Buy this instead of a Pixel 5! - Samsung S20 FE

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Samsung added a new version of the S20, the Fan Edition. This phone is actually pretty surprising as it's not just a simple variation and it's $699!
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  • Mohammed Hamza
    Mohammed Hamza58 minutter siden

    How did he know I am a motorola guy?

  • Himanshu Bhumbla
    Himanshu Bhumbla16 timer siden

    i am getting the normal s20 for just 589$ should i go for it or get the pixel 4a 5g?

  • Oshadha Gayan
    Oshadha GayanDag siden

    S20 fe has HDR10+ right?

  • DrugsMakah_07
    DrugsMakah_073 dager siden

    5:36 Answer: Hyped Fanboys who buy it at the beginning and keep lining Samsung's pockets

  • Kenny Andrew
    Kenny Andrew4 dager siden

    Everybody talks about Anthony(rightfully so) but riley is the best host

  • merridius2006
    merridius20064 dager siden

    DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, guys!That is if you don't want to return it. If you will do some digging online you will see the touchscreen has a bug which looks like a hardware bug (so not fixable by updates). The issue is called 'Ghost Touch'. Check it online. Sad that Linus crew advertises all kinds of crappy phones

  • deepestfried
    deepestfried4 dager siden

    This seems like the OnePlus 8T of the S20 family

  • junesuprise
    junesuprise5 dager siden

    6gb ram seems a bit low. Also has it stereo?

  • walk free
    walk free5 dager siden

    1:40 rick and morty ad..

  • Real Verdade
    Real Verdade5 dager siden

    S20 fe is WAY BETTER no comparasion

  • David English
    David English6 dager siden

    Samsung has 4 new "s" model phones and apple has 4 iPhone 12 model phones....

  • Dimitrios Iordanidis
    Dimitrios Iordanidis6 dager siden

    fpecial edifion...

  • Crystalangra Projects
    Crystalangra Projects6 dager siden

    in america? Yes, with that sweet snapdragon. in the rest of the world? fokin NO with Exynos.

  • Marc Angelo Chiapco
    Marc Angelo Chiapco7 dager siden

    founder's edition

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig7 dager siden

    Thank you Samsung is right

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig7 dager siden

    It comes with a 15w charger, not 25

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig7 dager siden

    I got this a few days ago. I love it. Everything I want, and don't feel guilty about buying it.

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano7 dager siden

    I got the ☁️red, so is it a good phone? Yes absolutely, the 865 is blazing, that 120hz display even at 1080p is excellent. Cameras & 🔋also very nice. Hoffman, go buy one, even at full retail it's a great choice. I've had no touch screen issues or ghosting, yep fits my needs just fine!

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis7 dager siden

    Wow... Why didn't I get this, especially with the Exynos version's battery not lasting as much. Now I'm stuck with the S20+5G, which is good but it's not got good enough battery life given the Exynos and this has everything that I consider important, I don't care about cameras much.

  • GlowBox
    GlowBox7 dager siden

    "just 4k video on this one" we're spoilt

  • Wizard Koer
    Wizard Koer8 dager siden

    Incorrect, the S20 FE does in fact have HDR10+. You can even record HDR10+ content on the phone and play it.

  • MuffinFighter
    MuffinFighter9 dager siden

    I just got this for my sister :D

  • Samuel Ruiz
    Samuel Ruiz9 dager siden

    Now with the s21 its going ass backwards no charger or SD card

  • Yaseen kutbi
    Yaseen kutbi11 dager siden

    No headphone jack no buy

  • shadaab khan
    shadaab khan11 dager siden

    Hofmann... the new willy do? Will he do? Do be do be do!?!

  • labros labrou
    labros labrou11 dager siden

    when i read the title about pixel 5, i was thinking of a samsung s20 with stock android. i hope it was true

  • TrinityLinkq
    TrinityLinkq12 dager siden

    Thought i was watching unbox therapy

  • Stephen Webb
    Stephen Webb13 dager siden

    I really think we need Riley in an inter dimensional cable episode of Rick and Morty

  • Rick Rector
    Rick Rector15 dager siden

    I was upset about the speakers on my FE until I turned on dolby atmos... it makes a WORLD of difference 👌

  • Just Bane
    Just Bane15 dager siden

    I'm still impressed by his apartment

  • Just Bane
    Just Bane15 dager siden

    Sense UI is my favorite. But R.I.P HTC hardware

  • David Hager
    David Hager16 dager siden

    0:13 it wasn't like that, I remember when the first Galaxy S came out and they had a different phone, well different name really, for every carrier. It was worst in the Galaxy S - S3 years.

