Did HP make a Dell XPS 15 killer???

Vitenskap og teknologi

So we subtly have stated the Dell XPS 15 is the king of laptop this year, but HP released the HP Envy that is technically better... and CHEAPER?!?!
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit4 måneder siden

    For the turbo nerds here is some more stuff I learned about the OLED display verifying my findings with some experts: -The pixels on this display aren’t what you’d see on a lot of traditional Pentile-type displays, which have double the amount of G subpixels compared to R and B (because your eyes are more sensitive to green). -The B subpixel area is twice that of either the R or G subpixel area. That is not a surprise: Considering that blue OLED decay is much faster than that of R or G, use of twice (or more) area on B enables half or less J (current density, mA/cm2), which reduces the B aging rate. -We were curious if the B subpixel pairs were independently driven or if Samsung cheated when making the panel and driving them together, effectively giving you 1080Ps worth of B pixels. An image was created with a single white pixel on a black background and we verified that the B subpixel pairs are independently driven with the microscope. -It was speculated that the screen might look weird because the blue pixels aren't on the same center line as the red and green ones. I looked at a totally green screen but the dirtyness was still there, making the screendoor effect theory more solid. -Part of the “dirtiness” is mediocre “Mura correction”. Since each individual pixel is emitting it’s own light on an OLED panel it is important that it is properly calibrated so the brightness of each pixel is the same. This information gets baked into the firmware of each individual OLED display, and if the calibration wasn’t done the whole thing would look horrible. -Certain vision astigmatisms will make you a lot more sensitive to pentile layouts, it is possible I'm just really sensitive to this and you might be fine. -These Samsung OLED panels are basically impossible to properly colour calibrate. There isn’t enough power to run the whole thing at max brightness, so the colours/brightness of the scene can change depending on the total power draw of the panel. -All of these artifacts are imperceptible if you’re about 2’ away from the display, but are noticeable at about 1.5’ (fairly typical for using a laptop). -I was able to see the individual subpixels with my naked eye on the XPS 15’s IPS display, but had to get uncomfortably close. Anyway, if there are any display nerds with more info hit me up @AlexTheGreatish, this was a fun little rabbit hole. -AC

  • Jamesj


    25 dager siden

    Hey, give this to LTT for a full review!!! Or.. you do it! Let's spec this thing!

  • colebennett0


    3 måneder siden

    I can attest to being dissatisfied with the screen. Ours came yesterday and I noticed it immediately. We have 3 other 15" laptops: a Lenovo, a Macbook, and a Samsung. The Macbook is 2800x1800 and the others are 1920x1080. I don't have perfect eyesight and I'm in my mid-40's. I've never noticed graininess or a screen door effect on our other laptops. I'm really irritated that I shelled out $150 for a 4k display on which I can see the screen door effect constantly. I can see it on a pure white image even if I turn my screen brightness down to 20% . Basically if it's a fairly uniform color (even people's faces), and it's brighter than medium gray, it's easily noticeable, even on moving images. I've run through the calibration and made a slight adjustment to the gamma, but it didn't help.

  • Bash A.

    Bash A.

    4 måneder siden

    A 15-inch laptop should have as many ports as the HP Envy 15. I don't know what was Dell smoking when they decided to remove all the important ports in their newer laptops. And what's worse is that people are giving in to the point where Dell might actually sell you new computers with a single USB-C. Thanks to HP for doing it right! I hope this brings some sense into some people and make them realise that they are being ripped off by paying £2000 and £3000 just to get a device for its looks.

  • FunnyHacks


    4 måneder siden

    Thank you for the write-up. This is really helpful.

  • Aaron Luo

    Aaron Luo

    4 måneder siden

    @DJRT i personally stick to IPS displays for photo and video editing. I feel that even a super accurate VA can't be calibrated the same way an IPS does. Content consumption though, I do like OLEDs with the deep blacks.

  • RadespotosR
    RadespotosR2 dager siden

    No k lock?

