Apple is tempting me... - iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Unboxing

Vitenskap og teknologi

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Apple's latest iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have some significant changes that are tempting me to switch, especially with its HDR video recording.
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  • Мартин Петров
    Мартин Петров3 timer siden

    Do not buy ANY Apple iPhone! Buy some apples!

  • shzamm patapon
    shzamm patapon19 timer siden

    linus really love that apple display hdr recording too. i can see it in his face, but riley remind him of android hahhahaha

  • Benjamin Wheeler
    Benjamin Wheeler2 dager siden

    Linus directly touching the camera lenses with his oily fingers 🤬🤬🤬

  • Nostalgic Arrow
    Nostalgic Arrow3 dager siden

    Deepfake Linus??????

  • Muguel Sollano
    Muguel Sollano3 dager siden

    ive been alive for 15 and ive never had and ipone and your saying i can't wait.

  • Pedro Otero
    Pedro Otero5 dager siden

    "I didn't even notice the screen 'looked like shit' until I started sliding pages" then why do you need more than 60 hz if you admittedly can't notice it until you start something that is not useful?

  • bodacious


    4 dager siden

    You mean. Moving images. Literally almost everything you do on a phone...?

  • bl00dyshad0wzz
    bl00dyshad0wzz6 dager siden

    Where's the review it's been so long

  • Robbert
    Robbert7 dager siden

    The squared design is why I got an iphone (pro max) after 5 android years. It’s just another phone tho. Nothing too exciting.

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy9 dager siden

    So Linus is that one freak that doesn’t use a phone case

  • Nasser LOUIZ
    Nasser LOUIZ10 dager siden

    The average beat precisely guarantee because blouse phylogentically fix during a uncovered dog. obnoxious, capricious sleep

  • Victor Ganguly
    Victor Ganguly10 dager siden

    Iphone 12, 12 Pro max has No 120 refresh display, Quad 2k Resolution display, Always on Feature, Fast Charging Support, Reverse Wireless charging,Big battery, Memory card Expendable slot, No Customise features, Themes, 3DLive wallpapers, No Call recording feature, No lack of Computer/Andoid like copy-Move-Presentation-Drag n Drop Widgets, Lack of Phone memory access simply from PC or Mac book direct Folder to Folder and Arrangement features and a lot Missing🤣🤣🤣 And more than 1000 USD...What Android Has Alllll

  • Miggy Singe
    Miggy Singe11 dager siden

    it’s been 2 months and you still haven’t posted a single iPhone 12 review 😐

  • Noob101Gaming Bruh
    Noob101Gaming Bruh14 dager siden

    Linus: Good new for people who don't like to replace their phone screens all the time. Me: Who in the world likes to spend money replacing their phone screen.

  • Juan Pablo Telleria
    Juan Pablo Telleria14 dager siden

    iphone 4 is the best iphone so far... sick, minimal design and a kick-ass camera and processor for its time

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson14 dager siden


  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x15 dager siden

    seeing linus completely speechless over a phone feature hasn't happened in a fair while

  • Eith W
    Eith W15 dager siden

    Don’t be tempted, they’re just trying to get your money!

  • Johndoe
    Johndoe17 dager siden

    Watching this on an iPhone 12 pro max. It’s a good phone, hopefully the industry will make some tech leaps in the near future to justify the prices of these things.

  • Skizzld_
    Skizzld_17 dager siden

    Still using an iPhone 6s+ for 4 years almost 5, never going to upgrade to the iPhone 12, instead I'm going to upgrade to the better Samsung S20+

  • Rat
    Rat21 dag siden

    Jesus I should’ve got a 12 mini instead of an SE. The round shape sucks so much.

  • rafikz77
    rafikz7722 dager siden

    Those dbrand skins are 🤮

  • Alun Davies
    Alun Davies25 dager siden

    The max is a bit big though I like the max or max as a photographer I find it’s handy

  • JJ
    JJ28 dager siden

    Linus you can't say you are a naked guy while stroking that phone..

  • Cvidz
    Cvidz29 dager siden

    ugh why you gotta have your first experience be with a phone that has been wrapped.. its something else to see the shiny metal edges that are cold to the touch when you first take it out the box.

  • Shady Character
    Shady CharacterMåned siden

    Does it count as a design update if you take the "update" from an old device?

