Best. Unboxing. Ever.

Vitenskap og teknologi

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It was awesome that we grew so fast here on NOlocal, and it's awesome that it allows us to unbox tech that is sometimes out of the norm than what we do on LinusTechTips.
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  • Carpool Critics
    Carpool Critics3 måneder siden

    O Hai I am Carpool Critics and what is this

  • ADVANCE thinking

    ADVANCE thinking

    3 måneder siden


  • VibC


    3 måneder siden

    @PLK hi plk

  • Dimpayツ


    3 måneder siden


  • Captavengr


    3 måneder siden

    Frost_f12tdf_ m

  • BlazeSwordYT


    3 måneder siden

    @Fretchen No no need to target someone... jeez

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B13 timer siden

    7:14 My HomePod: "Sorry, I'm having trouble connecting to the internet, for more info, check the Home app"

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B13 timer siden

    7:14 My HomePod: "Sorry, I'm having trouble connecting to the internet, for more info, check the Home app"

  • Arakwar
    Arakwar6 dager siden

    I honestly prefer ShortCircuit over the other formats. The LTT videos are nice, but when I want to really understand if a product is interesting for me, the ShortCircuit format is perfect.

  • Gvnady
    GvnadyMåned siden

    There is something magical about Anthony's voice.

  • Kokanauka
    KokanaukaMåned siden

    I'm glad there are people who enjoy Riley, but I really wish it was Anthony who had his own channel. Scratch that, Anthony with his own channel in addition to Riley, I don't want to take Riley away from the people who like him. What can I say? I just really like the vibe Anthony brings to his videos.

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooterMåned siden

    What's with the tint on the closeup camera? 🧐

  • Hijacked Bot
    Hijacked Bot2 måneder siden

  • Hijacked Bot
    Hijacked Bot2 måneder siden

  • Adhithya Dev
    Adhithya Dev2 måneder siden

    8:48 James: Gets grumpy after 9". My Dad: Gets grumpy after 9. Me : hmmm

  • Pyro159
    Pyro1592 måneder siden

    Just got my short circuit shirt today! They weren't joking. The sleeves are pretty long

  • Ignacio Kinbaum
    Ignacio Kinbaum2 måneder siden

    james you r the better linus

  • Tapan Bagwe
    Tapan Bagwe2 måneder siden

    Linus said LTT store.crom at 7:46

  • YazanTDM
    YazanTDM2 måneder siden

    Riley looks like the person that hates everyone but acts the opposite srry riley but I think you were sarcastic this whole video

  • AlternativeJ
    AlternativeJ2 måneder siden

    I'm in love with Riley and James... and Linus..

  • GodlyWulf
    GodlyWulf2 måneder siden

    "Lanky boys and girls" - Linus, 2020

  • tenshinoime
    tenshinoime2 måneder siden

    I like the lanky fit, I'd love the option on more stuff. Awesome shirt for tall peoples!

  • Detryie
    Detryie2 måneder siden

    7:41 what did he say😳

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson2 måneder siden

    1 million! I never expected this... message from our sponsor: Carpool Critics!

  • David Absillis
    David Absillis2 måneder siden

    Nice vide! Also loved the highlighted 2 "c" at the end xD Good job editor xxD

  • Umbra
    Umbra2 måneder siden

    It's been like 23 days, and ShortCiruit has got another 100,000 subs, i suspect 2 mil subs by October next year, but since channel growth generally accelerates it will probably be before that.

  • John Moore
    John Moore2 måneder siden

    I got the shirt and it fits perfect. I just voted in the US election but my voice here MIGHT have more weight. I vote for more tall boi shirts!

  • Zeno
    Zeno2 måneder siden

    :0 my shirt has a hole on the side stitch after one day .3. Tho I’ll probably keep it more as a cool thing to have

  • Aepek
    Aepek2 måneder siden

    Like all the LMG staff, everyone meshes very well, & you can tell in the videos. Very magical when you have employees that work very well together & become friends that can argue, disagree, fight; but still be friends & get things done. From what I see, this is how LMG is, & everyone helps make the video magic happen (yep, 🌽 AF😂, but true). Can’t wait to see what comes next🤙🏼

  • HeinrichDerTote
    HeinrichDerTote3 måneder siden

    Bad pun, gib attention nau!

  • ChewieDeath
    ChewieDeath3 måneder siden

    Just got my shirt and I am so happy with it. I am 6 foot 7 and can never find a long sleeved shirts that fits. This is the first one that I don't need to roll up the sleeves. My wife even commented on how sexy I look with my wrists covered, it adds mystery. Thanks again.

