Better, Cheaper, Facebook-ier - Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing

Vitenskap og teknologi

Thanks to Oculus for sponsoring this video! Learn more about their new Oculus Quest 2 at #OculusPartner #OculusQuest2
The Oculus Quest2 is out and like last time it's a standalone VR system that doesn't need a PC to run it, but what else has changed?
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  • Galaxyer
    Galaxyer3 dager siden

    Does the 299 include taxes in the us?

  • Macho Desperado
    Macho Desperado4 dager siden

    I hate Facebook so no! To this bait product

  • Vita Fita
    Vita Fita11 dager siden

    I'm very looking forward to trying HOLOFIT on 7th January when it will be released on the official Oculus Store! Quest 2 seems to be the best present I could choose for my husband and me this Christmas :)

  • Jody Muresan
    Jody Muresan15 dager siden

    Lies Quest 2 is not compatible with all previous titles

  • Sollow Patrickson
    Sollow Patrickson16 dager siden

    Yes it's cheaper than basically every other VR headset. ut remember that it's produced by Facebook, so there's a reason it's cheaper. The money you didn't spend on the display, facebook sells off info on you to ad agencies.

  • Allegory
    Allegory16 dager siden

    I got banned from facebook about a decade ago and apparently those are lifetime bans. Fuck Facebook

  • Adam Beckham
    Adam Beckham19 dager siden

    Riley & Andrew please all the time

  • Heather Merritt
    Heather Merritt21 dag siden

    I watched this on my oculus quest 2

  • Multiple YT
    Multiple YTMåned siden

    jesus, what's the big problem with facebook?? just make an account which you never even have to use or just use your current account, if you already have a facebook account why are you worried about them collecting data on you now if they've been doing that the entire time?

  • Gregory Mirabella
    Gregory MirabellaMåned siden

    i have an old facebook account lying around from some school project or something, so i'll just use that.

  • john devlin
    john devlinMåned siden

    One lcd panel

  • Z U C C
    Z U C CMåned siden

    bruh what mic are you using? it sounds so compressed.

  • Milboo
    MilbooMåned siden

    Anyone else notice when they put the prices up they’re both in USD

  • Johnodon
    JohnodonMåned siden

    4:35 the best part is that the quest 1 499$ version wasnt 256gb it was 128gb

  • Gerald Brown
    Gerald BrownMåned siden

    I knew Riley would be stoked about the Quest 2 in white! #minimalist

  • ForceMuhai
    ForceMuhaiMåned siden

    4:32 The first oculus quest had 64 gb and 128 gb models not 64 and 256 (just sayin don't write hate comments lol)

  • Matty's Playhouse
    Matty's PlayhouseMåned siden

    Wrong the oculus quest 2 has one lcd display the quest 1 had two oled displays.

  • Who asked
    Who askedMåned siden

    why did they have to review such a shity headset .

  • Hayden Wood
    Hayden WoodMåned siden

    Is it only me or that charger looks like a pixel charger and the cord also looks like a pixel

  • Guy Smiley
    Guy SmileyMåned siden


  • Aidan Saunders
    Aidan SaundersMåned siden

    Guys Guys, it's not original to think needing facebook sucks. I didn't buy a google home because you have to log into google. fight me.

  • W. Dearth
    W. DearthMåned siden

    Mandatory Facebook is a dealbreaker. What a shame.

  • Abdul Muhaimin
    Abdul MuhaiminMåned siden

    I hate Facebook. It's just like part of a government website thing. I hope Microsoft will develop a VR headset for PC and Xbox.

  • Darren Smith
    Darren SmithMåned siden

    Anyone who can make things appear normal with a pair of glasses and a moustache should get a round of applause.

  • Olive Blanchard
    Olive Blanchard2 måneder siden

    I don't really think that having to make a Facebook account to use the Quest 2 is awful. If you want to use the Xbox to its fullest extent, you need a Microsoft account, same with the PlayStation, the Switch, or Stadia (obviously). And, being that it is digital only, you'd need to go on to the digital only store, which would probably require a Facebook account anyway.

  • SkaO Arts
    SkaO Arts2 måneder siden

    Why I need Facebook acc.? Well I don´t have it anymore. Why would I? Facebook is dead.

  • FoRtNiTe NoObS
    FoRtNiTe NoObS2 måneder siden

    Tech tip: to make controller tracking better go to the oculus app on your phone click on settings then press on your headset then press more settings then press advanced settings then press tracking frequency then press 60hz

  • PFSnypr
    PFSnypr2 måneder siden

    Ive wanted to save up for quest, but yea theres no way im making a facebook account

  • avrona


    2 måneder siden

    Why not? It's just an account.

