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Best. Unboxing. Ever.

Best. Unboxing. Ever.

This mouse has a FAN!

This mouse has a FAN!


  • Akshay Gupta
    Akshay Gupta10 timer siden

    My iPhone even unlocks with a mask on

  • Kaleckton
    Kaleckton10 timer siden

    I think it's crazy to offer 4k and 8 k video and no way to offload the video to a sd card. While I can understand to keep all apps on the phone and not on a SD card when the phone has plenty of space, a go pro has better longevity if you are on a network that slows your phone internet after you hit a certain data amount. Luckily only happens in congested areas. I am not going to move to a 4k video phone with no sd card. No one should unless they plan on 1080p video only and either have true unlimited internet or always have something to transfer the videos to. That alone is a downgrade for me on a note ultra s20. And if it continues in the future I'll stay on the note ultra or change to a different phone. If everyone starts going away from sd cards I'll probably have to rebuild the s20 note ultra. Or completely stop recording on phones and buy a dedicated device for that. On the other hand it's lucky I use a tablet for most movie saving. Otherwise I'll be screwed with no micro sd card.

  • l0n3w01f
    l0n3w01f10 timer siden

    I agree with Linus about Iphones. Iphones are just good phones. If you want to use something that has a good camera, an amazing video camera, and just works without you having to do anything. Get an iphone. imessages is great, airdrop is great, and the ecosystem is a win. Everything apple in apple just connects to each other easily. If you want to play with your phone a bit more. Have a bit more control then get an Android.

  • Tanvir Farhan
    Tanvir Farhan10 timer siden

    dell is better

  • TheChocolateSnake
    TheChocolateSnake10 timer siden


  • Not Logan
    Not Logan10 timer siden

    No sd card! Samsung does this every few years and it's annoying. Drops the sd card and then brings it back... Why!

  • Akshay Gupta
    Akshay Gupta10 timer siden

    Apple is not better

  • Nickolas Rennell
    Nickolas Rennell10 timer siden

    Все смартфоны начиная с 6го андроид с 4+ Гб памяти (до нагрузки под фоновыми приложениями) имели одинаковые показатели гладкой работы интерфейса. Какой дешевый трюк - показывать пустой смарт и восхищатся работой чего либо на холостых оборотах.

  • Cevandri
    Cevandri10 timer siden

    pLEASE Review teh ultra with S pen case :D (Note 10+ user here)

  • LBGST zockt
    LBGST zockt10 timer siden

    7:40 they share the name so people get suckered into buying a worse phone with a name they associate with higher quality. see the note 10 lite...

  • Mickael Andersson
    Mickael Andersson10 timer siden

    i think Linus creamed his shorts one minute in

  • J.T. Johnston
    J.T. Johnston10 timer siden

    Still using the S8 Active. It's like a tank. Wish they still had the Active line.

  • Jothish J J
    Jothish J J10 timer siden

    You guys are insane

  • Killerdwarf 88
    Killerdwarf 8810 timer siden

    Man that Note 9 Linus drop edition is sweet just needs a Dbrand skin to finish it off.

  • Kiff The Kiffing Kiffle
    Kiff The Kiffing Kiffle10 timer siden

    If I was in the market, no micro sd card expansion might be a deal breaker. They already stole the 3.5mm jack. This trend really blows.

  • The Pseudo Force
    The Pseudo Force10 timer siden

    Linus searched 4k video and played the first video at 3:35

  • niqhtt
    niqhtt10 timer siden

    That is funny with the T9 dialing. I had to look up what it even is. I've always called people from messaging.

  • Horchata Kevin
    Horchata Kevin10 timer siden

    The S10e used a 1080p display

  • Velyo Kukov
    Velyo Kukov10 timer siden

    Hobo tech tips

  • A S
    A S10 timer siden

    Linus is in a good mood today. (Look at that back of the phone, WOW)

  • KaBlahBlah
    KaBlahBlah10 timer siden

    Music is very distracting from the review

  • Sinisa Ruzicic
    Sinisa Ruzicic10 timer siden

    That telephoto test is bad cause you are shooting through the flares of that studio light. There is a reason why bonkers telephoto lenses use bonkers lens hoods. To eliminate glaring and flares. Try the S21 ultra zoom outside and youl see how much better it is against the S20 ultra :)

  • ED S
    ED S11 timer siden

    Samsung android is so frustrating and so limiting.

  • MrMegaPussyPlayer
    MrMegaPussyPlayer11 timer siden

    2:18 For the prices @ 1:47 I better get an orgasm every time I touch them.

