Are these any good? - OnePlus Buds

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It seems like everyone has their own branded earbuds these days, and OnePlus is no different. How do these stack up?
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  • Pranav O
    Pranav ODag siden

    Watching this video with a Nord + Buds. After a week of use, it's really fine, the mic is great, sound is decent for buds, I won't compare them with Apple, because of two things, one the price and the other both being pitched at different consumers.

  • Pranav O
    Pranav ODag siden

    Watching this video with a Nord + Buds. After a week of use, it's really fine, the mic is great, sound is decent for buds, I won't compare them with Apple, because of two things, one the price and the other both being pitched at different consumers.

  • Pranav O
    Pranav ODag siden

    Watching this video with a Nord + Buds. After a week of use, it's really fine, the mic is great, sound is decent for buds, I won't compare them with Apple, because of two things, one the price and the other both being pitched at different consumers.

  • meeeair
    meeeair2 dager siden

    anyone else remember when a shipment of these were taken by US customs because they thought they were fake airpods

  • kikinvago
    kikinvago5 dager siden

    You didn't have to do this review you know? :P

  • rooboy69
    rooboy697 dager siden

    10 dollar 3.5mm jack to USB C. Ty

  • Ray Solo
    Ray Solo12 dager siden

    Waiting for OnePlus buds z review. please James

  • indieair
    indieair14 dager siden

    yo this guy is funny as hell, if he was a stock, I'd buy him. he'll grow

  • Mr. Agent
    Mr. Agent19 dager siden

    Holy shit the sound quality of the mic is mind blowing for earbuds!! 😳

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez20 dager siden

    Those buds are made specifically for OnePlus phone users. The most outta them using a OnePlus phone. Much to learn reviewer. Oneplus isn't that bad overall.

  • Finding_ Myself.
    Finding_ Myself.20 dager siden

    My guys sounds like he gonna smash his head on the wall🤣

  • Finding_ Myself.
    Finding_ Myself.20 dager siden

    They really don’t look like AirPods wtf?

  • sam Junior
    sam JuniorMåned siden

    Not good buds

  • Mahir Elaf
    Mahir ElafMåned siden

    I mean seriously, first listen to them before u go all negative abt them, I used both Airpods and the Oneplus buds they are almost identical when it comes to sound. Starting a freakin video with all the negative vibes that's not ok, how do u even call urself a reviewer I don't get it.

  • Tristan Edmondson
    Tristan EdmondsonMåned siden

    Wow I haven't heard a guy this boring in a while

  • P C
    P CMåned siden

    Yes WhackyCast you are wright, shortcircuit your review is not good at all !!!!!!....

  • Gematriaaa1
    Gematriaaa1Måned siden

    Cringe and fake

  • Nikhil Kakkar
    Nikhil KakkarMåned siden

    Fuck bro u r insane u have a channel and how could u be so irresponsible u should do your homework before uploading a video yeah they do not support diff touch functionality but u can set and change songs and pick up call and yeah i got it u r an apple fan but they are half the price and the bass is far better than apple

  • Caner Erdoğan
    Caner ErdoğanMåned siden

    You drop couple times it was so funny because I face same thing all the time, I was tought I was so stupid to dropping all the time but now I get it everyone drops because it is very tiny :D

  • Doudymac
    DoudymacMåned siden

    There's an easy fix for all your complaints. Buy Airpods.

  • AMAL TOM JOSE Ganapathiplackal
    AMAL TOM JOSE GanapathiplackalMåned siden

    The phone was my go to when I watched the online reviews, but boi the no earphone jack...

  • Gavin Marsh
    Gavin MarshMåned siden

    I just want to know what happened in all of the lives of the Linus Tech Tips crew? Y’all are a bitter bunch of geniuss aren’t you??

  • Akhil Jain
    Akhil Jain2 måneder siden

    This should have been titled OnePlus Buds Rant 13 minutes straight

  • Jamie Loppy
    Jamie Loppy2 måneder siden

    Meh, just not interested with the headphones at all. If they could bring out a set of headphones that can just surround your ears and be supported properly would make Jamie a happy man. When I have a mask, earphones or anything that have to go on my skin directly I become a just as unimpressed as James was on this video as well.

  • Its Leafy
    Its Leafy2 måneder siden

    My friends came over and I got true wireless earbuds (they had a unique shape) and when they saw them there were like "Bro what's are these, O SHOOT THOSE ARE THE BIGGEST RIP-OFFS EVER BRO WTH"

  • JDL
    JDL2 måneder siden

    Dude, this was probably the worst review on the planet.

  • Hobox
    Hobox2 måneder siden

    You guys literally used the wrong mic recording the microphone test lol

  • Karan Yadav
    Karan Yadav2 måneder siden

    Was he forced to make this video or something??????!!!!!

  • FnRose
    FnRose2 måneder siden

    This now clearly hates one plus, it's so obvious

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song2 måneder siden

    I actually prefer double tap. Tired of having to being careful on unwanted single tap or swipe while adjusting on other bud. Plus, it support quick device switch with 3 second hold, works great for me who switch between cellphone and computer a lot.

