Are we CRAZY for buying 6 of these!? - Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K

Vitenskap og teknologi

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K is an impressive piece of hardware, which also records in 12K resolution. You're going to be able to do many amazing things, but why did we buy 6 of them?
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  • Riccardo Ossanna
    Riccardo Ossanna5 dager siden

    “Such an affordable camera” Costs 10 k Damn I’m poor

  • Someone


    10 timer siden

    It's all relative.

  • specialpaul
    specialpaul5 dager siden

    Nice - Video - *mhhh* i think to buy this and replace my FS7

  • daghrb6
    daghrb67 dager siden

    Short anwer your crazy, so YES!! Did you guys at ANY point ask yourselves: Do we produce Hollywood blockbuater Movies? Answer is NO, so you didn't need these! Nor does ANY NOlocalr, your content is not worth It. Not for historical Archiving, even at the moment, or for future BluRay releases in 20years...

  • Bobbie Sterling
    Bobbie Sterling12 dager siden

    my biggest question is why do you have a camera capable of shooting fucking 12K@60fps or 8K@120fps but you still only post to youtube at 30fps????

  • Haikuu
    HaikuuMåned siden

    You're not crazy. You're rich.

  • Called Out Media
    Called Out MediaMåned siden

    I never understood why blackmagic never includes a power cable in any of their products. It probably wouldn't even cost them 2$

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky LabsMåned siden


  • NightSkyACC /\
    NightSkyACC /\Måned siden

    Me watching on 480p noice

  • reginalb124
    reginalb124Måned siden

    s35 12K has to run in to diffraction limitation, no? How often will you actually resolve that many pixels?

  • saucy nonchalance
    saucy nonchalanceMåned siden

    i dont understand why they use such high end cameras ...

  • Jared Steele
    Jared SteeleMåned siden

    That foam *is* really solid brandon

  • Raitaponi
    RaitaponiMåned siden

    12k comes with huge recuirements for optics and focus. It would be interesting to see discussion on what kind of optics can even draw 80 mpix worth of details and if the difference is noticeable vs 8k considering this and possible imperfections in focus.

  • Heyitsme Niraj!
    Heyitsme Niraj!Måned siden

    I personally think the new ones look better. They feel better to the eyes.

  • Bahaa Eldin
    Bahaa EldinMåned siden

    Such affordable camera Yeah That is why I didn't get 10 for my vlogs Just cause they ain't expensive enough for my taste

  • Heika
    HeikaMåned siden

    Imagine paying 10 grand for a camera and not getting a power cable. I would literally return it just for that, because it shows what kind of experience you're in for if you stay in their ecosystem.

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel DouganMåned siden

    Image quality? Dynamic range? Autofocus?

  • Dr. Etzor
    Dr. EtzorMåned siden

    > 12K 60fps "Okay... can't see that" > 8K 120fps "Nope." > 4K 240fps "...Where's the door?"

  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman GileMåned siden

    Sounds good but there's lots of noise from the internal microphone phantom power supply

  • Count Pythagoras
    Count PythagorasMåned siden

    Why they are changing from the Red?

  • Laurent Parmentier
    Laurent ParmentierMåned siden

    So you bought 6 to see if you like it? Do these hold their value exceptionally well so that this makes sense?

  • Myles & More
    Myles & MoreMåned siden

    No full-frame sensor, no deal. "But it's 12k" yeah no

  • Myles & More

    Myles & More

    Måned siden

    "Are we crazy for buying 6 of these?" YES

  • Stephen Hildreth
    Stephen HildrethMåned siden

    Did you ever doing anything about that Iron Glass Helios lens you mounted on there? I'd be interested to hear some thoughts.

  • Victor Flores
    Victor FloresMåned siden

    Well, it’s kind of satisfying to know someone is spending a fortune so I can have the best experience while laying in bed all day watching videos

  • Mark Arca
    Mark ArcaMåned siden

    It should be featured next in LTT's "Holy $*!t".