  • Niidea1986
    Niidea19864 dager siden

    "i think it is big enough"...that's what...you know how it goes

  • Adriano Wang
    Adriano Wang4 dager siden

    "you know..........you know......you know....."

  • Steve Perego
    Steve Perego4 dager siden


  • JFK422
    JFK42213 dager siden

    I wonder why they use bigger blue pixels. Its not like the already have a "bayer filter" with twice as many green pixels as red and blue. (Eyes are twice as sensitive to green than the other colors) Odd that the XPS uses equal ammount of all chanels.

  • yarub123
    yarub12316 dager siden

    Random question, did you ever have surgery on your jaw or anything? holy shit you have nice lil microscope this shits sick. Thanks for showing that albeit a seemingly arbitrary finding to the unknowing eye. glad i saw this vid, didn't know such a beast was out and about at a fair price point... Do you have a personal laptop that you prefer, holding all else constant?

  • pot as
    pot as20 dager siden

    rubber strip on the bottom gets loose and glue all over the place

  • incubus familiar
    incubus familiar22 dager siden

    HP is Wabi Sabi and thats why there better

  • Farah Ismail
    Farah Ismail24 dager siden


  • Anthony Zhang
    Anthony Zhang29 dager siden

    I have had an XPS 15 9560, and it’s honestly the biggest disappointment of a design I’ve ever used. Cooling is such a problem, that under and type of difficult load, this laptop throttles to a slow, loud, mess. Even with a repaste, you get pretty large performance issues when doing things that tax GPU and CPU simultaneously. Unless it’s an ARM chip like the M1, I will never buy a thin and light “workstation” again. That being said, I’m curious on the vapor chamber performance. Maybe it will be sufficient for high loads

  • SYNdicate
    SYNdicate29 dager siden

    Intel? Hard pass.

  • Muhammad Ali Hassan
    Muhammad Ali HassanMåned siden

    does this a AMD variant also or no?

  • emeraldleo 1
    emeraldleo 1Måned siden

    has anyone noticed that alex looks kind of like jake Gyllenhaal ?

  • Jamesj
    JamesjMåned siden

    Is there ever going to be a review on the main channel?

  • Ahsan Agha
    Ahsan AghaMåned siden

    Great work man. But would have appreciated if you could show side by side comparison like a game play or photoshop usage on both Dell xps and Hp Envy laptop.

  • Mark W
    Mark WMåned siden

    Well as far as I know, Dell hasn't been stupid enough to design a convertible laptop that disables ALL the buttons in convertible mode, making it impossible to wake the device without first flipping into laptop mode, putting extra wear and tear on the hinges and cables, and then completely ignoring this very obvious design flaw and continuing to make new laptops with the exact same problem...

  • Richardo Chandra
    Richardo ChandraMåned siden

    Who is the editor?

  • Shri Ajaay Karthik
    Shri Ajaay KarthikMåned siden

    @ShortCircuit Please Please My Kind Request. While reviewing any laptops please say whether it is convertible or not. Convertible, 2 in 1, 360 hinge anything. Just mention it. Please

  • Kroller99
    Kroller99Måned siden

    Here in Europe i have to pay 2000€, which is about 2400$ XD But at least i am not in India XD

  • Hamuel Agulto
    Hamuel AgultoMåned siden

    Deal breaker: no USB charging

  • Wally Klejka
    Wally KlejkaMåned siden

    What microscope you used to check the screens? Cool stuff!!!

  • TheNewGreenIsBlue
    TheNewGreenIsBlueMåned siden

    I'm honestly fascinated with this. As someone who used to be a Lenovo guy but have been using Macbooks now for a few years (for both Windows and macOS), I'd forgotten about all the little things that I just don't worry about any longer, like screen quality issues, hinge quality, and all those other little things. Oh, and 200W power bricks... wow. While the additional ports are really nice... now that I've embraced the USB-C world and I've bought all the cables ( and a USB-C dock... which is essential). I'm used to it and in some ways prefer it. You DO have to be more organized but in general... I'm not using HDMI/SD/USB-A all the time ( when undocked ).