  • Vigge Gaming
    Vigge Gaming11 timer siden

    Samsung is slowly turning into apple

  • root8ble
    root8ble11 timer siden

    Samsung has long been acting like a big rich jerk like apple knowing sheeps will always buy whatever retard things they do.

  • Bill Brown
    Bill Brown11 timer siden

    Everyone keeps raving that samsung have dropped the prices on the S21, but I paid £999 at release for my S20+ (and it still costs that now) and I can get the S21+ for £999 what's up with that? We just getting screwed in the UK or did I somehow get a discount on the 20?

  • Nickolas Rennell
    Nickolas Rennell11 timer siden

    For why someone can need that on Exynos before 1 week to start snapdragon Sales..?

  • Hydruś
    Hydruś11 timer siden

    9:17 i think this is because 4x zoom for a lot of cases was just too big zoom. Best (for me) would be 2.5x zoom. But ok, samsung as second zoom lens used 10x zoom, so when whe are zoomed in for example to 7x zoom it looks better from 3x zoom (cuz it is cropping image) rather than 2.5x zoom. 24mp camera at 2.5x zoom would be best.

  • CatnamedMittens
    CatnamedMittens11 timer siden

    No headphone jack, chargers and microsd makes me never want to get a phone again.

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike11 timer siden

    It’s interesting that James says Dell may want apple users to use the display. I was just thinking that this would be a fantastic monitor to pair with the new M1 Mac Mini or a docked M1 MacBook Pro.

  • Raymond Rodrigues
    Raymond Rodrigues11 timer siden

    LOL how is apple way better?

  • Desto C
    Desto C11 timer siden

    If I can't zoom it, I render it... with AI.

  • Tanner Sheppard
    Tanner Sheppard11 timer siden

    Regarding the 1440 vs 1080, my S20+ is always at 1080 high refresh rate anyways. So I almost wonder if they checked the numbers of what display settings people use and 1080 was more prominent.

  • Cole Hintermeister
    Cole Hintermeister11 timer siden

    I’m thinking more and more that the 256 S21 is the phone to get for me. Coming from an iPhone 8 Plus, it’s enough of an upgrade to be worth it without spending an unholy amount of money on a phone.

  • Lord V1LE
    Lord V1LE11 timer siden

    Not mentioning the S21 has a plastic back for an £800 phone...

  • Joe schmoe
    Joe schmoe11 timer siden

    Wait wait wait, he disnt say ltt store?! How can this be published?! Is he dying?! O no!!

  • Kingkevin108
    Kingkevin10811 timer siden

    I'm disappointed in him for pronouncing it "jif"

  • David Esposito
    David Esposito11 timer siden


  • Ashraf Fouad
    Ashraf Fouad11 timer siden

    What about Note 9 battery life? Mine is the worst ever, even since I got the phone from 2 years :(

  • BroodingAtNite
    BroodingAtNite11 timer siden

    i would rather have less wattage for charging. it may take a bit longer to charge but the battery will last a heck of alot longer. i don't upgrade my phone every year or every 2 years. so its important for it to last.

  • LukeLane1984
    LukeLane198411 timer siden

    I think not including a charger with every phone is a good thing. I'm far from the person who gets a new phone every year and even I have a billion chargers piled up over the past 20 years.

  • XLT Media Team
    XLT Media Team11 timer siden

    Bruh my note 20 save me 700 dollar and 60 dollat education discount

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W11 timer siden

    Them getting rid of micro sd is causing me to not purchase another Samsung Galaxy phone

  • Slash.
    Slash.11 timer siden

    Charging at lower rates if you intend to use your phone for many years it stupid. Just charge it at a high wattage and replace the battery after 2 years.

  • Flynt Czarnecki
    Flynt Czarnecki11 timer siden

    @9:03 ulrawide

  • John Doe
    John Doe11 timer siden

    Brought to you by shadow legends- If you hate money and your time blow it on a crappy mobile game.

  • RagnarokDel
    RagnarokDel11 timer siden

    "I'm not gonna get a stupid case." - Linus with a freaking shattered phone, cause metal wasnt good they had to start making phones out of glass.

  • Linus Vacuum Tips
    Linus Vacuum Tips11 timer siden

    no SD card! totally a DEAL BREAKER! i guess i wont upgrade my S20 Ultra to a Samsung and fine an alternative with a SD card. im getting tired of Phone makers removing stuff we need and use all the time for no good reason.. first the head phone jack and now the SD card. what next?

  • Lord of Nothing
    Lord of Nothing11 timer siden

    Linus: 4k displays are unnecessary for laptops. also Linus: man these new phones only have 1080p displays. bummer.

  • Capn Smashem
    Capn Smashem11 timer siden

    They lost me at "No micro sd slot".