  • Ben Wyand
    Ben Wyand2 måneder siden

    Facebook isn’t getting all its claws into me yet. Nice try Zuck this isn’t Ready Player One.

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids2 måneder siden

    facebook should be entirely optional. I don't need to sign into xbox live to use my xbox same goes for playstation, nintendo switch, PC etc

  • Favian Ramos
    Favian Ramos2 måneder siden

    He be looking like kip from Napoleon Dynamite

  • Lance Q
    Lance Q2 måneder siden

    i hate you

  • Kid Domino
    Kid Domino2 måneder siden

    The extra accessories made this Oculus a gimmicky tourest trap gift shop item for people who don't know what Christmas gift to buy the tech savvy person in their life.

  • ChazzaBB
    ChazzaBB2 måneder siden

    OMG THEY SAID QUEST 1 HAS $499 OPTION for 256 GB THATS FAKE NEWS ITS 128 GB FOR $499 64 GB for $399 and QUEST 2 $299 64 gb $399 256 GB 1!!111!!!1 fake news #cancelLTT

  • El Burrito
    El Burrito2 måneder siden

    It's cool how many extra people this will be bringing into VR, but I don't think I'd ever personally recommend it to anyone.

  • Hayden McQueen
    Hayden McQueen2 måneder siden

    All you salty idiots ranting about Facebook as if it actually matters. This is some seriously cool tech and you’re dismissing it over the notion of privacy which doesn’t matter anymore anyway. There is no reason you can’t just sign up for a Facebook account in two minutes and shut up about it.

  • Equestria dynamics
    Equestria dynamics2 måneder siden

    Yes it sucks you need a facebook account for it... So I say just make a new one with bare minimum requirements for it never post anything and just use it for oculus... (I am an owner of a quest G1)

  • Good Show
    Good Show2 måneder siden

    I would buy Just for the hoodie

  • Ben Korpella
    Ben Korpella2 måneder siden

    Great host, good hardware, bad software

  • Feline du Lune
    Feline du Lune2 måneder siden

    But WHY! Did they remove Oled, everything looks less immersive now! I really hate that I tend to like the Quest 1 more just because of the Oled.. not seeing true black in VR pulls you away from the experience

  • Darrius Chung
    Darrius Chung2 måneder siden

    *LETS GO*

  • Nano Tox
    Nano Tox2 måneder siden

    Disappointed to see a video sponsored by Facebook. Even more disappointed due to the conflict of interest. I know this is not a review, but unboxings can still contain opinions (look at the oneplus buds) and I really felt a clash in this one

  • Leandro Lopes
    Leandro Lopes2 måneder siden

    I hate Facebook AND Riley since his last political bs. That's an instant dislike video for me. That was fun guys ... Thanks.

  • Jojo DiAc
    Jojo DiAc2 måneder siden

    I seriously don’t understand what’s the problem with needing to sign into Facebook I mean for any Apple product you absolutely need an Apple account, for any smart speaker or android phone, you pretty much need a google account, what’s the problem with Facebook requiring a sign in with their product as well??? I mean even smaller companies than the giants require sign ins like Xiaomi with any of the mi home devices and Sonos with their speakers!

  • Samin Latif

    Samin Latif

    2 måneder siden

    mainly its because most people dont like and dont trust facebook with their data. I might not like Apple and Google's policies but I would trust them 100X more than facebook.

  • Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan2 måneder siden

    Make a ltt video on quest 2 virtual desktop vs other pcvr hmds

  • Stuart Murray
    Stuart Murray2 måneder siden

    Why can't these headsets just do what electronic viewfinders on cameras do and simply have a small wheel to scroll until the screen is no longer blurry to your eyes? no need to wear glasses then

  • Ali
    Ali2 måneder siden

    It’s annoying me that there’s an opportunity to mention that wasn’t used “the regular quest 2 won’t include the water bottle, shirt, or hoodie... but you can get ones at instead”

  • Yeetasaurus Rex
    Yeetasaurus Rex2 måneder siden

    super hot uses 90hz

  • C Lo Steam
    C Lo Steam2 måneder siden

    Great product ruined by Facebook's over reach.. I will save up and buy valves product instead

  • Samin Latif

    Samin Latif

    2 måneder siden

    or a reverb g2, decagear, or htc vive yeah

  • Fiirecrash
    Fiirecrash2 måneder siden

    A small edit to the sponsor LTT: *SPONSORED BY FACEBOOK I'm disappointed they didn't slam facebook harder though.

