneder siden

    Tbh i have razer deathadder elite and last day I bought model D so from my perspective i found glorious are way better in the game rainbow six siege

  • HissingNote
    HissingNote2 måneder siden

    i use 2600 dpi

  • Fledelik
    Fledelik2 måneder siden


  • Aryan Sivamaran
    Aryan Sivamaran2 måneder siden

    What keyboard were they using (white)

  • Deerhunter102
    Deerhunter1022 måneder siden

    2400 dpi on my corsair m65

  • Catherine Cat
    Catherine Cat2 måneder siden

    F in chat for Shrek

  • speedyjago
    speedyjago2 måneder siden

    You asked...I have a G502 Lightspeed and have all five settings configured to: 100 - 1750 - 3500 - 12000 - 25600 and my default is 12000

  • Jeremy Martens
    Jeremy Martens2 måneder siden

    why is he so stressed? this is really unpleasentt to watch

  • Churninpark
    Churninpark2 måneder siden

    Should I get the regular size or the minus

  • Robeson Perry
    Robeson Perry2 måneder siden


  • DuoX
    DuoX2 måneder siden

    "shooter crow" Ive played mmos for almost 2 decades using mice mice with just two side buttons. Also you're a child for being mad about master race .

  • Little_ Boy_lee
    Little_ Boy_lee2 måneder siden

    Can u guys do a vid on the Razer basilisk x hyperspeed

  • Dave The Rave
    Dave The Rave2 måneder siden


  • Intrepid Nick
    Intrepid Nick2 måneder siden

    No, what were those OBVIOUS reasons? I'd really like to know.

  • Ulysses-14
    Ulysses-142 måneder siden

    Someone's pre-workout is either kicking in or hasn't totally worn off, lol

  • Neon8787
    Neon87872 måneder siden

    Is this guy on drugs or just nervous? That mouse was only ever still on the table.

  • nyanray
    nyanray2 måneder siden

    The 0f xD had me laughing irl. Also, that transition into the ad, DAAYMN.

  • Axel Hanne
    Axel Hanne3 måneder siden

    got the model D (not D-) aand it's my favorite mouse ever. Highly recommend it

  • Rowan Thompson
    Rowan Thompson3 måneder siden

    2005 Microsoft called, they want their XBOX 360 mice back

  • saib adam
    saib adam3 måneder siden

    I use a dell optical mouse

  • Junezor bogard
    Junezor bogard3 måneder siden

    sir how is it compared to regular D?

  • Junezor bogard

    Junezor bogard

    2 måneder siden

    Ok Thank you sir. Im thinking to get 1.

  • Axel Hanne

    Axel Hanne

    3 måneder siden

    it's just slightly smaller. I prefer the normal model D but it's just personal preference

  • Mohamad Mashal
    Mohamad Mashal3 måneder siden

    2:28 tryna steal linus spot light huh? 😏

  • HandicappedMind
    HandicappedMind3 måneder siden

    tried a dozen or so different mice over the years but i always end up going back to the steel series sensei. , Logitech g9x was also one of my favorite mice ever, keep my old 9x around just incase i need a spare mouse

  • DivineTech
    DivineTech3 måneder siden

    Linus, LTT box cutter/knife.

  • Espinafre
    Espinafre3 måneder siden

    I had a Deathadder and switched it for a Model O, best decision I made in a while.

  • Syilver A. Wors
    Syilver A. Wors3 måneder siden

    Smooth Audible plug

  • D A
    D A3 måneder siden

    Do you main the black or white model? I’m having trouble deciding which color.

  • Almer Akbar

    Almer Akbar

    3 måneder siden

    I'd choose the black one. Dirt isn't as noticeable on black

  • Lord Astral
    Lord Astral3 måneder siden


  • DarkTitan
    DarkTitan3 måneder siden

    that keyboard nice what is it

  • Dmitrious Ali
    Dmitrious Ali3 måneder siden

    This is an unboxing channel with over 1M subs and the guy's using a pen

  • VideoGameVeenok
    VideoGameVeenok3 måneder siden

    "I use 800 DPI like a normal person" *sweats in Harpoon set from 1,000-4,000 DPI*

  • Liam Rosemeyer

    Liam Rosemeyer

    Måned siden

    @Isaac Watson oh no no no no no

  • Isaac Watson

    Isaac Watson

    3 måneder siden

    me using 200dpi g305.........

  • VideoGameVeenok
    VideoGameVeenok3 måneder siden

    These would be awesome if my Trypophobia didn't hate them.

  • Mr. Cool cat
    Mr. Cool cat3 måneder siden


  • Frankie Wright
    Frankie Wright3 måneder siden

    I use 16000dpi

  • Ahmed Ghazoul
    Ahmed Ghazoul3 måneder siden

    Zues is not a dude... you're a dude

  • Usam
    Usam3 måneder siden

    holy shit what keyboard is he using?