  • Damir Sadikovic
    Damir Sadikovic2 måneder siden

    I haven't used this camera but I have used the Arri Alexa Mini and LF for several projects... and all I can say is you guys made the wrong choice, of course it costs more BUT skin tones and DR/noise is simple put stunning and unbeatable. That said I use a mobile phone and a Fujifilm X100T in my personal life for photography and I am completely content so I guess everything has a use case and you guys probably would be just fine with a Sony A9/A7 camera let alone a URSA. Also anyone saying its overkill, it sure is NOT overkill on my 65" OLED its very much appreciated.

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S2 måneder siden

    So happy I'm watching this HQ footage on my ... phone.

  • Мирас Шингисов
    Мирас Шингисов2 måneder siden

    Why is this video in my recommendations, and why have I decided to watch it knowing that I won't need it

  • Kelvinnkat
    Kelvinnkat2 måneder siden

    Does he know that the 12K number is the width in pixels of the camera instead of the total amount of pixels?

  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley2 måneder siden

    And for what you paid for six of these 12K beasts, back in the day you could have bought one Sony BVW BetaCam SP camera with a stunning 640 x 480 pixels. ;)

  • SlayCC
    SlayCC2 måneder siden

    Can you Overclock it to 13K?

  • r /Awesome

    r /Awesome

    Måned siden

    lol no. overclocking could increase framerate but not resolution

  • fourth1000
    fourth10002 måneder siden

    And Here i am buying the original 1080p pocket in 2020

  • Vladimir Talijan
    Vladimir Talijan2 måneder siden

    Yes :D

  • Philani Masuku
    Philani Masuku2 måneder siden

    You're not crazy, you're impractical on

  • Uche Oji
    Uche Oji2 måneder siden

    I remember Steve Jobs coining Retina Display, to describe pixel details too small to detect by eye. 12K is definitely Retina Display territory.

  • Zaxaz1990
    Zaxaz19902 måneder siden

    now WATER COOL IT!!!

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan2 måneder siden

    I would like to see a rundown of all the cameras LMG actually uses (instead of just reviewing) and why.

  • TheBlapman
    TheBlapman2 måneder siden

    Why do you guys need anything more than 4k cameras?

  • Felix Mizioznikov
    Felix Mizioznikov2 måneder siden

    You had me sold at “sticker”

  • Karthik Narayan C
    Karthik Narayan C2 måneder siden

    Shortcircuit: Shooting with 12k cameras Me : watching in 144p

  • Nilaksh
    Nilaksh2 måneder siden

    9:53 [captions] I'm an online detective! :D

  • B Real
    B Real2 måneder siden

    10 thousand dollar camera. 6 of em. Wtf. All from youtube cash, witha. Whole media team named after him.

  • Cycboxs
    Cycboxs2 måneder siden

    Only 10,000 Dollars thats it not bad 🤣🤣

  • Casey Key
    Casey Key2 måneder siden

    watercool them!!

  • MisterWealth
    MisterWealth2 måneder siden

    Where are they?

  • Harsh Pandey
    Harsh Pandey2 måneder siden

    bro the video quality and the audio quality was the same not a tiny change ,the quality as compared to your's red cam. was the same no deference

  • Asif Bagwan
    Asif Bagwan2 måneder siden

    Now I get why ur channel name is short circuit 😂😂😂

  • James Allen
    James Allen2 måneder siden

    I honestly can't tell the difference between video shot on your 25 thousand dollar camera and an iPhone....Neither can more than 90% of the people who view this channel. It's wayyyy overkill. This is a youtube tech channel not a hollywood enterprise. You guys must be making massive amounts of disposable income and just have nothing else to spend all that money on. In that respect it is a cool camera 🤣

  • Chachawisha Entertainment
    Chachawisha Entertainment2 måneder siden

    Technology, 12k screen hasn't been manufactured I guess,, this is future proofing future proof future

  • coucamaya
    coucamaya2 måneder siden

    Can i get one of those Heliums, now that you don't need them anymore? Don't know if you don't ask right

  • krigar_b
    krigar_b2 måneder siden

    This is first and foremost a foam review channel

  • Nick G
    Nick G2 måneder siden

    how about 6 used ARRI Alexa's?