  • Typehazard
    Typehazard3 måneder siden

    Everytime I see the LTT bottle all I think of is the LN2 bottle

  • jacco knoop
    jacco knoop3 måneder siden

    i bought the grey one for my self. normaly i dont buy shit from youtubers but you guys inspired me to build my own pc and as a thank you i bought your murch greetings from The Netherlands

  • Khaled Mosleh
    Khaled Mosleh3 måneder siden


  • Bobby Nicholson
    Bobby Nicholson3 måneder siden

    WATCH ALL OF IT, i will totally stuff Linus

  • Hoch134
    Hoch1343 måneder siden

    4:04 Never blame the editor... ever!

  • Sub to Lambfire
    Sub to Lambfire3 måneder siden

    Man I love this channel

  • Sub to Lambfire
    Sub to Lambfire3 måneder siden

    Man I love this channel

  • TFiPW
    TFiPW3 måneder siden

    4:36 we need anthony to do an unboxing in a newfie accent yes b'y

  • Robb Anderson
    Robb Anderson3 måneder siden

    I def would have bought the shit if it was in 3x QQ

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan3 måneder siden

    Riley IS the best!

  • Mixa
    Mixa3 måneder siden

    I would've watched this video a long time ago if I knew it was about reactions to comments. The clickbait title didn't interest one bit.

  • Kepler
    Kepler3 måneder siden

    The pounds comment was brilliant, I thought this was going to be a play button unboxing but this was great. And I should’ve known it’ll be a while before the button

  • Austin Jaynes
    Austin Jaynes3 måneder siden

    Dang watched this video too late... Shirts are gone, Linus send me yours, it's too big for you anyways.

  • Jared Payne
    Jared Payne3 måneder siden

    I am sad, I wanted to buy the shirt as I have long arms and am 6'4. It is incredibly difficult to find long sleeve t-shirts with long enough sleeves. 😞

  • James Deyton
    James Deyton3 måneder siden

    This is the best video I've seen on this channel.

  • ChrisTN _
    ChrisTN _3 måneder siden

    I love just how wholesome this was! I'm used to 'read comments' videos involving some degree of crap, whereas this was just lovely.

  • Ahmed Al7ajary
    Ahmed Al7ajary3 måneder siden

    My arms are long I need one

  • Nooby Gamer
    Nooby Gamer3 måneder siden

    9:03 LTT: Thanking for subscribing. Me: Umm i didn't subscribe Also me: **What they are gonna do with unsuscribers??**

  • Christopher Frank
    Christopher Frank3 måneder siden

    When you realize LinusCatTips is the second oldest channel Linus is a part of but it gets no recognition anymore

  • Ryan Lorch
    Ryan Lorch3 måneder siden

    Great fun!

  • Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    Ryan Lennox-Bradley3 måneder siden

    I love Brandon's camera videos

  • Brian Mirante
    Brian Mirante3 måneder siden

    So 5 days after the shirt came out it's already sold out..... Dang it

  • NonoDonkey
    NonoDonkey3 måneder siden

    Nothing wrong with extra-long sleeves. Winter is coming.

  • Turtle Tech

    Turtle Tech

    3 måneder siden

    Sad Florida noises

  • Aidan McLean
    Aidan McLean3 måneder siden

    8:20 "Z-FOLD 2", LINUS!!!!!!!

  • Siddhant Thakur
    Siddhant Thakur3 måneder siden

    Love the new jumpers! 😍

  • xie4lu4duo1
    xie4lu4duo13 måneder siden

    We love you too Anthony. We do as much as James loves his recycling, Riley loves everybody and Linus loves his segue to our sponsor

  • SadlyBest
    SadlyBest3 måneder siden

    Samsung Fold ZED Two

  • Adam Wabeke
    Adam Wabeke3 måneder siden

    Always love @anjyoun !

  • RetroSesh
    RetroSesh3 måneder siden

    Ironically...didn't set my Google Home off.... BONUS

  • TILR
    TILR3 måneder siden

    I really do enjoy this channel :) another great channel

  • john roberts
    john roberts3 måneder siden

    Restock!!! Restock!!! Pleaseeee

  • Atypical Male
    Atypical Male3 måneder siden

    I was 6'2 in 8th grade and wear Long Tall. So we're good for the T-Shirt.

  • Clozky
    Clozky3 måneder siden

    Congrats on 1 million lads!

  • Dustin Fake
    Dustin Fake3 måneder siden

    Linus: "whats under this beard?" Me: a lesbian

  • Robert Vantine

    Robert Vantine

    3 måneder siden

    I think you meant 'Yvonne'...

