Did Apple already kill the new iMac?

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Apple ARM processors are coming, but should you wait for those or pick this one that is powered by Intel?
Check out the iMac 27" on Apple's website at lmg.gg/AQ1q5
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  • Depressed-Eggman
    Depressed-EggmanMåned siden

    I can't get over the mouse charging method...

  • Nate Brotzman
    Nate BrotzmanMåned siden

    Anthony is my favorite superhero in the LMG universe

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo TaberaMåned siden

    Can I have it without the stand? Just asking.

  • 00Noontide
    00Noontide2 måneder siden

    Anthony's voice is so damn pleasant.

  • Christian Darrall
    Christian Darrall2 måneder siden

    Love you Anthony !!!! keep up the good work

  • Trinetra reddy
    Trinetra reddy2 måneder siden

    who's waiting for the M1 IMac

  • ItsAndi Starfight7
    ItsAndi Starfight72 måneder siden


  • radasmada
    radasmada2 måneder siden

    Maybe the temperatures are bad because they have one small ass vent cooling an i9 and gpu lmao

  • Leah Humphries
    Leah Humphries3 måneder siden

    1:47 imagine if apple made a wireless charging mouse mat. That would be hot 🤯

  • Military Aviation And Airshows
    Military Aviation And Airshows3 måneder siden

    I'm a bit behind on imac's i would use one for Video editing , using final cut pro, what should i get?

  • Peter Parkour
    Peter Parkour3 måneder siden

    My university bought iMacs for our main library before the pandemic hit. That computer room was permanently at 25°C.

  • Veature_iTech
    Veature_iTech3 måneder siden

    I'm sure you don't miss the Bong, pretty sure you have some. lol

  • Veature_iTech
    Veature_iTech3 måneder siden

    I miss my iMac.

  • Veature_iTech
    Veature_iTech3 måneder siden

    What you don't have a Linusx Laptop.

    IMP3TIGO3 måneder siden

    It's sad that the USB-A ports are actually just 3.0, like it was just too much to ask for the USB-A ports to be 3.1 spec.

  • MaddyLeeReads
    MaddyLeeReads3 måneder siden

    the on switch for the keyboard and mouse reminds me of the ipod nanos (I think that't what they were called) that didn't have screens and you'd only know if it was on if that switch was moved and by a small green light.

  • putmeincoach
    putmeincoach3 måneder siden


  • CTRL
    CTRL4 måneder siden

    you shouldn't forget that you also get a 5k monitor. How much is a 5k Monitor at the moment?

  • Cyberspacedweller
    Cyberspacedweller4 måneder siden

    2019 16" Macbook Pro has Bluetooth 5.0....

  • frezik
    frezik4 måneder siden

    Anthony yay!

  • Nyande
    Nyande4 måneder siden

    G4 cube will always be the quietest mac ever

  • Feel The Hertz
    Feel The Hertz4 måneder siden

    Anthony, it looks like you're losing weight. Looking good bud! Dude I was gonna rip into you so bad, but I think you're great with Apples. Keep eating them and you're next sponsor will be Under Armor in no time. Count down on your Apple watch!

  • Vel A
    Vel A4 måneder siden

    I think you can use the same video 10 years down the line! They are not going to change anything anyway except the increase in price.

  • Glenn Edell
    Glenn Edell4 måneder siden

    Nice calm voice... best unboxing voice ever.

  • Mantikal
    Mantikal4 måneder siden

    I wonder if the employee (back in China) who finished packing that (because he knew he could never afford it on Apple’s salary) threw it on the conveyor belt, saluted to it as it rolled away, walked a few feet off to side,smoked a cigarette, stepped on the ledge and leaped to his death.

  • EzzenzDK
    EzzenzDK4 måneder siden

    Ok, but take the base model i7 8-core with the 512 GB disk and put compatible RAM in it yourself, then you have almost the same performance for a MUCH lover price, but you guys have never loved macs, so of course you make a video like this :-D

    STEVE WESKER4 måneder siden

    OMG this guy doesn’t have the looks to be on camera does he 😂.

  • Kevin Kev

    Kevin Kev

    4 måneder siden

    He has the brains. nothing else needed...

  • J024
    J0244 måneder siden

    Make it a Linux machine, he will buy 2.

  • ccseic
    ccseic4 måneder siden

    good presentation. Excellent!

  • Ian Maxwell
    Ian Maxwell4 måneder siden

    5:38 me when i got a job that does drug tests

  • 1697djh
    1697djh4 måneder siden

    You will probably find that Apple will continue to support Intel based for a number of years to come, just as they supported ‘G’ processors for quite sometime

  • Dylan Galletly
    Dylan Galletly4 måneder siden

    This is a bit of a curve ball - have watched sooo many other reviews where people rave about this setup for the price, and show killer benchmarks.