  • Jackson Morgan
    Jackson Morgan2 måneder siden

    does youtube even do 8k uploads? or 12k?

  • Hithesh
    Hithesh2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does the RED shots look way more cleaner and detailed?

  • Mikhail Panzo
    Mikhail Panzo2 måneder siden

    I felt like watching a 0.5x video

  • Antoine Sottiaux
    Antoine Sottiaux2 måneder siden

    Hi @ShortCircuit ! How have you experienced shooting with the IRONGLASS Helios 44-2 (with any camera) ? Would you consider it as a coherent choice for a 12K Sensor since this lens is known for being soft ?

  • Andy Harris
    Andy Harris2 måneder siden

    Excuse me .... Actually 12K is really useful - especially for Chroma Key. I also have the BM 12K, and this is where it excels!

    SPIKE-A-SAURUS2 måneder siden

    ohhh i like that

  • XLT Media Team
    XLT Media Team2 måneder siden

    I hate that foam sound

  • C:\ampbell
    C:\ampbell2 måneder siden


  • Parle YT
    Parle YT2 måneder siden

    But my eyes can see 480p video dang it !!

  • codname125
    codname1252 måneder siden

    12000 pixels? So it has less pixels than a Nintendo DSi?

  • momorain
    momorain2 måneder siden

    So instead of trying out 1 he just bought 6 of them? As far as I know Linus he got them for free anyways otherwise this would not make any sense

  • CodyMetal
    CodyMetal2 måneder siden

    still cheaper than 1 Red camera 😂

  • IAN 4000
    IAN 40002 måneder siden

    My god. 6 12K cameras. After filling up the Petabyte Project server. The LTT team is going to need to buy a whole data center from Amazon, Jesus.

  • IAN 4000
    IAN 40002 måneder siden

    I will always love Blackmagic because they released Davinci Resolve for free. Excellent video editor.

  • Thephantomtroupe
    Thephantomtroupe2 måneder siden

    I really like Brandon talking about cameras, I'll never buy one of these but I am intrigued xD

  • DivineHoax
    DivineHoax2 måneder siden

    So, you've got too much cash and try to avoid tax payments... why not? You're being petty with that video title alone...

  • toddbod94
    toddbod942 måneder siden

    "compressed raw" otherwise known as not raw

  • gycy gvufti
    gycy gvufti2 måneder siden

    It seems like yesterday you guys bought the reds. Time flys

  • Amar Darouich
    Amar Darouich2 måneder siden

    Hey guys :) im new to film making and im looking for an affordabke entry level cine camera! Whats your suggestions for a starter... also i have a canon dslr so if its a canon cine it would be very useful to use my lenses with it. thank you :)

  • Andrew Montoya
    Andrew Montoya2 måneder siden

    what's up with the magenta in this one?

  • Shot by MARIANCE
    Shot by MARIANCE2 måneder siden

    Hey guys do you have any RED cameras that you can gift to me? xDDD

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer2 måneder siden

    LMG should focus less on the high-end features of a camera and learn to nail your focus, exposure and overall learn to shoot better video. They are a channel that's way too "Run and Gun" for the kinds of cameras they buy. They have great content, you should have higher standards for hiring cinematographers... If you insist on using stupid high-end systems. Especially when there are channels out there using basic lighting and a single mirrorless camera setup that look better than LMG videos.

  • the slim bin
    the slim bin2 måneder siden

    The black magic looks a little over exposed but that seems more like an operator fault or colour grade error Or the dynamic range is lower, but I doubt that

  • DEV
    DEV2 måneder siden

    I wanna buy it to make tiktok videos.

  • Benson Cheung
    Benson Cheung2 måneder siden

    Really was hoping you'd show the storage solution, and how it compare's to RED's.

  • Idan Shahar
    Idan Shahar2 måneder siden

    The WHY - 9:20 , "to simplify things", this video was a waste of time.