  • Lucas Melikian
    Lucas Melikian2 måneder siden

    This is by far the worst tech review I've ever seen 🤣🤣🤣

  • Iman Heydari
    Iman Heydari2 måneder siden

    I have OnePlus Bads and in my opinion these are really good buds and have good sound quality. I should say that this video is completely against this product. He seems to be a OnePlus hater! :)

  • Sat. Wiraningyudha
    Sat. Wiraningyudha3 måneder siden

    why they want contact sharing? 🤔

  • Digital Tech
    Digital Tech3 måneder siden

    Hey guys if you looking for OnePlus buds and it's case check it out my video where i would show you the best oneplus buds case with premium quality don't wait here just go and jump there ...have an awesome day ...Lord bless you❤️🔥

  • Michael W
    Michael W3 måneder siden

    Man you're trying to much

  • JDM Life
    JDM Life3 måneder siden

    There better than AirPods tho so stfu

  • TheQuatum
    TheQuatum3 måneder siden

    This guy wasted so much time in the video, yeesh.

  • mikelavie
    mikelavie3 måneder siden

    Your not the type to do this reviews. Disliked

  • LEGENDARY Play3r
    LEGENDARY Play3r3 måneder siden

    Worst reviewer ever

  • Hamza Fayyaz
    Hamza Fayyaz3 måneder siden

    In my opinion single tap to pause is not a user friendly feature since many a times a accidentally touch my wireless buds and the song pauses. I think double tap or triple tap or long press to pause and perform other functions is better

  • Anish Joshi
    Anish Joshi3 måneder siden

    I have just brought nord are these special functions available?

  • 韩雨龙
    韩雨龙3 måneder siden

    long tap can switch the device

  • Brian D
    Brian D3 måneder siden

    he already dont like the oneplus from the beginning.. why review anyway? ohhhh for the viewers.. okay2

  • Inno Pigao
    Inno Pigao3 måneder siden

    Bad review. Rude and bias 👎🏻

  • SaVaGe Gaming
    SaVaGe Gaming3 måneder siden

    thats small fookin hands

  • Gem Iñigo
    Gem Iñigo3 måneder siden

    QCY T7 has More Function Than This so Called airpod Killer. 😂

  • E I
    E I3 måneder siden

    can you mono use them? I.e use one at a time

  • jorge cortes lopez
    jorge cortes lopez3 måneder siden

    They are a total disaster, you can only use them in all its functions if you have an ONe Plus phone, on an IOS or Android, only the sound and the change of song works. They are not comfortable and the company's advisors are very rude in the e.mail

  • Razafiarison Michaël
    Razafiarison Michaël3 måneder siden

    It's not a copy of airpods, because apple did not invented the wireless earbuds, just the little box :)

  • Chebrolu Abhiram
    Chebrolu Abhiram3 måneder siden

    The Oppo enco w51 are better. Please do a comparison with them

  • Notok Zone
    Notok Zone4 måneder siden

    Thanks for the review. Now, I am surely not going to buy oneplus buds. 👍🏽

  • Rudi Ansah
    Rudi Ansah4 måneder siden

    🇺🇸USA 🔗YS2 👍

  • Digital Tech
    Digital Tech4 måneder siden

    Hey guys if you are looking for this bud case or cover .. don't wait just go and watch out my video which will provide you a look of that case how it's look like on buds.. don't wait go for love it i know! thanks

  • Anamol Giri
    Anamol Giri4 måneder siden

    I just bought it a few days ago .. but when I m in phone call or internet calls . The Bluetooth gets disconnected . I m using it with one plus 6t phone .. please help me out

  • Jeff Finchum
    Jeff Finchum4 måneder siden

    I have a coupon code for sale for 40 bucks by a pair of OnePlus buds and get a second pair for free an $80 value

  • ThatOneNoob
    ThatOneNoob4 måneder siden

    I bought a pair of new AirPods Pro for $50.. lmao.. the guy bought them in bulk and it was an older version, but still way better than rhese

  • Vitus Essendrop Kühl
    Vitus Essendrop Kühl4 måneder siden

    Mr. Poopoo Nice humor xd

  • Austyn Le
    Austyn Le4 måneder siden


  • Shawn Donadieu
    Shawn Donadieu4 måneder siden


  • Johan Jakobsson
    Johan Jakobsson4 måneder siden

    Guess I'll have go watch a review of these from a reviewer who doesn't sound and act like a 14year old boy who didn't get the sneakers he wanted for xmas. "Hey, that pewdiepie guy has lots of viewers.. how about we imitate him?" Please don't.

  • Tamás Tuza
    Tamás Tuza4 måneder siden

    James...they have no single tap cuz of accidental touches. Just think.

  • Hamstergeddon
    Hamstergeddon4 måneder siden

    Just as ugly as the apple ones and even just TOOL is fatiguing. Damn its hard to be a metalhead in this shitty market...

  • SizzleChest McMurphy
    SizzleChest McMurphy4 måneder siden

    Dude comes across as a 12 year old girl who had her Tik Tok privileges taken away by her parents...