  • Anush Anya Live
    Anush Anya LiveMåned siden

    why do I keep forgetting that the iPhone 12 has 5g lol

  • Tyler Gagnon
    Tyler GagnonMåned siden

    my faceid learned what i looked like with a mask on and opens up every time i wear my mask

  • George4All
    George4AllMåned siden

  • ryan williams
    ryan williamsMåned siden

    Upgrade your Note 9 ?????

  • tejas gang
    tejas gangMåned siden


  • oldnew gaming
    oldnew gamingMåned siden

    I need that case

  • Jordan Wolf
    Jordan WolfMåned siden

    Yo I love the case where can I get one?

  • Rohan Parekh
    Rohan ParekhMåned siden

    Genuine review: Magsafe is way more convenient to place your phone than regular wireless charting pads. Many potentials accessories to use magSafe such as holder in car, stick to refrigerator while cooking, tripod, navigation for bikes and many more Linus review: magsafe just sticks your phone magnetically. I don't see anything extra ordinary here

  • Mohit Chhabra
    Mohit ChhabraMåned siden

    The camera must be damn good

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton CarterMåned siden

    Honestly I expected to hate the 12, I’ve been on the 10 since it came out, and haven’t seen a reason to upgrade. But my mom just upgraded from the note 8 to the 12 pro max, and it is genuinely impressive. The camera is just incredible, the performance is incredible, and the screen is impressive. Also 5g is awesome. Good job Apple, you might have convinced me to upgrade.

  • Jeffrey Wiggin
    Jeffrey WigginMåned siden

    Great minds think alike, I'm tempted to migrate to the iPhone 12 Pro from a Note 9 I've had for over 2 years

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester OgilvieMåned siden


  • Zane Andre
    Zane AndreMåned siden

    Apple pulled a move that i dont even think Louis (forgetting his surname but hes famous NY based electronics repairman who regularly fixes Apple products and has called them out for shitty tactics like forcing viable phones into obsolescence with software updates.) Apple should not be allowed to get away with those bullshit tactics to drive sales by preying upon their customer base. Innovate your way beyond the third party repairmen if you absolutely must destroy a significant component to your product user community. Consider the ceramic infused display Linus mentions. This is an acceptable method for delegitimizing third party repairmen because it uses technology to solve the root of the real problem ; phones frequently needed new displays because the panel was shit-reistant toward physical and shock damage.

  • Drunken Jedi
    Drunken JediMåned siden

    Got to say, the lidar scan at the end was pretty cool. I've got a iPhone XS Max at the moment and have found it to be a great handset for what I need. I'm still wanting a couple of things before I would consider upgrading though. At the top of the list is a higher refresh rate, as Linus says an increase to even just 80mhz would be a pretty significant improvement if they were worried about battery life. Also the finger print scanner. Seriously. I'm wearing a mask constantly and it's frustrating having to key in my PIN all the time for Apple Pay, adding a fingerprint scanner to the power button etc would be a massive bonus.

  • Peter Dolkens
    Peter DolkensMåned siden

    4:04 the facetime camera starts spying on him

  • Condog
    CondogMåned siden

    I have an 11 pro, and I honestly use the telephoto lens much more than I use the wide angle lens. And to me, the 60hz display looks fine. Nothing I do would benefit from or even use a faster refresh rate.


    I actually have great battery on my 12 pro. Probably because I don’t have background app refresh on, which is a battery sucker. But still! I can go a whole day without charging now. Super nice

  • Enzo Puttini
    Enzo PuttiniMåned siden

    This colorful fuck is preventing the magsafe from sticking right

  • Steffen K
    Steffen KMåned siden

    The 4 has an stainless steel frame Linus 😉 I agree it looks awesome, it is still my favorite design. I wish they would make a Mini in exact the same or similar housing - with full screen display and Touch ID of course 👍🏻

  • The NoGoat
    The NoGoatMåned siden

    I remember holding my friend's iPhone 7 and was like, "Huh That's weird. IDK what is wrong but it's weird".

  • Replayed
    ReplayedMåned siden

    Where can I get that dvrand colour sticker I can't find it

  • Ben Ullah
    Ben UllahMåned siden

    Already got my 12 pro max

  • Stephen Lord
    Stephen LordMåned siden

    Hey Lynas how do you heard heard of computer reset Company called computer reset it on I will join a company called computer reset. Check it out Linus

  • Name Name
    Name NameMåned siden

    Linus just mentioning the word "canvas" activated my fight or flight response as a college student.

