Checking out the AMD RX 6000 videocards in Fortnite????

Vitenskap og teknologi

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So NVIDIA is all the rage with their latest release, but what's AMD doing? Well, they decided to show off what their new RDNA2 aka Big Navi card in the most unusual space.... Fortnite??
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  • ShortCircuit
    ShortCircuit4 måneder siden

    Are you excited for AMD POWAHH?!?! Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped at →

  • sandeep thakuri

    sandeep thakuri

    2 måneder siden

    @Blazing Bros 11

  • sandeep thakuri

    sandeep thakuri

    2 måneder siden

    @Blazing Bros 1

  • sandeep thakuri

    sandeep thakuri

    2 måneder siden

    @Tank Destroyer à

  • veeraj laata

    veeraj laata

    4 måneder siden

    Bruh not reallu

  • Elit3 Killer253

    Elit3 Killer253

    4 måneder siden

    Why does it look like the audio isn’t synced? I think it’s just his voice

  • Michael Gangnath
    Michael GangnathMåned siden

    Muudea Sedik need's to take the protective foil off of his facemask. I thought you guys were experts with the peel???

  • Synikal
    Synikal2 måneder siden

    6:21 Am I the only one who noticed there are 8 fins, not 9?

  • lolol lolol
    lolol lolol2 måneder siden

    All the games you can play is fortnite lol

  • Viktor SMG
    Viktor SMG2 måneder siden

    3:28 looks like someone is completely wrong lol

  • Saad Alharbi.
    Saad Alharbi.3 måneder siden

    Why does Alex sounds like he's talking with his mouth closed?

  • Totallytrippin
    Totallytrippin3 måneder siden

    And reveal there new card in fortnite

  • Aryan Seelam
    Aryan Seelam3 måneder siden

    i am seriously cringing at alex right now

  • HighAquatic
    HighAquatic3 måneder siden

    mans lowk tried to enter the code in the custom matchmaking

  • Stronk Vodka
    Stronk Vodka3 måneder siden

    Twomaf is black??

  • Dewey
    Dewey3 måneder siden

    Plus, the Xbox series runs a modified version of windows for it's OS so drivers might not bee that bad. . . I hope.

  • Dust Bunnys
    Dust Bunnys3 måneder siden

    1:22 bababooey

  • Dust Bunnys
    Dust Bunnys3 måneder siden

    Twomad showing up changed my life

  • kroki4a 69
    kroki4a 694 måneder siden

    Yess our bubba bui is there

  • Ben Korpella
    Ben Korpella4 måneder siden

    Everyone: Big Navi Me: Big Laundry ;)

  • ProPaks
    ProPaks4 måneder siden

    its magnificent

  • tanner !
    tanner !4 måneder siden

    I hope this card isn’t shit brown like this model.

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy4 måneder siden

    dude his 598 burlwood accents are really clean for such an old piece of hardware, usually the headband gets all scratched and its hell to replace it

  • King DarkSide
    King DarkSide4 måneder siden

    So nobody has talked about it, but the fans on this thing has a ring that connects all the fan fans, isnt that going to drastically improve airflow?

  • GumballShark
    GumballShark4 måneder siden


  • SirFlukealot Esquire
    SirFlukealot Esquire4 måneder siden

    GPU reveals now require twomad tech support and a Fortnite account, the future really is now

  • rj k
    rj k4 måneder siden

    Lol. Standard vasa mount cooler. Hahhhaa

  • Sorn Keadsiri
    Sorn Keadsiri4 måneder siden

    Air-cooling peasants

  • SackTheRipper
    SackTheRipper4 måneder siden

    My boy came out of nowhere what the fuck

  • 15 Krish Mohod
    15 Krish Mohod4 måneder siden

    Question since when does Fortnite have claptrap backpack

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia4 måneder siden

    whoop de doo

  • Illuvatar2k
    Illuvatar2k4 måneder siden

    nice gloves and windshield lol

  • gg
    gg4 måneder siden

    I'm just confused as to why AMD used fortnite

  • Vadim Yula
    Vadim Yula4 måneder siden

    What is happening and why is two mad here?