  • jakemeals
    jakemeals4 måneder siden

    Anthony hacks just install your flavor of Linux since Apple isn't supporting it in the future.

  • pohmakas33
    pohmakas334 måneder siden

    big fella needs a haircut

  • Sternkrieger
    Sternkrieger4 måneder siden

    Surprised Apple still kept the 4 USB-A ports. Companies like Logitech are already going full Bluetooth/USB-C for their Mac peripherals. I'm pretty certain Apple will finally kill USB-A in their redesigned iMac.

    AUSTIN4 måneder siden


  • Ryan Yablow
    Ryan Yablow4 måneder siden

    The iMacs displays bezels are nothing to write home about. 20" cinema display from 2005 looks about the same thickness. Apple be wanting your account and routing number next.

  • Raymond Torres
    Raymond Torres4 måneder siden

    My brother can't intubate.

  • Danfuerth Gillis
    Danfuerth Gillis4 måneder siden

    "Verifying Garage Band" And I thought the Windows 10 setup screen was already stupid enough than I see this lol.

  • LJ Roos
    LJ Roos4 måneder siden

    $4,199 is beyond insane for what you're getting, I know it's a bit of a meme, but you can build a monster PC for that amount.

  • Deviraux
    Deviraux4 måneder siden

    apple is a proprietary ice cream flavor sold to you in a "Designer" cone. the ice cream is okay but nothing special. but man they will charge you out the ass for the cone is comes with

  • Spencer
    Spencer4 måneder siden

    Listening to Anthony is just relaxing, he should do a podcast.

  • Danny Mexen
    Danny Mexen4 måneder siden

    I can listen to you talk all hour.

  • waltzie
    waltzie4 måneder siden

    Tony is a SLUG of a human...ewww

    EPIC12EPIC4 måneder siden

    Me: is gifted this My windows 10 install disc: it’s showtime

  • Brandon Chapman
    Brandon Chapman4 måneder siden

    90C+ is way to freaking high. My iMac PSU started smoking after hitting low 80Cs on the CPU for a few years. Going to keep with my mere 8250u hackintosh lappy until we get ARM and reassess.

  • Louis Luzuka
    Louis Luzuka4 måneder siden

    Is the i9 not worth it over the i7?

  • Mitchel
    Mitchel4 måneder siden

    Wireless battery mouse charger that doubles as a mouse pad and antena, So it's a wireless with better connection then most and infinite battery life, wouldn't that be nice.

  • Decitronic
    Decitronic4 måneder siden

    Gotta love those 2012 bezels. Pure courage right there.

  • Matthew Muscat
    Matthew Muscat4 måneder siden

    lol "Not a very coragiouse product" lol - Tony Love

  • dv Vaughn
    dv Vaughn4 måneder siden


  • philip philip
    philip philip4 måneder siden

    u like computers and u dont buy a imac ur stupid.. dont buy used mac crap.. getting it brand new

  • Shake Down
    Shake Down4 måneder siden

    I fkn love this big bundle of cuddly bear love able guy

  • Raphael Duran
    Raphael Duran4 måneder siden

    Why is he unboxing this in a kitchen?

  • Matthew Burchfield
    Matthew Burchfield4 måneder siden

    Lol or build a better pc for half

  • robert k Wild
    robert k Wild4 måneder siden

    I love Anthony and his not so surprised look 😂

  • Brandon Lucia
    Brandon Lucia4 måneder siden

    Lol, a speced out iMac is $10000

  • Samudra Sarma
    Samudra Sarma4 måneder siden

    10:45 thank me later...

  • esphi LEE
    esphi LEE4 måneder siden

    Ohh... that pealing off process on new toy is always satisfying. Or it is just me.

  • clayton0127
    clayton01274 måneder siden

    moral of the story: dont waste your money on these, just buy a normal computer.

  • Nick Lizio
    Nick Lizio4 måneder siden

    I wonder what the nano texture would be like on the iPad pro. Might make the drawing experience a little nicer

  • blackdeath1000
    blackdeath10004 måneder siden

    Get Mac Fan Control it is cheap and work on every mac

  • patrick coleman
    patrick coleman4 måneder siden

    Serious ASMR on that screen peel.

  • PainX187
    PainX1874 måneder siden

    okay im not an apple guy but the mouse charges from the bottom what now "confused look" so how does one use it while charging i mean normaly if your doing something it runs out you just live with a tail for abit right thought that was a thing

    ILOVEALGARVE4 måneder siden

    WOAOUWWWWW : what a fantastic team of professionals in the team making the videos, with gorgeous titles: look at 10:55. Two directors and a manager :( What is missing is a vice-president :( Humble is a virtue for Confucius, but not for this team. According to the titles, they all should make 200 000 to 500 000 $ per year ????