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966Måned siden

    Please compare to the m1 macbook Pro 13 16gb 512 ssd.

  • Outdated
    OutdatedMåned siden

    in the end of the day he use the xps, look in his face, he really dont feel that laptop

  • Syed Abdul Halim
    Syed Abdul HalimMåned siden

    Ugly. XPS is still no 1

  • jj lad
    jj ladMåned siden

    I will never buy another HP product...years ago they knowingly shipped out laptops with defective drives. And when they lost the class action lawsuit, refused to provide any remedy to me because I didn't live in the USA.

  • AL B.
    AL B.Måned siden

    $1500?! i must have missed the sale...its not even that cheap on their website with discounts...

  • nom chompsky
    nom chompskyMåned siden

    The lack of 16:10 on the screen is such a miss

  • IT Boy
    IT BoyMåned siden

    Sir, 3:48 that's a new engineering. It will take you 2 years to understand it when xps will start implementing it. In reality, people believe what youtubers say. Engineers are stupid right? Why don't you make your own laptop then😂😂😂😂

  • Ram Annepu
    Ram AnnepuMåned siden

    its intel ughhh 😛

    NANTAKOTAMåned siden

    I do have sony vpcf -2009 , with NVaG540 . till now great screan

  • Timothy Blumberg
    Timothy Blumberg2 måneder siden

    This feels like an ad

  • Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker2 måneder siden

    Hmmm HP could have had a good looking laptop with black keys but that dollar store spray paint silver...

  • Ryan Mastro
    Ryan Mastro2 måneder siden

    Am watching on iPhone 11 pro

  • Mark Pradhan
    Mark Pradhan2 måneder siden


  • GucciCakes
    GucciCakes2 måneder siden

    The display bar tho ew lol

  • ARKV î
    ARKV î2 måneder siden

    Oled = programmed obsolescence.

  • Muhammad Rafif
    Muhammad Rafif2 måneder siden

    HP must be sponsored LINUS To Destroy Dell LineUp...Embarrasing😬

  • peanut boy
    peanut boy2 måneder siden

    better junglers win

  • Ruel Apas
    Ruel Apas2 måneder siden

    User don't hold laptop like you do. So stop doing it.

  • michael baksh
    michael baksh2 måneder siden

    On principle I would not go near this laptop .. the amount of screen wobbling I witnessed in the video made me dizzy! I'd probably end up throwing that thing at a wall.

  • Arthur Almeida
    Arthur Almeida2 måneder siden

    closed the video in 3:35 the trackpad is a deal breaker for me. good look next time HP

  • Durjoy Barua
    Durjoy Barua2 måneder siden

    Which exact model is this?

  • S.E. 18
    S.E. 182 måneder siden

    Don't forget how you can also get the ryzen 4 4700u which is faster, and also costs much less

  • olivierhacking
    olivierhacking2 måneder siden

    Nice video. But I imagine the 45W CPU is too much when the GPU is also at full load during gaming, even with the vapor chamber... Do you limit the CPU wattage for gaming?

  • Fozan S Haque
    Fozan S Haque2 måneder siden

    If anyone likes the DELL XPS 15, it is on sale just for $1129 on dells website, black friday

  • Wes Nicholson
    Wes Nicholson2 måneder siden

    Im stopping this vid the minute he said "OLED screen"....

  • Sean Sollars
    Sean Sollars2 måneder siden

    HP laptops don't impress me at all I've had 2 both trash.

  • chris davies
    chris davies2 måneder siden

    so your saying only watch batman films

  • Your God Rosè
    Your God Rosè2 måneder siden

    I got an xps 15 ad on this video lmao

  • iveco555
    iveco5552 måneder siden

    I can't be the only one, but every decent laptop out there is currently unavailable.

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James2 måneder siden

    Does it have an intel GPU and nvidia GPU ?

  • Patrick McMorris
    Patrick McMorris2 måneder siden

    Great review. Would definitely not buy. That screen wobble...