  • croc_o_beans
    croc_o_beans4 måneder siden

    bruh twomad being kinda serious when he's not on his own channel lmao

  • croc_o_beans
    croc_o_beans4 måneder siden

    twomad is finally getting the pc nzxt refused to give him lmao

  • eskimo lost
    eskimo lost4 måneder siden

    my 5700 xt runs 60-80 fps on a 3840x1600p nano ips monitor so im waiting november on rtx 3090 vs biggest navi

  • Baz
    Baz4 måneder siden

    AMD GPU's on the way with more frustrating episodes of bad drivers. Utter crap they are AVOID AVOID AVOID. I don't know how many times with different AMD cards I've had to hard reset my PC usually during a crucial in game moment. Absolute nightmare and you know what they will never listen or fix any of of it. They will just take your money and laugh at you for accepting the same crap each new edition

  • Darryl Rogue
    Darryl Rogue4 måneder siden

    God how much sugar and caffeine did you take your buzzing off your t*ts!

  • Takumi VS
    Takumi VS4 måneder siden

    why would they do that, its called marketing

  • UncleJoey
    UncleJoey4 måneder siden


  • Papa C
    Papa C4 måneder siden

    ill make a prediction 1. it will be hot 2. it will be 2 3rds of the performance of a 3080 3. the drivers wont work right for six months. prove me wrong AMD nothing would make me more happy than to see ya beat nvidia .

  • Aaron Rodrigues
    Aaron Rodrigues4 måneder siden


  • joe digiorno
    joe digiorno4 måneder siden

    since when the fuck does twomad work for LMG

  • Snotvlek
    Snotvlek4 måneder siden

    Since when TwoMad workin' at LTT sex tips

  • Cringe Cake
    Cringe Cake4 måneder siden


  • IsNoGoOd
    IsNoGoOd4 måneder siden

    Is this a LTT side channel or something else? im getting confused

  • Tiberiu Lupescu
    Tiberiu Lupescu4 måneder siden

    So much inaccurate information in such a short video.

  • Clutch McFck
    Clutch McFck4 måneder siden


  • Arash Fatehi
    Arash Fatehi4 måneder siden

    I am getting confused, how many channels linus have ?

  • Monstermutze No.2
    Monstermutze No.24 måneder siden

    Xbox series one?

  • Koda
    Koda4 måneder siden


  • Laserbeans
    Laserbeans4 måneder siden

    Basing the performance off shader count is so stupid, look at the vega 64 compared the radeon VII, the radeon VII has less shaders but runs laps around the vega

  • Sasanth Bollineni
    Sasanth Bollineni4 måneder siden

    Sometimes Linus’ sponsors are so random

  • LizardVideoDude
    LizardVideoDude4 måneder siden

    Interesting way to get more people to "play" Fortnite.

  • Klingon00
    Klingon004 måneder siden

    PERHAPS NOT RELATED TECH NEWS 1. Apple has been using AMD GPUs in their Macs for a very long time. 2. Apple hasn't used Nvidia GPUs since before most Fortnight players have been alive due to Nvidia chip QC failures. 3. Apple and Epic are in a legal war. 4. Apple has announced they are transitioning to ARM based CPUs for Macs. 5. Nvidia has announced they plan to acquire ARM for $40 Billion 6. AMD makes a deal with Epic to feature their new GPU reveal. 7. ???? 🤔

  • AR G
    AR G4 måneder siden

    AMD and bad GPU drivers is a tale as old as time.

  • Slacker
    Slacker4 måneder siden

    I was caught completely off guard when twomad just showed up out of nowhere

  • Derek Fletcher
    Derek Fletcher4 måneder siden

    wait what the eff is happening? first look at a flagship gpu launch in a kids game?... real life is stranger than fiction irl I guess! haha

  • Derek Fletcher
    Derek Fletcher4 måneder siden

    alex is teh best

  • CarloverPlayz
    CarloverPlayz4 måneder siden

    all you need to do is press E to edit xd

  • Boris Bonillo
    Boris Bonillo4 måneder siden

    so nobody is going to talk about the fucking TWOMAD in the room?

  • LION
    LION4 måneder siden

    This is so cringe

  • Anyelo Fernandez
    Anyelo Fernandez4 måneder siden

    Oh, yeah. Manscaped publicity, my man Jose Zuniga would be proud

  • Matthew Fleischman
    Matthew Fleischman4 måneder siden

    If there isn't a better video from a tech channel of an old man getting a younger person to fix his computer problem with a very simple solution, this is it.

  • Tom Woot
    Tom Woot4 måneder siden


  • BlackBox - [Music]
    BlackBox - [Music]4 måneder siden

    Where the fuck did twomad come from?