  • Ian MacDonald
    Ian MacDonald11 timer siden

    They lost me at no audio jack last year

  • Nolan Hatt
    Nolan Hatt11 timer siden

    I want a wifi sexy router

  • Stalin
    Stalin11 timer siden

    You said the ram is lpddr4x, but it's lpddr5.

  • Ole Hornsby
    Ole Hornsby11 timer siden

    There's a typo at 9:04 in the S21 camera specsheet: it says Ulrawide instead of Ultra. Well I guess you have to do the whole shoot again

  • E L
    E L11 timer siden

    I like how he compares it not coming with a charger to Apple, when it isn't a completely different charger, and people would actually have chargers for it lying around...... Usually he's not bias, but I dunno on this one.

  • Toxic Scittles
    Toxic Scittles11 timer siden

    could always get a stick on pencil holder so you dont need no case

  • John Flynn
    John Flynn11 timer siden

    I guess I am getting old cause any damn phone costing more than 500 I would never even look at, its a phone I make calls check emails, and browse the web when out a little but no way in hell am I paying these prices. just so I can pay that again in 2 maybe 3 years if I am lucky. I will stick with my cheaper phones that do what I need I would much rather use that money for a mortgage payment.

  • Joseph Ackerman
    Joseph Ackerman11 timer siden

    How do you charge the s pen if you buy it for you S21 Ultra?

  • Taran Bali
    Taran Bali11 timer siden

    Every year they show these phones like they are better than Arri Alexa's 😂 , and when you see it's basically the same quality from 2016 with 8k and 108 mp.

  • Antonio Uribe
    Antonio Uribe11 timer siden

    Might be a good time to upgrade to the s20 ultra lol

  • John Leonard
    John Leonard11 timer siden

    If these company's cared about environmental impact then they would not make new phones every year

  • Video game culture
    Video game culture11 timer siden

    Apple: *remove the charger* Samsung: Right that down.

    VALLEY11 timer siden

    Imagine having a Ryzen M1 chip, with the Ryzen pros and even Navi style graphics

  • SlizzyZ
    SlizzyZ11 timer siden

    I’d rather take Nvidias architecture on the GPU side. But yeah I would definitely take AMDs CPUs.

  • MrSn3akr
    MrSn3akr11 timer siden

    Samsung was forced to leave out the charger by the EU, as chargers are some of the most common e-waste. And I guess they just use the same packaging world wide (as the missing charger sends a signal of "caring" about the environment, wile improving bottoms line, that's a win-win for Samsung... Unless you're really bumped that you don't get another charger for your collection!)

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young11 timer siden

    Thank you this is why we all should be watching Linus Tech Tips, TechLinked, Techquickie, an most of all short circuit. Little plus for ya

  • Charles Page
    Charles Page11 timer siden

    I’m watching this on my iPhone 11pro max midnight green 😋🌝

  • alae chiino
    alae chiino11 timer siden

    I stopped my work because of 𝗳𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘆𝗽𝗮𝘆 .𝗰𝗼𝗺

  • Jacob Hudson
    Jacob Hudson11 timer siden


  • Smiley TeK
    Smiley TeK11 timer siden

    Not worth the upgrade from my S20 Ultra imo. Deal breaker for me; no SD card slot! Wuuuut! Super nice otherwise.

  • CptWhiskers
    CptWhiskers11 timer siden

    And i thought another selfie was dbrand worthy.. now we have a set 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams11 timer siden

    who cares bout finish 90% of ppl will put it in a case

  • Martin Joyce
    Martin Joyce11 timer siden

    I worry that we're approaching the end of how much more utility we can get out of our phones. Sure, better cameras, displays, and charging are cool. But the power? I can't imagine that we'll get more use or capability with more power than we have now. I don't know if thats crazy or not

  • Animaniac c
    Animaniac c11 timer siden

    next exclusive feature from apple? mask ID :D

  • Dennis G.
    Dennis G.11 timer siden

    Samsung is slowly becoming Apple... I'm happy with my Note 9, and i refuse to buy a phone without an SD-card slot.

  • John Doe
    John Doe11 timer siden

    "Only 8GB of RAM" It's a phone bruh

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee11 timer siden

    All I want is a 16:9 resolution for my phone so videos feel like they actually fit.

  • ChrisGR93 _TxS
    ChrisGR93 _TxS11 timer siden

    we need more Samsung b-die mem tho

  • darf Vador
    darf Vador11 timer siden

    As a Note 9 user i got happy when he pulled out the note 9 with the yellow s pen that phone is awesome! And im happy to see people use it in 2021 !👍