  • 이민혁
    이민혁16 dager siden

    S20 Founders Edition Review

  • onemonthwake
    onemonthwake16 dager siden

    Did Riley go to the school of unbox therapy for videos? I swear the style and mannerisms were very very very similar.....

  • cowegg
    cowegg16 dager siden

    Looks like he either does know a lot about the phones or isn’t really into it

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera16 dager siden

    "Founders Edition!" Jensen: "Write that down!"

  • WarLead2792
    WarLead279216 dager siden

    The Pixel 5 just feels more ✨pure✨

  • Rita Dutta
    Rita Dutta16 dager siden

    This is what I expected.....Buy our LTT shirt over the pixel 5!

  • Martin Paredes
    Martin Paredes16 dager siden

    Best review I’ve ever watched high ever.

  • Kruemo
    Kruemo17 dager siden

    So.. the Fan Edition has a better selfie camera? It indeed is the fan edtion for only.... fans then.

  • Jack C
    Jack C17 dager siden

    I'm watching a phone review done by a great interpretation of a 70s male porn star. (Yeah it's the moustache)

  • Danijel Drnić
    Danijel Drnić17 dager siden

    Out of the stock today :/

  • Mike Crane
    Mike Crane17 dager siden

    Can you not post your SoyBoy mouth agape photo on the thumb, its not a good look

  • YunaticsTV
    YunaticsTV17 dager siden

    That phone is shitty. I returned it. It's laggy when gaming

  • Austin Curtis
    Austin Curtis17 dager siden

    Resolution is 2400x1080... not 1920x1080, vid is wrong

  • Rui Takeda
    Rui Takeda18 dager siden

    This crap comes with exynos here

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester Ogilvie18 dager siden

    A flagship line.... with 1080 resolution.. in 2021.....

  • World Known
    World Known18 dager siden

    I bought one of these recently, and I've been really happy with it. The only thing I didn't like is that there's no just plain black. I don't want colors or any of that shit. Just give me a black phone. I used to always buy the Note versions. Last time I bought a phone was the Note 8. Prices on phones these days is just ridiculous and far beyond justifiable for me.

  • Siilver
    Siilver18 dager siden


  • Michael K H TANG
    Michael K H TANG18 dager siden

    FE, fun edition, founders edition, fan edition, family edition, fine edition... Just call it FE

  • marksharik
    marksharik18 dager siden

    The s20 fe is a lot cheaper for the trade in value as well, like 250 for the fe if your phone isn't broken, 350 if it is

  • sandomen123
    sandomen12318 dager siden

    No bish. I got my pixel 5 and I love it

  • Gibz
    Gibz18 dager siden

    xaiomi mi 10t pro all the way, yours sincerely Samsung fan boy!!

  • O_O
    O_O18 dager siden

    Always wish samsung high end phones to be get cheap for average customers

  • Daniel
    Daniel18 dager siden

    imagine being young and actually having the money to buy any up to date flagship phone (or their "lite" versions). The only thing i could afford when i got my current phone was the A50 discounted for around 260€

  • Daniel


    18 dager siden

    120Hz, waterproof(resistant), better processor, abit more ram, wireless charging, no headphone jack and a newer usb hub for double the price? ouchy lets see how samsung updates their A lineup

  • Daniel


    18 dager siden

    and lets be honest, it's just a better specced galaxy a51

  • Daniel


    18 dager siden

    699$ what a steal

  • Lisandro Gallo
    Lisandro Gallo19 dager siden

    Great review, Hoffman fan here.

  • Adam
    Adam19 dager siden

    Fan edition, as in the fans of galaxy phones not the people that own them...

  • Sanchayan Ghosh
    Sanchayan Ghosh19 dager siden

    S20 Founders Edition??? Oh no, gotta forget Nvidia

  • Sanela H
    Sanela H19 dager siden

    Young and more handsomeish Flanders?! 😄

  • Nudon Axa
    Nudon Axa19 dager siden

    Nah my girlfriend had a s20 FE and it felt cheap compared to my Pixel 5.

  • pinky1900's
    pinky1900's20 dager siden

    The saying “Founders edition”, no...not too funny.

  • DroidFreak36
    DroidFreak3620 dager siden

    I would be very interested in that if it didn't have a hole punch camera. Hole punch cameras are the worst.

  • bb kpop
    bb kpop20 dager siden

    Love Samsung world....