  • parmesan
    parmesan4 måneder siden

    Xbox series 1

  • Gabriel Lopes
    Gabriel Lopes4 måneder siden

    Just to make people aware: a "face shield" has almost no value if you aren't using a mask! The purpose of a "face shield" is (somewhat protect your eyes but mainly) shield your face from direct "hits" by someone infected, like a sneeze. Also, unless you have injuries, there's no need to a common person to use gloves on their day-to-day. You get infect when you put your hands onto your face, it doesn't matter if you are using gloves. So, just remember to always sanitize your hands (whether with alcohol or good old soap and water) before you touch your face or when you are getting home.

  • Colin McKenna
    Colin McKenna4 måneder siden

    I went into this video saddened and left confused.

  • Tomas Sandven
    Tomas Sandven4 måneder siden

    Wait, isn’t VirtuaLink dead?

    SKAOG4 måneder siden

    Lol why tf is twomad ther

  • Nakatsu Megami
    Nakatsu Megami4 måneder siden

    While all the people pulling their hair out and Raging over the NVIDIA launch, I am patiently waiting for the AMD launch. Insert Micheal Jordon Meme, Stop get some help.. wait for AMD.

  • Goosey
    Goosey4 måneder siden

    S-H-I-T AMD GPU in fucking Fortnite bruh im disappointed

    DAFUSER4 måneder siden

    Nvidia did the same thing.

  • Reynaldi Chernando
    Reynaldi Chernando4 måneder siden

    how did you get twomad lmao

  • Chlicken
    Chlicken4 måneder siden

    I dont care about the AMD gpu i just want to know why twomad is there!

  • Night Kido
    Night Kido4 måneder siden


  • Yuriko Senzawa
    Yuriko Senzawa4 måneder siden

    Autism move

  • KoudeZuurkool
    KoudeZuurkool4 måneder siden

    Hey, I have the exact same pair of Sennies. Such nice headphones!

  • Cosmoflips
    Cosmoflips4 måneder siden

    damn that boi is fully protected, props

  • Caleb Fossett
    Caleb Fossett4 måneder siden

    Why is two mad at lmg?

  • TolstoyInSpace
    TolstoyInSpace4 måneder siden

    Didnt know twomad worked for linus, cool

  • Naeem
    Naeem4 måneder siden

    yone who thinks 80CU navi is ame as same core count 3070 needs to learn how GPU works and difference between architectures

  • KillDie RezRepeat
    KillDie RezRepeat4 måneder siden

    Three minutes into a nine minute video before even the first mention of the topic.

  • Seb XTriCKs
    Seb XTriCKs4 måneder siden

    WTF TWOMAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kevin
    Kevin4 måneder siden

    Why is twomad in the office

  • Darko Sola
    Darko Sola4 måneder siden

    So everyone is talking about it having 80CUs. What if it ends that high end model has 120CUs?

  • Oddgenee
    Oddgenee4 måneder siden

    It's funny as hell

  • CultOfMU
    CultOfMU4 måneder siden

    They hit two birds with one stone: target audience and graphics quality in one :D

  • Xero
    Xero4 måneder siden


  • Lunchbox13
    Lunchbox134 måneder siden

    what the hell is twomad doing here wtf

    SKEKMAL4 måneder siden

    There's actual photos of this GPU out there.

  • Relected
    Relected4 måneder siden


  • Hamuel Agulto
    Hamuel Agulto4 måneder siden

    It's ugly compared to Nvidia's new ones

  • Okami
    Okami4 måneder siden

    Why is fat tities there?

  • Dillon Briggs
    Dillon Briggs4 måneder siden

    the hell is that second guy waring and just WHY

  • Peter Khrissanov
    Peter Khrissanov4 måneder siden

    Why tf is twomad here

  • Myyoutubecommentschannel
    Myyoutubecommentschannel4 måneder siden

    Soy thumbnail

  • John Smit
    John Smit4 måneder siden


  • Random Play
    Random Play4 måneder siden

    epic and fortnite is amd fanboi why not

  • Kieran Joyce
    Kieran Joyce4 måneder siden

    The additional pins could be for either debugging or could be an RGB header just a shout

  • ChallengerBoy84
    ChallengerBoy844 måneder siden

    Heyy! They are announcing it on my birthday ;)

  • Jeremy Lock
    Jeremy Lock4 måneder siden

    dude look hungover af

  • PIckeljuice
    PIckeljuice4 måneder siden

    ok but nobody is questioning the fact that twomad is there