Can your 240Hz gaming monitor do THIS?!?!

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Portable USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 monitors are not new, but one that is IPS, 240hz, and fairly color accurate is pretty new! Let's see what James thinks of the ASUS XG17 monitor.
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  • spartanDJChalo
    spartanDJChalo8 dager siden

    Looking to buy this at some point so my partner can watch her shows on the TV while I game on the couch next to her with headphones on 😁

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera23 dager siden

    1000$ Apple stand: Hold my monitor!

  • Tyler1989
    Tyler1989Måned siden

    I’m a long haul truck driver and am considering buying this monitor for when I’m on the road. Mostly for use with my IPad and also as a companion screen for my gaming laptop when I’m doing computer work in my bunk. Thanks for the review.

  • Yanni Dhevictor
    Yanni DhevictorMåned siden

    which model of this laptop?

  • RyanTheReptile
    RyanTheReptileMåned siden

    My 240Htz monitor...? You got some nerve assuming that I have a 240Htz monitor...

  • lot ben
    lot benMåned siden

    I need that wallpaper in the thumbnail

  • Press
    PressMåned siden

    Yes mom you can use Facebook book at 30hz

    DAHMEN HASSENMåned siden

    what about g-story ?

  • Marius De kock
    Marius De kockMåned siden

    "This configuration I call toilet mode."

  • 黃國鈞
    黃國鈞Måned siden

    Thing is, I don't have a 240hz monitor.

  • Jackson Kretzer
    Jackson KretzerMåned siden

    James is my favorite Linus media group person

  • Spartan19 Playz
    Spartan19 PlayzMåned siden

    This costs the EXACT same amount of money as my ENTIRE computer. Like what??

  • David F
    David FMåned siden

    I don't need all the gamer focused features or the size but that tripod mount and stand that would be awesome in a business focused product maybe with a 14" screen

  • BoomerBoi
    BoomerBoiMåned siden

    No it can’t, because I can’t afford a 240 hz display

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr PickleMåned siden

    Having Linus ruined the video for me lol,

  • ammier official
    ammier officialMåned siden

    Why have dislike

  • Maurits Jacobse
    Maurits Jacobse2 måneder siden

    No i wouldnt because first i need a gaming desktop PC, after that i need a good screen for just at home. I would buy it if it was 200 or 300 usd

  • Bulletproof Samurai
    Bulletproof Samurai2 måneder siden

    Is the contrast any good?

  • FaceyDuck
    FaceyDuck2 måneder siden

    That moment when your 240 Hz Alienware monitor is 9 kilograms...

  • Hunter Forsberg
    Hunter Forsberg2 måneder siden

    Everyone needs 240 hi monitors everywhere Me with 15 FPS: Yea your right

  • TheWeakObey
    TheWeakObey2 måneder siden

    I like it when you explain the reason what's going on with the product itself like when you were explaining the artifacting with the alien.

  • David Rains
    David Rains2 måneder siden

    that one is allitle exppensive i doo need another monitor can you review the cheaper ones too 200 $ would be awesome

  • lizardaxeman
    lizardaxeman2 måneder siden

    *laughs in 60hz 1366x768*

  • xxDJmocoxx
    xxDJmocoxx2 måneder siden


  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap2 måneder siden

    If you really are interested in response time, just use a high-end CRT.

  • RKO Chicken
    RKO Chicken2 måneder siden

    Jokes on you I don’t have a 240hz monitor

  • Ethan Caffrey
    Ethan Caffrey3 måneder siden

    Bold of you to assume I’ve a 240hz monitor

  • Inspirationfree
    Inspirationfree3 måneder siden

    I'm a Global Engineering Manager, so I travel a lot. Most of the time I work on a high specsomeone that travels a lot and wants to stay light. But when you get to the hotel, and you know you going to be there for a week or two then a monitor you can bring with you really helps. I looked at the 15" portable monitors, be decided to go with the 17" monitor just to be a little more comfortable. I have two complaints about the 17" portable monitor: 1. The speakers are pointless. 2. Asus should have made the screen HDR compatible, even if it was just HDR 500. They targeted the wrong market. Professional need this, more than gamers need this.

  • Generously buttered ALCO
    Generously buttered ALCO3 måneder siden

    I bet that stand isn't a $1000

  • JanTube
    JanTube3 måneder siden

    This is awesome. Does it have touch? $600 is too much, though.

  • Joseph McLane
    Joseph McLane3 måneder siden

    I need 240hz monitor mom for school

  • The diamond Pro
    The diamond Pro3 måneder siden

    I have no 240 hz monitor

  • olee22
    olee223 måneder siden

    If it would be 4K and a little bit bigger... Maybe...