  • Alexander Dorenkamp
    Alexander Dorenkamp2 måneder siden

    Love watching Riley reviewing! I need some LTT stuff.

  • Sadnehs
    Sadnehs2 måneder siden

    Literally sell your soul to facebook if you want wireless VR at a decent quality. Cause nobody else makes anything like this.

  • Sadnehs
    Sadnehs2 måneder siden

    They got sponsored by oculus They got sponsored by facebook.

  • Thog
    Thog2 måneder siden

    I will be getting this headset regardless of the required Facebook account. People are complaining about Facebook in these comments as if Google isn't selling their info to advertisers every day.

  • Pixel
    Pixel2 måneder siden

    For the love of God don't buy this

  • donutmaster
    donutmaster2 måneder siden

    The Quest 2 does not have 2 LCD displays. It's a single panel unlike Quest 1.

    PSYCHO2 måneder siden

    I hate HP products with a passion. I've NEVER had a good experience with HP devices. Despite THAT, I would GLADLY buy an HP VR headset ANY DAY no matter the expensive price before I ever buy an Oculus VR headset. I wouldn't even gift an Oculus VR headset to anyone whether I love them or hate them.

    PSYCHO2 måneder siden

    First System Of A Down JUST released TWO NEW SONGS in 2020. Then Trump lost the election. Now all we need is for CD Projekt Red to end 2020 with a BANG by announcing their own VR Headset hardware. 😍😍😍

  • Ricky Pearson
    Ricky Pearson2 måneder siden

    Kind of a low spot to touch Andy. Call HR Andy. You have rights.

  • Ma Lo
    Ma Lo2 måneder siden

    Was really tempted to buy it. Sadly the 300 price tag doesnt apply here. 500 here so im out.

  • Jonathan Dirks
    Jonathan Dirks2 måneder siden

    Yeah, the facebook thing is unfortunate. But the product has really great value. I'm not going to upgrade from my quest though.

  • Jorge
    Jorge2 måneder siden

    Hate having to create a Facebook account to play Oculus, Hate the video is sponsored by oculus.

  • papa cakegaming
    papa cakegaming2 måneder siden

    everyone is copyin NVIDIA they made their GPU cheaper and better pfft copyiers

  • Gakwaya David
    Gakwaya David2 måneder siden

    I'm wondering why people are hating on facebook this much?🤔 Has google ever allowed to login to google services using yahoo mail? or apple ever allowed you to use it's devices using a non icloud account? There are no angels in this space, they all have had shady businesses. I see no problem with the requirement.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee2 måneder siden

    It ruined your hairstyle...

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom2 måneder siden

    NOlocal influencers: LOOK AT ALL THIS USELESS MERCH IM NOT GOING TO WEAR! Also youtube influencers: You wont get any of this, lol rekt b-bye

  • Havok
    Havok2 måneder siden

    Doing a reverb g2 review?

  • MMD
    MMD2 måneder siden

    Idk whats with the hate on facebook i mean i dont use it either but i wont die if i had to make an account with it if you know how to keep your privacy online then whats the problem? I dont know what everyone is scared off

  • Almarnassi Ilias
    Almarnassi Ilias2 måneder siden

    Guys how about creating a new facebook account just for the oculist with vpn too so that they dont really benefit from ur data? I guess that would be okay?? I cant afford one anyway 🤣

  • RaMaN KaTaR
    RaMaN KaTaR2 måneder siden

    wanna get 200$ a month for 5 months? this ain't not business proposal seems like a scam! but u will get it when u hear the details

  • Elratauru
    Elratauru2 måneder siden

    Fuck having to link it to a facebook account. Come on, HTC come back, we loved you...

  • DJ Mullet
    DJ Mullet2 måneder siden

    permanently merged?

  • Abhishek Maurya
    Abhishek Maurya2 måneder siden

    Use services like simple login for email forwarding alias so that facebook never knows your real name etc

  • yausernametaken
    yausernametaken2 måneder siden

    Hell, no. LTT could have made such a difference had they chosen to not cover Facebook Quest 2, here or in a full review. Ignore this piece of shit product.