  • rolling.chilling
    rolling.chilling2 måneder siden

    thank you for sharing! liked and subscribed.

  • K. LOUK
    K. LOUK2 måneder siden

    And your videos still look like they were shot on a phone 🤣

  • Haneesh kenny
    Haneesh kenny2 måneder siden

    Me after taco bell ; 4:09

  • Kumil Ali
    Kumil Ali2 måneder siden

    these are dope

  • Reanetse Moleleki
    Reanetse Moleleki2 måneder siden

    That's a lot of R&D effort to put into a spec that exists only for the sake of marketing.

  • Anonymos Philos
    Anonymos Philos2 måneder siden

    Crazy is, that you never make videos about your microphones, which are similarly important, but often forgotten.

  • Osckiie
    Osckiie2 måneder siden

    Im gonna work hard this year and the next so i can buy this bad boy

  • Hfric`s Gaming Backlog
    Hfric`s Gaming Backlog2 måneder siden

    Dunno about you but the colors seems more washed out on the Blackmagic

  • Tom R. Knudsen
    Tom R. Knudsen2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who almost always watch videos on youtube in 480p.... sometimes changing it too 720p, but as standard I watch in 480p on my tablet. Don't even have a TV anymore, used to have a 4k TV, but decided all i need is my tablet, running 480p.... I already forgot the silly number of k's this cam is... lol)))

  • Troy Walt
    Troy Walt2 måneder siden

    I still don't know why the fuck they bought those cameras, like what's the point, the A7 S iii can do 4k at 120 fps.

  • Zab the Builder
    Zab the Builder2 måneder siden

    Water cooling 12k camera coming soon.

  • The Doogs
    The Doogs2 måneder siden


  • Kokainarienv0gel
    Kokainarienv0gel2 måneder siden

    Or you use MagicLantern with cheaper, modern D-SLRs - cheapest entry in 8K recording. Make even out of my older EOS cam an awesome professional photo camera and also a nice video cam.

  • Govind K
    Govind K3 måneder siden

    02:55 "I have never seen a higher resolution sensor" - S20 ultra weeping in the background

  • No. CA52
    No. CA523 måneder siden

    The poor framing of this video makes me upset

  • Austin Neil
    Austin Neil3 måneder siden


  • Chris Chronos
    Chris Chronos3 måneder siden

    I wonder if they will still be using adobe, because I'm pretty sure in the long run, that is the most expensive part. the Black magic program, to my knowledge, is just 1 payment, and has probably the best color tools out of the two. correct me if I'm wrong

  • 「ZED」
    「ZED」3 måneder siden

    These video samples look way way way better than the RED footage. Throw the RED in the DUMPSTER where they have always should have been.

  • edwin k
    edwin k3 måneder siden

    What is a entry level second hand camera to shoot photos and videos at 4k. Now i have a 4k action cam, but it had with tooth brush colours. It is sharp and no pixels are seen. But i can video for 15 minutes. Is there a cheapsolution.

  • Erik Lindahl
    Erik Lindahl3 måneder siden

    Wonder if you guys will suffer from moaré issues as others have (and it seems all BMD camera have).

  • Daniel Coates
    Daniel Coates3 måneder siden

    “In such an affordable camera” cheers, I just spat my tea out in laughter 😫

  • Daniel Coates

    Daniel Coates

    Måned siden

    @Ivan Barrett ahh yes, somebody who didn’t read the comments under the comment 🤨

  • Ivan Barrett

    Ivan Barrett

    Måned siden

    @Daniel Coates The 12k Blackmagic is only $10,000, an Arri will set you back $90,000 and that's before you add a lens and other parts. in comparison to the competition, it's a bargain.

  • Daniel Coates

    Daniel Coates

    3 måneder siden

    When you show the prices that comment makes sense 😂

  • Kevi Kiru
    Kevi Kiru3 måneder siden

    I love it. Why buy RED now?

  • SpriteKnight
    SpriteKnight3 måneder siden

    I'd LOVE to see a follow-up to this on the main channel or on here