  • liminos
    liminos3 måneder siden

    Finally a good Raspberry Pi Screen..

  • Paul Easter
    Paul Easter3 måneder siden

    "who is gonna buy it?" Apparently a lot of people because it's sold out everywhere less than 2 weeks later

  • Michel van Briemen
    Michel van Briemen3 måneder siden

    >watching the blur test through a 30hz recording on a 5ms response time IPS screen Exquisite

  • Kyle Blevins
    Kyle Blevins3 måneder siden

    More likely lol

  • Lord Shween
    Lord Shween3 måneder siden

    with the sponsor i got scared after hearing linus' voice with no warning lmao

  • James Buckler
    James Buckler3 måneder siden

    I bought it to go with my Asus Rog Zephyrus Duo 15 4k fully maxed out.

  • SubVersa
    SubVersa3 måneder siden

    would use as camera monitor

  • Denzyl Casuela
    Denzyl Casuela3 måneder siden

    $100 for a monitor stand? Outrageous!!! Apple:

  • Vylpes
    Vylpes3 måneder siden

    Bold of you to assume I have a 240Hz monitor

  • RiGo
    RiGo3 måneder siden

    How would Samsung Dex look on it using the Note 20 or some other phone with high refresh rate? Would it make a difference?

  • Norbsky
    Norbsky3 måneder siden


  • kaiwen wu
    kaiwen wu3 måneder siden

    If you use a mxm to pcie adapter , it is useful because the laptop monitor is not working anymore.

  • kaiwen wu

    kaiwen wu

    3 måneder siden

    clevo laptop only

  • Chris D.
    Chris D.3 måneder siden

    looks cool, my laptop can run games +120 fps but only has a 60hz display, so... i can see it work in my notebook...

    BEHEMOTH203 måneder siden

    Now if it was touchscreen and had a wireless option this thing would be next level.

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim3 måneder siden

    240 Hz Linus: :) 239.9 Hz Linus: :

  • Quakewr
    Quakewr3 måneder siden

    This monitor is 600$ on Amazon Bruh

  • James Cox
    James Cox3 måneder siden

    This is right in line with what I need with my set up as I travel so much. I’ve been waiting for portable monitors to really take off and it’s here now but at this price it’s a no go for me as much as I would use it.

  • Oliver-Nation
    Oliver-Nation3 måneder siden

    does anyone know a good 1440p 240hz 1ms ips panel monitor?

  • G K
    G K3 måneder siden

    Why am I having dejavu with this video... like i saw it last year.

  • Tarek Al-Shawwa
    Tarek Al-Shawwa3 måneder siden

    I love this, i hope more monitors move in the direction of thinner and lighter, makes no sense how an ipad has a high resolution and 120hz refresh rate display and is as thin as a few sheets of paper AND has an entire system inside while a simple 1080p 60hz monitor is fat and chunky with a built in or external power supply

  • Jack F
    Jack F3 måneder siden

    87% of subscribers to this channel: *I don't even have a 240hz monitor, let alone a 120hz.*

  • gohachi
    gohachi3 måneder siden

    I would seriously consider it at $400, but $600 is a bit much.

  • Ty coon
    Ty coon3 måneder siden

    dat student loan moneyz

  • Nebu Jin
    Nebu Jin3 måneder siden

    Wobbliest Panel on mofo'ing planet earth... not hyped...

  • LordWhatsHisName
    LordWhatsHisName3 måneder siden

    I needed this on my last deployment. I got one of those gaems monitors and the thing broke within a week

  • Nick slik T. Leep
    Nick slik T. Leep3 måneder siden

    am i missing something or is this the best indoor camera monitor in existence?? Lol

  • Bob Coco
    Bob Coco3 måneder siden

    What I hate the most about my 240hz gaming monitor, is that it's imaginary.😩

  • Chocolateer
    Chocolateer3 måneder siden

    I feel like James wasn't originally supposed to do this overview.

  • Hassan Bellouch
    Hassan Bellouch3 måneder siden

    Jaaames ! The monitors guy !

  • Shamrock627
    Shamrock6273 måneder siden

    600 dollars and theyre charging an extra 80 for a proper stand for the fucking thing.....

  • viperpit
    viperpit3 måneder siden

    You could kill a man with this omg best ad ever.

  • Icegrey6
    Icegrey63 måneder siden

    Don't know why but James llooks very bored about this product. Kinda listless presentation/video...