  • Asoko


    2 måneder siden

    sounds like you mad bro

  • jlat96
    jlat962 måneder siden

    I have some disposable income now and would love to get into VR, but I’ll not be buying an Oculus if Facebook keeps this up

  • Sir Barksalot
    Sir Barksalot2 måneder siden

    I would buy this headset in a heartbeat...if they remove the forced Facebook login. That is just bullshit and we need to make a stand against it NOW.

  • Bryan Animates
    Bryan Animates2 måneder siden

    Mom said it's my turn to get pinned

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver2 måneder siden

    With as shitty facebook is being locking out customers from their own device you never should have accepted this sponsorship.

  • IRMacGuyver


    2 måneder siden

    @Asoko No they said that they would require facebook to use the device by 2023

  • Asoko


    2 måneder siden

    it was a glitch lol

  • Dragon_Lagus
    Dragon_Lagus2 måneder siden

    Permanently Merge? 9:09 does that mean you can reset headset to resale once you link your account?

  • K. Robinson
    K. Robinson2 måneder siden


  • Just watching
    Just watching2 måneder siden

    6/10- Offensive for blind people -IGN

  • MaveRick
    MaveRick2 måneder siden

    Please people, don't buy this headset. The hardware is awesome but is that worth giving up your entire identity to facebook? And also, they can choose to stop support PCVR at any time.

  • Regi
    Regi2 måneder siden

    8:23 Mamaaa...♪

  • BanReport
    BanReport2 måneder siden

    I like the fact that people are complaining about Oculus needing a facebook account and ends up buying it 😂

  • Юлиан Георгиев
    Юлиан Георгиев2 måneder siden

    Facebook is already stealing way too much data from me. No thanks.

  • Lights_Utopia
    Lights_Utopia2 måneder siden

    I have had for nearly a month now got it the day it was released. Is really fun and does give you a workout in some games.

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones2 måneder siden

    I wish I could buy oculus merch. Love my quest 2 btw. But it gets very dirty veryquickly. Plus I think everyone should use the glasses spacer even ignoring glass

  • u2blr
    u2blr2 måneder siden

    People just too panic about privacy without really thinking about it. Oculus owns by Facebook. Facebook can access your data without a Facebook account. More over, there are more regulations on social network than gaming platform, A Facebook account is more regulated than an Oculus account. If you want use Oculus VR, a Facebook account can help you to protect your privacy. If you just don’t trust Facebook, I don’t think a less regulated Oculus account can help you. Just don’t buy Oculus.

  • Adil


    2 måneder siden

    None of this is true.

  • asuna
    asuna2 måneder siden

    I’m not excited they have too many NOlocal ads

  • Sintaza
    Sintaza2 måneder siden

    most entertaining LTT employee! keep it crazy Riley!

  • Rev_dude
    Rev_dude2 måneder siden

    Conspiracy theory: Oculus is sponsoring all these showcases so people cant really bring up the ... issues... surrounding the facebookication.

  • Adil


    2 måneder siden

    No shit.

  • EpicOwen785
    EpicOwen7852 måneder siden

    Dude if you didn't have to make a Facebook account to use this, I would TOTALLY buy it, it looks so cool tbh.

  • Ocean of Stars VR
    Ocean of Stars VR2 måneder siden

    1 lcd display

  • GlitchR
    GlitchR2 måneder siden

    More comfortable strap!? Lie of the century.

  • Preston Omaleki
    Preston Omaleki2 måneder siden

    Great review, but Im just waiting for Valve to create a wireless headset. Cuz I am not making a fucking Facebook account, they are the invasive company I have ever seen.

  • H apellon
    H apellon2 måneder siden

    Since i got a quest2 for the kick of it i dont care anymore about next gens... this thing is amazing. Now i m even getting a amd 5000 cpu + 6800gpu just for playing 4k vr in wifi6 wireless.... i admit no one really like facebook but i dont care much since i use it already and oculus platforms is actually good also its cheap headset with almost the best vr possibilities.. its really good.

  • Jonathan Jemson
    Jonathan Jemson2 måneder siden

    That water bottle doesn’t come close to the ones you can get from

  • kiritomens
    kiritomens2 måneder siden

    Me: Facebook how did make their headsets so cheap. Facebook: it's simple really Privacy has left the chat

  • Nono Andno
    Nono Andno2 måneder siden

    He said "Nice click", and I immediately wanted to get that oculus out onto a tray.

  • H31MU7


    Måned siden


  • Malikon
    Malikon2 måneder siden

    fantastic product, hate Facebook though