  • Diego Nei de Brito Santos
    Diego Nei de Brito Santos21 dag siden

    It's the "S20 FE" because calling it the "S20 SE" would be one S too many.

  • tatwo
    tatwo21 dag siden

    But you can already get normal s20 for that price or lower.

  • Mohammed El-kenany
    Mohammed El-kenany22 dager siden

    There's one major wrong information S20 FE 5G is snapdragon only not exnos Wherever u live all 5g editions is snapdragon

  • C G
    C G22 dager siden

    Glastick is used in the electrical industry it is a great insulator and already a thing before Samsung started using it.

  • Matte Alex
    Matte Alex22 dager siden

    10:46 SHORT circuit

  • Matte Alex
    Matte Alex22 dager siden

    plot twist: The Fan in FE is actually a blowie matron FAN.

  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar22 dager siden

    This s20 fe is only good for USA, Chinese and Korean because rest of the world get crappy exynos version.

  • Sahil
    Sahil22 dager siden

    Your voice and talking style is Michael Scott fan edition. 😜

  • LightenStar
    LightenStar23 dager siden

    The 4g version of the S20 FE is such a good value, 599

  • Yeahsure
    Yeahsure23 dager siden

    4k provides screens on phones are overrated. I've been using an S8+ plus forever with the screen set to 720p to save on battery.

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen23 dager siden

    Why is there a circle of dead pixels at the top of the screen? $700 for that? Unacceptable.

  • MassLuca007
    MassLuca00723 dager siden

    omg i thought you kept saying S25G and i was like ??? and then i realized you was saying S20 5G

  • CineFlow Cast
    CineFlow Cast23 dager siden

    I'm confused, all the specs sites is saying that 20 "Founders" Edition has HDR10+ too. Now who's is right? Hahaha

  • Aman Garge
    Aman Garge24 dager siden

    Buy it only if you are ok with Samsung Bloat.

  • Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs
    Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs26 dager siden

    This man puts off strong r/rickandmorty vibes

  • Andre Arthur
    Andre Arthur26 dager siden


  • Redrum
    Redrum26 dager siden

    Buy an LG Velvet. So much specs

  • Wicked Cerberus
    Wicked Cerberus26 dager siden

    S10e has 8gb of ram

  • Poopagedon Guy
    Poopagedon Guy27 dager siden

    I feel like Riley is thicc he got so many things wrong

  • Celebrity Times
    Celebrity Times27 dager siden

    Mobile reviewers:Fan edition PC reviewers: Founder edition

  • EndoSym50
    EndoSym5028 dager siden

    What's the music at the beginning of the video?

  • SirTubeALotMore
    SirTubeALotMore28 dager siden

    Flashy Edition?

  • Tj H
    Tj H29 dager siden

    For the first time in a VERY long time, I bought a non pixel/nexus device. I have never regretted a purchase more (pixel 4 come close, who tf makes a device in this day and age without a fingerprint read, wth). Just, all the weird samsungy shit...ugh.

  • Makoto Yuki
    Makoto Yuki29 dager siden

    Yes.....marques gave it the prize

  • Camilo Venegas
    Camilo VenegasMåned siden

    oh yes, the founders edition

  • Hamza amrani
    Hamza amraniMåned siden

    2 words: ghost touch

  • Shelby Watson
    Shelby WatsonMåned siden

    I like the cut of your jib

  • Emam Al Araf
    Emam Al ArafMåned siden

    I've seen this guy somewhere else

  • GOD
    GODMåned siden


  • Isaac Snow
    Isaac SnowMåned siden


  • Vela Bela
    Vela BelaMåned siden

    😍😍😍😍😍 phucccccccccccc'k this man is so hot 🔥🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Kareem H.
    Kareem H.Måned siden

    It's above the clouds, get it LOL

  • Yanni
    YanniMåned siden

    Just switched from a Samsung S9+ to Pixel5. Two words about S20 FE is just too big and the android os experience is by far among the worst in the category.

  • Sebastian J.
    Sebastian J.Måned siden

    I'm sorry but I cannot keep watching it. His face was already creepy without that mustache now it's just unbearable.

  • Jerry4050
    Jerry4050Måned siden

    Nah I'll stick with Google since you have three years of updates then 2 years

  • Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken

    29 dager siden

    Samsung gives you 3 years of official Android updates as well

  • Chad Justice
    Chad JusticeMåned siden

    Why would anyone buy that samsung junk with a bloated android os?

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy WilsonMåned siden

    Fan Edition? Put clean Android on it then talk to me....