  • rnGeezus
    rnGeezus3 måneder siden

    Ps5/ xbox x people are going to buy it the 240htz is just a Marketing part to make it more Diversified and put it in Step Up 😅🤷

  • Tard
    Tard3 måneder siden


  • tomotow
    tomotow3 måneder siden

    i want dat background

  • Cameron Machi
    Cameron Machi3 måneder siden

    Hell no, I wouldn't buy that. If my laptop was old enough that the screen sucked and I felt like I would spend $600+ on a tiny monitor... I would either just buy an actual monitor to use at home where I play games or just buy a better laptop.

  • LanDip _
    LanDip _3 måneder siden


  • Stigster
    Stigster3 måneder siden

    My 240hz monitor can *empty my wallet!*

  • zee anemone
    zee anemone3 måneder siden

    i'll buy it from you for 20bux

  • Piet
    Piet ice-only.de3 måneder siden

    Astonishlingy useless product.

  • Izzo Rethan
    Izzo Rethan3 måneder siden

    This is funny , i just bought this .

  • Shuriken Cookies
    Shuriken Cookies3 måneder siden

    I could really do with this for my work but that $500 is to expensive for me to invest especially compared to other options.

  • Timothy Huston
    Timothy Huston3 måneder siden

    Laughing in metric

  • Antonije Lasic
    Antonije Lasic3 måneder siden

    No, my 10y old monitor cant...

  • Emilio Yap
    Emilio Yap3 måneder siden

    I'd buy that for my PS6 in the future that will probably have 240 hertz by then.

  • Matthias Karageorgiou
    Matthias Karageorgiou3 måneder siden

    "This thing looks like, its gonna kill me, like its gonna hug my face and plant eggs down my throat or something, THIS IS A COOL LITTLE DESIGN!"

  • Majik Messiah
    Majik Messiah3 måneder siden

    2:32 yeah, but can you kill a moose with it?

  • guthexn
    guthexn3 måneder siden

    no segway to the ad? damn i didn't think ltt would do this to me

  • rekne
    rekne3 måneder siden

    **cries in 60hz**

  • Michael Latta
    Michael Latta3 måneder siden

    For portable dual monitor productivity. Yes.

  • Mario Jam
    Mario Jam3 måneder siden

    Pewdiepie : But can you do this??!!!!!!

  • basedjpowell
    basedjpowell3 måneder siden

    mmm.... inverse coronas.......aahhhhhllllghhhhh

  • chris zazulak
    chris zazulak3 måneder siden

    But can it plug into my phone for an over the top backseat travel companion?

  • Exit0ne
    Exit0ne3 måneder siden

    I don't have a 240Hz gaming monitor!

  • Harvey Degree
    Harvey Degree3 måneder siden


  • Sani Wada
    Sani Wada3 måneder siden

    the UFO test hurt my eyes.

  • Мирич
    Мирич3 måneder siden

    I doubt somebody will buy this crap. But there're always idiots.

  • masterxeon1001
    masterxeon10013 måneder siden

    on amazon that #*@&$ is 1k haha.

  • olaguna2
    olaguna23 måneder siden

    Yes actually my monitor does do that....... cause it is my monitor.

  • Doc Supreme
    Doc Supreme3 måneder siden

    I was thinking about how often I could use a regular monitor at work and would 100% like that, but then I saw the price and said nah. I bring my PS4 to work. This cost more than that.

  • donewit Urchit
    donewit Urchit3 måneder siden

    So I'm guessing if asus made this without that stupid logo it would be 25-30% cheaper 😂

  • Duluth DJs
    Duluth DJs3 måneder siden

    What is a book

  • kiyosen L.
    kiyosen L.3 måneder siden

    Its a really good well rounded product just not well priced, i think it would be the perfect monitor that you take to LAN parties and stuff with your sff pc

    JLT PHOTOGRAPHIX3 måneder siden

    On Amazon Germany the previous model cost just 200€ (233.48US$/310CAD) so for anyone who doesn’t need these high refresh rate. There is a pretty deal.

  • ikempi
    ikempi3 måneder siden

    I bought it like two months ago. Is it worth it? Yes it is. After hitting homeoffice this thing has been lifesaver - giving extra on that Lenovo 14". And in the end of the day I can stash it away. Try stashing 22" "normal" monitor. It is portable. I can work with it outside for 4 hours. I can pop it out on a bus / train or long trip plane. By the way you can hook it up to your usb c smartphone - watch your series or movies. Want to go to lanparty? Grab that small HTPC from TV and you are good to go. All in all I got to agree it is on a pricey side.

  • mantenbrink
    mantenbrink3 måneder siden

    If they made this in 120 or even 60hz, and made it like 250-300 for the full kit including the stand I'd get this for filming on set monitor and video editing monitor next to my laptop

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti3 måneder siden

    A monitor stand AND a weapon! Love it!