    ILOVEALGARVE4 måneder siden

    when Steve Jobs died, Apple died ... :( :( :(

  • Nitin Bhalla
    Nitin Bhalla4 måneder siden

    time to start your own channel ATT (Anthony Tech Tips) ... u have a good temperament and screen presence. Not taking anything away from Linus and gang.

  • Allen Joseph
    Allen Joseph4 måneder siden

    You are amazing at presentation. I thoroughly enjoy your content.

  • Gab Diamond
    Gab Diamond4 måneder siden

    Give us more Anthony!

  • Fawzi Breidi
    Fawzi Breidi4 måneder siden

    ASMR potential

  • Brian Reese
    Brian Reese4 måneder siden

    phone space apple has a phone for half the price that wipes the floor with the competition. in the computer space they give a 675 gtx for 1100 bucks... and gets wiped across the floor by the competition. I'll give it it's elegant looking, guess what? not buying the weak ass thing.

  • Figit
    Figit4 måneder siden

    I wonder if they remembered to add the copper heatpipe to the CPU this time

  • derayend 1st
    derayend 1st4 måneder siden

    With this guy at LTT, I think that's okay if linus gets hit by a bus, no need for deep fake....

  • MK4VLI S
    MK4VLI S4 måneder siden

    Why isn’t it edge to edge yet? Those ugly thick borders 🤮

  • Omega - Max
    Omega - Max4 måneder siden

    I was already irritated by the 1799$ price tag. And I thought it was for this configuration.. Oh boy, Apple...

  • Omega - Max
    Omega - Max4 måneder siden

    CPU temp: _drops 1 degree_ Anthony: *So that's better than I expected it would be...*

  • Oscar vL
    Oscar vL4 måneder siden

    Wtf the "nano textured" glass costs an extra $500? Who pays for this stuff?!?

  • HarleyQuinn257
    HarleyQuinn2574 måneder siden

    I still have one iMac from 2011, are the new ones better?

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud4 måneder siden

    If you're used to using a MacBook and you're switching to (or adding) an iMac, you're definitely going to want the Magic TrackPad.

  • dan8t6
    dan8t64 måneder siden

    11 minutes of cleaning the house vs watching this video: cleaning the house wins

  • Mr M
    Mr M4 måneder siden

    Do anthony have his iwn channel ?

  • Floppy Disk Master
    Floppy Disk Master4 måneder siden

    I use Macs sometimes. The most essential piece of software is Macs Fan Control. I always set it to 100%, yes it is loud but there's a fairly noticeable performance gain. Plus I still game on the 360 so I'm used to loud-ass machines.

  • Jozef Bania
    Jozef Bania4 måneder siden

    And the magic overprice by god emperor steve from the heavens!

  • RipcordJack
    RipcordJack4 måneder siden

    Seeing Anthony and an imac in the same video gives me ptsd everytime

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly4 måneder siden

    Is Apple really gonna risk the Osborne Effect?

  • Alex Chan
    Alex Chan4 måneder siden

    Props to losing weight! Keep up the good work.

  • John Smith
    John Smith4 måneder siden

    Well there's your 100% Apple premium.

  • Von Prater
    Von Prater4 måneder siden

    Anthony is my favorite tech guy on NOlocal. I love this guy. So intelligent, but approachable and humble. Sorry Linus and Louis.

  • Crazy Master
    Crazy Master4 måneder siden

    I would like to hear the reasons that Anthony uses a Macbook for personal use. Would have thought he would be a Linux man, but I guess Macs are closer to that then Windows.

    I DUBZH4 måneder siden

    Unboxing an apple in the kitchen is so logic !!! :D

  • MrT 06
    MrT 064 måneder siden

    Probably not but when a 2080ti pretty much cost 500$ now if it wasn’t dead before it’s dead now

  • Kel B Shobra
    Kel B Shobra4 måneder siden

    I like how layed back this video seems, its not like all in my face

  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear4 måneder siden

    3:01 yeahhh, looks at that! *pitch black*

  • MrEnterthehole
    MrEnterthehole4 måneder siden

    perfectly paced video, Id agree 100% with the conclusion also when we can get better specs with a ryzen setup with thousands in change...

  • Chris Clancey
    Chris Clancey4 måneder siden

    I was low-key expecting you to drop it for comedy value

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom4 måneder siden

    07:35 What the hell are you talking about? The only Apple Products that don't have Bluetooth 5.0 is the budget iPad and the 21.5" iMac.

  • CAndrei98
    CAndrei984 måneder siden

    6:25 He was trying to replicate the windows installation voice of Cortana when setting up the wifi :) And as always another ultra expensive super unreliable and inexplicable price for a not so great piece of technology.

  • bobmamipoko
    bobmamipoko4 måneder siden

    I see Anthony, I upvote

  • Randy Hanley
    Randy Hanley4 måneder siden

    I like your videos - they make me hate Apple much less...probably because he knows what he's talking about, and not talking in "marketing".

  • Ereder
    Ereder4 måneder siden