  • Ryan Matthew
    Ryan Matthew2 måneder siden

    HP - brand has been dead since it started.

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker2 måneder siden

    barrel connector and a floppy screen. I wanted to like this laptop, but this is a no...

  • Chawni Tv
    Chawni Tv2 måneder siden

    I hate the table, the grey part yeeew

  • Vichu Arav
    Vichu Arav2 måneder siden

    does anyone else feels like, this guys voice doesn't match him

  • PeTrA Corp
    PeTrA Corp2 måneder siden

    The hp sounded much better

  • r81365
    r813652 måneder siden

    I could not make up my mind on buying that xps now I can not make up my mind for that xps or this hp envy or msi GS66

  • Vineet Marwaha
    Vineet Marwaha3 måneder siden

    I Liked your review. Full of information. Thanks

  • Yuri Pavlovsky
    Yuri Pavlovsky3 måneder siden

    how does it perform with games??! nobody seems to be doing benchmarks on this thing!

  • Noor Ali
    Noor Ali3 måneder siden

    What a honest and funny review !! Loved it

  • Rui Melo
    Rui Melo3 måneder siden

    What is that microscope thing that you are using to see the pixels?

  • Lorenzo Giovannini
    Lorenzo Giovannini3 måneder siden

    eyes are more sensible to green color, in fact we can distinguish more green's graduation. is for this reason that the cmos sensor on cameras have double number of green's pixels. more blue pixel? weird

  • Martin van Boven
    Martin van Boven3 måneder siden

    Another laptop that is 100% unusable because of the idiotically small up and down arrow keys. Waiting for this black period in laptop land to pass and to see laptops with non-broken arrow keys to appear again...

  • Nevaknowmaname Same
    Nevaknowmaname Same3 måneder siden

    was the box dirty or what?! :D

  • Terryss
    Terryss3 måneder siden

    I CANNOT stop making Alex tap the table by pressing the left arrow key. Please... somebody send help!

  • Knowell Bangit
    Knowell Bangit3 måneder siden

    All depends on how it looks, preaty much evrything build since 2015 and up are fast and usefull enough for production and entertainment.

  • David Tereshchuk
    David Tereshchuk3 måneder siden

    Screw HP, dell XPS for life!!

  • jacob beyer
    jacob beyer3 måneder siden

    I have a xps 9530 and it sucks big time with their thermal controll...worthless

  • Q Nguyen
    Q Nguyen3 måneder siden

    Premium laptops should use Ryzen 4000 by now. What kind of contract are they stuck with Intel?

  • Awesome Dee
    Awesome Dee3 måneder siden

    HP said their Envy is their consumer line does NOThave upgradeable memory and that they only have 1 fan so I'm confused which version you are looing at. HP Envy 14.0" G7 right w/4K OLED touch.

  • Shen Qiao
    Shen Qiao3 måneder siden

    Does anyone know if this laptop has Windows Hello ? I've tried looking everywhere and it just says it has a IR sensor so idk . Can someone clarify ? Really want this laptop as i need a upgrade from my Mid-2014 15in MacBook Pro. The integrated graphics is just not doing so well

  • Shen Qiao

    Shen Qiao

    3 måneder siden

    colebennett0 Yeah I checked with customer support , not great , the trackpad is kinda small and the display is pretty bad . I’d rather get the XPS 15 9500, Upgrade RAM and SSD by myself . Or I could wait for Apple Silicon cause my laptop stopped charging yesterday... F to pay respects

  • colebennett0


    3 måneder siden

    Just got ours yesterday and it says the camera doesn't support it. I've looked into it a little, but haven't found that we're missing a driver or anything. I'll probably just keep using the fingerprint pad. BTW the 4k screen is as bad as he says. :/

  • Germán Gustavo Guiñazú Francia
    Germán Gustavo Guiñazú Francia3 måneder siden

    go go go DELL (lol, i have an ASUS)