  • Erik
    Erik3 måneder siden

    I have the Model O and the Model D, do i really need the D-? yeah i think so

  • eTHAN
    eTHAN3 måneder siden

    I use 800 dpi but I agree that high of dpi is ... idk

  • Jim Bailey
    Jim Bailey3 måneder siden

    Let him and someone else take that intro and work into something real and good that was great for impromptu

  • Amaan Shaikh
    Amaan Shaikh3 måneder siden


  • Maroko1218
    Maroko12183 måneder siden

    I use 16'000 DPI

  • Wolfpandataco Drew
    Wolfpandataco Drew3 måneder siden

    I’d like a review from you of the Logitech g502 hero

  • dub


    3 måneder siden

    i love my g502, i just wish they would fix the wheel on it.. in 'free' mode it moves too easily and in 'locked' mode it sounds grating and feels unsatisfying.

  • WARY Fever
    WARY Fever3 måneder siden

    Why is my guys hands shaking so much like damn, chill man

  • Anytuna9


    Måned siden

    he is practicing jitter clicking lol

  • Redpill


    2 måneder siden

    Prob nervious, or excited. Or both!

  • fZ57EWtAgkLzyQ2
    fZ57EWtAgkLzyQ23 måneder siden

    X7 @ 2000 dpi for me

  • Liam waffles
    Liam waffles3 måneder siden

    whos this guy, weres linus our his crew

  • Life of Palos
    Life of Palos3 måneder siden


  • Twig In My Pooter
    Twig In My Pooter3 måneder siden

    Me with my $10 office mouse: Hmmm interesting 🧐

  • L_boiii 45
    L_boiii 453 måneder siden


  • Vro Ctrl
    Vro Ctrl3 måneder siden

    7:23 Kermit?

  • Alexander Yoder
    Alexander Yoder3 måneder siden

    that was a clean transition to the sponsor

  • Okay DETar
    Okay DETar3 måneder siden

    I am confused, why is pc master race being rebranded?

  • HT Echolocation

    HT Echolocation

    3 måneder siden

    they arent. this is a company building off of it. www.pcgamingrace.com/pages/what-is-the-glorious-pc-gaming-master-race

  • Stuart Murray
    Stuart Murray3 måneder siden

    Is this dude OK? super jittery and out of breath lol.

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones3 måneder siden

    I use 4000dpi but lower sensitivity settings

  • Radan Valenta
    Radan Valenta3 måneder siden

    Well... not 12 000 DPI only around 6800 :D

  • DriitzzCabal
    DriitzzCabal3 måneder siden

    12:03 but they cheap out on some critical components to achieve that.... like the switches on the g203 mouse , or the plastic on the g430 headsets... they double clicks / they break easy

  • Lorand Cristian Iuhasz
    Lorand Cristian Iuhasz3 måneder siden

    Nice intro bro. What's up with the holes though? Give me some liquid to spill.

  • reid billingsly
    reid billingsly3 måneder siden

    I use 1500 dpi

  • ddd ddd
    ddd ddd3 måneder siden

    I currently have the Logitech G603, out of all the glorious mice, would the model d fit it the best? and if so, the model d or model d minus? i want whatever fits closer to the logitech g603

  • JustShay
    JustShay3 måneder siden

    His hands are VERY shaky.

  • Emil Chou
    Emil Chou3 måneder siden

    Theme song from Daytona USA?

  • Der Haas
    Der Haas3 måneder siden

    Can someone pls tell me which keyboard he is using? Is it the Huntsman Mini or the ducky?

  • N4EI
    N4EI3 måneder siden

    I use 400 dpi and my sniper button at 25600

  • RoseTech
    RoseTech3 måneder siden

    Anybody also cringe a little when he's trying to drive the pen into the seal? lol Just a little bit it's PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, just use your box cutters!" 😆

  • Tru_Moo_ Milk
    Tru_Moo_ Milk3 måneder siden

    I used to use 16000 dpi lol

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig19873 måneder siden

    David is a beautiful man with an awesome beard. Also i dunno if this makes me weird but i like mouse with a certain weight to them. Dunno if me not playing esports fps games much has anything to do with it. I cant use any dpi setting above a thousand if not its too fast for me.

  • Jean Claude Ziegler
    Jean Claude Ziegler3 måneder siden

    Hey SC, or anyone, I have the o- , with a palm grip and I heavily rely on the side buttons for siege and shooters, should I purchase the d or d- with a 17cm hand

  • Thomas Engine
    Thomas Engine3 måneder siden

    that sir unbox it's the same when i get something new

  • curtislee
    curtislee3 måneder siden

    I use 1700dpi and also 20 percent more sensitive In all games. Got used to it. 360 turn in 13cm ovement. Can snipe properly. It’s just if you are used to it

  • realism
    realism3 måneder siden

    yeah no... im still gonna say the roccat burst pro is better

  • Chris W.
    Chris W.3 måneder siden

    But how does it compare to the Dell N889?

  • Chris W.
    Chris W.3 måneder siden

    I absorbed energy just by watching this. High intensity unboxings!