  • CaptBooyah
    CaptBooyah3 måneder siden

    There's something so wholesome about LMG and its staff that makes me want to give up my stable well paid job, move to Canada, make a YT tech channel and work myself to financial bankruptcy trying to make it work... just to have a chance to join the team.

  • Robert Pierce
    Robert Pierce3 måneder siden

    Every time I see and hear Riley. I think he escaped from "Red Green" Show.

  • MunchkinMiester
    MunchkinMiester3 måneder siden


  • Syed Rehan Fida
    Syed Rehan Fida3 måneder siden

    Indeed. The. Best. Unboxing. Ever.

  • Mr. Red
    Mr. Red3 måneder siden

    6th time watching this video, I don't know why.

  • Thomas Corbett
    Thomas Corbett3 måneder siden

    Great video guys

  • Bilge Korucu
    Bilge Korucu3 måneder siden

    Riley is like Jürgen Klopp but Canadian.

  • Jacob Codes
    Jacob Codes3 måneder siden

    Umm where's Dennis

  • Aric Jackson
    Aric Jackson3 måneder siden

    "I only brought the big one out because you guys asked for it!" -Linus Sebastian Q3 2020

  • Tomasz Kapłoński
    Tomasz Kapłoński3 måneder siden

    I like Riley but I just have to ask: does he already have some kind of restriction in terms of approaching kinder gardens? With this mustache he really looks like someone who should...

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez3 måneder siden

    7:31 the cut when he stutters is fucking perfect. LMAO

  • wearjacks
    wearjacks3 måneder siden

    the water bottles... do the have the sippy-top?

  • Cossak Rose
    Cossak Rose3 måneder siden


  • poopyoof
    poopyoof3 måneder siden

    Huh... He kinda looks like Linus Tech tips. Weird!

  • Barry Green
    Barry Green3 måneder siden

    No link in the description to (pity)

  • Mista Min
    Mista Min3 måneder siden

    Best show ever... 😂 👍🏽

  • Marco Contardo
    Marco Contardo3 måneder siden

    9:02 1 Million

  • Hong Ziun
    Hong Ziun3 måneder siden

    riley sounds like linus tbh

  • Jomar Mansilungan
    Jomar Mansilungan3 måneder siden

    Jokes on you Linus. Google already owns my soul and have recorded 10s of thousands of hours of my voice through eaves dropping. My google home won't respond if it's not me. :(

  • Dimpayツ
    Dimpayツ3 måneder siden


  • Random Projects
    Random Projects3 måneder siden

    Title: 1m subs I think: NOlocal play button unboxing Video: comments to reading

  • that one demon kid
    that one demon kid3 måneder siden

    “i’d recommend it for lanky boys and girls” yes, lanky girl recognition!!

  • Austin
    Austin3 måneder siden

    Loved this.

  • DA productions ಠ_ಠ
    DA productions ಠ_ಠ3 måneder siden

    This content is kinda milked one could say it short circuit

  • Mason Mcginty
    Mason Mcginty3 måneder siden

    Love you guys! Best of luck with the channel moving forward!

  • Byte Me
    Byte Me3 måneder siden

    Your high school friends said you couldn't get into a box, even on prom night.

  • Basil Tsla
    Basil Tsla3 måneder siden

    Best team ever

  • ElectronicPleasure
    ElectronicPleasure3 måneder siden

    I've watched linus since.... to long..

  • Agent 111
    Agent 1113 måneder siden

    Boxing the unboxer

  • Sperm Squadron Supreme
    Sperm Squadron Supreme3 måneder siden

    There was a time that I thought Linus was a lebian.

  • Eduardo A. Álvarez
    Eduardo A. Álvarez3 måneder siden

    This channel do be extra fun

  • johnny helton
    johnny helton3 måneder siden

    Shirt already sold out.

  • TheIronPotato
    TheIronPotato3 måneder siden

    I actually really like Linus with a beard

  • Markus McGee
    Markus McGee3 måneder siden

    those are nice shirts...

  • Xian Notredame
    Xian Notredame3 måneder siden

    7:02 - 7:15 HEY, SIRI-ously

  • noxious8
    noxious83 måneder siden

    Sold out... Sold out... Sold out... No, I don't want the grey one... :-/

  • djenvino
    djenvino3 måneder siden

    Linus: "Ok, google devices are not the kind of thing we want to be activated." also Linus: "Hey, siriously." me: I see what you did there.

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee3 måneder siden

    linus, i can't watch your videos where you're beardless, so plz keep your beard man

  • Matt Deslandes
    Matt Deslandes3 måneder siden

    6:22 under the beard is the lines where the deep fake didnt work properly

  • Dan E
    Dan E3 måneder siden

    Linus Sebastian was not in character because he did not use his Spyderco