  • WaZe
    WaZe3 måneder siden

    Honestly HP always disappoints me, when I started uni I needed a powerful laptop for some cad and rendering stuff and I went for the 2019 HP omen 15 because specs seemed good for the price, Long story short first one the gpu dies in 2 days, got it replaced, second one came with a screen issue and a broken fan, and third one came with a gpu with a bunch of artifacts, this over a period of a couple of weeks, so eventually I complained enough to HP that they gave me a refund rather than a replacement, so I went for the ROG Zephyrus 701GWR and that one has no issues. My friend got the 17 inch omen instead and in 2 months he got a dead gpu too, and my father has had an HP ultrabook, I think it was the specter line and that laptop was littered with issues too, HP laptops seem good on paper but in reality they are pretty bad, also customer support is a big pain

  • Boudewijn J.M. Kegels
    Boudewijn J.M. Kegels3 måneder siden

    7:33 I wonder why screens haven't been made the way the Bayer sensor is made. Than deBayering would not be an issue.

  • Vovical
    Vovical3 måneder siden

    How to kill XPS 15/Macbook Pro USB A

  • thefront
    thefront3 måneder siden

    I'll pay $500 more for the much nicer Dell XPS! Thanks for the review, though!

  • Cedric Villani
    Cedric Villani3 måneder siden

    true 4K OLED is 600 Nits dum dum

  • Jasper Camacho
    Jasper Camacho3 måneder siden

    "There it is. It's a laptop".

  • 6015 Ashwin Ramesh
    6015 Ashwin Ramesh3 måneder siden

    Now release that same laptop with ryzen 9 4900HS and lower the price by 200$

  • Bakhtiyor Ubaydullaev
    Bakhtiyor Ubaydullaev3 måneder siden

    Not even close, imho.

  • Jan Makuc
    Jan Makuc3 måneder siden

    Bang & Olufsen speakers in laptops lack in bass. I have them in my ASUS and they're also lacking in bass. 😕

  • lyric Cook
    lyric Cook3 måneder siden

    Dell Xps 15 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hp whatever.

  • lyric Cook
    lyric Cook3 måneder siden


  • Krane
    Krane3 måneder siden

    Light hands please Alex. All those bumps and knocks get amplified through the mic, and not in a pleasant way.

  • Bork Lester
    Bork Lester3 måneder siden

    Spectre x360 > Anything. Its too damn sexy

  • ifix solutions
    ifix solutions3 måneder siden

    So, no...it didn`t :)

  • The Sultan
    The Sultan3 måneder siden

    no need to feel the laptop...you're not gonna eat it.....

  • D Salvatore
    D Salvatore3 måneder siden

    Why are these description links always bullshit? It never goes straight to the product showing in the video. This shit gives me headaches.

  • Sidharth Virmani
    Sidharth Virmani3 måneder siden

    Is the hinge breaking issue solved for HO envy series! It was stopping me from buying this one..any idea?

  • Mohan Murali
    Mohan Murali3 måneder siden

    9:30 Okay, then where in LMG?

  • AllYourBase
    AllYourBase3 måneder siden

    Name of the laptop should be in the title

  • Teekay Fourtwoone
    Teekay Fourtwoone3 måneder siden

    Have an Envy from 2013. Like the numeric keypad, and 17" screen. Can't imagine losing either of those. Was CDN$1100, and while I would love something better, it still works well for me. Will these things get cheaper with the nVIdia 3000 series?

  • YoutubSUCKZ
    YoutubSUCKZ3 måneder siden

    so the screen is shit, right?

  • Aoulla'per Zahouwi
    Aoulla'per Zahouwi3 måneder siden

    If only it got a ryzen 9 4900h cpu this would be best choice for me, I'd definitely buy one

  • Roger Canda
    Roger Canda3 måneder siden

    So basically what he is saying is Dell xps 15 is better than this HP

  • ap0lmc
    ap0lmc3 måneder siden

    Ryzen 7 is the way to go way more powerful than i7 and 11 watts for most applications

  • SYK
    SYK4 måneder siden

    Note: if you can't tell if it's an aluminum casing, it's not. It's plastic