  • arben bytyqi
    arben bytyqiMåned siden

    Dont listening Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 T 144hz refresh rate 108 mgp camera 865 snapdragon for ONLY 370 USD 35% better than pro max 12

  • Robert Hensley
    Robert HensleyMåned siden

    I really want him to check out the Samsung Galaxy tab s7+🙁

  • Collin Toh
    Collin TohMåned siden

    did you customise the skins of the phones? So neat and refreshing?

  • Danil Thorstensson
    Danil ThorstenssonMåned siden

    Anti-Apple fanboys are just as bad as Apple fanboys, change my mind

  • Eddie
    EddieMåned siden

    I think this is gonna be my first ever iPhone. Doing less on my phone than ever these days, and this looks like a great NOlocal and Spotify device! Bit expensive but gotta cut our losses somewhere I guess

  • Joy Miller
    Joy MillerMåned siden

    Getting rid of the USB port would be stupid its the only way to put your pics on thumb drive easily

  • Green Flame
    Green FlameMåned siden

    bruhh when i herard he maybe use that as his daily driver i would kinda do it but naah android still better for me

  • Sleeppy Clips

    Sleeppy Clips

    Måned siden

    Apple is 🤢🤡🤢🤡

  • Wayne
    WayneMåned siden

    Those stickers are horrendous, what were dbrand thinking? If I opened the box and saw them it would drop my expectations by a lot, and I hate the iPhone 12 already, using an iPhone 11 it will be my last iPhone for sure

  • aditya arora
    aditya aroraMåned siden

    So no proper review this time around then?

  • John Doe
    John DoeMåned siden

    the advantage it is aligns in place and sticks to the phone, so you can still use the phone while charging

  • Joy Mahendru
    Joy MahendruMåned siden

    2020: I love boxy iPhones 2040: I love hologram iPhones

  • Jeremy Dewitte Motor One
    Jeremy Dewitte Motor OneMåned siden

    "ceramic shield" more like ceramic marketing

  • sigis sigis
    sigis sigisMåned siden

    he never puts the phone down even when though the table is like 5 inches away. he always throws it FFS

  • Nickolas Winter
    Nickolas WinterMåned siden

    skin is foul.............if you need a 120hz display you need to get a life, ok it's useful for gamers but otherwise you're the mayor of loserville if you really think it a worthwhile feature, especially if you're moaning about battery life, one moment its i dont need a faster soc and then give me a gay refresh rate - total dipshit behaviour

  • Bob Johnston
    Bob JohnstonMåned siden

    I fully admit that I am an android fanboi. But even I have to admit apple is finally catching my attention. And I am seriously considering fully switching over.

  • Sleeppy Clips

    Sleeppy Clips

    Måned siden

    They dont have headphone jack, high refresh rate, dont include charger or headphones (or the adapter for them), have an annoying notch, and cost $1400 your good man

  • JS Wooten
    JS WootenMåned siden

    Greer Mom D CookieSwirlC I love that channel and I also love Carly Carly HD

  • BlindMango
    BlindMangoMåned siden

    An unboxing of products that's completely covered in cheap stickers....... gee thanks dbrand

  • Peat381 Low
    Peat381 LowMåned siden

    iPhone 4 was the best iPhone design in my opinion.

  • Daenon Janis
    Daenon JanisMåned siden

    As someone that out of necessity has had to switch to IOS. I hate it. I haven't even watched the video yet. But I hate IOS. There isn't a feature in the world that would make me not dread picking up my new Iphone.

  • Sleeppy Clips

    Sleeppy Clips

    Måned siden

    Ios is 🤡🤢🤡🤢

  • Daenon Janis

    Daenon Janis

    Måned siden

    On the plus side it's breaking my social media addiction.

  • Kameron Roper
    Kameron RoperMåned siden

    was it really 2 degrees where you were lmao

  • Onkar Indurkar
    Onkar Indurkar2 måneder siden

    12:59 what happened to your neck linus?? That looks bad.. 😳

  • Ioan-Radu Tanasescu
    Ioan-Radu Tanasescu2 måneder siden

    We think you hate iPhones because you always cover them with stickers while reviewing, then say they don't feel well.