  • David
    David4 måneder siden

    It tells you how the charge light works if you read the manual

  • Life of Ray
    Life of Ray4 måneder siden

    His review and tone and attitude sound so annoying

  • Tony Kim
    Tony Kim4 måneder siden

    Not a good reviewer. Needs work.

  • sadeeq ishan
    sadeeq ishan4 måneder siden

    Overacting pineapple fan 😂😂😂😂🤦

  • Seila
    Seila4 måneder siden

    Does the left bud works individually from the right one?

  • Lord Usopp
    Lord Usopp4 måneder siden

    They could of been of good but just not innovative nothing new

  • Lord Usopp
    Lord Usopp4 måneder siden

    New rule *Have a COFFEE*

  • MHD Albalushi
    MHD Albalushi4 måneder siden

    I just subscribe because of the bfffff ok, at 1:08

  • Tz Zzzz
    Tz Zzzz4 måneder siden

    Hi. Do the OnePlus buds have noise cancellation?

  • Ocularis
    Ocularis4 måneder siden

    Not even one minute in.... Cringe, gotta watch a different one now

  • shazib wani
    shazib wani4 måneder siden

    It has a multi touch functionality! Can't understand why you couldn't get it to work

  • MurrmaidMan
    MurrmaidMan4 måneder siden

    The control options for this is what made me hate the buds

  • Chris T
    Chris T4 måneder siden

    The microphones on those actually do sound really good for headphones.

  • Abhishek Lakhani
    Abhishek Lakhani4 måneder siden

    Is he always this annoying?

  • Josephoenix
    Josephoenix4 måneder siden

    James really doesn't like one plus.

  • Sayan Majumder
    Sayan Majumder5 måneder siden

    These are like 20 dollars?

  • Chris Leone
    Chris Leone5 måneder siden

    F'natic mode is a special gaming mode on OnePlus phones, it probably enables it automatically on the buds when you use it

  • Chris Leone
    Chris Leone5 måneder siden

    What you said at 1:05 is what I got through every time people ask about my phone. I've got a OnePlus 8 and people ask "what iPhone is that, it looks really cool" and I'm like "it's the OnePlus 8" and I get responses like: "Oh mmkayy" "Is that _just_ an Android?" "Is that like Huawei?" "When are you gonna get an iPhone?" (As if it's inevitable?)

  • Tricklee31st
    Tricklee31st5 måneder siden

    Fanatic mode is only for gaming that's are on one plus devices.

  • Jozhfy
    Jozhfy5 måneder siden

    you can edit the tap feature on a one plus device, dont spread hate

  • Martin Campbell
    Martin Campbell5 måneder siden

    you should review Raycon E55

  • Frosty.
    Frosty.5 måneder siden

    the plane flying out of his mouth was so unexpected i almost spit out my food lol

  • Varun Jadhav
    Varun Jadhav5 måneder siden


  • Vishwasujit reddy
    Vishwasujit reddy5 måneder siden

    This guy's reviews are bad when compared to others ...he just rants ..he doesn't review things he just wants to criticize and people actually take him seriously.

  • Nub Smurfing
    Nub Smurfing5 måneder siden

    Its 74 dollar's dont expect them to do your homework xD, but yeah they are basic enough

  • Jazz Platt
    Jazz Platt5 måneder siden

    The other options on the touch pad will come in the update like single tap

  • Ted rombout
    Ted rombout5 måneder siden

    Wow such negativity

  • 匿名
    匿名5 måneder siden

    Crappy for hearing,but pretty good for being a mic.

  • A J
    A J5 måneder siden

    Lot of unhappy Indians in the comments like it's blasphemous to talk negatively about OnePlus.

  • mad jey
    mad jey5 måneder siden

    looks like he didnt get any money of this

  • mac mac
    mac mac5 måneder siden

    I've been thinking about replacing $80 Raycon E25s, which don't sound perfect by any means - bass is good, the high end is very meh - but they at least have full play, volume, and skip controls. The better mic and capacitive touch don't sound like a good trade-off at all.

  • Brayden Vanmilligan
    Brayden Vanmilligan5 måneder siden

    what a shit review. have some enthusiasm regardless of the product. sounded more like a chore to you. the edgy "not impressed" shtick is lame

  • Med Achref
    Med Achref5 måneder siden

    Horrible vibes and bias in this video. Did One plus make you pay for the buds or is there another reason you're so cold about this review? If you're unable to bring your best game in your videos, take a break.

  • Akhilesh Zeus
    Akhilesh Zeus5 måneder siden

    You're trash at reviewing

  • Sayed Reza
    Sayed Reza5 måneder siden

    Look at this price bro...then shout.. what you want in this price??? Don't underestimate any product like this..

  • S P
    S P5 måneder siden

    My replicas are from and they are awesome. I love them because they are same as apple ones. Great sound and quality.

  • Matthew Hays
    Matthew Hays5 måneder siden

    Good grief... Linus... deal with this guy... yeah the engagement is up on the comments... but how many of us are going to skip out on the next video that features this guy? The arrogant, flippant, lazy, snarky attitude is not fun to watch. Time for a performance review.