  • John Santana
    John Santana2 måneder siden

    Where did you get the cases?

  • Andrew Shih
    Andrew Shih2 måneder siden

    Wait till you get your hands on the iPhone 12 min

  • Bloq
    Bloq2 måneder siden

    having dbrand sponsor these videos is the dumbest thing. How are you meant to show us the new design when its completely obscured by a wrap akin to what car companies use on unreleased cars to hide their body design? Consider this next time you want to showcase a new design.

  • Uday Reddy
    Uday Reddy2 måneder siden

    Lol it’s promoting

  • Giorgiano Torres
    Giorgiano Torres2 måneder siden

    *steve Jobs joins the chat* : 🧢

  • Michael Hidalgo
    Michael Hidalgo2 måneder siden

    2:33 that’s what I feel because I don’t have a case yet. It seems like it “cuts” into my hand. The older design didn’t look as nice but felt nicer.

  • Bunior Tech
    Bunior Tech2 måneder siden


  • obliviontb
    obliviontb2 måneder siden

    Linus, please be the only youtuber to point out the weird yellowishness of the OLED display in your review. I just upgraded form an iphone 7 and I can't stand the whites :x

  • Julian GameZ
    Julian GameZ2 måneder siden

    "I'm more of a naked guy"

  • JacksonDX06
    JacksonDX062 måneder siden

    You know if everyone stopped hating apple Linus would actully be using the iPhone

  • Pore
    Pore2 måneder siden

    you have issues if you want faceID to work with a mask lmao

  • clsman
    clsman2 måneder siden

    Android phone makers will come up with HDR recording... Just like Apple did eventually come up with 4K 60FPS recording and OLED screen.

  • H. Nguyen
    H. Nguyen2 måneder siden

    Ceramic glass is only on the front. The back has regular gorilla glass that can shatter.

  • Tyler West
    Tyler West2 måneder siden

    The 12 must be really good if Linus is saying good things about an iPhone. One thing I don’t understand is the infatuation with the 120Hz displays. I’ve compared an iPad with ProMotion and one without side by side and could honestly not tell a difference. To me the 120Hz display sounds like a sales gimmick.

    XYZXYZ UVWUVW2 måneder siden

    50 dollar for 3 pairs of underwear, do i look like a millionaire?

  • Juan Codas
    Juan Codas2 måneder siden

    review on 12 mini?

  • Drujbanu
    Drujbanu2 måneder siden

    4:49 why would you do that

  • timg2727
    timg27272 måneder siden


  • Sheri Din

    Sheri Din

    2 måneder siden

    Haha. I was thinking the same thing and the next second i came to your comment. 🤣

  • Joshua Fox
    Joshua Fox2 måneder siden

    Went to the website d brand to buy the sticker bomb skin and no such thing :( just plain boring skins unfortunately

  • Marin
    Marin2 måneder siden

    I daily drove my iphone 4 for 8 years and haven't changed any detail, nothing broke.

  • J D
    J D2 måneder siden

    Bro did you know that your note 9 can record also hdr content? Toggle on 10 bit hdr recording under settings.... you will be surprised that this feature was introduced actually on your note 9 two years ago

  • Ikeda Kazuto
    Ikeda Kazuto2 måneder siden

    The iPhone 4 used surgical grade stainless steel

  • Leowulf™
    Leowulf™2 måneder siden

    New design? Putting old iPhone 5 elements into the three (technically now four generation old) iPhone X design language isn't a new design.

  • ViperNL
    ViperNL2 måneder siden

    I don't get it, pretty sure my xperia 5 II does 4k 60fps hdr? Is this different?

  • Reda Izo
    Reda Izo2 måneder siden

    *Linus* is _-tired-_ .

  • EverythingAppleTec
    EverythingAppleTec2 måneder siden

    You should listen to Jonathan Morrison before you open your mouth about Apple because sometimes I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about !

  • Trevor Honeyman
    Trevor Honeyman2 måneder siden

    iPhone 13: We're removing the phone to be more environmentally friendly.

  • Marco Casarella劉翔熙
    Marco Casarella劉翔熙2 måneder siden

    Me : watching this video on the iPhone 12...

  • 500 Subs without any videos challenge
    500 Subs without any videos challenge2 måneder siden